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by Alan Graham

(with Alfred Lehmberg)


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Everything you need to know about one of the most insidious perpetrations

of dangerous fraud on human beings imaginable!



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Crohn's Disease

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...the 20th Century disease!


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Dr. K. McCully


LivingTreeRoot #001  UpDated April 10, 2007

By Alan Graham -

With Alfred Lehmberg -


Discerning reader; 

This is the "Cholesterol Myth."


Once upon a time in the late 60's Dr. K. McCully, a brilliant Harvard scientist, did extensive research regarding the effects of folic acid, B-6, B-12 & Betaine (TMG) on homocysteine levels.  He showed conclusively reader that these simple inexpensive B vitamins, plus the methyl-donor Tri-methyl-glycine (TMG), dramatically facilitated the breakdown of this corrosive amino acid.


Homocysteine, you see, has a toxic effect on artery cells, resulting in inflammation & deformation of the arterial walls.  This causes a "rough spot" that oxidized lipids, and an unfairly maligned cholesterol, stick to. Cholesterol sort of acts like putty…  "sealing the cracks" so to speak.


This "sticking to the rough spot" is not the fault of the cholesterol and can happen to a thin vegetarian with a "normal" total cholesterol. Especially if they are not a well educated Vegetarian but are actually a "Carbotarian" who consumes large amounts of sugar, fructose, refined grains, partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (pHVO) & polyunsat. food oils. This lethal combo of refined carbs & poly food oils provides the inflammation (refined carbs) & the material to build-up (poly oils like soy, canola). Consider the following :


a)... 80% of the cholesterol your body manufactures comes from carbs, not eggs and fat!


b)... The prestigious medical journal Lancet, in 1994 published a study showing that 75% of the stuff sticking to your arteries was the very substance that I have been warning people about for years...Oxidized Polyunsat. Vegetable Oils like Corn, Soy, Safflower, Sunflower, CANOLA, Cottonseed, Grapeseed, etc. This oxidation problem does not apply to Monounsat Oils like Olive & Macadamia Nut.


See?  High cholesterol is not the disease!  High cholesterol can be the response to the disease OR it can be a very normal condition... there are many Inuit (Eskimos) walking around with Cholesterol totals between 250 & 300 that will NEVER have a heart attack. 


Of course, these Inuit will simultaneously likely have an HDL (good Cholesterol) of 80 or 85 instead of a sickly 30 like many Polyunsaturated oil "Over-dosed" Americans. These bizarre, yet very healthful, cholesterol numbers are because of the EPA & DHA, Omega 3 from fish oil plus avoiding the aforementioned oxidized Poly Vegetable oils... like Corn, Soy, Sunflower, etc.


Well, for us non-Eskimos, the B Vitamin reducing Homocysteine discovery, being so easy & cheap, naturally prompted his fellow doctors and the AMA to praised him as a hero -- right?  Wrong.


Unfortunately, about that time, the large drug companies were eagerly anticipating the introduction of their very expensive and very dangerous cholesterol lowering Statin drugs like Lipitor!  Consequently, Dr. McCully, predictably, had to be squashed like a bug…


He was fired from his prestigious Harvard job, ridiculed in the press and medical journals, and wound up doing medical grunt work (autopsies) in a seedy VA hospital.  No good deed goes unpunished, eh?


Well... thirty years and millions of Lipitor prescriptions later, in 1998, Dr. McCully was vindicated by receiving the Functional Medicine Linus Pauling Award , his book "The Homocysteine Revolution," was published, and all the medical journals grudgingly admitted he was right all along.   Of course Merck Pharmaceuticals, et al. are doing all they can to discredit McCully's findings.


So everything has changed for the better -- right?  Sorry… wrong again.


It's business as usual -- doctors and HMOs have just covered their collective ears and continue to march in scurrilous lock-step.   If you don't believe me, go see 100 MDs and tell them artherosclerosis runs in your family and that your cholesterol is a little high. I bet all 100 MDs will put you on Lipitor in a New York minute, and never, and I mean NEVER, mention folic acid, B-6, B-12 or TMG.


You know I'm right, because we are constantly bombarded by Mandy Patinkin (who played a Doctor on TV) telling us we might need Crestor to lower our Cholesterol even lower than the already artificially, corporately driven, low number of 200...low, to sell more Lipitor. Anyway, while Mandy, et al. says "when diet & exercise aren't enough..." you'll never hear him say "when diet, exercise ...& folic acid... aren't enough..." - no, of course not.


Let's connect the dots.


Doctors are quick to point out that 50% to 60% of the people who have heart attacks have high cholesterol and the cause is eating high cholesterol foods like saturated fat and eggs.  But wait a minute, doesn't that mean that 40% to 50% did NOT have high cholesterol yet died of the same disease -- arteriolosclerosis!


This could only mean there must be some underlying reason that causes the plaque build-up and that high cholesterol just means that it might (but equally, might not) accumulate a little faster, so you die a little sooner.  You will still die even if you are a slim vegetarian runner who consumes virtually no sat fat or cholesterol.  This is because the underlying reasons have almost nothing to do with dietary sat fat or dietary cholesterol, yet has everything to do with the other foods consumed and the supplements which are not consumed.


See the underlying reason is that your body is trying to protect itself through inflammation of the arterial wall.  This is caused by one or more corrosive agents (like the aforementioned  glucose/insulin, an acidic body pH, oxidized polyunsat. food oils, carbon monoxide from smoking and excessive consumption of protein without adequate B-6, B-12, TMG & folic acid) raising your homocysteine level. 


Unfortunately many of the same dietary mistakes causing the aforementioned inflammation also cause an increase in platelet stickiness, further exacerbating the problem.  Unfortunately, most folks don't realize these dietary mistakes are mostly about sugar, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (pHVO),  poly unsaturated food oil and too much highly oxidized, very acidic, processed protein like pepperoni, powdered eggs, powdered milk!  The undamaged dietary sat fat and non-oxidized cholesterol we consume is, in no way, the problem!


Isn't it obvious that taking a harmful Statin drug like Lipitor to lower cholesterol is a silly approach.  Statin drugs are dangerous poisons that cause liver damage, peripheral neuropathy, muscle degeneration, and everybody's favorite... erectile dysfunction!  This is particularly disconcerting when you consider these statins are completely unnecessary.  Wouldn't it make more sense to alleviate the two components that cause the build-up in the first place?  Inflammation and platelet stickiness!


Statins can cause heart attacks :


Statins, like virtually all pharmaceuticals, do not enhance bodily systems, they block systems & pathways... they are not Probiotic (For Life), they are Antibiotic (Against Life).  Statins are particularly evil in this regard.  To reduce cholesterol, they block the Ubiquinone System, but unfortunately, that system also produces the critical Heart nutrient, Co-Q10, which is also blocked.


The heart muscle and our cell's membranes for nerve and muscle integrity require a constant, high level of Co-Q10!  But as we get older we produce less, contributing to a weak heart with age..


Co-Q10 is also vital to the production of elastin and collagen... the basis for the structure of skin, muscle and tendons. This is likely the reason that one of the most serious effects of statin use is back and muscle pain, weakness, inflammation... and last but not least... heart failure.


All along, the evil drug companies could have done a little something to help by quietly putting about 100mg of Co-Q10 right in their Lipitor but that would be tantamount to admitting a problem.


 To that end, here is what you should do to be able to show a dramatic improvement in your lipid profile -- without talking  pharmaceutical poisons! 

  1. Stop all sugar and refined flour.

  2. Never consume trans fat from pHVO (partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) found in margarine, vegetable shortening, all commercial baked goods & processed foods, etc. of every kind... to include FlintStones Children's Vitamins.  Is nothing sacred ? 

  3. Only use mono-unsat oils like Olive and Macadamia nut oil, or the magical medium chain triglyceride (MCT) non-hydrogenated, unrefined Coconut oil.  Avoid all poly-unsat food oils like corn, safflower, cottonseed, etc.  Read "Fat Fact's" ( to understand why the so-called "mono-unsat" Canola oil is also in the avoid column!

  4. Consume EFA's -- Take 2 to 6 grams Fish Oil or the superior, Krill Oil ( most fish have too much lead and mercury).  "Complex" Omega-3's (EPA & DHA) from fish/krill oils are mother nature's most powerful nutrients for reducing inflammation, platelet stickiness, blood pressure, allergic reactions and protecting you from Alzheimer's. Optional - I like to also take 1 or 2 grams of Black Currant Oil to get the other powerful Omega-6, anti-inflammatory, GLA & it also has a little "Simple" Omega-3 ALA.   I highly discourage taking large doses of only ALA, plant-derived Omega-3 (like flaxseed oil) without the balance of the other EFA's & FA's.  In contrast, taking large doses of "Complex" Omega-3's (like krill oil) without ALA works great.

  5. Protein -- Excessive meat can cause high methionine, that becomes Homocysteine... all of which may, or may not, be converted by Folic Acid, etc. SO consume a moderate amount of undamaged, digestible protein (that's why I like Whey & Eggs as a partial or full replacement for less digestible meat) & take your B's & TMG.  Remember, trying to cut Methionine out of your diet is not the answer.  In fact if you get all your protein from Veggies, you should either use a Veg. Protein Powder that has been fortified with additional Methionine or take a Methionine supplement.  One of the reasons that Whey Protein & Egg Protein are so superior to Veg. Protein like Soy or Beans & Rice is because whey & eggs are high in Methionine.

  6. Take a good multivitamin/mineral (NOT Centrum,etc.) to insure you are getting folic acid, B6, B12 to reduce homocysteine - because most Multi's don't have enough B's, this might require an additional 'B Complex 25' or 'B Complex 50' ...the following are "Ball-park" totals :  (a)...Folic Acid -- Take 800mcg. total. You will likely have 400mcg. in your Multi.  Folic acid is unique, in that it is actually better absorbed from supplements than food. Folic Acid & B-12 convert Homocysteine back to methionine.   (b)...B-6 -- Use P5P form. Take 50 to100mg daily...your Multi will likely have 5 to 50mg. The P5P form of B-6 converts Homocysteine into cysteine.  (c)...B-12 -- ALWAYS take sublingually (under the tongue). Your Multi will have anywhere from 10 to 200mcg of the less active form, Cyanocobalamin. I recommend you take from 1000 to 5000mcg of the preferred more active form, Methylcobalamin. Don't let those big doses scare's non-toxic and is very multi-purposeful, especially at large doses.  B-12, not only converts Homocysteine back to methionine through remethylation but it gives you energy & aids in digestion.

  7. TMG -- Take 1 gram (1000mg) daily. Trimethylglycine donates a methyl group which detoxifies homocysteine. The TMG is then reduced to DMG (dimethylglycine) which is known for its energizing effects. TMG is also called Betaine, but it is not the same thing as Betaine HCL.  IMPORTANT INFO - Many people who experience little or no reduction of Homocysteine with Folic acid, B-6 & adding TMG, suddenly get a large reduction.

  8. Stop ALL carbonated drinks.  They leach minerals from your bones and destroy valuable stomach acid, thus, adversely effecting digestion.  Drink iced tea sweetened with Stevia or Xylitol.  Both green and black tea are good for diabetes, osteoporosis, and are high in antioxidants. Cheap, non-organic tea will be high in the dangerous toxin, Fluoride.

  9. Take Niacin -- Only take the the "flush-free" Hexanicotinate form in large doses - the other forms like Niacinamide are good in the smaller doses found in Multi's & B-Complexes.  Take 500mg Inositol Hexanicotinate 3 or 4 times not take these large doses if you have a stomach ulcer.  If you took large doses of the "regular" niacin it would damage your liver eventually.  MD's will use "Niacin-Therapy" for cholesterol but they only prescribe a 500mg daily dose...for some reason they don't give the "flush-free" form which wouldn't restrict them to these smaller doses.


Closing... Have you ever wondered why on virtually all TV adds for Statins there is a disclaimer which says "...Has not been shown to reduce Heart Attack or Stroke..."


...OK, I give up... why should you take a statin drug, again?


Until next time, then, Well be.

LivingTree Root #002 

UpDated April 10, 2007

Discerning reader; 


This is the "Antacid Myth"...


It is a cold hard fact that the older we get the ~less~ stomach acid (HCL with pepsin) we produce. We know mother nature not only works this way concerning gastric acid and digestive enzymes, but, so too, with pretty much ~all~ biologically necessary substances. For example, older people produce less glucosomine and SAMe, so arthritis develops. Additionally, advanced in years, people produce less COQ-10, so heart problems become an avoidable result.

A conservative estimate is that 75% of the people over 50 have too LITTLE HCL/pepsin available for proper digestion. That's a ~huge~ number, readers!


Conversely, if we could know the accurate percentage of people with ~real~ hyperacidity, or too MUCH acid, I suspect that that number would be surprisingly low, not high. It remains, ironically, that popular culture, and virtually all of mainstream medicine, talks exclusively about too ~much~ acid -- NEVER too little. This strangely facilitates, then, the manufacture of expensive substances to suit this peculiar misinformation. What is going on? How can this be so?

...Could the preceding be because two ...very expensive... prescription antacids are among the top five pharmaceuticals sold?  Also consider, the big pharmaceutical producers can't make money on the one compound that would very likely help the most -- Betaine HCL w/ pepsin! These are CHEAP substances to produce and are natural, always superior, substances... ... substances that can't be patented by drug companies, I remind the reader, to sell at inflated prices!

The preceding neatly facilitates a nearly perpetual alkaline condition, due to LOW stomach acidity. This is ~VERY~ unhealthy ... not just because it adversely effects digestion, but because a very acidic (pH less than 3) stomach is needed to kill harmful bacteria and other parasites!

A despair provoking ~pattern~ emerges. It becomes plain that indiscriminate and reflexive pill-popping antacid abuse only provides a continuous flow of revenues for Doctors and Drug Companies. This is not only because the antacids, themselves, are a big seller, but by adversely effecting digestion they make people sick in a predicted future as a result of the unhealthful effects of the undigested protein and harmful critters not naturally killed off by inadequate acid. Protein which has not been properly 'softened up' by hydrochloric acid (HCL) with pepsin (protein digestive enzyme ) can cause allergic reactions, arthritis/joint pain, and auto-immune wackiness (the undigested protein is actually seen as a foreign invader by your immune system!).

This is such a perfect scam for Big Pharm! Not just because ~low~ acid and ~high~ acid conditions both have similar symptoms, but because antacids actually appear (but ~only~ appear!) to work by reducing heartburn! But at what cost, reader!?! The hapless victim never makes the connection between the antacids taken in the past and the disease now endured in the present!

Heartburn and reflux are an extremely complex subjects ~ so much so that mainstream medical science does not fully understand all of the mechanisms that function to protect the esophagus from high acid conditions... mechanisms generally centered around the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). This LES opens and closes at various times for various reasons.


When the LES stays open when it shouldn't, stomach acids can splash-up (reflux) and burn the esophagus. Pretty much the only answer that doctors seem to have (short of surgery?) is various forms of antacid, smarmily sold by a smiling washed up quarterback who never warns you of the potential for a future misery... ...that is very, very real!

Doctors cite bogus reasons in an attempt to explain what appears to be a ~defective~ LES... it's either hereditary, a physiological fluke... or it's YOUR fault because you have gained weight, don't exercise, eat fatty foods, or eat too much at once. Two things they never mention though, are the aforementioned and likely ~insufficient~ Stomach Acid... or the 40 or 50 ~other~ pharmaceuticals compromising an already distressed or abused LES ... things like blood pressure meds, NSAIDS (Aspirin etc), or sedatives.

To understand why ~I~ think heartburn is caused by too little HCL/pepsin, let's state some reference facts and casual observations. In order to find applicable references, one has to use animals, babies, or go back several decades before it was discovered that  prescription antacids were such a "gold-mine." The thread is there.

1. Why does the LES easily open with only 5 mm Hg of pressure from above (swallowing) yet 80 mm Hg pressure from below WON'T force it open. It will; however, gently open to burp with a full stomach, yet slams closed at the first sign of acid (Dornhurst AC, 1954).


2. Doctors were surprised to discover that neither high nor low stomach acid determines whether or not one got heartburn. Shouldn't heartburn be pretty much associated with HIGH acid? I mean, after all, don't doctors prescribe antacids as a matter of course if you complain of heartburn (...and they rarely check acid levels).


3. In 1967, Lastaste and Conthier made the following observation concerning acid secretion and inhibiting reflux. "If acid/pepsin is required to activate the receptor, it would be expected that removal of the acid secreting portion of the stomach would cause a failure of sphincter inhibition and consequently reflux. This complication has been described. Again, if there is a loss of gastric acid production from atrophic gastritis, there is increased reflux." In this condition the pH may be greater than 5 instead of the normal less than 3 (Lastaste and Conthier, 1967).


4. When burping babies, mothers put the baby in a position so air pushes against the receptive area, not gastric fluid on the posterior wall of the fundus ~ so gastric fluid won't activate the inhibitory reflex. In other words the LES will close because of acid thus prohibiting the burp.


5. As early as the previous turn of the century W. B. Cannon did extensive research in animals that showed that changing from an alkaline to an acidic stomach caused the cardiac sphincter (same as LES) to rapidly slam closed ~ thus PROVING the acid~closure connection ( yeah -- I know... it's animals, but so what!) (Cannon, WB 1908).


6. In 1953 see what T. Collis had to say about HCL and the receptor that closes the sphincter. "To be sure, this important reflex is not the only one affecting the sphincter.


For example, it has been shown that acid stimulation of the esophageal mucosa causes increased basal production of HCl in the stomach. This seemingly paradoxical vicious circle may actually serve the organism by feeding back a signal that will stimulate the CD receptor and thus close the sphincter. ."


Think for a second, reader, with regard to the preceding citation. Mother Nature... or God, if you'd rather, designed a system ensuring that when acid hits the mucosal cells of the esophagus, it doesn't do what one might logically assume, that is to say, stimulate a reduction of acid...NO, Mother Nature makes even more acid, knowing that is the healthy and intelligent way to get the LES to close, thus avoiding heartburn while maintaining a healthful acidic stomach... so why would a doctor do the exact opposite of God by prescribing antacids"?


Why, indeed?

With all this in mind, here's how, ~I~ think, too LITTLE stomach acid can cause heartburn. Let's assume we eat a big meal and have too little stomach acid, because of age, antacid abuse, carbonated drinks, et. al. Because of this condition, digestion is slow to take place, so the food backs up, plus the alkaline stomach, within minutes, causes gas to build up which also causes the sphincter to relax, allowing stomach contents to splash into the esophagus. This causes heartburn, even though we have low stomach acid ~ the little bit of acid that ~is~ there still burns... we dutifully take our obligatory TUMS. Then, a few minutes later, we are sure we've done the correct thing, because the burning goes away. Of course, by then, there is NO acid left to digest your food or kill harmful bacteria.

If you have a big meal with plenty of stomach acid, digestion is speeded along, and the high acid condition causes the LES to stay tightly closed ~ no heartburn... not to mention good digestion and critter protection.

It is a very simple process to determine if Betain HCL/pepsin, supplemental capsules will help you: First big meal take one 250 mg HCL/pepsin ( only take with moderate to large meals that contain protein). If the meal contains fat you should also take an additional enzyme complex that contains lipase, etc. If you are really suffering from too much acid, this additional stomach acid (HCL) will cause your stomach to feel warm, indicating you don't need additional HCL. If you don't get a warm stomach then the next day try one HCL capsule right before the meal, then take one halfway through the meal ~ if no adverse response, then the next day go to three capsules... continue until your stomach gets warm... and then back off one. If you have ulcers...don't try this until you fix the ulcer. Most ulcers can be fixed in 6 to 8 weeks with the proper diet and supplementation... taking antacids; however, every day will likely NEVER fix the problem, even though it gives you the illusion it is.


Another situation: After quitting antacids and building up to two or three HCL caps per meal your digestion improves dramatically... but you still get some occasional heartburn. This indicates that even at the proper high acid level, your LES is still sluggish and not closing properly. This could be, as I believe, because you've been operating in an alkaline condition for so long and have taken so many TUMS that your LES has *forgotten* how to properly close.

In this situation, if you do the following, the condition will hopefully correct itself.

1. Take supplements:

a. Betain HCL/Pepsin (don't take if you ever have a black stool...might be a bleeding ulcer)
b. Digestive enzymes ( some formulas contain HCL w. pepsin ). If you don't have a Gall Bladder -- take a formula with Ox Bile or bile salts.
c. Probiotic (like acidophilus)-- I think the superior way to get probiotics is 1 or 2 cups of Kefir daily but for vegetarians I recommend a "Stabilized" broad spectrum Probiotic Complex.
d. Quality multi-vitamin / mineral / trace minerals. Take something a notch or two above synthetic/inorganic Multi's like Centrum. I like Multi's where the majority of the minerals are Amino Acid Chelated, instead of the cheap inorganic crap like carbonate or oxide found in Theragram, Flintstones, et al. Get the trace mineral complex with 70+ elements, not just the handful that doctors say you need.
e. Sublingual ( under the tongue ) , methylcobolamine B-12 (1000mcg) -- they also make a 5000mcg tablet, which I perfer.

f. MSM ~ A natural form of sulfur that aids digestion, joint pain and too many other things to mention (by the way, you are not allergic to "sulfur," only "sulfa" it is impossible to be allergic to sulfur. Be not fooled).
g. 1 or 2 tablespoons fresh ground Flax Seed daily or 1 or 2 grams of Black Currant Oil..
h. 2 to 6 grams of Hi-Potency fish oil or Krill Oil -- NO fish ( too much lead & mercury )


2. Exercise.


3. Lose 10 pounds.


4. Avoid high fat meals ~ fat stays in your stomach the longest.


5. Eat four to six small meals a day. Whey Protein Isolate
Smoothies are great for 2 or 3 of those small meals.


6. Make last meal of the day very small and at least three hours
before bed.


7. Chew food extra well -- this is where digestion begins.


8. Avoid sugar and refined flour.


9. Avoid Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil / Trans Fat (margarine, etc).


10. Avoid poly-unsat food oils to include Canola (only use olive or macadamia nut oil
& unrefined, hexane free, Coconut oil ).


11. Avoid tap water & bottled water - use a top grade carbon filter or reverse osmosis (RO) & store water in glass, not plastic. The chlorine in tap water attacks the good "Bugs" in your gut and the Fluoride/Aluminum contributes to Thyroid disease, Heart disease, MS, et al.  RO water removes 95% of the 70 to 80 trace water should be re-mineralized with liquid trace mineral drops.


 Worst situation: If you have a Hiatal Hernia ( Stomach lining is keeping the LES from closing ) try to do all of the previously suggested things... ...being particularly careful with the HCL/pepsin until you determine if it will make the burning worse. In rare situations, the hiatal hernia can correct itself, if you lose some weight and exercise moderately. But realistically, in order to have any real hope of these suggestions correcting the problem you probably need to start with the stomach lining not protruding up into the esophagus. The way to accomplish this is to have a chiropractor trained to perform the Hiatal Hernia(HH) Procedure where the Doctor pulls the stomach lining down out of the esophagus. This is generally a temporary fix that might only stay fixed for a month, a week, or only a few days... but if you are very aggressive with all of the previous suggestions you might get things under control without too many returns to the chiropractor to have the procedure repeated.


It's cheap - most chiropractors here in LA (Lower Alabama) charge $25.00 (which includes the whole spinal adjustment, not just the HH prcedure). If you've had a bad HH for a long time, your first HH manipulation will provide you with a serious, profound, and instantaneous relief me, you'll think you've seen God when he pops that lining down out of the esophagus!


You can try a variation of this HH procedure on your own (please start with a small distance above the ground)...with an empty stomach, drink about 1/2 quart or so of water...stand on something from about 6 inches up to a couple of feet (your age, weight, etc. will dictate how high) then jump off and land on your heels with your legs locked so gravity & inertia will sharply tug the lining down & hopefully out of the LES allowing it to close.  This may or may not work, but it virtually always works when the doc does it by hand.

That's the long and the short of it. "Excess acid" is mostly an ~evil~ myth and the pharmaceuticals proffered to bring that condition under control are a dangerous and unhealthful fraud! These pharmaceuticals are needlessly expensive and unnecessary, only lead to subsequent facilitated diseases to *manage*... ...each with its own class of dangerous and unhealthful pharmaceuticals prescribed for it! The preceding, of course, only *manages* disease symptoms without *curing* the disease... ...once again... a refrain becoming increasingly more familiar...

Until next time, then. If you have any questions concerning this paper or info on the somewhat unusual chiropractic procedure for HH... then give me a call, or E-mail.

Well, be!

Alan Graham
Phone -- (334) 774 0395



LivingTree Root #003  UpDated April 10, 2007

Discerning reader; 


This is how *they* demonize the low-carb lifestyle.


The most powerful corporations and institutions in the world are strongly aligned against the low-carb (Atkins' Diet) movement. *They* will stop at nothing, in fact, to keep you well confused and so innocently consuming their ubiquitous poisons... poisons such as sugar, Poly-unsat. Food Oil (like Soy, Corn, etc.), partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (pHVO), bread, cereal, processed snack foods, and pharmaceutical drugs.  


Look at just a few of the key players who have an axe to grind: the "Cancer Industrial Complex,"  the heart disease foundation, the diabetes industry,  and the newly emerging, multifaceted, "pharmaceuticals for troubled children" market -- just to name a few.  And we can't leave out the HMOs, insurance companies, the FDA, the AMA... bloated bureaucracies like Medicare and Medicaid, and probably, most significant, are the lobbyists for these organizations who give us the best government regulations that money can buy... 


And, if that wasn't bad enough?  The untimely and accidental death of the low-carb *guru* Dr. Atkins has emboldened the forces of evil, as is evidenced since his death, regarding the "knuckling under" of Atkins Corp... to the AMA/FDA.  That knuckling under concerns the unnecessary lowering of the guidelines for the percentage of total dietary fat...aah, can you say Heart-Healthy, Blubber-Eating, Eskimoes? 


The first and most important step to effectively demonize Atkins is to find an attractive, "extra-white," poster child who lost weight on Atkins' diet yet had an adverse lipid profile response and developed some kind of heart disease.  Next, have the poster child sue Atkins and ensure it makes the national news.   


It is rare that a low-carb regimen will result in an adverse cholesterol response, but it can happen if you do most or all of the following eight things... the wrong way: 


1.      If you eat only meat, cheese, and eggs... but never consume green leafy veggies, you could have a problem especially if you don't take supplementary Omega 3.  Veggies are not only needed for the small quantities of Omega 3, but also for the fiber, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes.  Eskimos can get by without veggies, because 2 of the fats that are high in their diet are EPA & DHA Omega-3 from cold-water sea animals/fish.


2.      As previously mentioned, Omega 3 from both plant (flax seed, veggies) and animal (Fish oil, eggs) is vital for good health on a high fat, low-carb diet.  Omega 3 is why the Inuit can eat, exclusively, fat and protein (no veggies) without developing heart disease.


3.      Avoid pHVO (Did I have to say this?) -- Trans fat is Zero Carbs, so it does not inhibit weight loss; however, it can be a MAJOR contributor to heart disease.  I have to lay this one at Dr. Atkins' feet -- in subsequent publications he emphasizes the dangers of trans-fat  (HVO), but in his initial book he does not, and in fact recommends commercially processed fried pork rinds (avoid those fried in pHVO) as a zero carb snack.  See #6 ref. vicious free radicals in pork rinds.  If you want something fried, you have to do it at home with olive/macadamia/coconut oils, or real butter.  Remember, virtually all processed or fast foods (that contain fat) use pHVO.  For example "Hardees" uses pHVO in its new low-carb breakfast bowl!


4.      Avoid poly-unsaturated food oil (soy, corn, safflower, cottonseed, grapeseed, peanut, and yes... EVEN canola at 38% poly!)  Always use mono-unsat oils like olive or macadamia nut oil.  Poly-unsat oils are Zero carbs so they also do not inhibit weight loss; however, they too are a major contributor to heart disease (see FAT FACTS).  If you ask a Subway employee what kind of oils they use on their salads, 99% of the time they will say olive oil.  If you, then, have them read the container label they will see that it ~is~ 10% olive oil... but then 90% *evil* Canola oil.  We are inundated with too much Omega-6 poly-unsat food oils.  For example, commercial meat is grain fed making it high in poly Omega-6, as opposed to grass fed (free range) meat -- high in poly Omega-3.  Also, the cheapest grocery store eggs are high in Omega-6 as a result of being corn fed.  The slightly more expensive cage free or free range eggs are high in Omega-3.


5.      Try to limit processed or cured meats like bacon, sausage, pepperoni, salami... etc.  Use as much fresh meat as possible.  Overuse of processed meats can contribute to heart disease and cancer for numerous reasons to include the following:

            a.       They create and contain free radicals.

            b.      They contain unhealthful additives.

            c.       The protein is highly denatured and the cholesterol is damaged. Processed protein foods like powdered eggs/milk in particular have very damaged cholesterol.


6.      Avoid burnt or well done meat or eggs.  Burnt animal fat has Zero carbs... but creates a particularly DANGEROUS free radical called heterocyclic amines (HCA).  Fried pork rinds probably have the highest amount of HCA of any food.  The most healthful way to cook meat is "liquid cooking" -- stews, soups, and pot roasts.  Also, that 20 year old wedding present that you never use... the lowly crock-pot, is a great way to cook with moisture, thus avoiding free radicals that attack your heart and every cell in your body.


