Think about the artful effects of erosion on the surface of our planet spaceship...
Livid Magma gushes from tortured fissures as the Earth's crust shatters violently into raggedly ravaged plates! Grinding by one another in catastrophic chaos attempting to rid themselves of the terrible excess heat, they prepare nature's canvas for an ageless kind of macroscopic artistry... far older, even, than the birth of our indifferent star!
Concurrently, torrential rains eat away at our forever evolving landscape like a hungry acid shower!  The inconstant extremes of heedless Sol turn that stone-carving rainwater, further, into tiny little tool mechanisms — ceaselessly contracting and expanding microscopic levers ... hammers and chisels of hydraulic irresistibility working busily and unceasingly to sculpt the tormented surface of our rocky starship into what can only be called natural works of art!
It is the water, finally, used like trillions upon trillions of tiny stone-affecting tools — shaping, restructuring and reinventing the rocky masterpieces of our single planet home. Some of the art produced by this profoundly perfect process suggests the (immodest) spire of the Washington Monument, but, as an artist who can carve the whole of a planets face with her knowing fingers... erosion is capable of much GRANDER artifice!
Beneath the tortured fissures mentioned earlier huge columns of aforementioned magma rise! These battering lava flows insistently fracture the overlying rock with tremendously extreme —diamond producing— pressures, and (finally!) spew forth into the open air as monstrously expressed and exploding GOUTS of liquid rock, boiling mud, and choking ash! Seen from above, it is Nature casually preparing to throw  monumental statuary.
The smoke belching studios of her violent artistry run for eons, pushing the plastic rock higher and farther up the centers of the angry mountains — torturously produced ...
...Millions of years after these eruptions have ceased, the weaker exteriors of these extinct volcanoes have worn away to the ceaseless manipulations of their inexorable water craftsman...
Revealed!  Previously buried, but now sky pointing, rocky interiors of breathtaking statuary! Hundreds of feet tall, they rise into the air like stony skyscrapers.  The air now howls and moans around them noisily like ephemeral companies of lost artistic souls.
These tough vertical interiors stand alone, at last (after millions of years), like the (too rudely) phallic Washington monument already described ... unrepentant rocky columns of ancient basalt accusing the indifferent sky with rigid and unwavering fingers!
Returning abruptly to the ubiquitous water craftsman, and owing to water's peculiar ability to be at its most dense four WHOLE degrees above the point at which it freezes solida miracle— it is the water used to shape and carve these monuments as only water can. It is the water —finally— constituting the real tool of this not-so-subtle artist of erosion, and the proudly pointing pillars that the water creates remain... chiseled from the surrounding weaker rock like the unsung supports of the sky itself!
Similar pillars, monuments, or columns can be found on the surface of the moon.  Tilt!
Consider the moon.
Stasis is synonymous with her lunar body.  Her surface remains unchanged and unmoving but for the chance meteoric affliction or the shuffling feet of the —too-rarely-present— astronaut.
Virtually changeless, the only thing that regularly MOVES on her silent lunar face are the sharp edged shadows created by the unrestricted sun — hard cornered but insubstantial wraiths our star chases around as it bakes her previously distressed and pockmarked still-life surface.
A lover's heart drawn in the dead gray dust of her lunar soil will likely outlast all the earthly pyramids and, even, the inexorable seas that wash those pyramids away... 
There is no atmosphere to carry the wind born tools of erosion's artistry on our moon. There is no water casually moved around to be used as tiny rock scarring levers.
Little, or no, lunar volcanic activity PRECLUDES the formation of the rocky lava towers to begin with — irrespective of this dearth of erosive mechanisms to dig them away! Yet, they ARE there!
What are they?
. . . Somebody knows!

. . . Somebody knows!


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