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How ufologically dirty -is- the CIA?  What was Operation Shamrock?  Who was Donald Keyhoe?  Has our government -ever- been forthcoming with regard to UFOs?  What was the Condon Committee, really? Did Project Bluebook cook its books?  Was NICAP just a CIA front?  What's Dick Hall's problem?  What's up with the personal attacks on Linda Molten Howe?  Does a named scientist trump one muckraker with a blowtorch?




Why are UFOs a problem?  What are the politics of UFOs? How is Docca Morty laudable?  Would it make any real difference if Saucers landed on the white house lawn?  Was Jimmy Carter torpedoed?  Can disclosure happen as a result of the actions of our government?  Do we have (the remotest!) control of our government?  Are UFOs a political issue? Did Dolan cherry-pick his evidence or was it the preponderance of the evidence?  This and more, more, more... with more coming like a train!  








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What are the differences between "official" truth and "unofficial" truth?  Why are UFOs a real problem?  What is a "confrontational encounter?"  Is it -remotely- possible that UFOs are foreign technology? Who are some of the unsung players of American Ufology? What was the "Robertson Panel's" real purpose?  How does Walt Disney figure? This and more, with more to come!







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Stan Deyo: How was honor defined at the Airforce Academy in the sixties?  Have "dreams and visions" come  to pass?  Does remote viewing have any validity?  What's Philip Klass like, up close and personal?  What is the extent and some of the details of a *weird* science?  What is the Alien Agenda?  Who's working with them?  Why do they do it?  What happens in an adjacent universe?  Do we exist, only, in a virtual reality?  What lies beyond the "Gate"?












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Stan Deyo: Do we have anti-gravity technology in hand at this time?  What is electro-gravitic propulsion?  Can inertia be cancelled with this technology?  Is humanity co-opted by an alien presence?  What are they doing here?  Is our reality a virtual world of a greater reality?  Is a ufological tradition coded into our religious paradigms? 

18 July 03






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How weird is the universe?  Are there really forests on Mars?  Who disputes Arthur C. Clark regarding the possibility of life on Mars and why?  What's it going to take to get America back into space?  What fuels the conflict between physicality and spirituality?  What does "nanotechnology" mean to you and me?

Is teleportation possible? Has it been done?  The discussion will surprise you! 

11 July, 03















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Why is the Mars "face" a face? What is the role of NASA in space exploration?  Are they a hindrance or a help?  Are they even openly hostile to private space enterprise?  Do Mars and Earth still mix in a sun powered Cuisenaire?  Are =WE= the Martian's? 

4 July, 03




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Abductions happen... but what is their true nature.  Why are people so reluctant to explore the possibility?  Do aliens interact with us?  Will future society be more "Borg" or "Federation."  Why did we stop going to the moon, really?  What are the chances of intelligently made structures on the moon and Mars? 


27 June 03







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Lock your doors and wake the children!  Is there a cure for MS?  Can we presume a medical community that treats the masses with best practice, dignity, and respect?  What is at the root of the maladies and miseries of the modern age?

20 June 03



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Does a medical community treat its meat animals better than its human patients?  It your doctor a knowing instrument of evil? Do doctors get welfare?  Is illness a programmed instrument of profit for corrupted institutions.  Is there a cure for Fibromyalgia?  Is there a beneficial consequence to turning to that little "hairy" spot on your cyber-radio dial?

13 June 03












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How far does Alien Abduction go back?  Who is involved?  How trustworthy are our feeling regarding aliens?  What is the Alien Agenda?  Why is the preceding

 not crazy as hell?

6 June 03








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Real Science, Real Methodology, and Real Facts regarding things that are not as they are portrayed by a conflicted mainstream.  Alien Abductions are real, and are we going to be happy once there is a place for Everything with everything  in its Place?

23 May 03



















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Do vetted astronomers see UFOs?  Are there Canadians at NORAD? Is

it honorable or ethical to keep silent regarding knowledge of UFOs? Plus, Don's -own- sighting and more on Shag Harbor!

9 May 03

















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Would there really be a panic if the aliens landed?  What might really happen?  Plus, more details on Shag Harbor, and what "deer jacking" really is!

25 April 03











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Don Ledger is one of those rare UFO researchers that has, like Stanton Friedman or Richard Hall, avoided the winsome *woo-woo*, steered clear of the credulous *crackpot*, and sidestepped the frivolous *fringe*.  He's followed the data to a nice set of crossed "t's" and dotted "i's".  In this segment he fleshes out the strange details on "Shag Harbor" and comments briefly on Canahoovian Combat Brassieres...

11 April 03

    Available 28 March!

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Budd Hopkins and Dr. Dave Jacobs together in increased synergy.  A very close to the bone and cutting edge collaboration on very sensitive subjects regarding the seeming reality of an abduction phenomena.

28 March 03






  Available 14 March!






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Budd Hopkins and Dr. Dave Jacobs together in synergy.  A very eye opening exchange.


14 March 03


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In the first of a series of shows, Alan Dawson Graham, gifted herbalist, talks about alternative treatments for diseases common to many abductees.

Mar.. 7, 2003.



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Lynne Bishop -- Men in Black, growing meat, feelings and suppositions... startling tales!

Feb 21, 2003.

    Available 24 January 2003   #07


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An interview with Lynne Bishop, perceived abductee.

Jan. 24, 2003.

        Available 20 December 2003 21:00 (est)  #06

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Last in the series with Dr. Randle:  Roswell's Frank Kaufmann obliterated, abductee sexual proclivities iterated, and sensibilities agitated?


Dec. 20, 2002.

    Available 6 December 2003 21:00 (est)  #05

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On the continued head-long rush with Dr. Randle: Crop circles castigated, Ramey memo eviscerated, and alien abductions invalidated?


Dec. 6, 2003.


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Kevin Randle, talented oratorical steamroller, shakes a stick at Roswell, Mantel, and Orwell. This show, Roswell degraded and Mantel arbitrated.

Nov. 22, 2002.

    Available November 8th 2002!  #03

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Part III of a report exclusive to AlienViews II by Budd Hopkins

Nov. 8, 2002.

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Part II of a report exclusive to AlienViews II by Budd Hopkins

Oct. 25, 2002

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Part I of a report exclusive to AlienViews II by Budd Hopkins

Oct, 11, 2002

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