7.      Avoid carbonated drinks, antacids, and calcium carbonate -- they destroy valuable stomach acid needed for the proper digestion of fats and proteins (undigested protein in particular can adversely effect your heart, immune system, and general health).  See LivingTree Root #002 at "The Antacid Myth."


8.      Avoid distilled and tap water -- always use reverse osmosis or highly-filtered water.  Tap water is toxic (this should be old news, so I won't explain why it's toxic).  Distilled water has two major problems -- firstly, distilled water has no trace minerals so it will leach minerals right out of your bones and tissue.  This is why a long distance runner who sweats out lots of minerals, then drinks distilled water (thinking it's more healthful), and doesn't take a trace mineral supplement... drops dead from heart failure at 55 or 60...., secondly, distilled water in plastic bottles from the grocery store usually has a pH of about 5 (too acidic!).  This also causes your body to leach minerals from your bones to correct the acidic/alkaline imbalance condition. 


I would bet money that the guy suing Atkins did most or all of these things wrong -- so don't you make the same mistakes.  And yes -- if you do most of these things correctly most of the time, you can eat a half pound of bacon with eggs, every Sunday morning, and feel good about it! 


Next time we will discuss why grocery store vitamins/minerals are not only a waste of money... they could actually be harmful. 


Well be.


LivingTree Root #004


Discerning reader; 

This is what's wrong with "Centrum..." (UpDated 12 Apr 2007)


The Ballad of Cheap Vitamins and Motor Oil


Every time I ask someone if they eat a healthy diet and take a good multivitamin/mineral, they invariably say, "yes."  They go on to explain how they first follow the new food pyramid (consuming lots of bread, pasta, cereal, fruit juice & milk)... ...and then they tell me they take a "Centrum" multi to, you know, insure they are covered from "A" to "Zinc."  They smile benignly at the witticism...   


I'll cut right to the chase.  The preceding is a recipe for rampant unhealthful disaster. 


Why?   Because the "food pyramid," is a corporate-driven lie (read LTR# 12, 13 & 15 at ).  It is an egregious lie benefiting the few at the cruel expense of the many!  Sincerely,  all multi-vit/min (like "Theragram", "One-a-Day", and even "Flintstone") from grocery stores and the like are, pretty much, an unhealthful waste of money for the following two reasons:  


FIRST - these very cheaply manufactured tablets often pass through the system without even being completely dissolved!  This is because these pills are semi-indigestible little pebbles hard pressed at high temperature and pressure.  They are shellacked pellets with a pharmaceutical glaze coating and they are armored and bound with synthetic chemicals like dicalcium phosphate and magnesium sterate.  


SECOND - virtually every ingredient is the absolute cheapest and LEAST ABSORBABLE synthetic form of the many vitamin forms available!  In most cases, this not only makes them more difficult to assimilate, but can have adverse reactions like diarrhea... as opposed to the non-adverse effects of organically chelated minerals and "food based" Vitamins & binders.   This is the tip of the iceberg hazarding you and those you love, reader!  The stuff gleefully sold to you to enhance your health can actually degrade it and make you ill! 


Part of the reason for using these synthetic binders and inferior forms of minerals that are inorganic salts (as opposed to superior organic chelated minerals?), other than being cheap (...forgetting that's the main reason...), is to be able to get all that "crap" into one convenient pill that's not too big.  Synthetic binders and inorganic salts take up less space, you see, so all the hi-speed and low drag movers & shakers can conveniently pop one small tablet... and the per unit costs are reduced so a greater corporate profit is realized.  It's too bad that it degrades the product to the point of possible health hazardousness and uselessness. 


That is unfortunate, indeed.   


In contrast -- some of the better, more expensive supplements, using food based binders and organic chelated minerals, usually have to use a bigger tablet or capsule... or separate the daily dose into 2, 3 or 4 tablets (or capsules).  One of my favorite Multis, in fact, recommends 6 capsules daily!  Of course it has about anything you could ever want with regard to health enhancement, from Digestive Enzymes to Myco-Defense Mushrooms and more.  "Fine wine" compared with "pond water," reader.  I don't remotely overstate this!  


Also, the better tablets or caplets are pressed under, more expensive, 'cooler' temperatures.  This is forgetting, of course, that the chemical form of the vitamins or minerals incorporated are likely the best and most ABSORBABLE non-synthetic forms available!  See the difference reader? 


Here's yet another applicable Dr. Zorba Pasture anecdote...:  


"Tom", Dr. Pasture's radio side-kick, read an email to Zorba on his NPR radio show regarding a person who was taking a fairly expensive Multivitamin/Mineral requiring the consumption of 3 tablets daily...  


Incomprehensibly ignorant once again in his animated, bemused, and incredulous radio-voice, Zorby loudly exclaimed "THAT'S  TOO MANY"!   


You could tell by his reaction that he thought the writer was taking 3 times a "normal" dose. So "Side-Kick-Tom" (whom I suspect has about 10 I.Q. points on Dr. Z ) said "Zorba, I think that means the SINGLE daily dose is divided into 3 pills." to which Zorba said "Ohh ?... Well it's still too many - you only need one Vitamin pill daily."   


He moved on.  I was just incredulous!  What a Bone-headed thing for an alleged medical expert to say, eh reader?  Absolutely!  An expression of pompous ignorance at best!  At worst? 


OK...Why would a brilliant doctor with a world wide listening audience think it so strange & unnecessary to divide a dose of something into 3 smaller doses throughout the day...Gee, don't they do that with pharmaceuticals all the freaking time?  Yes! 


I suspect that other persons who know NOTHING about nutritional supplementation could easily visualize how dividing nutrients into 3 separate doses would be a good thing... and best practice... thereby having a relatively constant "Trickle-charge" of supplements throughout the day!  After all, don't we all try to eat three meals a day for that very reason? AND...because most supplements work in synergy with food, doesn't it make sense to take these supplements 3 times daily with meals... ...Am I missing something? 


Additionally, it is a well established fact in the holistic health community that one can only absorb about 500mg of Calcium at any one time!  So if you take a 1000mg to1500mg dose of Cal. all at once (like Dr. Z recommends)... aren't you wasting a bunch of it!   Yes! 


Folks, Dr. Pasture does not have the training to understand & appreciate just how complicated it can be to fully utilize any mineral, especially Calcium, and just how many Vitamins, Minerals & co-factors have to fall in place, domino-like, to accomplish this.  It can be a difficult, slow, and inefficient process that handles only "so much" at a time.  


This is because Minerals, themselves, are INORGANIC so Mother Nature must use a couple of time-consuming tricks to get them into a configuration that can then be incorporated into "The Bio-System".   Me?  I feel I understand this science.  I take 500mg of Elemental, Amino Acid Chelated Calcium, 2 times daily. 


Back to Dr. Z who has the temerity to ignorantly mock those people who "foolishly" buy expensive Multi Vit/Min.  He says that folks should buy the cheapest, discount store, generic, giant-size bottle for about $12.00 a YEAR ... as long as it has the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) Seal ... This is a 'seal' essentially meaning that the product contains what's on the label & that it meets the MINIMUM standards to call itself a multi-vitamin. The reader might remember the character of corporate lap-dogs presently setting those standards.  The USP is supposedly "non-governmental" but their test criteria is recognized by the Government as the official source. 


 Here's what the CSPI has to say:    


"Center for Science in the Public Interest" -- For Immediate Release: October 4, 2002;

New Supplement Certification Program May Mislead Consumers :USP Mark Does Not Mean Ingredient Is Safe Or Effective."   




Yes folks, it's true!  Virtually ALL supplemental *watch-dog* organizations like the USP only verify "Potency & Purity" ...and may check to see if it meets the standards for dissolving (those standards are pretty low)...  BUT!  They don't care or comment about the efficacy of a particular ingredient.   


For example, one Multi may have Magnesium Oxide (which is Crap, reader!) while another uses Magnesium Citrate ( which is a superior form)... but both will get the same passing grade as long as they meet "Potency & Purity"!  So, if you have a Multi Vit/Min where EVERY ingredient is the cheapest, least absorbable form, what you have is a "Crapola-Multi" with a USP other words, you have Centrum, Theragram, One a Day, Flintstones, etc, etc...   


"Flintstones", reader!  Flintstones?!?  Is nothing sacred? 


It is difficult to imagine a Multi that is inferior to the already inferior multi's like Centrum, etc... but if you CAN find a really, really cheap, discount, generic multi with 365 hard pressed tablets for $11.99 at Sam's Club or whatever, with a USP seal, then that's the one you want... ...according to the good doctor "Z."   


So, Let me get this straight... Zorba wants you to put "Stuff" in your body that barely meets the minimum standards to call itself a Multi, OKed by the Government.  Hummm... But how does he feel about his car? 


WELL...a couple of the government's "non-governmental" agencies put their seal on very cheap motor oil that meets the minimum standards to call itself Motor Oil ... here's what  has to say:


"Several oil companies now market products that have been certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API).  API Certification is the basis for warranty requirements of motor vehicle manufacturers and thus is used in specifications of motor oil buyers. Other technologies, such as simple filtration, have also been used to recycle used motor oil.  These technologies are often sufficient to make used oil useful as a substitute for virgin oil in fuel applications."   


The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) stamp of approval is on even very cheap "No-name" motor oils that meet the requirements for military vehicles... 


...So, here's my question to Zorba -- does he put that cheap, "cleaned-up" used motor oil or cheap "No-name" new oil in his new "BMW"?  Seeing as how it meets the minimum standards, set by the Government to call itself motor oil... he should, considering his faith in government "Seals" ...but somehow I doubt it...  Zorba would have more respect for his "Beamer"...just not much respect for your body & human physiology.  


This is pure speculation because I have no idea what kind of car he has, but if he has a nice new one, I bet he doesn't put cheap generic oil in it.  In fact, ask 1000 MDs who own new 700 Series Mercedes if they use "cleaned & filtered" used motor oil, considering virtually all car manufactories say that it meets their warranty requirements!  I bet 99.9% will say "HECK NO ! I use 100% Virgin, High Grade, High Detergent, Multi Viscosity oil that comes from a single individual batch of Pure, Pennsylvania crude drawn from the veins of Amish school girls"!  


OK,  I see...Well, Doctor... what kind of Vitamins do you take and recommend?  "Oh, it doesn't matter much... use any brand with the USP Seal"? 


So...putting a cheap, harsh, inferior, synthetic, poorly absorbed (and in my opinion, unhealthful), possibly toxic supplement in your body is OK because of some Mickey Mouse "Seal" that doesn't really tell you what you need to know and misleads you on the rest... ...but cheap motor oil with an official seal is not OK...  does the reader see the errant dichotomy or smell the inconsistency...? 


These self-same MDs would be the first to tell you the human body is a high performance biological machine, reader... you want to run rapidly "gunkable", bargain basement *oil* in the only bio-machine you will ever have?  I suspect not, on reflection.   


And this is the real kicker of irony!  That cheaper, recycled motor oil will do a MUCH more efficacious job in your car than those "Crap" Vitamins will ever do in your body! 


By the way...don't tell "Dr. 700 Series",  but MERCEDES has been putting RECYCLED OIL in THEIR NEW CARS for YEARS !!! 


Wait a minute Mr. Graham!  Do YOU use that cheap recycled oil in your car? ...Huh, Who Me? ...No freaking Way!  


Just kidding Folks...that was the old Al,...because I'm a "Green" sort of guy, I am going to start using recycled oil - not because of some government-blessed organization's "Seal" but because a bunch of Teutonic Engineers at Mercedes-Benz are probably on to something.  (...und you vill like it !!) 


You all you have to do is get Dr. Mercola & the Leaf lady  to start taking grocery store vitamins and explain how they are superior ...then I will start taking Centrum...just like the recycled oil.  OK,  take a deep breath and hold it... 


The following describes three key things to look for when determining the efficacy of your multivitamin: 


Vitamin "E" -- the most obvious indicator of an inferior multivit... is the use of the petrochemical synthetic form of Vitamin "E" -- "DL" alpha tocopherol (the "d" and "l"  should actually be lower case... I cap them for ease of reading), as opposed to the natural forms "D" alpha (no "L") and/or, even better, Natural Mixed tocopherol ...( This superior Mixed form has beta, gamma, and delta along with the alpha).  In the synthetic "DL"  form, (the synthetic is always a double molecule) the "L" molecule is a mirror image of the usable "D" molecule, making the "L" unusable by humans.  Unfortunately the "L" still fits nicely into the Vitamin "E" receptor site, much like many keys will fit in a certain style of key-hole but only one key will turn the lock.  Consequently the "L" molecule is "plugging the keyhole", so to speak, and not allowing the usable "D" in to turn same!   Think chewing gum in the keyhole. 


This means that out of the 400 IU of "DL" Vit. "E" that you paid for, only about 150 IU, or less, are actually being used by you.  It gets worse.   


According to the Canadian Government  (you could perhaps argue the red-herring that Canada has an axe to grind because they grow lots of soy beans for natural Vit. "E" but don't even bother):  Even though the usable synthetic "D" molecule and the natural "D" molecule, in theory - on paper, are identical... ...Canadian science claims that the human body still tells the difference... and whereas synthetic "D" is used but one time, the natural "D" is used over and over again... ...several times!  Magic!   


This inexplicable recycling of one "D" molecule, but not the other, results in two to three times the vitamin "E" found in most tissue (...biopsy of the brain revealing the highest!).  Hmmm... Mother Nature on the job, I'm betting! 


Mineral Forms -- The other sure sign of product inferiority is the form of minerals used.  These are the cheap inorganic salts like carbonate, oxide, and phosphate.  These inorganic mineral forms are difficult to absorb and they are much more likely to cause problems -- a good example of this is magnesium oxide causing diarrhea.   


The inorganic calcium form Carbonate, found in Centrum (et sig al) is very difficult to absorb because the carbonate (...also in Tums, btw!) neutralizes the very stomach acid that is required for good absorption.  


So when a doctor tells you Tums is a "good source of calcium", they're either lying or they are a bonehead (like Zorba, who says it all the time). Always look for organic chelation, in the preferred form "Amino Acid Chelation" (like the Albion Process), or "citrate" ( especially for calcium ) or malate, lactate, etc.  Also, "Krebs Cycle Chelation" is very, very good. 


Vitamin "D" -- If the Vit. D is D-2, it's no good - this is the cheap crap found in milk.  Always make sure it is the more active form D-3 found in Cod Liver Oil, Eggs, made by the Sun & the better supplements.  The one exception is there are Vegetarian Multi's that use the D-2 (because it comes from plants) that are very  good quality...I wish more Vegetarians would see their way clear to use D-3 instead of D-2. 


The preceding three examples should be sufficient indicators as to the quality of a multivitamin:  SO... 


If the label says "DL" alpha tocopherol, calcium carbonate,  magnesium oxide & Vit. D-2 ... put it back!  Quick and dirty! 


But, if it says "D" alpha, or Mixed tocopherol, calcium citrate (etc), magnesium amino acid chelation (etc) & Vit. D-3 -- BUY IT... ...because this means the rest of the ingredients are almost sure to be OK.  You don't have to peruse the whole tedious laundry list...but if you're like me, you will do so anyway.  Label reading should be a required course in high school. 


In descending order: I prefer supplements that are liquid, scoop-able powder, capsules, and then food based tablets or caplets.  A caplet is just a tablet shaped like a capsule...a stupid, confusing term when Supp. Ads abbreviate caplet with "cap" and you think the "cap" means "capsule" not caplet.  Caplets should be called "Long-Tabs".


Sublingual (under the tongue) tablets or sprays are actually the best absorbed ( by going directly into the bloodstream ) and in some cases necessary, if easily destroyed by stomach acid... like SOD & Glutathion or like B12, which needs an "Intrinsic Factor" in the gut to be absorbed (often missing); however, some supplements don't work very well this sublingual way.  


Fortunately,  Methylcobalamin "B-12"  and B-12 Complexes with folic acid & B-6 do work well sublingually. 


Also, don't automatically poo-poo tablets in favor of capsules -- some things have to be in a specially coated tablet to make it through the stomach acid in order to open in the gut...SAMe & SOD are examples.  There is a capsule that is designed to make it through the stomach acid and open in the gut...and example is New Life Colostrum has a special "Lipid-Capsule" that does this. 


*Medical doctors* like Zorba don't really understand nutrition & supplements... ...and they don't want to understand because it is in their financial interest to play dumb... thus surreptitiously perpetuating the same old tired lies. Such is their cognitive dissonance.  


Here are just a few of those lies:


a)...Synthetic Vitamins are just as good as natural Vitamins.  No!  No way...the most cursory research will show this is just not true.  However, doctors want people to get used to the idea that "Synthetic is good" (or even better) so they can push Synthetic alternatives to natural forms... Synthroid (synthetic thyroid hormone) is a good example.  Do you want to know the big reason they give for why synthetic drugs are *better*?  It is because they can get the dosage very precise as opposed to natural forms sometimes have slight variations... freaking what!  I would rather take something that works & works naturally, even if the dosages have a little greater margin of error, instead of a harsh, toxic, or inefficient form that does not work or might have harmful side effects.  A good example is natural Armour Desiccated Thyroid Hormones as opposed to the synthetic Synthroid mentioned above. 


b)...You can get all the necessary nutrients in a balanced diet...  No!  Please!  What a festering crock, reader... 


Most people are EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) deficient -- even the sheeple who follow the New Food Pyramid (NFP) are Omega 3 deficient!  This is because we consume WAY too much Omega 6 food oils like corn, soy, canola, sunflower, etc. (all recommended by the NEW Food Pyramid, remember). These Omega 6 oils overpower & shut down the Omega 3 Pathway.   


We further block EFA's by consuming lots of NFP encouraged bread, cereal, pasta, juices & "Cheezy Poofs"  These inhibit the production of the D6D Enzyme needed for conversion of the simple Omega 3 (ALA), to the more complex "work-horse" Omega 3's: EPA & DHA!   


Also, many of the 70 plus trace minerals have been leached from our soil as a result of uninformed farming... artificial fertilizers only replace 3 of the elements!  Anytime different groups are given trace minerals, in particular really powerful, critical ones like Selenium -- heart disease & cancer decrease!  In fact the preceding was done with a whole country... New Zealand. The selenium depleted soil was causing several diseases, like cancer!  It was corrected by importing selenium rich meat from Australia. 


c)... You can meet your Calcium requirements with 4 servings of dairy.  No!  How do these people use a mirror at all!  Christ retches!   


OK,  lets say you need 1200mg of Cal. and 4 dairy servings has 1200mg of Cal. - So there you have it,  you've met the goal...not so fast, my Friend!   


Do you really think you are utilizing ALL 1200mg of that Calcium?  No way, boys and girls!  


The Calcium/Magnesium ratio needs to be at least a "2 to 1", and "1 to 1" would be even better... so Milk, at a "10 to 1" ratio, has a real problem. Also, Vitamin D-3 is needed to absorb Cal. but dairy uses Vit. D-2... ...which is not very effective for good absorption. 


Additionally, the doctors & the dairy people never mention that many other minerals, etc. are required to utilize Calcium, things like potassium, silicon & sodium ...also TRACE minerals like boron, zinc & copper along with 2 or 3 dozen other trace elements as co-factors.  Remember the dominos I alluded to before! 


So, when the women of the WHI study were given a garbage calcium supp. (Cal. Carbonate, Zorba's favorite form!) and the inferior form of Vitamin D ( D-2 ), the Doctors & Dairy Industry were able to shout it from the roof-tops that Calcium supps don't work!  Outrageous duplicity, reader!  They KNOW the difference!  What else can you call that... ...but evil!   


Something else they were reluctant to discuss with the consumer? They didn't mention that many of those women consumed dairy every day... and were still developing Osteoporosis!   ...Got milk? 


Please show this paper to your Family Doctor or Dietician -- then after they "spit & sputter" or otherwise hack up an institutional hair-ball and tell you I'm wrong? Write down their reasons as to why, will you?  E-mail those reasons to me.   I will promptly e-reply as to where and how they are lying to you... ...this time, too!  Sincerely, I will debate these scurrilous persons any time... any where! 


Remember, as you compare our conflicting positions; however, who has the biggest pecuniary dog in the hunt, reader!  Then watch as my dog handily shreds their dog and shows their dog for what it really is:  A conflicted shill for sociopathic corporate interests greedily and gleefully campaigning to make us stupid.  To make us sick... Why?  So they can sell us their 21st Century snake oil. 


Until next time, reader?  Well Be.


LivingTree Root #004.5 UpDated April 10, 2007


The LTR #005 will still cover "Minerals & Mislabeling."  This letter  #004.5 is to point out 3 recent developments that demonstrate the intuitiveness of retired helicopter pilots as opposed to practicing medical doctors. 


First:  'Vioxx' was pulled from the shelves because it can cause death by heart failure.  This revelation was on all the news outlets for weeks.  For those of you at the presentation I gave in the first week of September to an enthusiastic crowd of Living Tree patrons, et al, I emphasized the danger of taking Cox 2 inhibitors like Vioxx and Celebrex .  This was not just because they exacerbated joint pain in the long run (while only treating the symptom of pain in the short run),  but , because of their indiscriminate interference with the delicate balance within the prostaglandin 2 pathway.  These drugs consequently block the good with the alleged "bad," resulting in a number of possible negative responses like oh,  ...I don't know -- HEART FAILURE!


I used the analogy that blocking the Cox 2 was like cutting off a persons head to cure their dandruff.  It seems I'm not that far off the mark.


Second:  Omega 3, found in cold water fish and fish oil, can prevent Alzheimer's.  This 1 Sep, 04  MSNBC piece is indicative of articles on all the news outlets...


~~Why Fish Seems To Prevent Alzheimer's Damage~~

Study Shows DHA in Omega-3 Fatty Acid Lowers Alzheimer's Disease Risk


 By Sid  Kirchheimer
WebMD Medical News


Reviewed By Brunilda  Nazario, MD
on Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Sept. 1, 2004 -- New evidence may further explain why people who regularly eat heart-healthy fish seem to have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.


A new study indicates that high amounts of one of the omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon, mackerel, and herring -- docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA -- may protect against the memory loss caused by Alzheimer's, even when there are already brain lesions indicating advanced disease. The study also indicates that DHA may protect against brain cell damage, similar to that seen in Alzheimer's.


This discovery comes after a team of American and French researchers infused mice with a human Alzheimer's-causing gene so they would develop brain lesions like that seen in advanced Alzheimer's. The point was to monitor the rodents' disease progression and better determine how various environmental factors might influence Alzheimer's progression. 


What they found was that even though the mice developed brain lesions like that found in advanced Alzheimer's, they still showed little evidence of memory loss or other disease symptoms. 


Secret in Mouse Chow ... and Fish 


"We looked and looked at what could be providing this protection against the cognitive deficits we usually see in Alzheimer's patients with these brain lesions," says researcher Greg Cole, PhD, professor of neurology at UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine. "And when we looked at their diet, we were surprised to learn why." 


Their commercial feed was abundant in these omega-3 fatty acids, and specifically DHA. "It was so rich in DHA that it closely resembled the Japanese diet," he tells WebMD. 


That fish- and seaweed-rich diet, already known to be heart-healthy, has long been suspected of playing some role in the prevention of Alzheimer's. Several studies in recent years show that people who regularly eat diets high in DHA have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. 


While the abundance of healthy polyunsaturated fats like DHA in certain fish has been considered a protection against Alzheimer's, one popular theory is that these heart-healthy fish might improve impeded blood flow to the brain. Other research shows that cholesterol-lowering statins and "blood-thinning" aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) pain relievers may also lower risk of Alzheimer's by reducing inflammation or increasing blood flow. 




Two years ago on a Web radio show (and about a thousand times since then) I predicted that I would never develop Alzheimer's, not just because of my total nutritional and supplemental regimen, but because of one thing in particular -- I take Omega 3, EPA & DHA. 


Third:  Nexium (Prevacid, Prilosec, etc, will soon follow) users are twice as likely to get pneumonia because the stomach is supposed to be very acidic to kill microbes and facilitate proper digestion.  Nexium reverses this necessary acidity! A Oct. 04  MSNBC article is indicative of same: 


~~Heartburn Drugs May Increase Pneumonia Risk~~


Study finds medications reduce germ-killing stomach acid

The Associated Press

Updated: 5:29 p.m. ET Oct. 26, 2004 


Widely used heartburn and ulcer drugs such as Nexium, Pepcid and Prilosec can make people more susceptible to pneumonia, probably because they reduce germ-killing stomach acid, Dutch researchers found in a study of more than 300,000 patients. 


The highest risks occurred with more powerful acid-fighting drugs called proton pump inhibitors, which are sold in the United States under such brand names as Nexium, Prevacid and Prilosec. Over nearly three years, users of these drugs faced almost double the risk of developing pneumonia compared with former users. 


Users of another class of acid-fighting drugs that includes cimetidine and famotidine — sold in the United States as Tagamet and Pepcid — also faced an elevated risk.


The study was led by researcher Robert J.F. Laheij at University Medical Center St. Radboud in Nijmegen, Netherlands, and appears in Wednesday’s Journal of the American Medical Association. 


Less germ-killing stomach acid 

The acid in normal stomach fluids generally kills harmful bacteria; suppressing it with drugs to treat heartburn and ulcers may make the body more hospitable to such germs, which may then infect the lungs and cause pneumonia, the researchers said. 


Users of another class of acid-fighting drugs that includes cimetidine and famotidine — sold in the United States as Tagamet and Pepcid — also faced an elevated risk.


The study was led by researcher Robert J.F. Laheij at University Medical Center St. Radboud in Nijmegen, Netherlands, and appears in Wednesday’s Journal of the American Medical Association. 


These heavily promoted medicines are among the most widely prescribed drugs worldwide, with almost $13 billion in sales in 1998 alone, according to a JAMA editorial. Millions of Americans take these drugs, which are heavily advertised in “ask your doctor about ...” TV commercials. 


Older patients or those with asthma and other chronic lung ailments are especially vulnerable to pneumonia.  In light of the latest findings?  The researchers said such patients should use these medicines “only when necessary and with the lowest possible dose."




The following is an excerpt from my Aug.  04, LTR #002 "The Antacid Myth"... 


...A nearly perpetual alkaline condition, due to LOW stomach acidity, is VERY unhealthy ~ not just because it adversely effects digestion, but because a very acidic (pH less than 3) stomach is needed to kill harmful bacteria and other parasites.  See?  It's easy to see how indiscriminate antacid abuse provides a continuous flow of revenues for Doctors and Drug Companies, not only because the antacids are a big seller, but by adversely effecting digestion they make people sick in the future from undigested protein and harmful critters.  Protein that has not been properly 'softened up' by hydrochloric acid (HCL) with pepsin ( protein digestive enzyme ) can cause allergic reactions, arthritis/joint pain, and auto-immune wackiness.  MORE pharms facilitating a bogus prescription, not in the patient's best interest. 


This is such a perfect scam.  Not just because low acid and high acid both have the same symptoms, but because antacids actually appear to work by reducing heartburn, though... at what cost!?!  The hapless victim never makes the connection between the antacids of the past and the disease of the present.



Was I able to intuit these 3 things (and many others I might add) before the medical geniuses because I'm so freaking brilliant? 



No -- any holistic web site could have told you the same things! The problem is that many of you would not believe (or even consider) them or me.  Friends, this is "connect the dots" 101 -- simple stuff...  Why does it take 8 years of college and the top one percent of the country's IQ to continually get it wrong! 


This is especially egregious considering there are credible voices (I'm not necessarily referring to myself ) all around them shouting the truth.  Simple -- Vioxx and Nexium are multi-billion (with a "B") dollar sellers.  And, the newly emerging Alzheimer's drugs also promise to be a lucrative market!  Isn't it unseemly and immoral when you consider Doctors get kickbacks on all of these top sellers -- "But wait, Al, I asked my Doctor if he got kickbacks, and he said no."   


...OK -- next time ask him if he is some sort of "Associate", "Field Rep", or "Research Analyst" (or some other equally meaningless title designed to obfuscate) ...for the drug company... and if he prescribes their  pharmaceutical, collects the results of patient response to their drug (which is then passed along to the Drug company) for money.  


What this actually means is that all the Doctor really has to do is prescribe the drug, and the drug company sends him money.  So, let's see... how is that any different than kickbacks... it's not.  It's just a way to confuse congressional oversight, and to continue to screw you, reader! 


'Till next time -- question everything... to include me!

Well be.  

LivingTree Root #005

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Phone -- (334) 774 0395



LivingTree Root #006

Dear Discerning Reader;

Albion chelated minerals & the Vitamin E controversy...

I have become an advocate for amino acid chelated minerals, a process patented by Albion and utilized by several manufactures. I feel this process provides for the best absorption of minerals -- they can be very difficult to absorbed.

When positively charged minerals are released from food by stomach acid and gastric enzymes they do one of two things:

1. The positively charged mineral attaches itself to a negatively charged carrier. This bond will likely be too strong to break, making the mineral unavailable for use.
2. The mineral might enter the intestine as a free positively charged ion. In order for a positive ion to be absorbed, its charge must go to zero, or become neutral. As long as it has a positive charge it will stick to the negatively charged intestinal villus and not be readily absorbed. This low absorption is due to a very slow, inefficient process where the mineral is coated at the villus with a binding protein which, in turn, hides the positive mineral thus creating a neutral charge which allows for good absorption. It can only do so much, however, very slowly.

