No one heard about this, it wasn't picked up on the wires, but it was a story I would like to have heard. Sure it would have tested my reserve, eaten up a lot of my time, and likely wiped me out. But if it didn't kill me, the gains might have been unimaginable.

Back when they were still the bad old Soviet Union, and as restrictive as they were, the Russians were still remarkably forthcoming regarding the subject of UFO's. They involved ten's of millions of their soldiers and citizenry in a search for them over tens of years -- for example. And a lot of that information was shared when nothing else was.  It gave our spin-meisters another chance to deride the subject -- Ruskies seeing UFO's! It was made for the Tonight Show's opening monologue.

In 1991 one of the Russian  satellites headed to Mars was just swinging past Phobos, a tiny misshapen spheroid moon of that red planet, when an astonishing photograph was taken. Immediately after the photo was transmitted back to earth the satellite was inexplicably destroyed. A similar destruction took at least one of our own Mars exploration craft.

What was that object in the photograph beside the Martian moon!


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