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(It takes a little guts to be on this page; you associate yourself with the clearheaded, the clear-eyed, and the constructively contentious. 

We like to think for ourselves, dream our dreams, and ask our questions unfettered by the fatuous fickle. 

Stand with us so any of us just has to be a little bit brave, and none of us has to be consummately brave!) 

Dave Haith doing his daily yoga!


I'm Dave Haith from the UK and here I am doing my daily yoga on the lawns outside Buckingham Palace. 


As well as having a rich imagination and very flexible legs, I am known as 'Hot Cross Bun Bum' because in addition to the vertical,

I also have a horizontal crease on my netherparts caused by sitting on the fence too long over what UFOs really represent.

 (Note for Yankees: Hot Cross Buns are a very British institution too complex to explain to those of limited intelligence)


As one UFO occupant once said to me: "Fncht gggcbdte hcymf-htbait bbbccc Alfred!"

I agreed completely - and he scurried off to torment [he who shall not be named].


In fact on all subjects anomalous and mysterious, I know less and less about more and more, till finally I'll know nothing about everything!


Well for my part, I'm reporting you to home security --

You're 'twisted' and so obviously a bad influence on Americans! [g]. --Alfred



I am unclear on if you want photos of us (now there might be a truly scary experience) or our art, poetry, housepainting job, soap carving, twig furniture, the clay dog we modeled in 3rd grade, what? Alien Arts N' Crafts...?


I'll send on a pic of me and my new boyfriend- he's foreign, tall, has beautiful dark eyes, and as you can see, I have him eating out of my hand. He stands head and shoulders above the rest  :-)

...I have no idea who the kid in the background is.


"I love art that I can lose myself in, just walk into and explore..."


GreenWood-the Path; my website

"Compassion is the willingness to play
in the field of dreams even though
you are awake."
        --M. Flickstein


A co-moderator at AVGroup, a talented woman of arts literary and visual, a wealth of information on pertinent subjects, and essentially... not to be trifled with... [g]. --Alfred






Twyla (1927 - 2006) --



...With left flipper wounded battling Aryan Supremacists and breathing a mixture of Mexican bus fumes and air collected at a masonite factory, Twyla prepares to compose her next list of outraged demands...


...was this OK, Mom? -- Alfred



Jenny --

I'm into music and play guitar and also a hammered dulcimer. Am fairly new to computers (Just under 3 years of owning one)

and like Macs, also am getting into Music editing on computers. I have 6 dogs to care for, 4 Pomeranians and 2 mixes.

I am very nearsighted due to being very premature, but still keep pluggin' along. I live in California, am insulin dependent

diabetic and wear an insulin pump. I like electronics and 'goo-gahs' of the tech sort. I am 46, will be 47 in January 2003

Always been curious about anomalous phenomena and so here I am on the list....<G>

Jenny was playing with the idea of an Epic song of olden times... the subject of Abduction as its theme... it would be played on a dulcimer --Alfred


Don --

This is a grainy photo of me [my natural complexion BTW] I scanned from a recent mag article.

I don't know what the size of the file is. If too big, then let me know and I'll find something even worse to send.

I -would- buy a used car from this man... -- Alfred

Janet --

Titled:  "Caught fragrante delicto...lavender harvest at Amarok Hill in Washington State"

...Mary, Mary -not- contrary, her garden grows and grows -- Alfred

Diana --

"Here is me. Behind me is 20,000 acres of forest; it is my favorite place to run.

I love the Pacific Ocean, mountains, anywhere it is open, wide and natural.

I go to college, I run for my school, and I try to live a quiet wholesome life.

Intimately existent underneath all of that are my experiences, which some can

describe are outside of that box that is all ready outside of the box. I liken my

basic philosophy of life and my experiences to a dream I recently had. Within it

I saw terrible demons and I awakened from my fear when I realized that they

were simply a part of myself. With me looking at them deeply I found that they

could no longer hurt me, because we were one and the same."

...see Diana's artwork at --Alfred

Debbie --

I thought I would send you a photo of myself too ---


As I am the one who takes all the pics it is hard for me to find one with me in it so I am sending this one with my little granddaughter.


As my work - I do landscapping and design and am classified as somewhat of a plant 'expert'..


 I have three 'kids' at home --- our black labs --- great dogs and love them to death!!


To me, the most important thing to remember is to LAUGH!!


...There's always room for a little of that. -- Alfred




Shar --

Ok Alfred, here you go...

...And there we have it... I -like- a flannel shirt kind'a lady -- Alfred

Bonnie --

Hey Alfred, This is me!

I also host a discussion board on the alien abduction phenomenon at
and I have a business website at


Here's my mug shot.......don't butcher it too badly!!!

What -butcher-? I wanna hang it in a gallery! [g]. --Alfred

Sheila --


What lovely and intelligent looking persons grace AlienViews... Verily! -- Alfred

Kirsty --

here is the picture you asked for.. hopefully my youngest daughter will eliminate the chance of my pic blowing up your hard-drive..

It sputtered, but a low level re-format brought it right back! [g]. --Alfred (sweet little girl btw!)


Aj --

I'd go to Sunday Brunch with this lady! [g]. --Alfred

Nathan --

Thanks Alfred, I chose THIS picture as it is what I would most likely look like... Me and baby P.A.B.  .

Gotta show off the cute kid while I am at it.


Guge --

Wearing one of his -many- disguises, Guge pursues his passion for antique firearms

behind his bunker somewhere in Louisiana's bayou, while having his daily epiphany!

Yes girls, that  really -is- the Guger -- Alfred

Rebby/Ban/Be'anSidhe --

"...or whatever trips your trigger."

Goddess bless, and the Father of Stags protect!


No Sneers, here! [g]. -- Alfred




Well you asked for it...  I arts & cheesed my photo as much as I could... [LOL] you are welcome to resize or whatever.

A surprise pic of me, taken in my  NW PA home . *smile*    



Wow!  You look ready for -anything! -- Alfred

Dana --

If anybody is curious to see what I look like, I have
one of my glamour shots from a few years ago on my
kilanalady photo page.  I keep meaning to put one up
of me and my husband but my scanner broke *sigh*.



I'll put him in the picture -for- you. -- Alfred

Lori --

( on Alien Views. 

Can anyone send in a picture for the photo album?


If so here is mine.. if not...

It was taken in April 2003, I was on vacation in Australia.



Glad to have you, and otherwise as pleased as pickles and punch! -- Alfred



I'm the one in the dress. LOL!


You look -very- intelligent in the first place and your husband has a -wonderful- tan in the second! [g].

-- Alfred




Gabriela --

     ...I'm the one in the center!


...Wow!  Barefoot but decidedly ~not~ in the kitchen! [g]. -- Alfred



Hope --

"Sometimes, I struggle to meet the day-
I often find Iíve lost my way-
I search to find the path for me-
Itís seldom very clear to see."


...That's Hope on the left and Hope's lovely Mom on the right... -- Alfred





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