With the Albion process the mineral is hidden by an amino acid coating (essentially protein) thus dramatically increasing the absorption efficiency.

I foresee more and more manufactures changing to this process. Unfortunately now there are only a handful of brands that use it (no grocery store brands).

The Vitamin E Controversy:

A recent vitamin E "report" indicated that very large doses of vitamin E increased deaths. Here are just a couple of flaws in this garbage report. It was not hands on research -- it was a "thing" called a meta-analysis... where you look at the data and results of numerous other studies and draw an independent conclusion. This is generally a BOGUS approach if you have an axe to grind, because you can cherry pick the studies that will support your thesis while avoiding those that don't. Also how do you know if the particular studies utilized were honest and uncompromised if you don't conduct them yourself.

Next, there are thousands of trials, studies, research papers, etc. coming at Vitamin E from every possible angle and every possible combination of "E" with other substances. The vast majority of these confirm the efficacy of vitamin E. Interestingly, in probably well over 95% of these reports, these positive results were achieved using the inferior synthetic form ("DL" alpha), as opposed to the natural form "D" alpha or "Mixed" tocopherol. Read Living Tree Root #004 to understand why the natural form is so superior. I believe that taking large does of synthetic vitamin E could cause harm under certain situations. This is because the 45% of the synthetic Vitamin E double molecule (the "L" portion of the "DL") that is not used by humans still has to be processed by the liver. I feel your liver views this stuff as a foreign invader, thus creating a slight amount of organ stress as your liver metaphorically scrambles around trying to either metabolize or get rid of said 'stuff'. This could exacerbate some preexisting conditions making it look like vitamin E is the problem.

In conclusion, take 400 IU to 800 IU of natural vitamin E. Use the preferred form, Natural "Mixed" tocopherol (the most utilized alpha form plus the beta, gamma, and delta molecules) or a second choice, "D" alpha tocopherol. Also, the latest research indicates the most synergistic way to take the vitamin "E's" is to take as many of the eight forms as possible -- the 4 tocopherols (alpha, beta, gamma, and delta with alpha being the most powerful), plus as many of the four Tocotrinols (alpha through delta... with gamma the most powerful) as you can. Some natural "Mixed" tocopherol brands contain one or more of the four Tocotrinols . Check the label to be sure.

Some unscrupulous brands say they are "natural" when in reality they are 80 or 90 percent synthetic with just a small amount of natural. If you go to they will tell you the brands that pass; however, if you want to find those brands that failed you have to pay the $25 and become a member.

Until next time, happy new year and well be.


LivingTree Root #007

Updated - Jul 2008

This is HOW TO PREVENT VIRTUALLY EVERY DISEASE, (or... MS, Dr. Swank & the "Helicopter Pilot's Diet")...


Don't be thrown off by the initial discussion that seems to be centered around Dr. Swank's MS diet. Swank is just a prelude to the "Helicopter Pilot's Diet" towards the end of this piece. It remains, though, that Dr. Swank's brave tendency towards dietetic sanity is excellent support for it... ...forgetting for a moment that Dr. Swank doesn't go far enough in a prosecution of proper nutrition, appears to not understand the science of a proper diet, and does not credit the vitamin and mineral supplementation necessary to facilitate same.

I consider the "Helicopter Pilot's Diet" to be a blueprint for life because it can prevent or ameliorate virtually every chronic disease from arthritis to heart disease! Yeah... I know... tough to swallow... ...walk with me.

This multi-purpose-ness of disease prevention exists because most chronic diseases have a significant inflammation component and the "Helicopter Pilot's Diet" is all about relieving inflammation and repairing damaged tissue... ...the way we've evolved to do it over 4 or 5 million years of evolution and not the conflicted way late 20th Century "man" has contrived for personal gain. It certainly has for myself and many others giving it a try...


Let me say up front, "I love and respect dear ole' Dr. Roy Swank." It took guts 50 or 60 years ago to stand up to the "conventional" wisdom concerning the treatment and prevention of MS, primarily because his program did not include any money making pharmaceuticals (a key point). When he published his "SWANK DIET", it was revolutionary, at the time, to condemn transfat found in hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) or to recommend Omega-3 from cold water fish and cod liver oil. In the present day only the most stubborn, bone-headed, and insentient MD would continue to dig in their arrogant heels concerning the hazards of HVO and the benefits of Omega-3.

Inexplicably? Some obstinately still do!

Swank's Diet has had truly amazing results. Even though MS is so multi-faceted that everyone is differently effected, virtually all MS sufferers who have tried it had at least some relief while others had substantial relief. With some the disease even seemed to be stopped in its tracks! This diet certainly has the potential to prevent MS... ...and most other chronic diseases.

This said, here's what's WRONG with the Swank diet? How must we dramatically improve it, thus increasing the possibility that ~you~ will never suffer from MS or pretty much any other chronic disease.

If you go to , you can follow along as I go thru the 7 items listed in the "Quick Reference" block. You might also want to read the narrative that goes along with these QR items...:


QUICK REFERENCE List... With my commentary... ( Remember, the next 7 numbered headings are Swank's recommendations - not mine )

1. Saturated fat (Satfat) should not exceed 15 grams per day.

I really don't think Satfat is the problem. In fact I think it can be very helpful if consumed in moderation... if it comes from the right place and is prepared the right way. We evolved eating unburnt (homo-Erectus ate meat raw remember?) Satfat. The list of positive effects, associated with unburnt/undamaged Satfat is as long as your arm (see "Fat Facts": ).

It's difficult to appreciate the truth concerning Satfat because there is so much seemingly overwhelming data to the contrary... all designed to sell more Lipitor... remember.

Well friends? All that "data" is pretty much flawed. Here's generally the way it goes:

They have a bunch of people increase their intake of Satfat and then something bad happens to a significant percentage of them. So, Satfat is bad. Right?... Not so fast, Skippy.

This could easily be because of dirty tricks! I suspect it is dirty tricks, in fact! The most egregious of these facts being - not increasing the Satfat with something like pure undamaged butter, but instead using Satfat that has been damaged by excessive heat, arduous processing, evil hydrogenation... ...using rancid fat, mixing with rancid poly food oils... or using fat containing damaged cholesterol...

Actually, this was done several decades ago by hydrogenating unrefined coconut oil, turning it toxic, then using it to conduct tests for cholesterol buildup!

Naturally, heart disease increased...due to the hydrogenated transfat molecule... ...but not the unrefined coconut oil. Outrage, reader! This is not science! This is conflicted axe-grinding!

...And after forty or so years, MD's are still quoting that bogus data as justification to demonize coconut oil... while at the same time telling their patients to use margarine ... which is Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (Trans Fat)! Outrage, again!

...Another reason is because They don't know (or care!) about the other things these participants do (or maybe even encouraged to do) that will cause Satfat to turn on them and contribute to the problem. ...Or make it appear that the culprit is the Satfat when it is really something else.

Look how simple it would be to do just that. (the following is pure speculation... but NO trick is too dirty)

What if "they" gave every participant (for standardization purposes) a free supply of special "breakfast bars" with the correct daily increase in SatFat contained in the sweet buttery center. Designed specifically for this study -- the bar is portrayed as a natural "Whole Grain" Health Bar... but in reality it is a "Caramel colored, white flour, hydrogenated, sugar coated, chewey-gooey Candy Bar"!

Well... after a few years with a subsequent increase in heart disease, diabetes, MS, etc -- they can proclaim "Look, buttery SatFat causes chronic disease"! ...NO! Actually, the sugar, refined flour & trans fat caused a daily insulin spike (which inhibits the production of the inflammation reducing PG-1 [prostaglandin-1] by increasing the conversion of DGLA to AA [arachidonic acid], which is the precursor to the PG-2)!!! This provokes a further increase in inflammation, platelet-stickiness, and blood pressure...ahh, that sounds just like heart disease!

But, by all means, lets blame the SatFat...!

...That's what makes a dirty trick like this so effective! The innocent SatFat actually ends up adversely contributing to the disease -- when it is the sugar, flour & trans fat infusionincreasing inflammation & platelet-stickiness... not because of something inherently wrong with SatFat! See how evil all this is?

Stay with me on this...

What if... by design, encouragement or accident the participants engaged in some or many of the following delinquent activities that could, along with an increase in SatFat, make it look like SatFat was the villain? Like burning and charring meat/fat (creating the harmful free radical HCA!) ~ using TransFat from HVO like margarine (irrefutably linked as a cause of MS and Heart Disease) ~ using damaged Satfat in processed meat ~ using sugar ~ consuming refined Carbos (All bread, cereal, and pasta) ~ consuming Omega 6 poly Unsat food oils (Corn, Safflower, etc) ~ miss Critical cofactor trace minerals leached from our soils ~ using Antacids and carbonated drinks (...pause to take a breath folks...) Mercury, Lead, PCBs in fish and in our environment ~ No Omega 3 or green leafy vegetables in the diet ~ Toxins in tap-water ~ Corn-fed beef, full of Omega 6 poly oils instead of Omega 3, that's found in grass fed animals. ~ Fish fed cornmeal, high in Omega 6 poly oils instead of Omega 3 ...

...And the list goes on and on folks... One begins to get a feeling for what "They" are not telling you. Who are they...?

Why, that would be the smiling sociopathic bastard with a clandestine hand in your pocket, reader.

So, have They ever taken a group of people and cut out virtually all of the bad things mentioned above... then fed this conjectured group a quantity of pure un-burnt Satfat to see what would happen? Well no. Of course not.

Folks... as it turns out they don't have to. Mother Nature did it for them! The Inuit (Eskimos), are just that group of people. And consider, folks, a study similar to the Inuit would likely have never got off the ground...anyway... Why is that?

The traditional Eskimo eats nothing but protein and fat (high Satfat... ummmm! Blubber)! ...With no green leafy vegetables... Inuit, in fact, have the lowest incidence of heart disease in the world, and oh yeah... they seem to actually be immune to MS. This MUST give every researcher pause! But It doesn't. Why?

Also the "not-so-traditional" Eskimo that has started buying sugar & processed foods from the "White Man" is getting the white man diseases...diabetes, heart disease, MS ,etc. etc. These are the facts, reader. They fly in the face of a jealous medical establishment.

Additionally, Dr. Swank disconcertingly lumps the SatFat in coconut oil in with all Satfat -- see "Fat Facts" (above), again, to understand why Extra Virgin, unrefined coconut oil is wonderful stuff that can only help MS sufferers as a result of its antioxidant properties and its synergy with the Essential fatty Acid (EFA) prostaglandin pathways... which reduces inflammation!

Indeed the holistic community has known for years of the anti-inflammatory effects of coconut oil -- especially with regard to bowel inflammation (like my own Crohn's disease affliction). What manner of medical malfeasence is this?

So, to sum up, SatFat found in eggs, coconut oil, unburnt meat (to include lean red meat), and butter are not a big problem.

2. Unsaturated fat (oils) should be kept to 20-50 grams per day.

This is his most glaring error. He lumps all Unsat oils together. So, in his mind, cottonseed or safflower oil (he recommends both) are just as health promoting as olive oil (read "How I beat Crohn's Disease" [] for the bad news on Cottonseed oil)!

Remember folks, MS, like most chronic diseases, is all about inflammation. So, using Omega 6 poly-unsat oil... opposed to Omega 9 mono-unsat oils (like olive oil) is a huge mistake. Poly oils from the grocery store are already rancid and teaming with the free radical toxin, lipid-peroxide, thus requiring it to be RBDed (refined, bleached, and deodorized). This process hides the rancid smell before selling it to you. Disgusted? You should be.

Mono oils, like olive and macadamia-nut, do not have to be RBDed because they don't go rancid during pressing, like the unstable poly oils do - for example, safflower oil (which Swank recommends, remember) has a substantial toxicity and unhealthfulness. Safflower oil, reader, has the highest percent of reactive poly oil at 80%. Olive oil, conversely, only has 8% poly with a large 76% slice of mono. Macadamia- nut oil is even better at 80% mono. The free radicals that result from toxic poly oils, which have been processed 'to death', attack every cell in your body AND can either cause or certainly exacerbate MS and virtually every other chronic disease.

Swank also lumps the poly-unsat medicinal oil in with the poly-unsat food oils. Medicinal oils are a completely different animal. It is not correct to consider them the same...

The poly-unsat medicinal oils, briefly, are the more complex Omega 6 (GLA) found in borage, black current & primrose oil-- and the Omega 3's (ALA, EPA, DHA) found in flax & Krill/fish oil. Because of their complexity, they are exponentially even more reactive than the Omega 6 poly food oils (corn, soy, cotton seed oil, etc). Consequently, the medicinals require added refrigeration during pressing to avoid the heat that would require RBDing later... and they must be refrigerated after opening. The Omega 3 EFAs, as a heads up, are the backbone of the "Helicopter Pilot's Diet", coming up shortly..

Under Swank's "Rules For Oils" he says something very illogical.  "Always refrigerate oil after opening to avoid rancidity (except olive oil)."

OK, go ahead and refrigerate the poly oil to avoid further rancidity! Remember, though, the oil has already turned rancid once at pressing and had to be RBDed to... ... to hide the smell, reader! Consequently, there's not much point in refrigerating it later (...the cat's already well out of the bag! ...The poison pig dressed!). After RBDing, the oil is so "stripped and dead" that it will not increase in rancidity, anytime soon, even at room temperature. Like non reactive plastic... similar to opened Skippy Peanut Butter still being Skippy Peanut butter five years later... microscopic bugs won't eat it... why would you?

In all fairness, you can purchase, for more money (a lot MORE money), on the web and some health food stores, cold pressed "under refrigeration", poly oils... that are not rancid and must be refrigerated after opening. The problem is Dr. Swank doesn't tell you this, so on his web-site it looks like grocery store poly-unsat food oil is OK ... when it is, decidedly, not. The other problem is even if the poly-oil is "the refrigeration pressed" and is not the rancid type, you should still avoid it because poly Omega 6 screws up the desired and critical EFA Ratio of (4 to 1) -- that's: 4 Omega 6... to ... 1 Omega 3.

...Most Americans are at an unhealthy and out of whack (20 or 30 to 1) ratio! This is because they consume too much Omega 6 Poly Food Oils like Safflower oil at 80% poly and even Canola oil at 37% poly -- at the same time they don't consume enough poly medicinal oil Omega 3 found in flax seed, fish/krill oil, eggs, and green leafy vegetables (See FatFacts).

Every incremental increase in the EFA ratio above (4 to 1) facilitates a death rate going up, again, primarily because of an increase of all types of inflammation (due to the prostaglandin imbalance associated with ratios higher than 4 to 1). ...Bet your "Health Care Professional" has yet to bring THAT to your attention... ...why?


It's a mystery why a high EFA ratio has not been more LOUDLY linked to auto-immune diseases like MS!

3. No red meat for the first year.

Ok -- I can live with this, but I really feel it's about how the red meat is raised and cooked, not the red meat itself. Consequently if you can afford it, free range grass-fed red meat is higher in Omega 3 and the magical fatty acid CLA (see "FatFacts" Above) as opposed to corn fed grocery store meat that is higher in Omega 6... and has virtually no CLA.

Excessive red meat can cause an increase in homocysteine, which if elevated can cause arterial inflammation. However, if you stay away from sugar/refined flour, HVO, poly food oils, and you take Omega 3, folic acid, B6 & B12, then moderate lean red meat consumption is OK...especially if in the "disease prevention mode".

4. After the first year, 3 oz. of red meat is allowed once per week.

Gee... Why bother? I think this is completely over the top. If you liquid cook with stews, soups, and pot-roast which keeps the temperature below 212 degrees Fahrenheit (to avoid the free-radical, HCA), and use lean meat (preferably grass fed), then eat red meat 2 or 3 nights a week if you want. Or, more often, if you are in the disease prevention mode". Remember... we have millions of years of evolution conforming our biology to a food source... besides, I suspect that it is the respect that you have for your food source that is key... you shouldn't feed meat to a plant eater and expect that there will be no consequences. Can you spell "mad cow"?

5. Dairy products must contain 1% or less butterfat unless otherwise noted.

I don't think you should ever use milk But if you do, keep it to a minimum. I don't feel there's a problem with the butterfat found in real butter, but, I'm not crazy about the homogenized butterfat & lactose found in milk.

Real butter is OK in moderation because it's undamaged fat with no lactose. A couple of the very short-chain fatty acids found in real butter have truly unique antioxidant properties, too. It's also a good source of the wonderful, Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) found in coconut oil and mother's milk.

6. No processed foods containing saturated fat.

Uh... ...I agree?

7. Cod liver oil (1 tsp. or equivalent capsules) and a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement are recommended daily.

I no longer recommend cod-liver oil (too much Oxidation) - so I recommend Krill Oil that stays virtually oxidation free.  I think his supplement suggestions are woefully inadequate. I'll give you my recommendations later in the "Helicopter Pilot's Diet."


Here are some additional recommendations on Swank's website that I think are completely wrong headed:

1. TILT! He encourages eating a lot of whole grains, cereal, & pasta. If you don't believe anything I'm telling you, please believe this... the excessive consumption of these completely unnecessary processed carbs is how our society got in this mess we endure in the first place! We did not evolve eating any of these things -- you should get your carbs from green leafy veggies, and veggies grown above ground, not so much roots or tubers like white potatoes. Carrots and onions are a notable exception.

...Did you know that of the three types of food nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats... that carbs is the only one that is unnecessary? You can live quite well on only fats and proteins - the Inuit do it, remember, and they have about the lowest incidence of heart disease and MS on the whole freaking planet!!!

Don't get me wrong. The right kind of raw veggies can have a very positive effect (fiber, digestive enzymes and antioxidants) and with the associated complex carbs ... veggies are a good thing.

Also, did you know that some carbs, carbs we think are the most health promoting, are some of the worst? They are refined grains mixed into a slurry (thick liquid) and then extruded under heat and pressure to form the "cute" little breakfast cereal shapes, that are then baked. It suppresses your kid's immune system... and is a likely component of ADHD I'm betting.

These "super" (my term) refined carbs cause terrible insulin spikes resulting in still "Mom! More inflammation please"! And the toasty surface area from baking creates another inflammatory causing free radical, acrylamides. Cartman's doting Mom does Eric a real disservice with the "Cheezy Poofs."

2. TILT! He says "all fruits are permissible in any amount to include canned fruits." This is just not right!

Fruit should be kept to a minimum, believe it or not (especially if you're diabetic), and you should use only those very dark, black, blue, purple, or red fruits, with a large (skin to pulp) ratio. The skin is where most of the magical stuff is located, so you want "little dark guys" like blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, etc. The one exception to the "small-dark rule" is: one banana a day is OK. Canned? Along with many of the Vitamins in "Canned fruit" the digestive enzymes don't survive the processing.

3. TILT! He recommends "two cups of vegetables daily." I think this is silly... you should have three times that amount at a minimum. And please, a french-fry is not considered a *@#%! vegetable, it's a coffin nail -- and so is that other "vegetable," ketchup...(though, home-made ketchup using Stevia instead of sugar is great).

Inexplicably, Swank does not distinguish between raw and cooked vegetables... when you should eat as many raw as possible. Cooking kills the necessary digestive enzymes found in raw fruits and veggies & kills many of the Vitamins.

If you have digestive problems with raw veggies, then lightly steaming is next best. However then, you absolutely need to supplementally re-supply the now missing digestive enzymes. Of course if you take a broad spectrum of supplemental digestive enzymes -- you will likely no longer have a problem with raw veggies,

4. TILT! Swank says "have all the white fish (like shark) and shellfish you want." This is unbelievable... fish has too much lead and mercury and people with MS have 7 times the mercury in their system as other folks. Also, he should not be recommending shark in particular. The bigger fish, higher on the food chain, have the most mercury because they eat the big fish, these eat the smaller fish, these, in turn, eat even the smaller fish... OK, I'll stop...

And, taking us out of the equation... who is it at the top of the food chain... the hapless shark! I also don't recommend shellfish because people with MS, heart disease, etc, need to clean up their environment and diet... not add to the problem by eating the scavengers of the ocean floor ("sea cockroaches") full of who-knows-what-kind of crap, putting a further strain on their immune systems likely already compromised.


The Helicopter Pilot's Diet: ( I'm a retired Army helicopter pilot - so I had to call it something... )

1.  Protein:  Lean meat/poultry is good, however, avoid processed meats if you already have a chronic disease. Always try to "liquid cook" (absolutely NO burnt or extra well done meat... roasted, fried or grilled).  Here's a tip from one of the good guys I know, Michael Barbee:  On those occasions (4th of July, etc) when you want to grill ground meat,  cut open a vitamin E softgel and mix it with the meat to help protect you from the free radical, HCA, created from burning fat. Go to, and read my review of Michael Barbee's book "Politically Incorrect Nutrition".  His book is must reading,.  Look down the page at Amazon for my comments.

Remember - you need quality protein every day!  Unfortunately, virtually all cooked protein is not so good... cooking denatures protein. I recommend replacing a significant portion of the meat you might normally eat with a quality Whey Protein powder (sugar, Splenda, Equal and soy free of course). The most digestible form is whey protein isolate (WPI) as opposed to whey protein concentrate (WPC). Also, better "Cross Flow" filtration or micro-filtration as opposed to "ion
exchange"... Also for quality protein, I recommend "cage free" eggs, raw egg-YOLKS (then soft scramble the whites & mix it back with the raw yolk or stir the yolks in to your smoothy AFTER you have blended the other ingredients), lightly poached, soft boiled or very soft scrambled in butter or olive oil... never margarine.

If you eat them raw whites -- go to and read safety protocols for raw eggs whites. The really cheapest grocery store eggs, remember, are high in Omega 6 - the more expensive free range/cage free or Organic eggs are higher in Omega 3 and much less likely to cause problems if the yolks are consumed raw.  However don't buy those eggs that claim to have hugh amounts (like maybe 300mg) of Omega-3.  This might normally sound great except virtually all those High-Omega eggs were fed rancid Omega-3. 

2.  Food oils:  Stay away from all poly unsat food oil to include canola oil.  Use Hexan-free, Coconut oil (all you want!) and mono oils like Olive/Macadamia-nut oil (in  moderation). Poly-unsat medicinal oils like Hemp & Flax can be used as food oils but only cold--avoid heat & long exposure to the air.

3.  Veggies:  All the green leafy veggies you want - so never waste a salad opportunity by using worthless iceberg lettuce.  Always use romaine, leaf lettuce, etc. Also try to daily eat Cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage,
kale, brussels sprouts, bok choy. If you are active, skinny & disease-free - then baked potatos or rice (both with lots of butter) is OK.  Boy, am I gonna get mail about the following...ironically, eating a complex (but natural) cabohydrate like a baked potato is better than eating a COMPLEX carbohydrate like "whole wheat" bread that is processed to death and containing  hydrogenated Veggie Oil in an attempt to make it taste better with some added fake-fat.

4.  Drink clean carbon filtered water with a pH greater than seven (alkaline).  If you use reverse osmosis water like I do, it can turn out slightly acidic, about 6.5 pH, and is lacking about 95% of the original trace minerals.  Distilled water is even worse --  no minerals and even more acidity.  Both can leach minerals right out of your bones.  You can help correct these two problems with a squirt of liquid trace mineral drops- the kind with 70+ minerals, not the kind with only the 6 or 8 that "doctors" say are required. Avoid water in plastic containers - store your clean water in glass mason jars.

5.  Never consume any kind of carbonated drinks.

a.  They destroy valuable stomach acid thus adversely affecting digestion.
b.  The phosphorous (in sodas) can cause a mineral imbalance impairing C al/Mag absorption.

6.  Absolutely nothing with transfat.  Almost all baked goods to include most bread have HVO.  Also the only safe peanut butter is the kind where the oil floats to the top in storage, and must be refrigerated (Bugs eat it! You can too!). I like to pour off the oil and add coconut oil. The peanut oil is not real evil, considering it is 45%  Mono oil, which is good, but it is 38% Poly oil which is bad!  So C.C nut oil turns peanut butter into a real health food. If you can afford it, organic is safest...  peanuts, like cotton (for cottonseed oil) require very large applications of poisons while grown but are not subject to the same purity restrictions as regular food oils.  Isn't that strange?

7.  No bread, cereal, pasta.  Except on your birthday or occasionally in "disease prevention mode."

8.  Essential fatty acids (these are the most critical steps):

a. Two tablespoons of freshly ground flax seed - Grind fresh with a coffee grinder and serve only in something
cold, like a whey protein smoothie for example.

b.  3 to 8 grams of high potency fish oil . Hi potency has 500mg EPA/DHA instead of 300mg. But if money is not a problem then NKO Krill Oil is far superior to Fish Oil.
c.  Optional:  1 or 2 grams of  black currant oil.  With inflammation I would do this for sure.

9. Supplements (as a minimum):

a.  A good multi vitamin/mineral/trace mineral (70+).  You may have to buy the trace minerals drops separately from the multi.  Never use a synthetic, hard-pressed, grocery store product.
b.  Methylcobalamin B-12 in a sublingual (under the tongue) tablet --  1000 mcg, 2 or 3 times daily.  Make sure its Methylcobalamin, not cyanocobalamin.  I use one 5000mcg tablet of B-12 daily instead of 3 x 1000mcg.  Either way is OK.
A large dose of sublingual (dissolve under tongue) B-12 is very cheap and is probably the most beneficial supplement you can take for MS, Energy & good digestion, behind Omega 3 from Krill/Fish & Black Currant oil. You only need one tablet if in "disease prevention mode".
c.  MSM -- a natural form of sulfur that will aid digestion and relieve almost any kind of inflammation, especially arthritis, and it's very cheap.  I like the pure scoop-able powder form  -- but even the cheap tablets seem to work decently.
d.  Calcium- 800mg to 1000mg / Magnesium- 800mg to 1000mg / Vitamin D3- 1000 iu to 1200iu.  Take all three in divided doses, remembering that your multivitamin probably already has 400 IU of D3, so adjust the 1000 IU accordingly.
Amino-Acid Chelation (AAC) is the preferred form of Cal/Mag followed by "Kreb's Cycle" then Citrate. Never take carbonate, oxide or coral calcium. Most Cal/Mag complexes come at a 2 to1 ratio -- I recommend a 1 to 1 ratio, which
usually means buying additional Mag separately. I have seen a brand of Cal/Mag CITRATE at a 1 to 1 ratio but never the preferred  AMINO ACID CHELATED Cal/Mag.  So I buy The Albion AAC Cal & Mag separately so I can take them at a 1to1 ratio (800mg of each)

e.  Vitamin E --  Take 400 IU of "Natural mixed tocopherol".  The "D alpha tocopherol" is good also but never take the synthetic "DL alpha tocopherol".  If money is no object it is far superior to take all 8 forms of Vit.E (4 tocopherols & 4 Tocotrienols).
f.  Multi Enzyme Formula  -- get a broad spectrum/moderately priced brand.
g.  Probiotics (like acidophilus, et al ) -- get a brand that has an expiration date guaranteeing the "little guys" will still be alive or even better is "Heat Stabilized" Probiotics or EVEN better is plain Kefir.
h.  Betaine HCL w. Pepsin.  Avoid all forms of antacid, especially if you are over 50.  If you have occasional heartburn that's more likely a sign that you have too little stomach acid than too much.  With every protein meal most people should try a 250 mg capsule Betaine HCL w. pepsin, even if they don't think they have a problem.  75% of the population over 50 has too little stomach acid which can dramatically effect your ability to absorb nutrients, minerals in particular.  DO NOT take HCL if you have an Ulcer.
i.  If you have MS or heart disease then you should try to take as broad a spectrum of antioxidants as you can afford -- like CoQ 10, coenzyme A, grape seed extract, R-Fraction alpha lipoic acid, NAC, etc.  If in "disease prevention mode" very large doses of antioxidants are likely superfluous , especially if you are relatively healthy and do all of those other supplemental and dietetic things correctly -- like avoiding sugar / poly food oil / HVO and taking Omega 3's & 6 (Krill, Black Currant Oils).  But again , if money is not a problem then taking all those anti-oxidants is a good thing.

Menu for today --  Here is a day on the "Helicopter Pilot's Diet," keeping in mind that 4 to 6 small meals are better than 2 or 3 bigger meals:

a.  1 or 2 breakfast meals -- 2 to 4 raw egg yolks (with scrambled whites) or lightly poached eggs. If
in "disease prevention mode" scrambled eggs with chopped onions/peppers (melted/shredded cheese- in moderation).  Sliced tomatoes, steamed asparagus or any other veggies.
b.  2 or 3 lunch meals  -- one or two scoops of whey protein in a smoothie with coconut oil, 1/2 cup of blueberries or a banana, one or two tablespoons of ground flax seed, ice-water, sweetened with Stevia (NEVER use sugar, Splenda, Equal, etc)
c.  1 or 2 evening meals -- pot roast with cooked veggies and a medium salad or three chicken breasts chopped into a giant salad with a rich olive-oil vinaigrette sweetened with stevia. Must be homemade - Every commercial dressing I've ever seen is crap.


Now go forth and eat healthfully!





LivingTree Root #008


Dear Discerning Reader;  This is how to turn your peanut butter into a super health food...


Peanut butter is a reasonablely healthful food, considering it has some good fats, is high in protein and the latest research shows peanuts have about the same antioxidant strength as blackberries or strawberries.  This is because of a polyphenol called P-coumaric acid -- and roasting the P-nut actually increases the anti-oxidant content by 22 percent. There is; however, one big caveat.  Only use the natural, non hydrogenated P-nut butter (PB) where the oil floats to the top during storage.  The unnatural hydrogenated PB turns the oil into a toxic saturated fat that is solid, so it won't leak out and float to the top.


