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with Alfred Lehmberg

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Dear Doctor Gott




Everything you need to know about one of the most insidious perpetrations

of dangerous fraud on human beings imaginable!


How -I- BEAT

Crohn's Disease

...a true story!




...the 20th Century disease!


Arthritis preventable!



...insulin makes you fat!


1.  ...The Cholesterol Myth... 1.  TOO ~LITTLE~ ACID!
2.  ...The Antacid Myth... 2.  Mother's MILK
3.  ...How *they* demonize the low-carb lifestyle...  
4. ...This is what's wrong with "Centrum..."...  
4.5  ...The intuitiveness of retired helicopter pilots...  
5. ...Calcium mislabeling mischief... Not Current and Deleted  
6.  ...Albion chelated minerals & the Vitamin E controversy...  
7.  ...MS, Dr. Swank & the "Helicopter Pilot's Diet"...  
8.  ...This is how to turn your peanut butter into a super health food...  
9.  ...I'm worried  about Don Imus...  
10.  ...Mo' Money, Mo' Money...  
11.  ...Low Thyroid -- Another "Corporate Greed" Disease...  
12.  "New Food Pyramid": The Big "FAT"Lie!  
13.  "New Food Pyramid": Part Duex --The Breakfast of Chumpions  
14.  The Worrisome Calcium Lie... Not Current and Deleted  
15. "New Food Pyramid": Part Three... or "Abuse, Manipulation, and Juice"!  
16.  The Eyes Have It!  
17.  Osteoporosis  
18. Arthritis, Misery, and the "Dog-Test"  
19. Cheap Vitamin Crap-tastics  
20. Snow Covered Woodies  
21. Avoiding Infanticide  
22. "Whole-Food" Deceptions...
23. "Cancerous SatFat..?  
24. "Rapeseed Abominations"  
25. "Et Tu Ms. Balch"  
26. "Have a Heart... No Thanks"
27. "Bone- loss Deception, Denial and Betrayal"  
28.  "Chiropractic Miracles"  
29.  "To Itch Or Not To Itch"  
30.  "Primrose Paths"  
31.  "Bad Food Blues"  
32.  "Pendejo Gott"  
33.  "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" Guy... Lies"  
34.  "2008 Valentine's Day Diet Hints"  
35.  "Lupus Lies"  
36.  "Erectile Dysfunction"  
38.  "Bad Breath"  
39.  "Rip-off At Wal-mart"  
40.  "Fasting"  
41.  "Sea Salt"  
42.  "Zorba Hates Your Liver"  
43. "Sanjay Gupta is Anti-Antioxidants"  
44. "Valentine's Day 2009"  
45. "Grapeseed Oil"  
46. "Cancer Industrial Complex"  
47. "Beans & Rice Myth"  
48. "Cal / Mag Facts"  Not Current and Deleted  
49. "Death" Sandwich  
50. "Doc Wallach & Splenda From Molasses"  
51. "Man-boobs & Celebrity Death"  
52.  "Favorite Fat Lies"  
53.  "Salt, Sea-Salt & Blood Pressure"  
54.  "Light on Your Feet"  

55. Lipitor, CoQ10 & Bubba Clinton

56. Kashi Craptoids  
57. When Omega Sucks  
58. Low Thyroid, Corn-fed Beef & Your "Junk in the Trunk"  
59. American Heart Association Lies about TransFat