This Hoax!

In 1910 on a dig in Turkey, a Russian archeologist by the name Lollidof
dug up this strange and otherworldly artifact. It was extremely heavy for
its size, and when weighed at different times seemed to change its weight
between 27 and 31 pounds. The Berlin museum that keeps this peculiar
artifact will not allow any drilling, so its composition remains a mystery.
The figures, characters, and uncharacteristic design have baffled
researchers to this day, but not enough, apparently, to goad them from
their frightened reluctance to more completely examine it.

What is this strange artifact known as the Lollidof Plate?

Explanation : This HOAXED plate was first shown in a book from the 1970s entitled 'Sungods in Exile' by Karyl Robin-Evans. The book was actually written by a chap named David Agamon whose real name was Gamon who admitted to magazine "Fortean Times" that this was his hoax. 

FROM:  Mathew Hurleys great site -- http://homepage.ntlworld.com/m.hurley/fiction.html

Still... Somebody knows.

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