This partially-hydrogenated vegetable oil, found in most grocery store brands is more consumer friendly (no stirring).  Unfortunately it is loaded with trans-fat that will cause or exacerbate virtually every chronic disease.  So -- always check the ingredients for partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, and be leery of transfat claims.  For example, the latest 'trick' can be found on a "Jiff" label.  It proclaims "Zero transfat" yet in the ingredients it lists hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO), indicating harmful transfat.  The trick (regulation) is that if there is less than 1/2 gram of transfat per serving, they can call it "Zero transfat."  Consequently, if they make the serving real small they are able to sneak in enough HVO to insure the oil stays solid and does not float to the top.


Also, and this is a key point, the natural PB would normally be refrigerated after opening because the unstable poly oil in peanut oil goes rancid quickly, unlike the HVO in most unnatural PB, which has a long shelf life at room temperature... another feature consumers like.  But, if you're like me and want to avoid all trans fat, and you don't mind stirring once and refrigerating your PB, then ALWAYS look for the oil on top.


The other minor negative is the oil floating on the top of natural PB is too high in Omega 6 poly unsat oil at 32%.  This is the unhealthful oil that we want to avoid.  Even though 48% of peanut oil is the health promoting mono unsat Omega 9 ( like in olive oil) the negative effects of Omega 6 trump the positive effects of Omega 9 (see Fat Facts).


Don't despair -- here's how to easily correct the negatives and create a "super-food":


1.  Coconut Oil -- before stirring, pour off the floating P-nut oil, and replace it with melted, extra virgin, unrefined Coconut Oil or a combination of coconut oil and olive oil.  The olive oil is to keep it semi-soft after refrigeration.  Coconut oil alone will make it a little too solid when cooled -- it still tastes great , but you can't spread it.  The beauty of eliminating most of the unstable poly oil, and stirring in the ~very~ stable coconut oil means that you don't have to refrigerate the PB.  The powerful, health promoting antioxidants in the coconut oil will actually protect the small amount of remaining poly oil from oxidation (rancidity). This also means you probably won't need to use any, or very little, olive oil to keep it soft.


For those of you who have not been to the LivingTree Website and read our letter to Dr. Gott, the syndicated medical advisor in the Dothan Eagle, concerning coconut oil, I'm inserting it here.  If you have read it skip down to item 2.


Dear Dr. Gott;


I realize that nutrition is merely an elective in your "medical school", so I'm not surprised that you don't understand the science behind medium chain triglycerides (MCT) which is the main fatty acid in un-hydrogenated coconut oil.  The initial studies that show tropical oils to be heart unhealthful were surreptitiously conducted using hydrogenated coconut oil, not unrefined, extra-virgin... coconut oil.  And yes, hydrogenated coconut oil can easily cause a rise in cholesterol...


You should do a little research of current material, doctor, before you so readily show your ignorance to the whole world!  MCT (12 carbon chain or less...) is easily broken down with saliva and stomach acid, alone.  So, it does not require lipoprotein bundling for further processing -- consequently it can't make you fat or stick to your arteries because it never enters the bloodstream!  It follows, as you must know, special channels directly to the liver, where the magic really begins!  This is manifested by its easily zipping through the mitochondrial membrane, providing instant energy (which can actually help metabolize long-chain fatty acids through thermo genesis!).  However, most importantly it reduces inflammation  -- in particular, bowel inflammation (like I used to experience, due to an especially virulent Crohn's affliction, myself!)  This is probably because MCTs work in synergy with the EFAs that are precursors to necessary prostaglandins that reduce inflammation, platelet stickiness, and blood pressure!               


Mother's milk is rich in MCTs because babies have an inefficient desaturase enzyme system making it difficult to process long-chain fatty acids.  You knew that!


50 years from now holistic practitioners will laugh at how some high profile 20th Century *doctors* ironically recommended margarine with its twisted and toxic trans-fat, while demonizing a gift of nature like coconut oil.  If you would do the right thing and admit your mistake, you will garner much more respect and credibility than you would have burying your head in the sand.


You have a fantastic potential to positively effect the health and happiness of the whole nation, Dr. Gott!  Consider... the death-sentence foods that McDonald's sells daily, among other hydrogenated food franchisers.  They could turn much of that, off the scale, unhealthful crap presently foisted on a clueless America... into health food, sir, if their deep fat-fryers held coconut oil instead of the trans-fat sludge presently employed! 


You could make that happen, sir!  You have the gravitas!  You can employ that gravitas in a healthful manner.  A win - win, win situation -- you improve the profit margin for Food franchisers (who could charge a premium for the new *magic* product...), put good healthful food into the general market place, and, astonishingly, help everyone lose weight (...yes it does that, too)!  You could do it, sir!  What could keep you from it?  What indeed.


Again, I want to thank you for providing me with the subject for my next newsletter, and by the way... you never got back to me about putting you on my mailing list...


Feel free to E-mail me at explaining where I'm wrong.


2.  Flax seed -- coarsely grind flax seed and add it to the PB.  Because of the instability (turns rancid easily) of the Omega 3 in flax seed, you will need to refrigerate it and keep the lid on tight as much as possible.  For those of you who have not read our paper "Why Grind Flax Seed," here it is... or skip to item 3.




1.  It's cheap -- only two dollars a pound will last two weeks at three tablespoons per day.  The news just gets better...

2.  Characteristics:

  1. Highest percentage of plant derived Omega 3 at 58%! This is in contrast to Canola oil at a measly 7%! 
  2. No lead or mercury in flax seed.
  3. No worries about being made rancid due to heat during processing (cold pressed means only that no heat is added, but it still gets hot!).
  4. No lipid peroxide toxins due to the reactive nature of Omega 3 -- as long as the Omega 3 stays in its seed, it is protected.  However, Omega 3 Oils are much more expensive because they have to be protected from heat and air during processing.  With that in mind, I do recommend a name brand and moderately priced fish oil capsule.  When these superior forms of Omega 3 (EPA and DHA) are taken with the less complex form of Omega 3 from flax seed (ALA)... the positive result is greater than the sum of its parts -- synergy.

3.  Benefits of Omega 3 essential fatty acids

  1. Supports the structure and function of the myelin sheath and normalizes the cerebrospinal fluid in MS patients.
  2. Protects us from toxins in the gut (MS sufferers have seven times the mercury in their bodies as others).
  3. Combats any kind of inflammation, like arthritis, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disease, and chronic fatigue.  This is because Omega 3 is a precursor to the prostaglandins that combat these and other ailments.
  4. It Fights diabetes by increasing membrane fluidity which causes increased insulin binding to receptor sites and prevents the development to insulin resistance.
  5. It helps prevent fat-sensitive types of Cancer, like breast, Colon, prostate, and pancreatic.  One of the many ways it does this is by neutralizing the bad effects of other fats like polyunsaturated vegetable oil
  6. Helps with child behavior problems like ADD, depression, hyperactivity, aggressive behavior, and learning disabilities.  An Omega 3 deficiency can cause the following:

·                 The cells inability to hold water, vital nutrients, and electrolytes. 

·                 The cell loses its ability to communicate with other cells. 

·                 Cells lose the ability to be regulated by hormones.

·                 It causes higher glucose levels

·                 It causes higher insulin levels

·                 It causes general loss of homeostasis (one gets sick, and then one gets mean...).

  1. Omega 3 deficiency can cause every known kind of bowel problem.
  2. It will ~dramatically~ help prevent atherosclerosis, heart attack, and strokes.
  3. It lowers blood pressure.

4.  Benefits of flax seed lignans:

  1. Gut flora changes lignans into two of the most powerful cancer combating substances known to man.  They are called entrolactone and enterodiol.
  2. Lignans can bind to estrogen-receptors, thus interfering with estrogen's breast cancer causing effects.
  3. Lignans are anti-cancer, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial!
  4. There are 100 times the lignans in flax as compared to other plants.

5.  Benefits of flax fiber and mucilage

  1. The ground flax seed coat is the Cadillac of soluble and insoluble fiber, which maintains a healthy gut and reduces cholesterol.
  2. Flax mucilage absorbs starch, resulting in lower blood glucose and insulin.  If you reduce Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil which is incorporated into the phospholipid membrane of every cell in your body, and replace it with Omega 3, the cell wall will be permeable, pliable, and proficient.  If it is not, one will die before their time.

Misery is precluded and quality of life is improved consuming ground FLAX SEED, which has a rich history of demonstrated use over many years.  Moreover, FLAX SEED's beneficent properties are more efficient and efficacious than the pharmaceuticals prescribed in its stead, and this is even born out on the razor's edge of hard science.  Where does mainstream medical science, which purports to "do no harm," profit in the prescription of the one... over the other?

The dampness on the reader's leg is ~not~ rain...

3.  Whey protein -- if you throw in some sugar/soy free whey powder, you can increase the protein content of the PB.  If you use the most expensive form, WPI (Whey Protein Isolate) with cross flow filtration, it is more digestible than a raw egg -- the gold standard for protein digestibility.

4.  Ground Cinnamon -- this is the new hot item in health food circles, and is very synergistic with PB.  The organic Cinnamon found in health food stores is not that much more expensive than the nonorganic grocery store kind. 

5.  Black Cherry / Cranberry / Pomegranate concentrate --  Jelly is very synergistic with PB (like we had to tell you that), unfortunately, all jelly has too much sugar.  In health food stores you can get these juices in a highly concentrated form with only the amount of sugar (or fructose) naturally found in the fruit.  This means they are very sour (especially the Cranberry) so you will need to add some Stevia to sweeten it.  With every additional previously mentioned PB additive, it will require additional olive oil to keep the PB soft and moist.  You would assume that adding a liquid juice concentrate will make it thinner and more watery -- not always so.  For some bizarre reason, the liquid cranberry juice actually makes the PB thicker and appear dryer, the black cherry not so much.  I've never actually tried the pomegranate because it naturally has almost 3 times as much sugar as the cranberries -- but did you know that pomegranate has, just about, the highest antioxidant content of any fruit!

6.  Brewers Yeast -- I've never tried this, but one of my personal heroes, Dr. Mercola at, swears by it.  Brewers yeast also increases the protein content, not to mention the other nutritionally dense properties of the yeast.

Dr. Mercola also points out that P-nuts are much more heavily drenched in poisons than other food crops, so he recommends organic PB.  He also recommends Arrowhead Mills because its Valencia P-nut is grown in a dryer environment (New Mexico), thus avoiding the carcinogenic mold, Aflatoxin, associated with P-nuts from wetter areas.. 

Please try a few of these "additives" --  not only will it turn PB into a super heath food, but I think the coconut oil and flax seed, in particular, make it taste better.

Until next time... Well BE!

Alan D. Graham
800 Robin Parker Rd.
Ozark AL 36360

Phone (334) 774-0395

E-mail --


LivingTree Root #009

Updated August 8, 2008


I'm Worried About Don Imus

Why is Don Imus always so sick and miserable?
Frankly, I'm worried about him. He looks like hell and has a similar attitude.
And it's a real shame, too, as he has so valiantly moved away from drug addiction and pulled out of alcoholism. It would be a tragedy if he were to crash so needlessly on the hard rocks of creeping Malnutrition. That's what is happening, ironically.
The irony? It comes from a personal diet he feels is informed & healthful, best practice, and rationally scientific. It is few of these things. No, for all the best intentions and attentive concerns, unfortunately, it is few of these things...
If, like me, you need a regular "Imus In The Morning" fix on MSNBC, you will notice two defining "I-dude" characteristics:
First, he has a vicious short-fused temper.
Second, as he readily admits, he is SICK all the time (His latest complaint is kidney stones...). To counter this, J.D. has a lovely, health conscious vegan wife, Deidre, and the most brilliant *Doctors* on the planet... Still, they fail to correct his general malaise, needless depression, and his ongoing poor health.
I, on the other hand, think I know exactly what's wrong with "I-dude" ...and how to fix it, if I may be so bold. Wading in, the three most significant negatives in his life are: (the 1st is the biggie -- the other 2 are likely of peripheral significance...but maybe not.)
1. His total cholesterol is a dangerously low 130. This is the result of an essential fatty acid (EFA) deficiency and a ludicrously low Satfat/zero cholesterol diet he practices. Even though he consumes plant derived Omega 3 (ALA) and some Satfat in food oils... 3 things could negate their positive effects:
a. In many people, plant ALA does not readily convert to the animal Omega 3 (EPA/DHA) found in fish oil & eggs.
b. He may not be assimilating Fats/EFAs efficiently, to begin with, due to a sluggish gall bladder causing poor bile secretion.
c. Poor Fat/EFA assimilation may be due to reduced lipase (fat digestive enzyme) production, very common with age. It almost has to be one or more of these to have such dangerously low cholesterol.
If, like most vegans, you don't consume fish or cod liver oil, an Omega 3 deficiency may result. Remember, these are people who can't convert ALA (physiologically, conversion is sluggish, or, artificially, conversion is impaired by the likes of poly, omega 6 food oils, et al). An EFA deficiency, remember, can cause virtually every chronic disease, aggressive behavior, depression... and the aforementioned, insanely low, cholesterol. This is also why he feels bad all the time! You feel better when your cholesterol is, healthfully, higher. To wit:
(From Yale University:)
According to researchers from Yale University School of Medicine, "The well-documented negative association between serum cholesterol and aggressive behavior has led Kaplan (Psychosom Med 1994 Nov-Dec;56:479-84) to propose a cholesterol-serotonin hypothesis of aggression.
According to this hypothesis, low dietary cholesterol intake leads to depressed central serotonergic activity, which itself has been reported in numerous studies of violent individuals."
Researchers studied 25 violent psychiatric patients For 7 days, the patients wore signaling devices that emitted an average of seven signals a day. Following each signal, patients filled out a mood questionnaire.
The authors found that "Total serum cholesterol (TSC) concentration was positively associated with measures of affect, cognitive efficiency, activation, and sociability, suggesting a link between low TSC and dysphoria." "These findings are consistent with the cholesterol-serotonin hypothesis and with the substantive literature linking both aggression and depression to depressed central serotonergic activity," they conclude.
Journal of Behavioral Medicine, December 1, 2000; 23: 519-529
2. Excessive unfermented soy in his diet -- this might be one of the reasons he has his kidney stones to begin with!
3. I'm guessing here, but I suspect that like most vegans, he consumes large amounts of bread, cereal, pasta, and refined sugar -- this can cause or exacerbate virtually every chronic illness, to include aggressive behavior and his kidney stones.
4. This forth item does not apply to Imus or the Ranch but it could apply to you - that is the over use of the unhealthful and ubiquitous Poly unsat Omega 6 food oils like soy & corn. I bought Deirdre's cookbook to support their good works at the "Imus Ranch" for kids with cancer. I highly recommend her book...except... ...everywhere you see safflower oil be aware of two things:
First- They are using Hi-oleic safflower oil, from a hybrid plant, that is about 75% Mono unsat Omega 9 (much like olive oil) unlike the regular safflower oil that is an unhealthy 80% Poly unsat Omega 6.
Second- The cheaper Hi-oleic safflower oils are not truly "expeller, cold pressed" like most extra virgin olive oils. The Ranch uses the good kind, but you might not.
Let's take the first three points one at a time:
In the first, his cholesterol is 130. His low cholesterol is caused by his fatty acid deficiency and a low Sat Fat, zero cholesterol diet. When the vacuously clueless "fitness expert," Denise Austin, was on the I'man's show, she thought it was "wonderful" that he had a cholesterol of 130. This illustrates the depth of ignorance associated with cholesterol numbers. Read LivingTree Root # 001 "The Cholesterol Myth." for an in depth discussion... ...
Remember folks... the Inuit eat Sat Fat (blubber) cholesterol protein exclusively, and most have cholesterol totals in excess of 250 or 300... but have the lowest incidence of heart disease on the planet. A question is begged, yea and verily! Also, they magically appear to be immune to many diseases, like MS, and yes... I suspect, maybe even kidney stones!
Even though Eskimos live in what could certainly be considered to be a harsh, depressing environment (Greenland ain't green) they are a calm, happy people. They are a people who find humor in most everything and are known for being frisky little nose rubbers. Move these same people to Chicago, feed them a typical American diet consisting of high sugar/carbs, low fat (EPA/DHA from fish oil), and they tend to become depressed alcoholics, prone to violence and suicide.
This is because over the millenniums (through lack of use) the Inuit had lost the ability to synthesize the Delta 6 Desaturase (D6D) enzyme because they did not have veggies, hemp or flax seed in their diet. The D6D is the enzyme required for the critical first step of both of the cascading Prostaglandin Pathways (PW) which convert both of the simple EFA's (omega 6, LA & omega 3, ALA) into the more complex, powerful, and multi-purposeful Fatty acids ( 6, GLA & omega 3's EPA/DHA).
The Inuit by-passed this first step and the need for D6D because, by consuming cold water fish, they entered the PW further down at the EPA & DHA position.... However, on a typical American diet (High in sugar/carbs & Low in fish omega 3) they rapidly become deficient, even if they consume plant omega 3. Consequently, because they are not consuming or making EPA/DHA - they feel anxious and depressed, craving something... but they don't know what... they self-medicate with booze, drugs... and Twinkies.
So, what does this have to do with an Anglo-Saxon vegan like the I-man? Well, you see the vegan leadership, incorrectly mind you, tells their people that fish Omega 3 is not necessary because plant Omega 3 (ALA) is converted by the cascading prostaglandin path-way (PW) to the animal Omega 3 (EPA/DHA) -- this is bad advise because only a very small percentage is converted to the complex Omega 3... under the best of conditions! This is because, like all babies and people with diabetes, some adults (and probably Don Imus, too) have a very sluggish and inefficient Desaturase enzyme system - this is why all baby formula contains extra virgin coconut oil! Being a Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT), coconut oil can be digested without Desaturase enzymes (mothers milk is rich in MCTs). I digress.
Any way, these people (Iman?) don't readily convert ALA to EPA/DHA. Plus, there are numerous things we do that block or inhibit the production of D6D -- like using Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO), sugar/flour, a deficiency in the vitamins and minerals needed to synthesize D6D, and most significantly the overuse of poly Omega 6 oils like soy & corn oil.
Gall bladder (GB) problems can cause poor Fat/EFA assimilation, ultimately, low cholesterol - so J.D. should have every gall bladder test that M.D.s perform to rule out disease or gall stones (both can be symptom & pain free). However, even if they give his GB a thumbs up- he may still have a problem due to thick, sluggish bile. This is a condition that M.D.s must not recognize, because the only people that talk about it are the holistic types. In similar situations it means the M.D.s don't have an answer, while the "wacky" holistic folks seem to have a really good answer. Have you ever noticed that if *doctors* can't use surgery or patented pharmaceuticals for a condition, they pretend the condition doesn't exist. An example is to pretend that low stomach acid doesn't exist... so they can sell you Prevacid -- when most people over 50 have too little stomach acid, and it is THAT which is usually the cause of heartburn. See LTR#002 "The Antacid Myth".
Our modern unhealthful diet, which causes this critical EFA deficiency, could very likely be the nexus for our growing propensity for drugs and alcohol. Don Imus readily admits he was self-medicated in this fashion. I really hate to point fingers after the fact, but this is where Wyatt could have been effected. DHA is what I call the "brain food for babies." Unfortunately the final conversion step for ALA becoming DHA is the slowest and most inefficient step in the process. It is my opinion, then, that a baby with a vegan mother (especially if Mom is D6D deficient) runs the risk of being a few IQ points lower than a baby whose mother consumed 2 to 4 grams of Krill oil daily throughout pregnancy and breast feeding. I say this with all respect to mother and child, sincerely.
Vegan's argue, in a product like Neuromins, they can get supplemental DHA from a plant source, algae. This is the kind found in all those baby formulas that proudly have DHA in large letters on the label. However, I see two problems with algae DHA: First - The manufactures of Neuromins readily admit that extracting the DHA requires RBDing (Refining, Bleaching, Deodorizing) but they don't say how much oxidation this causes, if any. The Weston A. Price foundation says that the lengthy processing causes the DHA to be 30% oxidized! Second - Most fish oil is about 1/3 higher in EPA than DHA-- Most cod liver oil has the opposite, higher in DHA. This makes fish oil better for cardiovascular health, and fish liver oil better for developing the brain, eyes, etc of the fetus, and preventing dementia (Alzheimer's) in the elderly. But it really doesn't matter if one is a little higher than the other, you still get the positive, synergistic effect of both.
The problem is when one or the other is completely missing - like the Neuromins & baby formulas. We evolved always consuming EPA & DHA together, so the resulting Fatty Acid imbalance, by only doing the DHA, could have long lasting negative effects or, as a minimum, dramatically reduce its effectiveness.
There's every indication that Wyatt is well above average intellectually considering he has occasion to legitimately beat the I-man at chess -- but so what? Even if he's a genius, I'm sure he wouldn't mind tacking on another 6 or 8 IQ points (...I'm just guessing at those numbers, of course).
FYI : I use to recommend Cod Liver oil for Mother's & children because of the higher DHA, but like many holistic types, I now recommend Krill Oil over both Cod Liver & Fish Oil primarily because of the increased likelihood of oxidation in fish oil & even a higher precentage of oxidation in Cod liver oil...this as opposed to Krill oil with virtually no oxidation due to a powerful anti-oxidant not found in fish/cod.  Also the EPA & DHA in Krill is absorbed through phospholipids in the gut much more efficiently than the fish oil method.
A dangerously low cholesterol resulting from an EFA deficiency can not only cause or exacerbate virtually every chronic disease... it makes you feel bad, folks! If you don't smoke, have elevated Homocysteine, or elevated C-reactive protein, then as we get older our cholesterol should naturally increase a little to protect us in our old age from heart disease, dementia, etc. Several mechanisms accomplish this, not the least of which is the powerful antioxidant characteristics of the unjustly maligned cholesterol.
We -are- fat and cholesterol, reader. But I mean that in a good way... it is an absolutely essential component in the make-up and construction of every cell in our body. It is the cell actually! For the optimum performance of each and every cell, the right kinds of the different kinds of fat are REQUIRED (in ratio or a relationship to one another), as food. Presently, as I just alluded, this country endures a pandemic of deficiency with regard to the "right kinds" of essential fatty acids in the everyday diet. Allowed to continue, this pandemic contributes the lion's share of responsibility to the descending spiral of impaired bodily cells... or, obesity, miserable illness, impaired cognition, and early death... presently enjoyed by rank and file Americans and a tormented "I-man"! Knowledge regarding essential fatty acids in (or not in!) our foods is key to realizing optimal health, maximized intelligence, increased energy, and an expanded quality of life!
High cholesterol (let's say as high as 260) in a 75 year old woman... is not a disease -- it can be a response to a disease (arterial inflammation caused by sugar, flour, HVO and Omega 6 poly oil), OR it can be a very natural, healthful response to old age.
With regard to the SECOND point above... we should talk about Soy's dark side. Up front let me say that this does not apply to fermented soy products like soy sauce, miso, etc...  
a. Unfermented soy contains Oxalates that bind with calcium in the kidney to form stones.
b. Soy contains phytates that bind with numerous minerals resulting in a possible deficiency or mineral imbalance.
c. Soy contains phytoestrogens that can effect hormonal balance causing subtle yet long term undesirable physical changes in little boys that are flooded with phytoestrogen from the moment of conception.
The Imus Ranch appears to make an effort to use less harmful forms of soy (fermented forms). But tofu is not fermented--and though less harmful than other forms, it still begs the question "how much is too much"? The rhetoric is so strident on both sides that it is difficult to know exactly where the truth lies. So I may be wrong about tofu - and I hope I am. However, the following gives me pause: 1st. Dr. Mercola at says it's not safe (I've never found him to lie). 2nd. The Weston A. Price Foundation also warns us (I don't think they are in the tank for any special interest). 3rd. Homo Erectus did not evolve eating soy, or other high phytate/estrogen foods.
THIRDLY -- Grain's very dark side... Modern man's excessive consumption of bread, cereal, and pasta... is how we got in this mess in the first place. Grains, much like soy, also contain phytates which can cause a mineral imbalance that can contribute to kidney stones and aggressive behavior. Also, the insulin as a result of "pancreatic freak-out" caused by excessive refined carbs, is a major cause of heart disease. I'm sure the Ranch uses really good organic "true whole grain" products that are not processed "to death"....But for the rest of us poor folks - don't be fooled by the caramel colored, highly processed "whole wheat goodness" found in many so-called "whole grain" products.
The reason these problems exist is because we did not evolve eating grains, especially refined grains. A diet high in grain carbs, low in fat & cholesterol, is the cause of heart disease, not the other way around... remember the Eskimos?
I used to be a vegetarian, and I really enjoyed it because being a creative cook I rapidly became a "Tofu Grandmaster," plus, I didn't have to rationalize the whole "killing animals" thing. The problem; however, was that my lipid profile was way out of whack! How could I do all the things the doctors recommend -- regular exercise, no eggs, cholesterol, or satfat, yet have abominable cholesterol numbers, still... especially my HDL which was a dangerously low 30! After several years of intense research, I finally saw the light. I cut out all sugar, grains, soy, HVO, and poly food oils. I started eating 5 to 8 raw or poached eggs daily, along with whey, flax, and hemp protein... with just a little bit of lean meat. Folks, we are what we ate... millions of years ago!
I also consumed massive quantities of salad and veggies. Additionally, I use only olive, coconut, hemp, and flax food oils, plus fish, cod liver, and borage medicinal oils.
Well, in just two or three months my total cholesterol dropped from about 270 to 190 and my HDL rose significantly from 30 to 50. The reason this happened to me and millions of others is because we evolved eating those things just mentioned:
a. Grass fed meat high in Omega 3 (not cornfed meat, high in Omega 6).
b. Sea creatures high in Omega 3 (not cornmeal fed, farm raised fish high in Omega 6).
c. Eggs, high in Omega 3 (not corn fed, high in Omega 6).
d. Veggies, seeds, nuts and legumes (high in Omega 6, but the more complex desirable form...GLA).
e. Nutritionally dense insects containing super lecithin, etc...
f. A little bit of fruit (probably not all that sweet either).
HOWEVER, we did NOT evolve eating soy, grains, sugar, fruit juice, HVO, or massive amounts of rancid/toxic poly unsat Omega 6 oils like Soy, corn, grape seed, cottonseed, or saff/sunflower (...the regular, not the HI-OLEIC...) Additionally, both peanut and canola have a fairly substantial amount of healthful mono unsat Omega 9 at 48 and 54 percent, respectively. Unfortunately, the benefits of the Omega 9 are over shadowed by the oxidized, RBDed, Omega 6... at 33 and 37 percent, respectively.
Before I tell you how JD can get healthy and happy, let me say, if a person is any one of the numerous forms of vegetarian for moral reasons -- I have the utmost respect and admiration for them; however, if they are a vegan because they think it is more healthful, I'm afraid they are wrong, unless they do a few thing to correct the shortfalls... things that most vegans just won't do.
For example, most will not take a B-12 supplement because it comes from animals. Their leadership tells them the plant B-12 in spirulina, and chlorella, will protect them from pernicious anemia (PA). Unfortunately the plant derived B-12 won't work because it is a B-12 analog. In all fairness I've heard that some influential vegans have seen the folly in this attitude and are recommending supplemental (animal) B-12.
For those vegans who don't suffer from PA, as proof that the plant B-12 works, are actually getting the required teeny-tiny little dose (2 mcg) of animal B-12 in the nutritionally dense insects that are ground in their flour! Animals, after all. Supposedly this is why the vegan cultures, like India, where a lot more insects are part of the un-poisoned eco-system -- Indian vegans rarely have PA, but if you move them to a place with high insecticide use, PA goes up.
I feel in my heart that vegans are more than likely the most decently honest people on the planet (if you have sympathy to animals you are likely to be sympathetic towards people... Hitler was a noted exception). In my humble opinion their leadership is so ideologically driven, that they keep the truth from their followers. Here is what Don and to a lesser degree, Wyatt, should do:
1. Daily consume 4 to 8 grams of Krill oil. This, most importantly, but in concert with the rest of my recommendations, will cause his cholesterol to slowly increase and probably level off somewhere closer to a healthful 190 or 200.
2. For gall bladder health: (a). Daily take 2or3 grams of Taurine and Beet concentrate to thin the bile. (b). After 2or3 weeks, continue with the T&B, but add a periodic liver & gall bladder detox flush. (c). After the first detox flush, take a broad spectrum Bile Salts capsule with each fatty meal. If digestion improves or stays the same, continue with salts. If digestion gets worse, ie diarrhea, then stop- because it means you're producing plenty of bile.
3. Keep soy and grains to a minimum (except fermented soy). Get veggie protein from hemp seed and flax seed. I notice in the cookbook they have eggs, so maybe Deidre lets Don and Wyatt consume them and that they're not just for the visiting kids. If that is true, and I hope it is, I would hope that they would consider adding another benign animal protein in the form of the highly digestible whey protein. Whey is a milk by-product and if you use the more expensive WPI (Whey Protein Isolate) with cross flow filtration, it is even slightly superior to a raw egg as far as protein digestibility. If the Imus boys do eat eggs... as much as possible they should be consumed raw or cooked as little as possible on low heat.
4. Stay away from soy and cow's milk. It's easy to make your own Kefir milk.

