These stones were  placed  here!  Verily!

We don't know by who; we don't know why, and the spookyest? We don't know HOW!  For all our intellectual posturing and institutional arrogance -- not a clue.

We are cut off from our past by design, fellow motes. We are set adrift to float in the direction of the first person to give us an excuse not to think. Politician, minister, anti-teacher, or conservative and reproductionist father -- founding or otherwise!

There are those that have this information -- will they wait for us to tear their towers down stone by stone for our total destruction, or will they save themselves, and us -- admit to this fantasy they construct for their own convenience, and be forthcoming?

Somebody knows.



...rediscovered in the Hayu Marca mountain region of Southern Peru near Lake Titicaca...

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