What will a man do to avoid being laughed at? What means must he contrive to avoid that, apparently, unbearable perception of being the butt of someone's, even ignorant, joke?  What chances will he take, then, to be wrong, or, even more damnable  -- too right? From where will his courage, then, come?

Worse, what is to be said about a man who realizes an obvious threat to his corrupt and selfish world view, and obstructs its instrument of justified destruction -- sits on the evidence, or destroys it outright?

Let's say it was you that came upon a bit of evidence providing that first inimitable push into a startling new world view?  Bigger than the genetics of Mendel, or the implications of Darwin, the startling evidence is held in your trembling hand!  What do you do with it? Do you stuff it in a drawer amongst your personal possessions -- just to have it found at the conclusion of your unremarkable life, final proof of your unbravery? Do you destroy it (?), and live with your nagging conscience for the remainder of a pathetically indifferent and challengeless existence? Or do you offer the other hand, and let it begin your righteous reach for real truth ... a more challenging, vigorous, and ACTIVE investigation into the more complicated, but more vitally satisfying and inclusive world?

How many bits of information, like the following, are hidden away in dusty drawers and shadowy vaults at the arbitrary whim of the coward or sociopath?  What dazzling documentations, momentous mechanisms, or inspiring ideas lie smothered in a conscious attempt to protect the conservative's conveniently pernicious and predatory, but wholly imaginary position? When will we learn to laugh at the laughter we should be laughing at -- that laughter that comes from the one with substantially less courage than the one providing the alleged amusement. The seeker -- the one willing to run that gamut of wounding negativists to touch the truth on its shining face.


Somebody knows.

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