1. Thin plain Kefir (no added sugar) with ice water.

2.  Sweeten with Stevia or Xylitol.

3.  Optional : flavor with ANYTHING...vanilla, chocolate, Mocha-Coffee or for New Years, Kalua Liquor Kefir.

A great alternative to soy milk without the throw away aseptic containers.
Two more suggestions: First, I just recently heard about fermented soy milk that I'm assuming is probably OK. Second, some magical stuff called Coconut Cream Concentrate -- blend with water, stevia, or vanilla, etc. to make a great milk substitute.
5. Never eat cereal ever again -- most of it ranks right up there with refined sugar as a source of pancreatic insulin freak-out... ultimately, heart disease. The Imus boys should eat a five or six egg, veggie, and cheese omelet every morning. Or a giant smoothie made from whey protein powder, hemp protein powder, and/or hemp seed, ground flax seed, melted coconut oil, a banana or blueberries, stevia to sweeten, and quality ice water. Other options -- raw eggs, green foods like spirulina, barley grass, alfalfa, etc.
6. The whole Imus family should take a large daily dose of 1000 to 5000 mcg of methylcobaline B-12 in a sublingual form in order to by-pass the gut in the event any are missing the intrinsic factor necessary for absorption. In fact, B-12 is so difficult to absorb, that just to be safe, Don should have his doctor give him methyl. B-12 shots in massive doses for several months. B-12 is safe no matter how large the dose and it is so necessary and so beneficial. This will help sooth Don's frazzled nerves.
7. Never use poly unsat Omega 6 food oils. See "Fat Facts"
8. Never use margarine -- use olive, coconut oils, or real butter.
9. Take a health food store quality multi vitamin/mineral and a liquid trace mineral formula -- the kind with 60 or 70+ trace element, not the kind the MDs might occasionally, grudgingly recommend, with only a handful of the most significant ones.
10. Also take a Calcium/Magnesium supplement at a 1 to 1 ratio complex, in divided doses (500 mg or less Cal. Per dose) for a daily total of 800 to 1000mg Cal / 800 to 1000mg Mag. Amino Acid Chelated is the best in my opinion. I bet Don's MDs told him to avoid calcium supplements because of his Kidney stones -- again, MDs don't have a clue... Strange as it may seem, you're more apt to develop kidney stones when you're calcium deficient. To insure maximum Cal absorption take 800 units of vit. D3 in divided doses (never take the potentially toxic D2 found in milk). Or, try to insure that you get 15 minutes of direct sun around high noon, 5 or 6 days a week. If you're black or live up north just take the D3 supplement ... and always take it with calcium... never without.
11. Insure your gut, the most important organ in your body, is working at peak efficiency:
a. If you don't have ulcers, take betaine HCL with pepsin (stomach acid in a capsule). If your tummy feels warm after the recommended dose then stop taking it. Always take with food.
b. Take a broad spectrum of digestive enzymes, in particular Lipase for Fat&EFA assimilation. Some enzyme formulas come already with the bile salt, Ox Bile, and some also have the stomach acid, Betaine HCL w. Pepsin.
c. Take a broad spectrum of pro-biotics like acidophilus.
d. No antacids or carbonated drinks... ever. See LTR #002 "The Antacid Myth"
12. No refined sugar... use stevia.
That's it folks -- unfortunately after JD does all of these things, his show will suffer because he is likely to turn into Mr. Rogers... when Rogers was alive of course. But hey, the "I-man" can always FAKE the efficacious bellicose... he doesn't have to be biologically driven to it...
Until next time... Well BE!


LivingTree Root #010 (updated October 4, 2008)


Politics, Kick-Backs, and Harmful Pharms!

(...or Mo' Money... Mo' Money!)



We live in dangerous and accelerating times, reader.  But because of an expanding internet let too soon out of invention's box (in the view of some), our out-of-control access to unfiltered information can make us abundantly aware of that accelerating danger... perhaps even provide a buffer against it... a preparation for it.

The danger alluded to has its roots in a continuing ignorance we suffer, an ignorance more easily cultivated in a mythic "Norman Rockwell" faux-past... previous to the aforementioned internet.  This is an uglier ignorance camouflaging insidious characteristics of duplicitous governments, closed institutions, and unaccountable agencies who cooperate, dare I say conspire... to fleece, make ill, or impoverish the *trusting* masses... governments, institutions, and agencies once thought to generally support and sustain these masses... but no more.  If ever...

Mainstream Medicine, by way of example, only one of the larger entities alluded to, is pharmaceutically, surgically, and corporately driven by ardent sociopaths who spit on the Hippocratic oath. It has many distinguishing, if disappointing (horrific actually),  characteristics, only a few of which I will discuss here.

Let's get started:

1.  Make Mo' Money... ...Mo' Money -- the pharmaceutical industry is the most profitable industry in this country and, I suspect, the world.  We're talking obscene profits, usurious in the extreme, reader, where the difference in profit percentage between even the 2nd, 3rd & 4th most profitable industries are measured in 2 or 3 measly tenths of a percentage point (you know, 0.2... 0.3 etc.).  The difference in profit between the pharmaceutical industry and the distant 2nd most profitable industry, one finds, is measured in whole percentage points (approximately 3... whole...  percentage points, the last I looked).

And please honored reader!  Don't fall for the insulting excuse trotted out by Big Pharms and used in misleading TV ads... that the gigantic profits are needed for Research and Development? Pause to guffaw and then see that for what it is!  A lie, bald and unvarnished.


Seriously, stop and think for a second... isn't the cost of the R&D already figured in to their bottom line year after year?  Yes?  And aren't they still #1 in an orgy of profit taking... year after egregious year?  Yes!  They really treat us like we're stupid, don't they?  Yes...


Still... we do line up in grateful queues for their lucrative but dangerous abuse... Yes.  It just may be we are pretty stupid...

Moreover, the  skewed profits just mentioned are particularly unseemly when you consider they come from customers who are scared, under duress, and willing to do anything some... "Marcus Welby," graying at the temples, "God-like" genius orders them to do!  There are medical dramas plastered all over the television for a reason, folks!  And if that wasn't bad enough -- the near worshiped *doctor* then gets a kick back for prescribing a particular drug... some dangerous designer chemical by which the *doctor* is rewarded for insuring that you, reader, will be taking for the rest of your increasingly miserable life. 


This is a glaring conflict of interest in direct opposition to the solemn oaths they swear, wouldn't you say? The reader may remember the oaths referred to.  These are of course the oaths sworn to do no harm... that is then clearly, and even gleefully, done, regardless!  Consider the disturbing implications, reader, when the medical advisor on NPR, Dr. Zorba Paster ( evil little troll!), let slip that he did... "research"... for the pharmaceutical industry! 


Not that this verbal slip mattered much.  I was probably one of only a handful listening who understood that "research" is just another one of those slimily misdirecting euphemisms... or code... for the following:

...One, a Doctor prescribes a particular drug...
...Two, the doctor "tells" the drug company how the drug performed.
...Three, the drug company then sends the Doctor money...

On reflection, the second step above is likely superfluous -- I'm guessing it's just two steps...really: One, *doctor* writes your prescription... Two, *doctor* gets his palm greased. 

This preceding, despicable, little ["wink..wink"] *practice*... was the drug industries inadequate answer to years of complaints shoved grudgingly before Congress (check the congressional record) regarding blatant, out and out kick-backs in the past, reader, forgetting the ethical transgressions of present day! All these *honored* statesmen accomplished was to put an artfully dodged "dress" on that pig... with all due respect to pigs, everywhere.

An illustration drawn from popular culture:  Just a while back there was an episode of "ER" centered around this kick-back practice...


...After a woman dies as a result of taking a particularly dangerous drug, "Carter" confronts the dead patient's regular *doctor* as to why he did not use a better and safer drug that was readily available. The *doctor* (an old acquaintance who had once worked at "County") admitted that by prescribing that drug he received a  "small stipend"... ( know... Money?) as a pharmaceutical company associate, researcher, field-rep, or some other meaningless title that is just a euphemism for "Ho"... (...prostitute for the un-hip?). ...And calling his kick-back a "small stipend" only makes it sound a tiny bit less sleazy.  Only a tiny bit.  ...Just enough when it's your mother dead on a slab, good reader?

Back at the "ER", "Carter" is appalled at this revolting conflict of interest...  ...of course! ...Remember that "ER" is benign propaganda masquerading as TV fiction, it's only there to fool you into believing something is being done! "Carter" would have actually said "Hey 'Player,' How can I get some of that action...?"  ...This practice continues unabated for all of "Carter's" well-acted outrage...

Oh yeah... further putting Dr. Zorba in perspective... ...on his NPR radio show he once told his trusty side-kick Tom, astonishingly, that there was NO Omega 3 in cod liver oil... ...and by his animated, condescending tone you could tell that he was incredulous that Tom (and Tom's mother) could even think such a thing! ...And would you believe they actually turn this guy loose on innocent students in Med school? 


I'm not a doctor, but even I know that every gram of Cod liver oil has about 220 to 240 mg of Omega 3... which is significant! The other sources with more Omega 3 are regular potency Fish Oil, at about 300 mg... or Hi-potency Fish Oil at 500 mg. So... Cod liver oil is not only a good source of natural vitamin A & D3 but is also rich in Omega 3.


Sorry, Zorbie!  You're only competent enough to attract  "Mo' Money"; real medicine seems plainly beyond you...

2.  The Ol' Slight of Hand --  ...Make it only appear that something is being done to slow (or stop) the progression of the afflicting disease by superficially treating only the symptoms of that disease... but letting the disease, itself, run rampant.  Yes, incredulous reader.  Additionally, if the drug, while just treating the symptom, actually makes the disease worse, faster... ...all the better!


I know this pops your circuit-breaker, reader, but see this as their mechanism for provisioning another sales opportunity! They do!  Yes,  not only will a "less than best practice" approach insure a life-long customer, but one that will need to buy ever stronger (more expensive?) drugs as the condition worsens... Mo' Money... Mo' Money!  Christ retches.

...And believe it or not, this "exacerbating the condition" corporate approach is applicable to virtually every chronic disease suffered by a lay humanity -- disease cultivated in that lay humanity!  They only make you feel a little better... as they kill you... and while on this trip to debilitating hell you give them your money, your regard, and your grateful thanks every step of the freaking way...

3.  Blame the Patient!  When the "therapy" eventually fails?  Then it's convenient to be able to blame the patient by pontificating that they didn't eat right, lose weight, or exercise enough

4.  When the "Blame Game" doesn't work --  because the patient is thin, a marathon runner, and a hospital dietician?   Then they blame 'God and your Parents' by telling you that it's a genetic problem...


I think this is where I am supposed to ask, "Have they no shame"?

...Speaking of licensed hospital dieticians in a short digression, have you ever paid any attention to the unhealthful swill served in their hospitals?  Have they


Ummmm... oh boy... lots of refined sugar (maple syrup, sweet rolls), refined flour (pancakes, bread, cereal), trans fat (margarine, vegetable shortening), lots of starchy crap like biscuits & gravy, noodles & gravy, potatoes & gravy, gravy & gravy... I truly believe the Dietitian in our little local hospital must be 'Larry the Cable Guy'..."Put some Gravy on that SOB -- Git r' done." 


Someone should do a "Super-Size Me" style movie on hospital food and see how long it takes to put a healthy person in that self-same hospital!  Moreover, consider the fast-food franchises installed in some hospitals! 


  5.  The pills are FREE!  Remind (applicable) patients that they don't have to pay for these obscenely expensive tests and drugs because they're covered by insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.  The reality is; however, we all pay because it's the taxpayer who foots the bill! 


Unfortunately, it's much more insidious than even that... Do you remember in the 1950s when "free medical" was just a throw away 'perk' to rank and file employees?  Now; however, as medical costs go through the roof, more corporations are moving overseas... conveniently, where there is either no medical coverage or inadequate state funded coverage. Consequently, the pharmaceutical industry, with the help of Wal-mart, is slowly turning the US into a third world-style economy --  where we grow, extract, drill, cut-down, or dig-up the raw materials... which are then sent to China, et al, to be turned into value-added products... then sold back to us.  This is a recipe for economic and ecological disaster at worst; at best it makes the rich richer, shrinks the middle class, while geometrically increasing the expanding poor.

6.  Lucrative Drug Design -- Most pharmaceuticals work, when they work at all, in a negative and unnatural way.  These, very unwisely, block, stop, mask, suppress, or inhibit normal bodily systems.  Let's look at just a few of the big sellers:

a.  Lipitor -- inhibits the production of cholesterol... but simultaneously suppresses the ubiquinone system producing Coenzyme Q-10... probably the most important substance our bodies manufacture for the heart and other muscles!  This is surely what causes the muscle "weakness" *thing* associated with statin type cholesterol lowering drugs.  The drug companies are very aware of this muscle wasting aspect, yet they do nothing, even considering the many deaths involved!

If they were smart they would put at least 100 mg of CoQ-10 right in the lipitor... but no!  That would be like openly admitting there's a problem!  ...I'd bet a hundred dollars to a hole in a rolling doughnut that even President Clinton's "Doctors" didn't advice him to take supplemental CoQ-10 while taking his lipitor.

b.  Vioxx and Celebrex -- I was warning people about these "Cox 2 Inhibiters" years before it was admitted that Vioxx was killing people... Unlike Vioxx and Celebrex, mother nature's natural Cox 2 inhibitors (Omega 3, bromelain, ginger, etc.) are smart and selective substances relieving inflammation without simultaneously blocking the beneficial effects... like V&C do! 


Man-made "Cox 2 inhibitors" block chemistries they shouldn't and cause convoluted, arcane, and imbalanced conditions...that resulted in 28,000 deaths due to stroke and heart failure!  And Ironically, the reason most people take Vioxx, etc. is for joint pain -- but again, one of the systems inhibited is your body's ability to help repair the damaged cartilage causing the pain in the first place!  Again, true to form, you only feel better while the drug makes you sicker


After a while?  Your body can't cash the biochemical check the designer drug is writing and you ...Oops, oh well. Next victim!  *Doctor* needs a new pair of shoes!

c.  Fosamax --  It increases the amount of 'bone' in your bones. Yes... this is true... but this is a bad thing!  To insure you have strong bones, mother nature created a dual system by which, as new strong and healthy bone is manufactured, the older and weaker bone is efficiently removed. Fosamax blocks the system removing the old bone...  ...Yes, you have more bone... but it's brittle and weaker bone, crap bracing crap... so after 4 or 5 years of Fosamax the incidents of hip fractures increases.  Is this a solution, especially given that the mainstream knows these facts? 


I could go on for hours -- with virtually every chronic disease pharmaceutical you run the risk of dying to treat a symptom!  There is a better way!


MERCH vs. MEDELLIN...and the winner is?

The pharmaceutical drug-industry kingpins and their gleeful pushers (the MDs) are, by far, much more destructive and dishonest than the Columbian Drug lords and their pushers.

I could quote a bunch of stats that could be right or wrong, especially when you consider the pharmaceutical companies have shown they will lie and misrepresent passionately to keep the truth from you, reader, regarding negative and potentially life threatening side effects associated with their *designer* drugs.  Instead, just look at your environment and how illegal versus legal drugs effect your life.


How many times has the cocaine world, for instance, touched your life...probably never. I've known a couple of people who used cocaine... but I wouldn't answer the door if they ever knocked. Granted, you might inadvertently get caught up in some act of violence related to the (phony?) drug war...but even that is pretty rare in most of the country... I know, if you live in Compton... all bets are off.  But in the round?  For most of the country?

I don't want to diminish the tragedy, of course.  When innocent people die while getting mugged or caught in the crossfire of the drug war -- we're outraged, as we should be.  But we never bat an eye when these same people die from taking expensive, unnecessary drugs like Vioxx, Aleve, Lipitor, Nexium and Blood Pressure Meds... just to name a paltry few! 


Now, in contrast, how many people do you know taking one or more of the aforementioned harmful Pharms?  It's bad enough they can cause death and erectile dysfunction (that other "death") in the middle aged... but now the FDA wants to recommend Lipitor, etc. for grade school kids!  Additionally, how many old people do you know who are circling death's drain while taking 15 or 20 powerful (and probably unnecessary!) pharmaceuticals -- many of which have nothing to do with the initial illness...but are taken to treat one or more mere symptoms caused by the other pharmaceuticals that they are invariably takingMo' Money!

Consider who's more honest!  Have you ever seen a TV commercial extolling the benefits of coke snorting or a wholesome "Dorothy Hamill" athlete type promoting "crystal meth" as a way to lose weight and be more popular?  Of course not!  But, Dorothy certainly pushed her Cox 2 Inhibitors causing 130,000 strokes and heart attacks with 28,000 deaths!  Pardon the hyperbole, but were the new gold fixtures for her summer home worth this death and misery, I wonder?

Sincerely, most medical disciplines are wrapped around a lie at their very core... to sell more pharmaceuticals.  Here are some clear examples.  


Heart Doctors say high cholesterol causes heart disease... when it's actually arterial inflammation that causes high cholesterol, so it's the inflammation that is the disease, folks, not the cholesterol.  See LTR #001 at


Gastroenterologists say "Too Much stomach acid causes heartburn and reflux..." when, actually, both are generally caused by Too Little stomach acid....when you have a very acidic stomach, reader, you are more likely to NOT have heartburn because the acid makes the LES (Lower Esophageal Sphincter) want to slam shut on the pain causing acid. 75% of people over 50 have too little stomach acid, NOT too much, see LTR #002


Dermatologists say the sun causes skin cancer... when it's actually caused by a lack of Omega 3, antioxidants, and vitamin D3, which is made by the sun you are trying to avoid! Astonishingly, its the sun-SCREEN (Zink Oxide sun-block is OK) that may have the potential to cause the cancer you are trying to stay away from. How's that for a little irony?   


Immunologists say that autoimmune diseases (like the Crohn's I contracted 13 years ago) should be treated by suppressing the immune system with something on the order of Prednisone... This, and other steroid or steroid-like pharmaceuticals, are some of the most evil substances known to man because they leave you vulnerable to any microbe or infection that comes down the pike... ...when actually, the thing that works best is pumping up the whole immune system with a broad spectrum of antioxidants, immune enhancing supplements and a fine-tuned digestive system. (My Crohn's has been virtually nonexistent for 6 years).  Read "How I Beat Crohn's Disease" at .


Child Psychologists say that grade school children need Paxil & Zoloft to relieve depression... OK Folks! Cut... Cut... Cut!  Paxil and Zoloft to kids?!?  Are even children to be used as pharmaceutical cash cows? 


This is really so simple, I'm forced to digress...  I offer the very nearly foolproof  "Helicopter Pilot's Anti-depression Regimen for Children."  Try it ~before~ you cripple your kids with unneeded and depression provoking mood enhancers...


The aforementioned diet also works for ADHD, Aggressive Behavior, and it might even give the dim-witted, socially repressed child a little pep & personality! It will also prevent or stop Alzheimer dead in its tracks... In descending order of importance:


(a). Essential Fatty Acids (EFA): 2 to 8 grams of NKO Krill Oil or 2 to 8 grams of Hi-potency Fish Oil-- 2 to 4 grams of Black Currant Oil-- 2 tbl of freshly ground Flax Seed (grind in coffee-grinder) Read "Why Grind Flax Seed?" at 


(b). NO Sugar (Use Stevia as a sweetener): So that also means NO refined flour, fruit juice, carbonated drinks (not even the sugar free), bread, cereal, pasta. And NO Soy unless it's fermented, like miso.


(c). Vitamin B12: Use the most active form, Methylcobalamin, in a sublingual tablet. You can't take too much so take from 1000mcg to 5000mcg daily.


(d). NO Poly food oils (only use Olive Oil or Extra Virgin Coconut Oil). The medicinal oils, Hemp & Flax, can also be used as a food oil, but only cold.


(e). NO Trans Fat from Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO)- so use the peanut butter where the oil floats to the top and for God's sake, use Butter, NEVER margarine.


(f). Take a health food store quality Natural, Food-based Multivitamin/mineral with a liquid trace mineral complex. Take an additional Amino Acid Chelated Cal/mag supplement--most multimineral complexes don't have the required 800mg to 1000mg of calcium & Magnesium.  Make sure the total Vitamin D3 in the MultiVitamin & the Cal/Mag supplement does not go over about 1000mg unless you test for vitamin D. Avoid the potentially toxic Vit. D2 found in milk.


(g). NO dairy except cheese & Kefir & organic plain Yogurt (with at least 5 live cultures): As a milk substitute-mix Kefir & ice water with stevia to sweeten and vanilla extract, etc. to flavor.Your children will love it much BETTER than bland old milk- make sure they get at least 1 cup of kefir a day to maintain healthy gut flora & fauna.


(h) As a minimum- eat 3 poached or soft scrambled eggs daily.


Why wouldn't you try this? It's only food and critically necessary Vitamins & Minerals! But, if you would rather give your EFA deficient child Paxil, Sugar and Twinkies, make sure they have a Matrix trench coat and a key to the gun cabinet, sincerely.

Virtually, every medical regimen's very existence is propped up by a lie! So please ... don't get me started on surgeons and the millions of operations they perform which are not only unnecessary and unethical, but, I suspect, damned near criminal!  Surgeons are the vultures who wait for the toxic pharmaceuticals to do their insidious work so they can swoop in at the eleventh hour and cut something out, or do a transplant or a gut resection at the last minute... so they can saunter away like a hero with their boat payment (your  money!) in their pocket. Actually, if it's a transplant they can buy the whole damn boat with one payment.

Who's More Informed?  I bet you that 99.99% of the people who snort coke know it's not good for them. 


Conversely, most people who take prescribed pharmaceuticals don't have a freaking clue that many of the latter are even more dangerous! Not that ounce for ounce they are necessarily more harmful, but they are more dangerous because prescribed pharmaceuticals only seem benign when administered by a smiling, trusted doctor imposing strict orders that you will have to take them for the rest of your life... so you do.


On the other hand, virtually every person who has ever snorted coke has promised themselves, many times, that one day soon they would quit -- then when they get sick enough, they do or they die... But this is an informed decision!  Doctors misinform.  They don't talk about the bad stuff associated with their drugs, so it's easy to blindly follow their orders. And then, when the pharmaceuticals accelerate you to the grave, everyone thinks the heroic "Doctors" did all they could... not knowing you would have likely lived longer had they or you, done NOTHING. 


Additionally, they demonize or ridicule any kind of nutritional or supplemental approach... even when the clear evidence to the contrary is overwhelming -- like a demonized folic acid to relieve homocysteine arterial inflammation, for instance.  Instead of dirt-cheap folic acid, you get expensive Lipitor to lower your Cholesterol... when that is not even the problem!  High cholesterol is the symptom not T.H.E. disease, not the cause, remember! 


Even pharmaceutical giant Merch (Network News, first week of May, 2005) sent out a memo to train their people how to deflect questions by doctors about the apparent negative side effects caused by Vioxx!  So, you see, the pharmaceutical company teaches your Doctor how to lie to you.  A pusher by any other name would smell as sweet, reader.

And who's easier to Spot?  We all know who and what the coke dealer is all about.  He's the twitchy, 90 IQ guy on the corner blowing a snot bubble.  Even though we know he would sell out his mother and prostitute his sister, it could still be argued that his opportunities are limited, being poor, not very smart, and probably the wrong color...But the trusted MD, with his landed 'whiteness', high IQ, and open doors, never has to worry! Consequently, he doesn't have to be a Whore; he could insist on NOT being told what to do and what to think by the drug industry; he could insist on learning more about nutrition and not just repeat the same old tired lies like "Margarine is good & Coconut oil is bad", when actually, Margarine is toxic & Coconut oil is magic; he could insist on becoming truly Holistic by learning the power of supplementation instead of telling the lie that we can get all the required nutrients we need with the typical American diet... 


But NO!  They choose to dispense unnecessary poisons to babies, moms and grandmothers while cloaked in an aura of goodness and virtue. A true wolf in sheep's clothing, wearing the mantle of institutional respectability...when unfortunately the institution is corrupt to its rotten core.   


...Their perfectly tanned, square jawed countenance seems to radiate a halo-like glow... oh let's see -- like when Dr. (Senator) Bill Frist saved the life of a fellow Senator on the floor of the Senate... oh yeah... ask Bill how he made his millions, and why his family's HMO business got caught cheating the taxpayers, yet was able to be wrist-slapped out of it!  It's good to be King... or Senate Majority Leader...


How does that "wrist-slap" work?  Simple!  The Frist family HMO business, HCA, is the largest for-profit hospital chain in the country, with 179 hospitals...WOW, folks, that's MO' Money... on steroids!

...And if that wasn't enough of a conflict of interest?  HCA owns HCI (Health Care Indemnity) which is the 6th largest malpractice insurance carrier in the country!  He owns the pot AND the kettle while officiating at the whole freaking stove!  So... do you think that Bill Frist is looking out for YOU concerning HMO liability and malpractice insurance caps?  If you do...then please stop reading right here... and go back to watching "American Gladiator" or your 'reality' programming of choice.

Instead, I challenge every person with a chronic disease to recognize the cognitive dissonance ( a form of psychological denial) associated with the very real possibility that for your whole life... you've been medically and nutritionally duped.  Sadly, many people will continue to suffer rather than try to wrap their brain around the likelihood that their old, grandfatherly, and sagely wise family *doctor* kept information from them and got kick-backs, besides, for dealing them unnecessary and unhealthful information about legal drugs perhaps even more dangerous than heroin and cocaine!

What have you got to lose?  Try the "Helicopter Pilot's Diet" for 6 months (remember, I'm not selling anything), read LTR#007 at for specifics about the diet -- don't confuse the "Hel. Pilot's Diet" with the "Hel. Pilot's Anti-depression Regimen" above. Find a Naturopathic Doctor or a Holistic Nutritional consultant to advice you about supplementation tailored to your ailment, or call/E-mail me and I will help you for FREE.  Why?  I just like stickin' it to the evil, greedy, and officious, *man*, reader!


If you show no improvement and are not able to start dramatically weaning yourself off your quality of life destroying pharmaceuticals?  Please call or write to cuss me for wasting your time.  Additionally, feel free and entitled in returning to your life of Twinkies, white-bread, margarine, and those "miracle" pharmaceuticals.

...Also, for insult on top of injury? You might want to hang adoringly on Dr. Zorba's every word.


Until next time... Well BE!


LivingTree Root #011 (Updated 4 October 2008)


Low Thyroid -- Another "Corporate Greed" Disease



Another egregious medical irony imposes itself.  Hypothryroidism was discovered in the 1800's and was generally a result of iodine deficiency.  Now; however, even with our better understanding of the causes of low thyroid and even with the advent of iodized salt... the irony exists that iodine deficiency is once again on the rise and that low thyroid is worse than ever! 


The causes for this deficiency are reported as unclear; however... many people ...are... following their Doctor's "orders" and avoiding iodized salt.  This could be a contributing cause.  Additionally, much of the time, research shows, we don't make use of the iodine that we do consume!   Moreover, sometimes the hormones that are manufactured don't get utilized, and in far too many cases, too much  supplemental iodine in the form of iodized salt can not only cause hyperthyroidism (high thyroid) it can have a reverse effect and actually cause hypothyroidism (low thyroid)... much like an iodine deficiency.


This is bad news, especially for women, when you consider 90% of low thyroid is in females and that it is estimated that fully 1/3 of women over 55 have low thyroid!  These are astonishing numbers!


Unfortunately, many of these persons go undiagnosed!  I can't prove it ...but it sure looks like it is done on purpose... Why?  


Why... to generate greater revenues in the form of the future treating of subsequent diseases... caused by low thyroid...?  I know this sounds crazily conspiratorial, reader, but nothing else seems to fit... Seriously, the only other excuse would be gross incompetence or out of control malfeasance!


Before we discuss the key players (and their particular transgressions?),  here are some preliminary data:  The thyroid produces ubiquitous and  powerful hormones... T-4, T-3  (indirectly), and to a much lesser degree, T-1 and  T-2.  Life style impacts hugely on the production and utilization of these substances.


The T-4 and T-3 hormones regulate body temperature and metabolic rate (biochemical reactivity) of every cell in your body!  Thyroid hormones are made from the amino acid tyrosine and 3 or 4 iodine atoms, depending on whether it is T-3 or T-4, respectively.  If these aforementioned hormone levels are low or they are not being utilized for one reason or another (...and there are many reasons...) this causes you to feel cold, irritable and fatigued because less energy is being produced to provide for warmth and vitality... then you get fat,  depressed, muscle weakness, painful joints, goiters, brittle hair and  nails, loss of sex drive, high cholesterol / triglycerides, foggy  brain, and the list goes on... providing for, the reader may notice, an open ended cornucopia of pharmaceutical sales opportunities regarding third party diseases facilitated by low thyroid.

This dramatic and suspicious increase in the occurrence of thyroid problems is primarily due to 3 factors... as I see it...

1.  You can test normal on virtually all thyroid tests and still have low thyroid.  This is because either the test is, at least partially, bogus or the normal range is so broad that you can be "in the green," (the safe zone) and still feel miserable because of low thyroid.  The MD's standard Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) test illustrates both of these problems.

First, the test is bogus because if it shows you have low thyroid... then you do, with one exception - you could be suffering from AlFx poisoning (aluminum-fluoride complex).  With this affliction your TSH test will show you need T-4 (Synthroid) for low-thyroid but you actually have high-thyroid, so the T-4 is exactly the wrong thing to do.


