Worlds of Virtual Reality


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Virtual Reality is a misnomer. If one thinks it, it IS reality. Perception IS the reality, and the world that you always dreamed about exists in real time.  It is full-bodied and at least three dimensional.  In this world you can fly, warp, and teleport when you get tired of mere walking, the wired world is at your fingertips, and free-form expression to fellow travelers is the general rule.
AlienViews now provides a venue for Artists and other creators that has never before (in so far as we KNOW) been attempted.  It is a virtual world that contains art to educate, thoughts to inspire, and companionship to share, as one moves about in enchanted worlds with eclectic new friends procured in real time from all over known space. 
The Java animation at the top of this page does not BEGIN to illustrate the sights that one will see, or the experiences one will have... from zooming around in deep space and visiting OTHER worlds to wandering delightedly in a paradise park...  the pictures in the animation are only 2D representations of a 3D virtual world.  Truly, imagination is the only limit to a sparkling new kind of "reality." 
There is art, entertainment, and education.  There is immediate access to all aspects of the expanding cyber Universe.  There is a real time sharing of ALL of these things with the people that you meet there.  Truly -- your computer now has the capability, becoming more real as you read these words, to take the whole of creation and bring it effortlessly to you.  Art, education, and music are the vehicles of this anticipated delivery.  Your interest will make those vehicles soar! 




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