The problem? AlFx is a TSH mimic that takes the job away from the TSH & "Yells" at the thyroid 24 hours a day to make more T-4, instead of only telling the thyroid to make T-4 12 hours on & 12 hours off... you are in big trouble.  If you are tired all the time but can't sleep (the AlFx won't let you "power-down" for 12 hours so you can sleep) then please read LTR # 011  to understand AlFx poisoning.


OK, what if it shows normal, you very likely still have hypothyroid... if you have the symptoms for hypothyroid!  Second, the test "safe" range is .5 to 5.5, so over 5.5 is low thyroid.  Contrarily, many people only feel good at 1 to 2...(!) and start feeling bad at 4 to 5, still, supposedly well within the safe range! To digress... because of this, the upper limit for the TSH test will very likely be lowered very soon to about 3.3... 


The other 2 tests making up the AMA's recommended Thyroid Panel (Total T-4 & T-3 Uptake) don't tell you very much, really -- you can easily have low thyroid and pass these tests!  That's why low thyroid symptoms along with the Basal Temperature Test (BTT) is reason enough to be proactive by taking the other tests and so giving a more complete picture... and/or (a key point!), finding a Doctor who will try some natural therapy even if you pass all the "mainstream" tests, just mentioned.


A test may be taken at home to find out if the thyroid is low: The Basal Temperature. Test (BTT)!


For four days keep a thermometer by your bedside. As soon as you wake up in the morning put the thermometer in your armpit for ten minutes. You must do this before you get up. If you get up first you will not get an accurate reading. If your temperature runs below 97.8 then you most likely have low thyroid. It is important to shake the thermometer after each use.


Focusing on women for a moment, if going through menopause, the BTT may read normal even if you have low thyroid... because temps run a little high and fluctuate with regard to women so effected. Also many low thyroid & menopausal symptoms are the same!  Consequently, one might try treating the menopause first with natural progesterone or a combo progesterone/estrogen ...if after a while you still have the symptoms, most likely you do have low thyroid, which you can then have a Doctor treat. If you then get your thyroid hormones in balance it will give you the *zip* you need to breeze through the effects and/or exacerbates the other.

2.  Because doctors and the pharmaceutical industry are in the "sickness" (...NOT wellness!) business, they make more money not properly diagnosing your low thyroid, so you will stay sick and develop other ailments ( heart disease?). Then, reader, they can put you on cholesterol lowering drugs for the rest of your increasingly miserable life!


Isn't it ironic that if low thyroid causes you to get heart disease (HD) or MS... the drugs that you are then prescribed to treat those diseases (cholesterol drugs & Interferon) make your low thyroid, still, worse?  Then you need even more expensive drugs to treat the HD & MS.  This is a vicious circle of egregious and seemingly apparent design... in my opinion.

Plus, when they are forced to treat your low thyroid, they generally use Synthroid (a synthetic T-4) which will likely do nothing to improve your condition.  You probably need the more active hormone T-3.  The thyroid produces T-4, but very little T-3 -- 80% comes from T-4 conversions to T-3 in the liver.  But, if T-4 conversion is impaired, then your MD piling on more T-4 doesn't help, and will actually hurt because of very possible side effects... like headaches, irritability, nervousness, etc.

3.  There are numerous powerful corporations that either profit from you being sick, or they sell products that actually make you sick to facilitate the preceding. Yes. The sad part is that we have long had the knowledge to prevent or alleviate thyroid disorders, pretty much altogether, but the dollar gets in the way.  Here are some of those with the biggest axe to grind:

A.  Pharmaceutical industry & Doctors -- there are easily 3 or 4 dozen popular drugs that impair thyroid function.  Things like NSAIDs (Aspirin, etc.) Hydrocortisone, Interferon, Beta Blockers, and some cholesterol lowering drugs just to name a few.  More significant though, are the future sales of pharmaceuticals to treat the subsequent diseases caused by low thyroid ie, Heart Disease, MS, Lupus, Arthritis, etc, etc....


1).  Doctors -- MD's don't get rich treating low thyroid successfully, but the kick-backs from treating the lifelong chronic diseases caused by LT, brings in the big money... (See LTR #10...)

2).  Psychiatrists -- ...Had you ever noticed that all the medical pundits dissecting the rash of crimes caused by Post Partum Depression (PPD) or more accurately, Post Partum Psychosis, never even consider that the cause could be nutritional...?  Not a one.


For example: an Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) Omega 3 or mineral/trace mineral deficiency (when you consider that the baby leeches these things from the mother's body)...  Frankly reader, any doctor who says these deficiencies cannot cause debilitating depression is a liar or an idiot!  Back to low thyroid -- much like menopause, pregnancy requires additional thyroid hormones.  So, if a woman is cooking along in that gray area where she has a slightly low thyroid,  then she enters menopause or gets pregnant... ...she's likely to crash down into full-blown hypothyroidism...  You know the rest...  The low thyroid induced depression results in these murdered babies we hear about... not to put too fine a point on it.

How does this happen?  Here is a hypothetical situation:  A woman with four or five children whom she is home schooling (a high stress endeavor!) seeks psychiatric help for depression and fatigue just after having a baby.  The doctor gives her the standard AMA recommended Thyroid Panel (TSH, total T-4, T-3 uptake...) which all come back very normal.  Naturally, and without a second (holistic) thought, the doctor moves on, gladly, to expensive, powerful, and mind altering drugs... ever attended by mind numbing psychobabble and med-speak (...just think happy thoughts, sufferer!) both of which very likely exacerbate her condition...


Had the *doctor* conducted a Free T-3 test, it would have shown that the T-4 hormone is not converting successfully to the active (usable) form T-3 hormone.  Then the Doctor could  prescribe Armour Desiccated Thyroid Hormone, containing natural T-4 & T-3... or even a synthetic T-3,  forgetting for a moment that the natural seems to work better (probably because of the synergistic effect of small amounts of naturally occurring T-1 & T-2 contained within).   ...AND, heaven forbid, the Doctor could try to determine the nutritional deficiency and/or the toxic environmental culprits that are driving down her thyroid in the first place...  ...things like, oh... ...margarine, tap water, poly food oil, swallowing fluoride toothpaste... and 40 or 50 more things -- some of which we are discussing here, could be the aforementioned culprits.

Also -- great physical or emotional stress (like home schooling 4 or 5 kids) can cause Wilson's Syndrome.  This is where the T-4 is converted to the not so desirable REVERSE T-3 (RT-3), not the active T-3 that is needed.  RT-3 is only undesirable when in excess --  normally 60% of the total T-4 is converted to RT-3 to clear away excess T-4 by converting RT-3 to T-2... then to T-1... where it is then eliminated from the body in 24 hours.  This excess RT-3 exacerbates low thyroid by using up the enzymes needed to convert T-4 to the active T-3.  This requires a more expensive REVERSE T-3 Test... that many insurance companies, again, very suspiciously, won't cover.  See how the concern for profit's dollar actually kills little babies?

Further, did you know this?  You have heard (or experienced yourself when on a starvation diet) that your body starts conserving calories... it becomes increasingly difficult to lose weight?  This is because starvation is a form of stress that causes more T-4 to convert to RT-3 which slows metabolism and so aids survival during periods of natural famine! So, the evolutionary safeguard for hard times... is the self-same mechanism causing an over-stressed (...and medically betrayed!) mother to kill her own children!  Not part of God's plan, I should think.


B.  Chemical industry -- There are dozens of home, farm, and industrial chemicals that cause or exacerbate low thyroid.  Examples are PCBs, DDT, Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Lubricants, adhesives, and this list, also, continues on and on and on...

C.  Water supply and tooth paste (TP) -- Because both chlorine and fluorine found in tap-water are iodine mimics, they block iodine receptor sites... resulting in hypothyroid.  The fluorine in tap-water, TP, etc., are fluorides. These are binary compounds composed of a fluorine atom and another atom like sodium, calcium, hydrogen, etc. The sodium fluoride in tap water and most toothpaste is a very toxic form (...NEVER Let a child swallow fluoride tooth paste).  Here are just a few of the things that fluoride does to you:

One)  ...Fluoride attacks immune proteins so they don't recognize body proteins, resulting in autoimmune disease, and in particular autoimmune hypothyroidism -- Hashimotto's Disease.

Two)  ...Slows the process where iodine is attached to tyrosine to make the two thyroid hormones T-4 and T-3.

Three)  ...Causes a G protein to switch off the uptake of the active thyroid hormone into the cell.

Four)  ...Fluoride inhibits TSH output from the pituitary gland, thus reducing the thyroid hormone output.

D.  Poly food oil industry -- Rancid Poly oils like soy and corn are a major cause of low thyroid because oxidized oils impair T-4 to T-3 conversion.  See "Fat Facts" to understand why your poly food oil is rancid and toxic when you bring it home from the store!

E.  Sugar and refined grains -- not only do refined carbs convert to glycogen and then to triglycerides, they also suppress thyroid hormone levels...

F.  Hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) industry -- Trans fat inhibits conversion of T-4 to T-3, ultimately decreasing metabolism and basal temperature.  The HVO industry has the added distinction of a no-holds-bared program for the demonization of unrefined coconut oil... which is a crime of colossal abomination!   Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), found in tropical oils, have the magical capacity to do the exact opposite of trans fat!  In other words, MCTs in coconut oil increase conversion of T-4 to T-3. Obviously, Doctors and dieticians are "in the tank" for the HVO and food oil industries because they are always screaming about the evils of coconut oil.  Nothing could be further from the truth, reader!

G.  Electrical power plants and fish --  Both of these create a mercury poisoning problem.  Power plants spew it out and the fish eat it up.  Mercury displaces selenium which is vital for T-4 production and conversion of T-4 to T-3.

H.  Tea -- God knows I hate this one, but tea (both green and black) suck huge amounts of fluoride out of the ground & water, and even the air.  You have to look carefully to find either organic tea or extracts that come from remote, fluoride free, areas of the world, and must say so on the label.  If you have LT symptoms or test positive for LT, then I would steer clear of cheap, non-organic tea.

I.  Dentists -- Mercury amalgam fillings suppress the thyroid.  Here's an interesting fact -- the mercury amalgam filling material must be handled as a toxic substance... before it is put in your mouth, and again treated as a toxin if it is ever removed from your mouth... so the only time it is considered safe is while it is... in your mouth... What's up with that?

A person would be well advised as they get older to do the things necessary to head off a low thyroid.  If one is already experiencing symptoms it would be smart to have a holistic practitioner to monitor your thyroid, and making those recommendations regarding the nutritional, supplemental, and environmental things necessary to get your hormone levels back to normal.  If, like much of the country, there are no holistic practitioners available... then you need to find a medical doctor who understands how to use all the thyroid tests, and is willing to prescribe natural as opposed to synthetic thyroid hormones.  This is fundamentally what this paper is about.

Also, he must be willing to try small to moderate doses of natural T-4 / T-3, even if all the tests are normal, solely based upon symptoms and the BTT.  The preceding is key.


Here are the tests you need for a more complete diagnosis:


1). TSH -- can isolate if LT is because of a thyroid problem or a pituitary malfunction. If even slightly high but still in limits, you very likely have border line low thyroid if you have other symptoms.


2). Free T-4 -- the Free hormone levels (Free T-4 & Free T-3) are the only accurate measure of active thyroid hormones. The Total T-4 test doesn't really tell you what you need. A low Free T-4 score probably means low thyroid.


3). Free T-3 -- Low FT-3 probably means LT.


4). Reverse T-3 -- If RT-3 is high, and the person is not fasting, then they are under extreme stress and probably do have low thyroid.


5). Antibodies Test -- If all above are normal then an Antibodies Test high score will indicate autoimmune LT, like Hashimoto's Disease

The following are nutrients and supplements to prevent or treat low thyroid:

A.  Iodine --  Use sea salt instead of the potentially negative refined iodized salt. Iodized refined table salt in excess can led to both high & low thyroid as mentioned earlier. Sea salt also has iodine but in proportional trace amounts with the other 70+ trace minerals causes a synergistic effect. The label must say "unrefined & nothing added" (it is the additives like Anti-caking that are most harmful). Sea Salt is off-white-- if it's snow-white, it's refined. Also Sea-veggies like sea weed and kelp are good.  Don't go crazy; however, with the liquid kelp.  This is because there is no good test for iodine, so take a moderate dose (100mcg) and see what happens.  If you start feeling anxious, nervous, clammy or you develop "Betty Davis Eyes" - then you've went too far and are showing hyPERthyroid symptoms. The bulging eyes is usually a later symptom. TPO Test -- Thyroid Peroxidase Test can indirectly show an iodine & selenium deficiency.


Some iodine rich foods are: 1). Eggs - cheap eggs are higher in omega 6 (anti-thyroid), cage-free eggs are higher in omega 3 (pro-thyroid). 2). Sea veggies - seaweed & kelp (powdered kelp can be used as a salt substitute). 3). Cranberry - only use health food store quality, 'no sugar added', highly concentrated juice and sweeten with Stevia.


B.  EFA's --  1). NKO Krill Oil or Hi-Potency Fish Oil  -- to get the more complex Omega 3's (EPA & DHA) take a fairly LG divided dose...2 to 9 grams daily. 

2). Flax Seed (ground) -- to get the less complex Omega 3 (ALA) take 1 to 3 Tbls ground fresh in a coffee-grinder. 

3).  Black Currant Oil -- to get the more complex Omega 6 (GLA) take as directed on label. Avoid the less complex Omega 6 (LA) in soy, corn oils, etc. I personally don't care for Primrose Oil as a source of GLA because BC-Oil has twice the GLA (17% compared to only 9% in PR-Oil). 


If you only take the Krill/ Fish Oil or only take the Krill/Fish & Flaxseed combo...either will probably do the job... BUT, my favorite EFA Combo is Krill Oil & Black Currant seed Oil.


C.  Selenium -- the Super Star of antioxidants and necessary for production of T-4 & T-4 to T-3 conversion. Mercury blocks selenium... so NO fish!  Get Amino-Acid Chelated (Albion Process) Selenium or Selenomethionine.


D.  Zinc -- also needed for T-4 production & conversion.  Necessary to stimulate the pituitary which signals the thyroid to make more thyroid hormones. Always take at a 10 or 15 to 1 ratio with Copper.  If you take 30mg Zinc- take 1 or 2mg Copper.


E.  Vitamin D3 -- necessary for thyroid production.  Take 800 to 1200iu of D3 only - avoid the potentially toxic D2 found in milk.  You can get D3 from exposure to the sun which is BY FAR the best way...if your shadow is shorter than your height then the sun can make D-3. The great probiotic dairy product Kefir also uses D3. Never take Vit. D without Calcium/Magnesium


F.  Vitamin E -- take 400 to 800iu of Natural Mixed Tocopherol. The 400iu dose is more than adequate...I would only take 800iu if I had heart disease, blood clots, MS, etc.


G.  L-Tyrosine -- the Amino Acid that is the precursor to T-4 and the wonderful Co Q-10 (the #1 heart muscle supp.) It is best if you take the whole spectrum of Amino Acids ...again it's that synergistic thing.  A good way to do that is consume WPI (Whey Protein Isolate) every day. Don't take Tyrosine with MAO inhibitors - it could cause high BP.


H.  Antioxidants -- along with the already mentioned Selenium... take the two heavy-weights of antioxidants, R-Fraction Alpha Lipoic Acid & Grape Seed Extract.


I.  Progesterone -- if menopausal, progesterone can help the thyroid where as estrogen is anti-thyroid.  You may need an estrogen / progesterone combo (natural, if possible) because menopausal hormones being in balance is the best way to insure your thyroid hormones are in balance.


Most holistic practitioners, to include a growing number of MDs, recommend NEVER destroying part of your thyroid with radioactive iodine or a poison like methimazone or surgically removing part of the thyroid to slow down hormone production in the event you have hyperthyroidism.  Invariablely this will drive you into low thyroid from which you may never recover.


What to do initially... and forever:


One major consideration that medical doctors almost never mention concerning the prevention or the treatment of a disease, and that is a fine-tuned gut.  This is my initial approach to virtually every ailment because it can ONLY help... it can't hurt. 


Almost every disease either comes through the gut, or is a result of a sick, inefficient gut.  A healthy digestive system not only means maximum absorption of nutrients to fight or prevent disease, but it is your first line of defense against poisons, toxins, and the ever present candida yeast, which causes diseases like... low thyroid. 


Here's what to do specifically:


1.  Follow the "Helicopter Pilot's Diet" found in LivingTree Root #007 found at: 


2.  Try Betaine HCL with Pepsin -- if your stomach doesn't get warm and if you don't have an ulcer, then continue with this "stomach acid in a capsule."


3.  Take a broad spectrum of digestive enzymes.


4.  Take a broad spectrum of probiotics like acidophilus, etc, or even better and cheaper, drink a cup or 2 of Kefir every day.


5.  Stay away from sugar / refined carbos, HVO, poly food oil, tap water, burnt fat or carbos, antacids, carbonated drinks, inorganic salts like calcium carbonate or magnesium oxide .


This is all I have this iteration, folks... but remember:  If you use a "mainstream" medical doctor be prepared to have them advise you that the BTT doesn't work and that synthetic hormones are superior to natural hormones.  This is far from accurate.  Be ready to argue your case. 


I reiterate, you will have to find a holistic Doctor or a sympathetic MD to advise you about these matters.  It would not be appropriate for you to seek specific advice from me, as I am not a doctor .   My function here is to arm you with appropriate information, only, so you can make an informed decision (give informed consent) or have ready ammunition against a close-minded medico.  Additionally, I function in a manner to make it easier for your Doctor to actually follow his Hippocratic oath to... "do no harm." 


Until next time, then... Well BE!





LivingTree Root #01 (Updated 5 October 2008)


New Food Pyramid: The Big "FAT"Lie!

by Alan Graham (with Alfred Lehmberg)



The "New Food Pyramid" (NFP) is a corporate driven lie that is not about keeping you, remotely healthy, reader...  It couldn't be!


On the contrary! The objective, as these corporate interests would have it, is for us to continue following the same stupid dietary rules that got us in this mess endured in the first place.  Misleadingly, they prosecute their objective with cleverly worded half truths, gross obfuscations, lies of omission, and sweeping generalizations.


Clearly, the major corporations selling a plethora of unhealthful products want to keep you, the individual, sufficiently confused... maybe you will consume even more grains, milk, and margarine... ...thoroughly convinced you're doing the right thing.  You're not.  You just haplessly live their aggregate lie.


Additionally, and explicably reader, the persons vested in the "sickness business" (MDs, HMOs, and Drug Companies) get richer and richer... our society gets sicker and sicker...


In this iteration?  I'm only going to discuss the lies associated with FATS & OILS ... if I included the other five NFP categories involved, this paper could turn into a small book... so we'll cover those in subsequent iterations.  There are many astonishing surprises there too.


To start:


1.  The NFP recommends, tragically... ...Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs) in food oils like Soy, Corn, Canola, Sunflower -- etc.   Naturally, it starts right out "Muddying the Water"... by lumping healthful and complex PUFAs (like Omega 6, GLA, and Omega 3 ALA ... found in seeds, nuts, and legumes) in with the unhealthful and LESS complex  PUFA (Omega 6, LA) like the food oils mentioned above.


In supplemental form?  These complex PUFAs are called 'Medicinal Oils' (Black Currant seed, Borage, Hemp, Flax Seed, Krill, fish Oil, etc.) and must be "Cold Pressed" Under Refrigeration.  PUFAs that are 'Food Oils'... are "Cold Pressed" WITHOUT Refrigeration... therein lies the problem.  Heat!  Heat & Air "kills" the oil ... makes it toxic. "Cold pressed" only means no heat was added... ...but it still gets hot due to pressure.  More on that in a moment...


Also, with regard to these oils, it is officially claimed that PUFA vegetable food oils have beneficial Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), Vitamin E, plus... they do not raise LDL (bad cholesterol).  These are the claims.  Well... the preceding is almost true... that is to say ...the preceding is not a complete lie... The truth of the matter is this:


Poly Unsat food oils will do those positive things... ...but ONLY if they are the very special kind carefully processed under the much more stringent conditions required to avoid oxidation and rancidity... ...A kind you will NEVER find in the typical grocery store.


These "less processed" oils are much more expensive and require refrigeration after opening.  The cheaper poly oils ( pressed without refrigeration) you buy at the grocery store have already turned rancid and toxic (lipid peroxide) at its initial processing... consequently, it must be Refined, Bleached & Deodorized (RBDed) to hide the rancid smell.  This is what you drive away from your Neighborhood Grocery Store with, reader -- believe it or not.


This is also why these oils don't need to be refrigerated after opening... ...because RBDed poly food oil is so "dead" and stripped of any beneficial nutrition, that it will stay "fresh" for a very long time, even at room temperature. Even bugs won't eat it... ...which should be a clue to the reader...?


So, with regard to the NFPs supposed beneficial EFAs?  They have not only been destroyed... they have been converted to the toxin, lipid peroxide!  ...Less than wholesome, folks, to understate.


This means (...contrary to NFPs Claims...) RBDed oils DO increase LDL (bad cholesterol) ...but probably of greater significance is oxidized poly oil is one of the major artery clogging substances known to science... ...yet all you ever hear MDs complain about is cholesterol... ...when in fact  obligatory cholesterol is an innocent "victim" that gets unjustly blamed for its roll in blocked arteries...


...It's oxidized poly oil, Trans Fat from partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (pHVO) and refined carbohydrates are the real culprits. A 1994 study appearing in the Lancet showed that almost three quarters of the fat in artery clogs is unsaturated. The "artery clogging" fats are not animal fats but vegetable oils.  Know a tree by its fruit reader!


2.  Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFAs) like Olive and Macadamia nut oils are heart healthful.  Mono oils are non-reactive (unlike highly reactive poly oils) so they don't go rancid during pressing, consequently, they do not require being RBDed.  These oils are ALIVE in comparison! AND...they don't need refrigeration after opening !


Unfortunately the NFP does subtle little things to steer you away from healthful mono oils.  For instance, when listing "healthful" oils, they ALWAYS list poly oils first, when in reality they should not be lumping mono and poly together to begin with... it makes it seem that the two are of equal healthfulness.  They are most certainly not equal...


Reader!  Is death equal to life?


Consider.  In the NFP "7 day meal planner", not once do they recommend olive oil... every example for vinegar & oil dressing or for frying... ...they recommend sunflower oil!  What?


Remember... mono is stable and poly is reactive (turns rancid easily) -- so of all the examples of PUFAs they could have used, Sunflower is almost the worst at 70% RBDed poly! 


The worst?   That would be Safflower oil at 80% poly.  The more poly?  The more toxic, reader.


...And Pleeease... don't put Canola oil in the same class with a "true mono" oil like OLIVE OIL just because it's 54% mono... Canola is also 37% poly that has been RBDed, which trumps any beneficial effects of the 54% mono!   


In healthy contrast?  Olive oil is 76% mono, and has an insignificant amount of poly at only 8%. Macadamia nut is even better at 80% mono.


3.  The NFP demonizes, by association, saturated fat (SatFat) by always listing SatFat and TransFat together in their warnings... they were remotely the same thing! This is WRONG! They are not the same thing!  Their very dodgy and suspicious reasoning is that both fats are solid at room temperature...  pause to gag!


Folks!  Being a solid at room temperature does not make a fat "BAD"... any more than being a liquid at room temperature makes an oil "GOOD"!


...As evidence, TransFat from pHVO is an *evil*, toxic, man-made, solid *fat* (...toxic sludge actually!) which has been irrefutably linked to virtually every chronic disease... especially heart disease!  On the other hand, unburnt / unprocessed / undamaged SatFat is good for you!  Look at the extremely high SatFat (blubber), grain-free traditional diet of the Inuit ( Eskimos )!  With the help of Omega 3 thrown in, they have about the lowest incidence of heart disease and MS on the planet! The children eat raw SatFat as if it were "Cheezy Poofs".


SatFat is only heart unhealthy when it is burnt or processed- burning creates a dangerous free radical (HCA), or if damaged through arduous processing causes oxidation.  Folks, even the cholesterol associated with undamaged SatFat is good for you!  It only becomes the enemy when damaged through processing!  The most extreme examples of this are powdered milk and powdered eggs.


In contrast, undamaged cholesterol in raw or lightly poached eggs is good for you.  The NFP, ridiculously, allows only one hard cooked egg per week!  I'm astonished that the Egg Industry is remotely sitting still for this slight. If I were the Egg-man I'd be standing on somebody's Desk!  Goo goo g'joob... ( ...You remember the Beatles?)


Here's another subtle little trick at the NFP website.  They never mention TransFat and partially Hydrogenated Veg. Oil (pHVO) in the same breath!  This is despite the pHVO molecule and the TransFat molecule being the SAME THING !!...  Why? 


...So they can slip pHVO into products without you realizing it.  Here's how:


They tell you to avoid TransFat by looking for products, like margarine, and Peanut Butter, with "ZERO TransFat" ( this might be prominently displayed on the front label ), and zero transfat is listed under the "fat content" on the back... This is WITHOUT telling you to avoid pHVO, which you might then find listed under "ingredients."  If one of the ingredients is pHVO -- how can it contain "ZERO" TransFat?  Well -- that's the trick!  If a serving has less than 1/2 gram of TransFat,  they can then advertise it as "ZERO" TransFat!   Outrage!  The substance is still in the FOOD, reader.


So, with certain products like margarine and Peanut butter where they can make serving sizes very small (like one or two tbsp) then they put in 0.49 grams of pHVO per serving... which is just enough solid *fat* to keep the margarine from turning completely liquid and enough so the oil in Peanut butter won't separate and float to the top... like in natural peanut butter. See Peanut Butter Paper..


BUT!...  If you know pHVO and TransFat are the same thing and you see pHVO in the ingredients?  Then you know it has TransFat, even if the label SCREAMS "Zero TransFat."  The bastards!


The only place I saw pHVO even mentioned? It was linked with Oil as things to avoid in breads and cereals... ...I guess, because it is called partially Hyd."VEGETABLE  Oil" they can try to pass it off as oil...  ...when it's actually a solid, man-made toxic, *fat*, and not a real food at all!


When I was young & dumb I use to think pHVO was good for you because it was...well... uh... "vegetable oil".  ...And isn't a vegetable a good thing?


Now get this!  The NFP advises the individual to avoid pHVO in bread because it would add extra calories, but NOT because it is the dangerous TransFat molecule causing or exacerbating virtually every chronic disease!  Noooo!...The only bad thing that they could come up with, is that it adds a few extra calories...Un-freaking believable!


4.  Coconut oil -- Maybe the most blatantly egregious "FAT" lie is lumping CCNut oil in with "damaged" SatFat and toxic TransFat...  They are from different universes nutritionally!


Again...lumped together just because they are all solid at room temperature!   This is just another "muddy the water" half-truth.  Disabuse yourself of this ludicrous notion, reader!


Yes!  CCNut oil is a saturated fat... but it is a MAGICAL SatFat... unlike Long-Chain Fatty Acids (LCFAs) such as animal SatFat and Food Oils, which have 18 carbon atoms in the chain... CCNut oil's Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) or Medium Chain Fatty Acid (MCFA) is only 12 carbon atoms long. This makes these MCTs very digestible, which is why they are in Breast milk and the reason every baby formula on the shelf contains CCNut oil.  Folks!  Demonized CCNut Oil is good enough for babies?!?


YES...Babies have inefficient desaturaese enzyme systems, initially, making it difficult to break down LCFAs -- but MCTs are easily broken down with saliva and stomach acid (don't require enzymes), thus providing instant energy and heat for babies to grow and thrive.  All of these shorter chain FAs, like Coconut Oil and a couple of the chains that are around 6 atoms long, found in real butter, have truly unique and powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties! 


Well, about now you should be asking - if Coconut oil is so great, especially for babies... why do medical doctors and non-holistic dieticians say it is heart unhealthful??


Here's the shameful truth...


4 or 5 decades ago the "Evilly powerful pHVO industry" took wonderful unrefined CCNut oil and turned it TOXIC by "hydrogenating" it... then conducted tests with this ringer-oil showing an increase in bad cholesterol and heart disease!  Folks!  They cooked their own books!  Why would they do something SO disgustingly dishonest?  You already know the answer...Money !!


They were afraid of the tenuous, yet growing, toehold that CCNut oil had in this country (in the 50s and 60s many theatre chains used healthful, solid CCNut oil to make popcorn).  Now days they ALL use the toxic pHVO.  This unjust demonizing was easily accomplished because 90% of the CCNut oil comes from the Philippine Islands, which is a poor country that multi-national corporatists could easily "SLAP" around.


This is no secret.  Every naturopathic doctor and holistic practitioner in the "World" knows about this dirty trick... ...and knows, too, that "non-hydrogenated" Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is magical stuff.  Yet MDs and Dieticians still quote that BOGUS data from 50 years ago as justification to demonize all tropical oils... ...while THEY recommend "margarines" with its toxic complement of hydrogenated TransFat molecules.  This is truly sinful behavior on the part of our institutional leadership!


5.  OK... The last big "FAT" lie:


The required (4 to 1) EFA ratio (that's 4 Omega-6 to 1 Omega-3) is dangerously ignored ... The NFP website claims that poly unsat food oils contain EFAs that activate beneficial prostaglandins.... Wow! This is not even a HALF's more like a QUARTER truth.  The following is the 'down and dirty' version.  For a complete explanation to include illustrations of both EFA Prostaglandin Pathways (PWs) see "Fat Facts" paper.


To refresh your memory, PUFAs like corn oil (LA) cascade down the Omega-6 Prostaglandin Pathway (PW) ultimately activating the PG-1 (Series One  Prostaglandin) that reduces inflammation, platelet stickiness, blood pressure and allergic reactions...


Yes -- it is true that the less complex Omega-6 (LA), like Sunflower oil, etc. CAN (but probably won't ) cascade down the Omega 6 PW increasing in complexity before taking the fork in that Pathway that activates the beneficial PG-1.  But, if you closely adhere to the NFP, "7 day meal planner" and consume only poly Omega-6 oils and margarine (which is also poly Omega-6 oil that's been solidified, you know...pHVO ) then the LA will cascade down the PW and take the "wrong" fork in the road activating the undesirable PG-2, which increases inflammation, platelet stickiness, blood pressure and allergic reactions... leading to heart disease, MS and a host of other problems?


This is because for optimum good health you need a balanced and efficient Omega-6 & Omega-3 Prostaglandin system where your EFA ratio is (4 to 1) or less.  With every increase above (4 to 1)... the DEATH rate increases.


Unfortunately, most Americans are at an "out of whack", heart stopping, (20 or 30 to 1 ) ratio.  This is a result of consuming TOO MUCH Omega-6 (LA) and TOO LITTLE Omega-3 (ALA) from flax seed &/or Omega-3 (EPA / DHA) from krill oil, fish oil and eggs.


Yes, Omega-6 (LA) is an "Essential" FA, (Essential means- you must have it, but you can't make it); however, it is everywhere, in every form of food to include fruit!  We need to make a conscious effort to get Omega-6 out of our life!  ...Not look for ways to include it back in!


The obvious and easiest way is to avoid "POLY" unsat food oils. This is also the healthiest way because, unlike the Omega-6 (LA) in food oils, most of the LA found naturally in foods like seeds, nutsfruits & veggies has not been damaged...So, if every time the NFP, "7 day planner" calls for Omega-6 sunflower oil... should substitute with "MONO" Omega-9 Olive Oil ... and everyplace it calls for margarine?  Switch out with real butter... then your EFA ratio will be much closer to a healthful (4 to 1) or less.


You can really nail down this ratio if you also add 2 or 3 tbsp of ground flax seed, 2 or 3 grams of Krill/ fish oil and avoid ALL forms of Sugar.  If you THEN avoid all processed foods, I predict you'll get down pretty close to a 1 to 1 know, like the Eskimos.




Next time we will discuss how the NFP "spits" in Mother Nature's face by encouraging things we did not evolve to consume -- like bread, cereal, pasta, milk, and fruit Juice.  The preceding, you will find... ...are not the wholesome foodstuffs you are encouraged to trust... not by a long shot.


Until next time, then... Well BE!


Alan D. Graham

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LivingTree Root #013 (Updated 6 Oct 2008)


The "New Food Pyramid" Part Deux... 

or Eric Cartman's "Breakfast of Champions"...



I think we showed last time ...( or that the numerous lies concerning fats and oils prove beyond doubt that the New Food Pyramid (NFP) is "in the tank" for several powerful organizations.  The NFP stands already exposed...


Not surprisingly, these insults to the foundation of individual health are continued with regard to the remaining "Pyramid" categories.


Because the NFP relies heavily on grains and dairy but impacts on children so profoundly (in more than a few ways), let us begin with a discussion on the destructive "one - two" punch that starts virtually every child's day ... Cereal & Milk


This ubiquitous meal is not the "Breakfast of Champions," as it would be touted by a conflicted eight-year-old like the "I'm-not-fat-I'm-big-boned" -- Eric Cartman of South Park.  No.  Ironically?  It is more likely practiced in this country like a "breakfast of the diseased dim-bulbed..."


Grain? The "Staff of Life"? 


Our reliance on processed and refined carbohydrates in the multitude of cereals, breads, baked-goods, and pasta products is probably the number one health hazard facing this country.  Moreover, this "Carbo-Mind Set" is completely corporate driven, forgetting we have to make it so easy for them... ...willingly going for the *Fluffy-Sweet Goodness* of a Twinkie, say... even when we know it's crap... This is despite the reason for the alarming increase in obesity, diabetes and heart disease


Still, we "Carbo-load" Forgetting for a moment carbohydrate's role in expanding the disease lexicon... the so called "Adult Onset Diabetes" has to be called "type II" diabetes, lately... because NOW even children are effected!  Furthermore, an accelerating trend occurs as there are many inflammatory diseases revealing themselves... ...unheard of even a few decades ago. 




Examples include Fibromyalgia, Syndrome "X" (essentially Heart Disease caused by Diabetes), and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)... all of which can be caused or exacerbated by over consumption of processed and refined carbohydrates. Add to the list my favorite new ailment: the "Double D" disease (...that's where you are born with type I diabetes, then, while still a child... you develop type II diabetes).  ...A list, not iterated here, continues, reader!


Concerning carbohydrates in general?  Here's an interesting fact. 


It is possible to have a deficiency in protein, vitamins, mineralstrace minerals (all 70+), and Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)... but there is no such thing as a carbohydrate deficiency!  Consider that...


Carbohydrates are not essential to build tissue, enhance the immune system, or protect the nerves!  They will provide ready energy... sure ...but any not immediately used will rapidly turn to body fat.


Two of the most heart healthy, diabetic free groups on this planet rarely, if ever, consume carbs of ANY kind, especially grains.  Discussed last time, the Eskimos consume meat protein, saturated fat, and EFAs.  Introduced now are the Massi warriors / herdsman in Kenya.  They eat meat protein, cow's blood, and raw milk (not the pasteurized / homogenized crap we drink).


 Carbohydrates are not necessary! Like the Eskimos, et al. I wish I could say "make meat your major source of protein..." ...but with all the hormones, antibiotics, and general disrespect  implied and extant in non-organic meat?  I think you should try to get most, if not all, of your protein from the two most digestible sources remaining: 1) Whey protein isolate.  2) Cage-free Eggs, raw yolks with soft scrambled whites or lightly poached.



Don't get me wrong!  Complex Carbs can be a very good thing if you get the majority of them from raw, mostly above ground, veggies...cruciferousgreen leafy ones in particular.  Moreover, even unhealthful Carbs like soy and grains can become very healthful foods by soaking, sprouting, or made Hi-Probiotic by fermenting... Of course, the NFP never mentions  "fermenting, soaking, or sprouting...".


No, true to form, the NFP has you consuming twice as many servings of grains as compared to the other categories.  This is particularly troubling because, according to the NFP, half of the *total* can be refined Carbs ... like white flour.  That's insane, reader!  As most people are confused by *official* claims concerning which grain products are less processed, thus more healthful...  ...they wind up consuming, unhealthily, mostly refined Carbs, instead of unrefined or even half refined Carbs which are more healthful!


Here are just a few of the things wrong with grain Carbs and cereal in particular: 


1)  Gluten -- this is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley which is particularly difficult to digest, to start!  Now, exacerbate the situation by destroying valuable stomach acid with carbonated drinks and antacids ( MD's pass out antacids like candy ).


Folks, copious amounts of stomach acid are required to properly "soften-up" protein.   With a stomach acid deficit?  The undigested protein finds itself too far down the intestinal tract for its unsatisfactory degree of digestion!  This can cause an autoimmune response because the undigested protein is seen as a foreign invader, tragically, so your own immune system attacks... you!


This condition can result in undiagnosed and mysterious symptoms of joint pain, poor digestion, etc. with many persons.  With others?  Well, these develop debilitating and life threatening autoimmune diseases!


Unfortunately then, most *distracted* MDs giddily treat the symptoms of these provoked diseases the individual winds up with, but never address the underlying initial cause! What was the underlying initial cause? You needed to take supplemental stomach acid ( Betaine HCL with Pepsin ) NOT antacids... to improve your digestion... and stop betraying it!


Oh Yeah!  You might want to also avoid gluten.  If you have Celiac Disease, you have to avoid gluten, altogether.  FYI: Hi-gluten rice contains no gluten. FYI-2:  The pH of your stomach should be less than 3 to protect you from parasites, microbes, et al. and to rapidly start breaking down protein. A stomach pH of 1 is better than 2 for this purpose...battery acid is also a pH of 1. Doctors indiscriminately passing out Antacids to people that already have an alkaline stomach is a crime against Humanity.


2)  Refined Carbs cause pancreatic insulin freak-out which contributes to obesity and inflammatory diseases... heart disease and MS.  Our society, gorging itself on cereals and Hi-carb snack foods is also the cause of the dramatic increase in Type II diabetes.  Smoke that.


3)  Grains are high in several anti-nutrients like phytates and oxalates which bind to minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron... ...and probably most importantly?  Zinc. 


Phytates can be avoided if grains are soaked, sprouted, or sour-leavened.  Phytates and oxalates found in veggies are  probably not a problem for non-vegetarians, especially if they supplement and avoid most grains. 


It is most likely a waste of time to try to maintain a low-oxalate diet like some recommend.  For one thing?  There are many very healthful high oxalate foods like spinach, blueberries, green peppers, green beans, etc. 


Also, Popeye was a little off concerning spinach... that's because even though it is high in calcium it is very high in oxalates which means only about 5% of the calcium is usable due to oxalate binding.  This is no problem if you supplement with a good absorbable Calcium / Magnesium Complex ( milk is not the answer ).  Minerals ( like Cal/Mag/Zinc ) which are bound to Inorganic Salts like carbonate & oxide are the least absorbable - always use some form of Organic Chelation like my favorite, Amino Acid Chelation, or others like Kreb Cycle, Calcium Citrate, et al.  This supplementing will also help you avoid calcium oxalate crystals turning to kidney stones. 


There is one food; however, that is so high in oxalates that it binds all its own calcium, then goes looking for more... that is unfermented Soy.  Unfermented Soy is a whole other paper.


4)  Cereals -- As far as carbohydrates causing an increase in insulin secretion is concerned... most cereals are the worst.  The absolute worst...


Even if you start with some grain that might be considered reasonably healthful, like whole wheat, etc... the time it's converted to flakes or cute little shapes, it's almost as destructive as table sugar!  The various grains are ground and mixed in a slurry (a thick liquid) that is then forced (pooped!), under heat and pressure, through an extruder... pop out magically delicious *charms* and *stars*...


The resulting grain *product* doesn't look or act anything like the grain product Jesus passed out with the fishes, reader...


...Now, "supercharge" the product with copious amounts of refined sugar... and you have a bowl of insulin producing garbage turning your children into troubled and aggressive little sociopaths *needing* drugs like Ritalin...  When you add cow's milk to the mix? Well, then you have the necessary ingredients for your children repeatedly having ear infections, respiratory infections and allergic reactions...


Commercially processed cow's milk, by its self, can cause these reactions, however, you "fan the flames" when you suppress the child's immune system with sugar, cereal & fruit juices.  Heavy sigh... reader!


And let's be honest as to why parents love cereal.  It's not because 'way down deep' they are certain the stuff is a healthful food  It's because they are too lazy or feel they are too busy to make their kids a big plate of eggs, soft scrambled with cheese & veggies. Or maybe a smoothie of Whey Protein Isolate, Kefir, ground flax seed, blueberries, or banana and then sweetened with Stevia... raw egg yolks are also great in smoothies as long as you go to and read raw egg safety protocols.


Alternating these two breakfast meals can turn your hyper or listless child into a "Wunderkinder", and (with a gram or two of krill or fish oil?) maybe even snap them out of the ADHD hell they're forced to endure.  Both hyper activity & listlessness are very likely a manifestation of the same problem... too much Sugar, Cereal, Fruit juice, Toast & Jelly, Pancakes & Syrup, Doughnuts, Sweet Rolls, Muffins, Pop Tarts, Granola bars...


But hey!  Lucky Charms and Twinkies are so convenient for a "busy" mom, like Mrs. Cartman... besides Eric pouts, dangerously, when he doesn't get his "Cheezy Poofs & Snacky Cakes."  What's a doting mom and crack-smoking trollop to do?


FYI:  When you super heat carbohydrate foods and turn the surface toasty brown ( bread crust, french fries, etc.) you create 'Acrylamides,' a paticularly nasty Free Radical.  Guess which food has the most toasted surface area per cup... that's right - flake cereals, like Corn Flakes & Wheaties, "The Breakfast of Chump-ions".


Oh Boy... exercise!  Everyone's favorite!  But seriously...


As mentioned, most people (even vegetarians) don't have to worry about oxalates if they supplement properly.  Phytates, on the other hand, could be a concern for vegetarians, maybe even if they do supplement!  Keeping soy and grains to a minimum is probably the answer to this conundrum.  There is one situation; however, where oxalates and phytates can be deadly serious.


Visualize this scenario.  You have a 50 year old vegetarian and marathon runner who is jogging through his neighborhood and otherwise being as devout a disciple of the famous marathoner Jim Fixx as he can.  Like Fixx, this middle-aged obsessive of our conjecture, thinks supplementation is a foolish waste of money.  In his uninformed mind, longevity is all about physical fitness and caloric intake


Well, like Jim Fixx at 52, he has a heart attack and drops dead in his trendy cul-de-sac... drops dead while his overweight, 65 year old neighbor, lounging on his porch smoking cigarettes and chain-pounding DingDongs, remarks to his wife... "See, honey, I told you that running crap could kill you..." 


Ironically, in this situation the surviving neighbor is right.  Here's how.


Just like Jim Fixx... ...who set the stage by not supplementing with the Essential Big Minerals or the 70 or so, equally critical, trace minerals... ...who ate a high oxalate and phytate diet binding critical minerals and trace minerals... ...who drank distilled or reverse osmosis (RO) water, leaching out even more minerals and trace minerals... ...who consumed lots of unfermented soy leaching out even more essential minerals...


Then, to top it all off?  For years, his long distance running sweated out a "soup" of un-replaced electrolytes and essential minerals -- in particular, potassium (one of the most critical heart nutrients extant!) is readily excreted when he copiously perspired ... a decrease of potassium (Hypokalemia) can profoundly affect the nervous system and increases the chance of irregular heartbeats (arrhythmias), which, when extreme, can be fatal.


...Folks!  After a few years of chronic mineral deficiency blithely provoked in just this manner?  It's easy to drop dead from a heart attack!


True to form, after Jim Fixx died, his number one disciple Brian Maxwell only increased his effort through physical fitness without supplemental minerals... and he fell dead in his early 50's also! Many other high-toned athletes have dropped dead mysteriously in a similar fashion! But Gee...lets go find an innocent and beneficial herb, like Ephedra, to blame. Ephedra killed a few hundred people that abused it - Vioxx killed at least 28,000 when taken as directed.


FYI: Aerobic cardiovascular training is great... ...if you replace the lost minerals forfeited with the exercise! Also, more and more fitness folks feel that moderate weight training might be as importance as aerobic.  Also, I use RO water... ...but I always re-mineralize it with liquid Trace Mineral drops. 


Got milk?


I suspect that Pasteurizing & Homogenizing milk turns a fairly decent food (remember the Massi thriving on raw milk) into an unhealthful, completely unnecessary food source. There are certainly better ways to get the vitamins & protein that the Milk Advocates are always alluding to.  So, if you want to use a little cheese or some fermented dairy products... do it because you really like it ... not so much because of the vitamins & protein and certainly not because you think it's a good source of calcium.


The New Food Pyramid's reliance on milk as a source of calcium is bogus to the extreme!  Here's why.


Several major minerals need to be close to the correct ratio in order for the body to properly use calcium.  One in particular is magnesium.  This should be, at a minimum, a 2 to 1 ratio (2 Cal to 1 Mag).  Many of the top holistic practitioners (like, The Leaf Lady, et al.) feel it should be even higher, at a one to one ratio, or even higher than that.  So you can see that cow's milk at a 10 to 1 Cal/Mag ratio has a real problem.  Do the math.


Also, the vitamin D3 that mother nature supplies from the sun, eggs and fish liver oils is critical for Cal/Mag absorption.  Unfortunately, most fortified milk uses the plant-derived vitamin D2!  It is not very effective for this purpose.  Additionally, D2 is much more likely to cause a problem with vitamin D toxicity.


For a great tasting milk substitute (that children love better than milk) I recommend the following Kefir concoction:  Kefir (plain, no added sugar) thin with ice water, leave plain or flavor it with whatever's handy (vanilla, chocolate or Kahlua if you're an adult) then sweeten with Stevia.


For those not familiar with Kefir? Kefir is a fermented product sort of like a "Super" yogurt, except it is higher in protein and Probiotics (good bacteria) yet lower in natural sugar. Fermentation makes the lactose digestible for lactose intolerant folks. Also, the Kefir I've seen in health food stores uses vitamin D3, not the inferior (and possibly dangerous) D2.  It also comes in Organic form to avoid any residual hormones or antibiotics.


Technically, I still have Crohn's Disease, but I no longer suffer from it like I did for many years when under the care of a team of MDs.  They almost had me poisoned to death with toxic pharmaceuticals when I discovered supplementation & proper nutrition! For the whole story read "How I Beat Crohn's Disease"  ...


The Point is? Because of the Crohn's, I'm very sensitive to what works well & not so well for the gut... ...Folks, Kefir is the superior form of Live Cultured, Probiotics (good Gut Flora & Fauna) in my opinion, and I've tried most of them.


To sum up, a person does not have to scratch the surface very deep to see that the NFP is a dangerous joke.  Unfortunately the only ones laughing are the people in the "Sickness" business (like MD's & Drug companies) and the food industries that profit from the NFP's "official" prevarication (like the Cereal makers & the Poly Food Oil industry).


In closing, had you ever been warmed by the odd closing comment in probably every cereal commercial ever made that the cereal concerned was only PART of a good breakfast? 


They know, reader.  They know "Trix" isn't for Rabbits or Kids... Trix is for unhealthily maintained and cognitively compromised idiots and nascent dim-bulbs!


That's enough... ...If ADM (Archer Daniels Midland Company) doesn't have me "Whacked" for my transgressions... ? ...I should do one more iteration on the NFP, soon, concerning Fruit/Fruit Juices & Meat -- more scurvy lies there, too.


Well be!



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"New Food Pyramid" Part Three... or "Abuse, Manipulation, and Juice"!

 by Alan Graham (with Alfred Lehmberg)


It's like a health mantra: "DRINK JUICE & EAT LOTS of FRUITS & VEGGIES"...right?  Well, not so fast little Buddy. This ubiquitous motherly advise, when said correctly, no longer rolls off the tongue so easily ...Moms (who usually know what they're taking about?) should, instead, say something a little more in-depth, like: 

"If you don't have Diabetes, eating a little bit of small, dark fruit, with a large 'Skin to Pulp' ratio, is OK... but never... never ever... drink sweet fruit juices... not even the so-called naturally sweet kind... and eat lots of raw, mostly above ground, veggies (except corn)."  

In defense of my new & improved, necessarily convoluted, "buzz-phrase" I will explain how the NFP (New Food Pyramid), the ADA (Amer. Diabetes Assoc.) and the AHA (Amer.Heart Assoc.) have dropped the ball... again... but first some pertinent info... 

Refined Sugar is BAD in every way!  Discovered today it would probably be identified as a hazardous food substance like MSG.  It does not do one positive thing... well, except make things sweet.  Now days, that single "sweet" reason won't fly because we have the amazing, healthful, and completely natural sweetener from the South American Rain Forest, "Stevia".   

The sugar industry is in a veritable panic trying to figure out how to stop the "Stevia Invasion".  Because all of the above Associations are "in the tank" for the Sugar, Juice, Grain & Pharmaceutical industries, it is not remotely surprising that when you go to their websites and put "Stevia" in their search engine...  Why... they've never even heard of it? 


Did you know the FDA is actively trying to keep you from learning or even hearing about Stevia?   

Wouldn't you think that the ADA (the Diabetes one), in particular, would be all over something as "Heaven Sent" as Stevia -- no calories, no blood-sugar rise, and it's an all natural food with NO side effects.  Even the other ADA (Dental) should love it because it will not cause tooth decay... Oh, wait ! ...I forgot!  The only reason the Diabetes ADA exists is because you get sick with diabetes & the Dental ADA makes big money on tooth decay ...but I digress. 

To understand the lies & misdirection concerning sugar and fruit juice you need to know a little about carbohydrates. The ADA would have you believe all carbs are the same to include table sugar.  This is SO wrong. 

Here is an ADA quote :

..."Research has shown that sugar has the same effect on blood glucose levels as other carbohydrates"...also they say... "To include sweets in your meal, you can cut back on the other carb foods at the same meal."  Great idea !! substitute Real Food with Anti-food...   

By telling a "half truth" they can get away with this LIE...Yes, it is true that all digestible carbs eventually turn into the "cell food", Glucose, but what happens on the way to becoming Glucose (also called Dextrose) makes all the difference in the world.  

This is primarily centered around how much insulin is secreted to keep your blood sugar down where it should be.   If you are slim, exercise just a little, and you have very sensitive, thus efficient insulin... with a stable, normal blood sugar... ...the glucose that insulin takes into the cell will be used as energy or temporarily stored as Glycogen for quick energy BUT ... not stored as fat. 

Carbohydrates : there are 2, 3, 4 or even more different kinds of carbs depending on how you break them down... 

(1).. Simple Carbs - One of the 2 major classifications (the other is Complex) only have one or two sugar molecules.  The Monosaccarides (means *one sugar*) of interest are Glucose & Fructose.   These two go together to form Sucrose (table sugar).  Table sugar is called a Disaccarides, which means *two sugars* - at least one of the sugars has to be Glucose.   The other Disaccarides are Lactose (milk sugar) which is made of the two Mono's, Glucose & Galactose... ...and Maltose, made of Glucose & Glucose.  Simple carbs taste sweet and are considered "empty calories" - in fact they rob the body of enzymes & acids as they are processed.   

Simple carbs (except fructose) can cause a too rapid rise in blood sugar, requiring an insulin secretion to lower it. The insulin turns this excess sugar into fat.   

Fructose (fruit & corn sugar) does not cause a rise in blood sugar like Sucrose (table sugar) so manufactures went crazy and started putting Hi-Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) in everything...with the blessing of the medical community.  But here's the Coup d' Gras!   HFCS  is usually a mixture of 50% Corn Fructose & 50% Glucose ...Gee, that looks an awful lot like the Disaccaride Table Sugar mentioned above... Fructose + Glucose = Sucrose. 

Granted, fructose alone does not cause the same rise in blood sugar, but it is still a simple sugar, which means it is an empty calorie with no vitamins, minerals or enzymes!  But because of the low blood sugar rise, the "Fructose Crowd" tries to pass off a fructose carb as comparable to a complex veggie carb... ...they are, decidedly, not the same just because fructose acts sort of like a complex carb!  

In fact, Fructose... even though it does not cause a large increase in blood sugar, still manages to reduce the affinity of insulin for its receptor, so if you are "genetically predisposed" then a little later down the road you will start getting an increase in insulin anyway, because the body has to secrete more to do the same job as before -- this is "Fructose-induced Insulin Resistance."  

Because it is possible for a fat person to eat lots of fructose & sucrose without becoming Insulin Resistant,  I will very reluctantly concede that a person might have to be genetically predisposed to develop Type II Diabetes... but if that's true, then there is a very large percentage of the population that is susceptible because "Adult On-set Diabetes" is increasing exponentially... 

Oh [...Snap...] wait a minute! That's right!  It has to be called Type II Diabetes because NOW even children develop it...  

"Maaa..." Eric Cartman whines, "...more Snacky Cakes"!! 

There is growing evidence that "Fructose-induced Insulin Resistance" is also associated with stimulated Liver VLDL (Very Low Density Lipoprotein) secretion. Models show that the induction of VLDL causes a subsequent increase in plasma triglycerides... ...this can eventually contribute to Heart Disease, Folks ! 

(2).. Complex Carbs - As the name implies, these carbs are more complex because they contain many thousands of sugar molecules strung together.  Don't; however, make the mistake in thinking any & all complex carbs are healthful and that they are all "slow burning" thus avoiding a rise in blood-sugar & insulin. In fact, some very starchy complex veggies, like mashed-potatoes (w/o the skin), can cause a much greater insulin release than sucrose (table sugar). 

This is because Complex carbs come in two forms - Low & High Fiber... 

a).. Low fiber - which are starches (potatoes/rice), or veggies & fruits that are low fiber (tomatoes/grapes).  

b).. High fiber or non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) - Like Cellulose, hemicelluloses, pectins, gums & mucilages, (all carbohydrates) and lignins, the only non-carbohydrate component of dietary fiber.  Lignins, which gives wood the ability to grow tall, are the precursor to the powerful cancer fighter, Lignans (with an a) found in all plants... but VERY high in Flaxseed. 

Another way to classify fiber is by how it dissolves in water or Water Solubility...  (Viscosity is the newer, more applicable term for Solubility...) 

a).. Insoluble - Cellulose & some Hemicellulose, (Ligins, non-carb)...this is the good stuff slowing the absorption of other sugars... ...thus avoiding the rapid sugar rise & the need for more insulin. If at all possible, a substantial portion of your "Carb containing foods" should be high cellulose veggies like raw broccoli, dark green leafy lettuce (Romaine...not iceburg), greens (mustard/turnip), etc...   

b).. Soluble - ( Viscose Fiber) -  Pectins (apples & carrots ), gums ( Oats & legumes ), mucilages (Seed protection, like in Flaxseed ), Hemicelluloses-- (Grains) some are soluble, others are insoluble.  Soluble fiber will partially dissolve and form a gel that is good for lowering cholesterol, blood Glucose, and ultimately, Insulin. The more viscose or greater Viscosity of this gel the slower your blood glucose fluctuates, which in the long run, actually strengthens the sensitivity of your insulin because it's not over-used & abused continuously by the ingestion of Fruit Loops & Cheezy Poofs.  Cartman is called "Fat Ass" for a reason, folks. 

High fiber foods (both Viscose & Insoluble) can slow digestion of other carbs, like sugar & starch, reducing insulin need... but not always. For example, too much sugar can still cause an insulin increase with the ingestion of a high fiber food.   

Take Prunes... They have about 3 times the fiber of other F&V but they also have lots of sugar with 30% of its weight consisting of glucose, 15% fructose, and 2% sucrose...that's 47% sugar. Of course, with that much fiber, prunes turn out to only cause a moderate rise in Glucose. 

The poor Baked Potato doesn't fair as well -- with the skin it is pretty high in Insoluble fiber but the high starch makes it considerably worse than Sucose (table sugar) for a rise in glucose and the panicky insulin reaction to follow. 

Does all this mean that a person should consider eating Sucrose rather than a baked potato or they should never eat prunes or potatos?  NO & NO... MMMMMmmmm  no... 

A potato is real food with many healthful nutrients -- Sucrose is an anti-nutrient.  Homo Erectus ate roots & tubers but he never saw Table Sugar.  Homo Erectus ate foods the equivalent of prunes & potatos...and so can you, if you are like homo Erectus in that you are slim, exercise daily, and don't have Diabetes or any other chronic inflammatory ailment like Heart Disease...   

We are homo Erectus, remember, with a keyboard, HDTV, and, thank your God of choice, an internet.  ...Or, you wouldn't hear me pontificate, reader. 

(3).. Refined Carbs (...Cue the funeral dirge!)- Bread, Cereal, Pasta & the aforementioned Cheezy Poofs... This is the Manmade stuff that is killing us insidiously.  Refined carbs are very much like Simple Carbs in that they are anti-nutrients and cause a rapid rise in glucose & insulin. However, most are complex carbs that have been stripped of the fiber & nutrients that make them "real food".  For example, if you strip the whole wheat of its bran & germ - you wind up with the endosperm - the plants store of starch...this becomes "White Bread," or put in "Anything Brown" and call it "Wheat Bread" or throw in some visible chunks of rye or whatever & some caramel coloring and call it "Multi-Grain" bread or cereal.  Death by "The Staff of Life." That's irony. 

And did you know ?? They now have "100% Whole Wheat..." ...that's WHITE !!  Here, let me hold your hair back while you vomit. 

What about Juice vs. Fruit ?? 

Several times a day Mom uses her Juicer to make some homemade, healthful "Vegetable Juice" - she tells her friends that juicing veggies is such a wonderful thing to do for your family...Well, the only problem is she makes it the way she saw it on TV - so her "veggie juice" is actually about 50% apples, 40% carrots (people love to use carrots for juicing because they are very high guessed it - SUGAR) and 10% broccoli & spinach.  So, her "Healthful Veggie Drink" actually contributes to Fructose-induced Insulin Resistance because of too much SUGAR with virtually NO fiber!  

You can cut the irony with a plastic knife.  Healthful in this case is decidedly unhealthy.  I don’t care HOW bushy your white eyebrows are or how many trucks you can pull with your nipples!  

Instead, try juicing broccoli, spinach, celery, cabbage, beets, onions, etc...most adults (and EVERY kid) will go "Yuck ! it needs apples & carrots."  Then sweeten with the aforementioned stevia! 

Come on Uncle Al!!   I can hear the internal dialogue...  

Homo Erectus must have eaten apples and carrots what's the diff?  The diff is that we did not evolve juicing fruit. When you eat the whole fruit, digestion of the sugar is slowed because of the fiber... ...which means you don't get a big "sugar blast" all at once!  Plus, part of the sugar is carried away with the fiber.  

Also, have you ever noticed that it takes a lot of fruit to make a fairly small amount of juice -- so when you drink a big glass of juice it's like consuming the amount of sugar in more whole fruit than one would ever eat at once!  Consider that a moment. 

Fruit should be kept to a minimum (NO fruit if you're diabetic) and you should use only those very dark, black, blue, purple, or red fruits, with a large "Skin to Pulp" ratio. The skin is where most of the magical stuff (antioxidants, etc.) is located, so you want "little dark guys" like blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc.  The one exception to the "small-dark rule" is one banana a day... ...if you don't have Diabetes and are not overweight.   

Here are just a few of the reasons why Fructose is nothing like complex veggie carbs and why too much fructose is likely worse than too much Sucrose : 

(1).. OK,  we've already mentioned the "Fructose-induced Insulin Resistance" problem.

(2)..  ... hyperinsulinemia, hypertriglyceridemia and high blood pressure can be induced in fructose-fed rats!  We’re not rats?  Correct.  They're mammals... ...that's enough.

(3).. Fructose raises both LDL & VLDL but does not raise HDL. All 3 do the wrong thing biochemically on fructose. The rise in the Very Low Density Lipoprotein (VLDL) is particularly significant compared to other carbs.

(4).. Rats fed a fructose-enriched diet had a 72% higher homocysteine levels after 5 weeks - This is consistent with the increased TG (Triglycerides), VLDL (Very Low Density Lipoprotein) secretion, and atherosclerosis associated with chronic fructose feeding.

(5).. Excess fructose can accelerate mineral loss. In particular Copper...this can be a very serious problem for people that don't supplement with Zinc & Copper yet consume in excess of 20% of their calories from fructose. 

(6).. Fructose is metabolized in the liver and is converted to fat more readily than other sugars.

(7).. Feeding rats fructose created a 56% increase in TG secretion rate, and an 86% increase in plasma TG.   Feeding glucose, however, did not have this effect on TG production, This is likely because glucose stimulates both TG production, and TG removal, maintaining homeostasis. Fructose stimulates TG production, but impairs removal. The human liver possesses a large capacity to metabolize fructose to fat.  

Who's Looking Out for You ??...well, lets just see... 

1)  Amer. Diabetes Assoc. -- The ADA would tell you pretty much everything I've said reference "Fructose / Sucrose / Refined Carb Induced Insulin Resistance" is because I'm a "Subversive" out to destroy America.  In fact the ADA would have you believe that it's not empty carbs that cause Insulin Resistance (IR)...the empty carbs cause you to get fat and being fat causes IR. 

OK...then, why is it that many traditional Eskimos (eating only Fat & protein) don't mind putting on some extra Fat to stay warm while "rubbing noses" on those long Arctic nights?  Lets see...if they had a smiling, sociopathic Medical Doctor telling them to "...reduce Saturated Fat (Blubber) in their diet & lose weight to avoid Heart Disease" - the overweight Inuit would laugh, thinking this must be a joke, because the Inuit have the lowest incidence of Coronary Disease on the planet... Oh yeah, if you can find one case of Type II diabetes among all the fat Eskimos that eat only Fat & Protein...I will shut-up & put my head in a micro-wave for two minutes on high. 

Of course, if you ask the ADA why more & more NON-traditional Eskimos who now consume the White Man's poison (sugar) are starting to develop the White Man's disease,  Type II Diabetes...they will say "How 'bout those Yankee's?" or, "Why do you hate America, Mr. Graham...?” 

2).. The Amer. Heart Assoc. -- Recently there was an "earth shattering" story that just barely made it to "mainstream news" and within a couple of days was lining bird cages everywhere.  The insane & unexpected results of a large study proved what I (And many other holistic types) have been saying for years -- that undamaged Saturated Fat (SatFat), like real butter, was not the enemy and that this whole "Low Fat" craze, not only didn't help but appeared to hurt. 

Also if you go to   and read my paper "The Cholesterol Myth", I think it will convince you that High Cholesterol is not the disease... high cholesterol can be the response to the disease.  The Disease is Arterial Inflammation that is caused by smoking, SUGAR / Refined Carbs, Trans Fat in pHVO (partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) & oxidized Omega 6, PolyUnsat. food Oils like Corn & Soy...but it is not CAUSED by high cholesterol! 

Someone should point out to the AHA that there are many Eskimos walking around with total cholesterol in excess of 250 that will never have a heart attack.   

YET...if you go to the AHA website,  everywhere you turn, it's warning you about SatFat & Cholesterol, but you have to search to find any ref. to Sugar or the poly food oil, except to say use "sugar in moderation" and it evilly portrays Poly Food Oil as healthful.  Cue your outrage, reader.   

These are institutional tramps and thieves who lie to you, cheat you, and steal from you, forgetting they are trying to kill you in a managed way so the most amount of profit can be derived from the commission of that, astonishing, mass murder...was that too harsh?  Sorry. 

If you go to the recipes & nutrition section, it gives you instructions to avoid SatFat (use Poly Oil), avoid Cholesterol (use Margarine), avoid Sodium (who cares), avoid Calories (avoid Fat) & how to add Fiber (eat brown cereal & bread) - but no where does it show low sugar / low refined carb recipes. It also warns you about Trans Fat but does not emphasize that the Trans Fat Molecule & the pHVO molecule are the same thing.  Read LTR 12 to understand why that's important - 

3).. The New Food Pyramid (NFP) -- If you haven't read the first two installments Ref. the New Pyramid please do - the first NFP paper will explain how the recommended Poly Food Oil mentioned above is, not so slowly, killing us.  --

LTR# 12 -


LTR# 13 - 

Fruit - the recommended 2 to 4 cups of fruit daily would be fine except :

(a). You can substitute juice for the whole fruit...which is exactly what many will do all the time instead of only sometimes

(b).  Also, Mom gives little Janey a Big glass of grape juice - the NFP says 1/2 cup but Regis Philbin says you should drink a big glass because Welch's Grape juice is indorsed by the American Heart more must be better... 

Regis wouldn't lie?  Maybe not... ...but he could be ignorant as the dickens!   

See?  Actually, grape juice is one of the worst juices because it is naturally very sweet.  Yes, the stuff that makes grapes a purple/red color, is the stuff that is rich in powerful antioxidants. But that free radical protection, with its long-term positive effects, does not justify the long & short term damage caused by sugar-insulin... especially when you can get the same antioxidants without the sugar!  So, drink dry, dark red wine (for b'fast you might want the Alcohol-Free wine) or take Grape Seed extract capsules (they are very cheap).

(c). Canned fruit is always acceptable?   It shouldn't be... Canning destroys 2 of the really good things about fruit - digestive enzymes & many Vitamins. 

Other Carbs - the official "Pyramid" recommends twice as many servings of grains (bread, cereal, pasta) as veggies. I think this is just wrong - especially when you consider that half can be refined carbs which will surely increase & desensitize your insulin. 

Well Folks, this concludes the final installment on "The New Food Pyramid."  Or... ...exactly how you are being manipulated to indorse and practice the dodgiest system of human nutrition conceived... you allow yourself to be manipulated by sociopaths only interested in maintaining the status quo regarding how far they can get their hand in your pocket... ...while they further rob you of your quality of life. 

The hyperbole meter bumps zero, reader.

Until next time -- Well be!




LivingTree Root #016


20/20 Bowel Disease! 

...Or, how Crohn's can improve your eyesight!

By Alan Graham (with Alfred Lehmberg) Corrected 12 June, 2007



At about the age of 40 I had to get my first pair of bifocals, even if only the tiny bottom piece provided a minimally required correction.  This was an unsettling development after having better than 20/20 vision (actually better than 20/15) most of my 22 years as a prototypical, if self-styled, "Steely-eyed," Night-Vision enhanced, Combat-tested Army Helicopter Pilot... well...  


...A couple of years later I had to get a little stronger correction in the bottom -- plus a slight correction in the top. 


Also, interestingly, about that time, I came down with an especially virulent case of Crohn's disease and willingly... thankfully... gratefully... ironically  ...turned myself over to the medical community, as we know it, for their conflicted dispensation.  I was lucky to survive them...


See, this was but the start of my plummet on an express elevator to hell on unwell Earth... friends and neighbors.  I embarked on an 8 year slide into abject and increasing misery.  Sincerely, reader, I have a keen understanding why most Crohn's & Colitis sufferers are on antidepressants... ...and why many of these "check out of the net" after a time... a military parlance for suicide...


Indeed... the concept flitters unsettlingly at the peripheries of solutions which could justifiably jump into ones head ... even though I never really considered it, myself.  Still, I certainly understood the sentiment.  Major gut-removal surgery was suggested next in their medical back-stepping bag of cash-cow squeezing tricks for this cash-cow! 


Conversely, to have even thought of self-euthanization and provoked by the burgeoning potentiality of same?  I *stooped*, even as a hard-eyed rationalist and nascent scientist, to consider the *woo-woo* of the *New-Age* supplementation and *health-food* crowd...   You see, one day I walked into a health food store.  The rest, as they say, is history. 


...And reader, I'd ironically stumbled into where the science actually was!   A real world where things are Pro-active, not re-active with Pharmz... a reality where things are Pro-biotic (for-life), not Anti-biotic (against-life...) with Pharmz... where bodily systems are enhanced and realized, not degraded and inhibited with Pharmz.  See, Pharmz block (beta-blockers), suppress (immunosuppressants), inhibit (Cox-2 inhibitors), interfere (interferon) and just about every other damn thing that is Anti-this & Anti-that... where "cause" is not addressed, just symptoms treated, at best (like with the aforementioned Pharmaceuticals...).


Just the other day, in conversation with my best friend & former student, Alfred Lehmberg, I had to remark that my gut works better, now, than it ever did in the 20 years before I came down with the "incurable" disease called Crohn's.  How is this possible?


My unabashed report to you, Sir and Madam, is that I self-corrected this "Auto-immune" Disease by doing the exact opposite of what the *conventional* medical doctrine pompously indicates as best practice!  That's right!  Very nearly the polar opposite! 


"Doctors" use scarily dangerous and crossed-purpose pharmaceuticals suppressing an immune system to momentarily relieve, at best, only the symptoms of disease for the short term.  What does this errant practice do but leave you wide open for any killer microbe happening by!  Plus, suppressing the immune system wreaks inordinate havoc with the immune doesn't just gently "slow it down", it harshly "beats it up" - so recovery can be slow and in some cases almost non-existent. 


I refrained from these pharmaceuticals, eventually; but only after 8 years of increasingly stronger and more toxic Drugs, where only my decline was steady! 


Additionally, these "Doctors" *warn* the sufferer that antioxidants & immune enhancing supplements will likely cause an immune system flare-up... "After all, Mr. Graham," the medicos ponderously intone, "...this IS an Auto-immune Disease...(...'you unwashed dummy' is unspoken but implied!)... So pumping-up your immune system with nutritional supplements can make the disease worse in the short run & the long run...," these finish their lugubrious chant.


They also, in "lock-step" & with a straight-face, told me that diet has nothing to do with bowel disease and that there was no need to avoid any particular foods...


My God! 


That goes beyond incompetent, frankly, pretty much right over into criminal behavior!  I DARE the sociopaths over at the FDA to see how many children will develop bowel disease after being raised without ever consuming the "Breakfast of Chumpions"...Milk (all dairy is a killer), Refined Flour (most crap called Cereal) & Sugar (cereal-crap again)...I bet not only bowel disease would virtually disappear but so would all those children allergies, ear-infections, perpetual sniffles & colds, etc, etc. 


I took a broad spectrum of antioxidants & immune enhancing supplements, myself, regardless, in logical retreat from an operation, mechanism, or system treating my continuing disease as their economic opportunity... which would be fine if they might cure you, but you're advised that you are very profitably (for them) incurable! 


All the preceding said: the way to ameliorate just about ANY bowel disease, for the vast, VAST majority of sufferers I discovered... is to do the following: 


(a) Load up on a broad spectrum of antioxidants (to counter Free-radicals & their damage), Grapeseed Extract & Alpha Lipoic Acid are cheap & work particularly well for "gut-maintenance"

(b) Take immune enhancing foods & supps. ( this will fight the disease, not exacerbate it) like Probiotic, Astragalus, Medicinal Mushrooms and my favorite, L-Glutamine, a cheap, intestinal-villi "friendly" amino-acid.

(c) Take a quality form of Multi (the difference is as sunlight unto moonlight, so avoid Centrum) with all of the Vitamins/Minerals & Trace Minerals (to provide the repair material) and the EFA's (essential fatty acids) from Black Currant Oil & Krill / Fish Oil ( relieve Inflammation & so MUCH more, like decreasing Blood -Pressure & Platelet-Stickiness!).

(d) Take digestive enzymes before each meal & probiotics ( good gut bacteria like Acidolphilous) every AM on empty stomach.

(e) Avoid carbonated drinks & Tums...or anything that destroys valuable stomach acid.

(f)  Avoid Sugar & refined flour.

(g)  Avoid All Dairy (milk in particular) - I have written volumes concerning the evils of Milk & Dairy so here is even more scary stuff...all dairy (and much of the disrespected meat in this country) has the potential to pass along a particularly destructive microbe called Mycobacterium paratuberculosis. There is pretty clear evidence that Johnnes Disease (in animals) caused by Mycobacterium paratuberculosis is in fact Crohn's Disease in humans.  Standard pasteurization will not kill the microbe, as evidenced by random testing of milk in Cal., et al...found all had Mycobacterium, in "low" babies, children, old people (or anyone with an even slightly compromised immune system) can wind up with bowel disease as a result of one glass of milk


My Crohn's hit 6 months after having my spleen removed... I've had people contact me from all over the world who have developed life threatening bowel disease after a "simple" round of antibiotics or steroids... consider that about 2 out of 10 people have some sort of bowel disease... much of it induced by "doctors" (toxic Pharmz) & caring mainstream Dieticians (toxic foods like Milk, Poly-food Oil, Margarine, Sugar...jeez, I could go on here for several pages)...


This is science, remember!  I'll debate anyone in that regard!  To wit: Unlike toxic pharmaceuticals which have horrible side-effects... the "side-effects" of the preceding 7 items can protect you from virtually EVERY disease... not just bowel disease


Oh yeah... and stay away from almost every food these good doctors recommend vis a vis their new *improved* official food pyramid ... like margarine,  poly food oils (corn, soy, etc.) and grains ( except soaked or sprouted ), ...while actually consuming those things *doctors* tell you to avoid -- coconut oil & eggs!


Item!  Here's a Quick Crohn's Tip (any bowel disease) from my Buddy, the Leaf Lady --  Eat Okra for its mucus calming benefits. Eat sticky stuff to relieve sticky stuff...Yes, the sticky okra causes the protein digestive enzyme, pepsin, to stick to the gut wall and digest the mucus.   I cannot confirm or refute this claim because when I look at boiled Okra I have the same reaction as Prymaat Conehead when she encounters a big purple "Eggplant" in the produce isle... Aeaeaeaeaeae !!!


OK... Back to deteriorating eyesight!


...Every 12 to 18 months after coming down with Crohn's I would need a little stronger correction in my glasses prescription.  My vision, apparently, was disintegrating along with the rest of my physicality...


Don't get me wrong, my eye doctor said this was a normal rate of degeneration even for someone without Crohn's. So, in the next 8 or 10 years I had 5 or 6  prescription upgrades.


Snap back to present times...


I was listening to our local talk radio where one day a week a local Eye Doctor answers calls & explains eye problems.  On this particular day he went from the front of the eye to the rear of same, explaining how UV light can cause or exacerbate virtually every eye disease... ...due to free-radical damage and the associated inflammation.


Whoa, fellow warriors ... combating inflammation & free-radical damage is what I'm all about, my raison d'être... a result of my long battle with Crohn's... ...and that's when it dawned on me! 


I had been wearing the same glasses prescription since starting all those "useless" supplements, about 10 years ago now!  Ding!


Not only were the antioxidants helping me hold on to what I had, but they were actually improving my eye sight... while protecting me from things like cataracts  -  all my family members for at least 2 generations have had cataracts.  The reader discovers on a review of the body of work I've produced over the years that here was still more confirmation for the assertions I had been making!  The reader may see now the weird relationship between Crohn's disease and improving eyesight!


The Radio eye *doctor*?  Well, his answer for EVERYTHING (...and thanks for being so bleeding helpful *Doc*...) was:


1). Surgery... 

2). Toxic Pharmaceuticals... 

3). Stay out of the sun & wear sunglasses... 


...That was predictable. Eh?


...So, just like virtually every other branch of medicine, it seems, at the core of their corporately hijacked *discipline* is a big fat LIE... propping up everything else!  If you'll see my paper "Mo' Money" at ...  I explode several of these core myths & medical lies.


Yes, reader!  Lies!  Screw any time wasting metaphors or polite euphemisms! Given the word suicide had been thrust, unwanted, into my head?  My gloves are decidedly off!


One of the "disciplines" I mention in "Mo' Money" is virtually identical to the EYE-antioxidant-Uv light-"Connection" ...and that, folks, is the garden-variety Dermatologist's bogus mantra concerning the sun as a "cause" for skin cancer!  Let's go there a minute! 


Even an arguably smart & informed guy like Bill O'Reilly fell for the ponderously fallacial argument that if 'A' is followed by 'B'... ...then 'A' must be the "cause" of 'B'... O'Reilly does such when he assumes that his fair complexioned Irish relatives, the ones most often out in the sun... ...subsequently got skin cancer... so this is his "empirical" data to show the sun "CAUSED" the skin cancer.  Get it?  But consider... he gets it very wrong, authoritatively, in front of millions of people, putting himself and those many listeners at risk.  Let's look at the more likely reality.


Firstly, I'm at risk of sounding a little like Bill Clinton when he dithered over the definition of the word "is."  See? it depends on your definition of the word "causes"... follow?  I prefer the more accurate word "Triggers"... Sun "triggers the cancer, perhaps... ...but it does not CAUSE the cancer.


"TRIGGERS," ... "CAUSES"!?!  "So What"?  "...C'mon Uncle Al, you're pole vaulting over tic-spoor! It's the same thing, ain't it, 'Supplement Boy' "? 


Well, it's not the same... not remotely the same.  Here's my logic for why the sun does not *cause* skin cancer... actually, and it's pretty ironic given it's YOU causing the skin cancer, yourself, reader!  Analogy?


If an innocent person, driving fairly slow, runs head-on into a car that pulled right in front of her and she subsequently dies (in what should have been a survivable crash) as a result of her head going through the windshield... ? ...was the crash, the cause of her death?  NO...the crash only triggered her death.  The CAUSE of her death was not wearing her seat belt...because the girl sitting next to her with her belt on?  She didn't get a scratch!


So, with this in mind, let's visualize 3 genetically identical triplet brothers. To make the proceeding argument work... the only leap of faith that is required is the belief that antioxidants can destroy dangerous free-radicals. This shouldn't be too difficult, considering it's pretty much simple, even "pure vanilla" Science.  That is to say, no leap at all.  


Brother #1 - never gets in the sun, does not supplement, eats free-radical causing foods (recommended by New Official Food Pyramid) like poly-food oil & margarine... Brother #1 DOES NOT get skin cancer (just for sake of this argument we are saying he does NOT get cancer; however, in reality?  This unfortunate slob will actually have an increased risk of skin-cancer due to [cue startled music!] ...a Vit.D-3 deficiency BECAUSE he gets NO SUN...irony !)  But anyway... no cancer for Bro One,  for now anyway.


Brother #2 - on the other hand is out in the sun many hours a day (but never burns), does not supplement, and, like Bro.#1, eats free-radical causing foods like Cheezy Poofs and Snacky Cakes... Brother #2 DOES get skin cancer.


SO...the answer is obvious?  The sun CAUSED the cancer, right?  If the only difference between two identical brothers is that the one out in the sun got the skin cancer.


NOT SO FAST,  Boobala !


See, Brother #3 (Remember him?) - works side by side in the sun with brother #2 ...  but Brother #3  takes numerous antioxidants & Krill / Fish Oil, eats a high antioxidant / low free-radical diet alluded to earlier... [cue startled music again!]... and he DOES NOT get skin cancer!


OK... SO, now the answer IS obvious.  The sun TRIGGERED the cancer in Brother#2... ...but it did not "cause" the cancer because it could not trigger the cancer in Brother #3!  See how that works?


#3's nutrient supplement precluded the trigger!  Just like the car crash did not kill the unharmed passenger, because she "supplemented" with a seat belt, #3's "seat belt" was the supplements he was taking.  Follow? 


...No, Folks... the sun was the "trigger"!  The "cause" was an Omega-3/Antioxidant/Vit.D-3/Mineral dietary deficiency!  So, the skin cancer is your fault... NOT the sun's fault ... just like the girl dying in the crash was her fault... not the guy that pulled in front of her (even though he was a Satan-worshipping, Meth-head).  If you put on your seatbelt & take your are being "pro-active" not "re-active"... and maybe not dead.  Oh yeah...ask your "doctor" why there is as much skin cancer in overcast New England as there is in the sunny south.


Now let me raise the hair on the back of your neck a little... Why does the top one percent of IQs & the highest paid people on the planet CONTINUALLY (and unflinchingly!) get this "eye-disease-cancer-causing-sun-thing" so horribly wrong, again and again?  


Of course, you already know the answer... right? 


...Could it be that it is in their financial interest to continue to get it arguably wrong?  I fear we can only answer in the affirmative.  Nothing else makes sense. 


These people are not stupid... they know!  Even if they push it away from themselves with cognitive dissonances, rationalizations, or a bad (that is to say conveniently self-serving) application of science.  They know


Of course they do!  Great suffering Zot and little sputniks, reader!  If you and I know, they know!  


Visualize the following "Crazy-World":


...What if EYE "doctors" told people: Stop wearing sunglasses (...except in extreme conditions, skiing in the Alps or in a protracted and painful glare, say...) & toxic sunscreen lotions ... also get at least 15 minutes of sun daily around high noon on your face & arms (but never burn). Additionally, every morning, while the early sun is low on the horizon, spend some time getting the sun-light in your eyes (every 7 AM while "hunting" for horn-worms on my tomato plants, I occasionally glance into the rising sun for just a second).  This will stimulate a Serotonin-induced "perk me up" so I'm ready to out-smart stealthy horn-worms... or saber-tooth tigers if I'm Cro-Magnon Man!  Then this "Fantasy-Doctor" would tell you to take a broad spectrum of antioxidants, Fish-Oil, Vitamins & minerals & stay away from processed foods, dairy & Sugar... Why, within a year or two we could solve the big controversy surrounding the illegal Mexican workers... ...we'd let all the *out of work* "pill-pushers" pick the lettuce and strawberries!


How did we evolve ?


Homo Erectus did not wear sunglasses, use toxic sunscreens, and did not suffer from seasonal depression (actually, there are no seasons at the Equator where he spent the first million years or so), ... he felt energetic & lighthearted I'm betting (considering the dangers & uncertainties of the Serengeti).  His situational thinking & reaction time were likely more finely tuned than our finest homo Sapien Sapien athlete of today.  


What key factor caused these incongruities in homo Erectus?  The answer?  Humankind's skin & eyes, over a period of a million years, were bathed in bright equatorial sunlight all day long. 


The preceding does many good things: The sunlight is converted to large amounts of Vitamin D-3 which helps protect the skin & eyes.  The Vitamin D-3 stimulates the production of natural "feel-good" drugs, serotonin & dopamine... ...and the light entering the eyes has even a more immediate effect on mood ... you feel good, you're alert, you're not as hungry & you grave carbohydrates less. 


As early humans moved further North & could no longer count on the sun to make the Vitamin D & elevate their mood...God or Mother Nature very fortuitously increases the Vit. A & D, plus the powerful EFAs, Omega 3s in the cold-water fish & animals, taking up the required dietary slack! 


Of course, the obvious problem is that now these self-same fair-skinned *Scandinavians* have moved back South to live here in sunny LA (Lower Alabama)... Boy...those trouble-making Scandinavians, eh? 


This is what I think they (you) should do in my humble opinion (this applies to everyone: but especially "really extra-white folks" like Bill O'Reilly): 


1)..Get several short sun exposures during the day but NEVER burn. 

2)..Cover yourself to avoid burning, but don't avoid the sun. 

3)..Use one of several less-toxic "Sun-Blocks" on problem areas like your nose...these contain Titanium Dioxide & PABA esters.  Make sure any of these "safe" sun-blocks do not contain fluoride.  NEVER EVER use Octyl methoxycinnamate (OMC), which is present in 90 percent of sunscreen brands... ...a vetted Norwegian study found that it would kill mouse cells even at low doses!!!  There's your Cancer Precursor, I suspect! 

4).. Here's another Leaf Lady Tip : Use a spray of Vit. B-1 & Vit. C as a non-toxic sunscreen.

5)..Take a quality Multi Vitamin/Mineral. to include all 70 plus Trace Minerals.  Real (as opposed to 'pure white', processed) Sun-dried Sea Salt is a good source of all 72 trace must be pink, grey or off-white - NEVER pure white (means NO trace minerals).

6)..Take EFA Omega 3s & 6, in Flax, Hemp, Black Currant & Fish/Krill Oils. 

7).. Take as many of the following antioxidants as you can afford: (the first 5 below are already in your MultiVit/Min, but you really need more than is found in the average Multi - but if you can't afford the extra, then at least go with the amount found in the Multi) 


In a good Multi :


(a) -- Vit. A , take a total of about 20,000iu daily - ONLY 5000iu can be "real" Vit.A (palmitate) while the other 15000 should be beta-carotene. (your Multi will have part or all of the 20 thou.).  The 15000 Beta-carotene (B-C) can be less (like maybe 5000iu) or much can't OD on B-C, but you can on palmitate.

(b) -- Vit. D-3 , take a total of about 1000iu to 1200iu (never exceed 2000iu) - if you get lots of sun from 10 to 2 several days a week in the the summer, then you could get by with the 400iu that comes in all Multi's, but in the winter or if you're too far north OR if you're black, then take the 1000iu D-3 supplementally.  Always take with Calcium...taking Lg.doses of Vit.D, without taking calcium, will leach calcium right out of your bones.  Avoid Vit.D-2, the crap found in milk.

(c) -- Vit. E , take 400iu of "Mixed" Tocopherol or a second choice of "d Alpha Tocopherol". Some Multi's will have the whole 400iu ...but not many. 

(d) -- Zinc & copper, (ALWAYS take at about a 10to1 ratio but don't exceed about 4mg of copper - also NEVER take over 100mg Zinc daily), including your Multi, take about 30 to 60mg Zinc & 2 to 4mg Copper.   "WARNING" zinc/copper  MUST BE taken togeather.  Taking a little extra Zinc (like a Zinc Lozenge if you have a cold) without the additional Copper is probably not a real big deal but taking extra Copper without Zinc...can be a big deal - if you have copper water pipes, get tested for copper before taking a copper supp.

(e) -- Selenium , (the King of mineral antioxidants), including your Multi, take about 400mcg daily. This is also likely the most powerful Cancer fighter there is. Selenium runs through earth like veins of Gold in a there are whole countries (New Zealand) with selenium depleted soil where cancer & heart disease were out of control until the government started importing selenium rich food from Australia.


Not normally in a Multi :


(f) -- NAC , (precursor to the more expensive, Glutathione, which is the True King of antioxidants, but not well absorbed through supplements) take 500 mg of NAC with 1000mg Vit. C. (the Vit. C is important) 

(g) -- Lutein & Bilberry , (they very often come together) take about twice as much as directed on label.  This might be the most potent "one, two" punch "in the eye"...especially considering it's cheap!  A food very high in lutein and zeaxanthin, (another powerful antioxidant, also in Krill Oil) is egg yolk.  More doctors everyday are having to admit that macular degeneration (the leading cause of blindness in the elderly) is because they have avoided eggs & "bought-into" the whole "No-Fat...Low-Fat" corporate LIE.

(h) -- Grapeseed Extract , take as directed. For just a little more money you can get the other latest "hot-item", Resveratrol - another powerful anti-oxidant from grapes.   Grapeseed extract & Dry Dark Red Wine are very cool but Grape-Juice is decidedly NOT...the very high "sugary-fructose" in Grape-juice causes insulin secretion & Fructose Induced Insulin Resistance - both lead to inflammation that completely "Undoes" the wonderful, but futile, effort of the Anti-oxidants in the really sweet, grape juice (so Regis lies, too & my buddy O'Reilly also has a big glass of skin-cancer "friendly" Welch's Grape Juice every day). 

(i) -- Alpha Lipoic Acid, take as directed. ALA is unique in that it is BOTH fat & water destroys Free-radicals on two "fronts".


Last, but certainly not least, stay away from free-radical causing crap like:  Poly-food oil (corn, soy, canola, etc.), only use Olive Oil & Coconut Oil ... pHVO (partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) like margarine, use real (organic) butter instead ... HCA free-radicals (FRs) from burnt animal fat ... Acrylamide (FRs) from super-heated carbs, like French Fries & Wheaties ... ALL deep-fried fast food ... Any highly processed meats ... Tap water ... and about a million other toxins in your environment, etc, etc... many avoidable using good sense.


Well that's about it...except for this solemn warning  -- I know this is "wrong", but if I see you slathering toxic OMC sunscreen on your defenseless little baby, I WILL say something to you ... Just ask anyone who knows me.  


See, I'm of a mind that you are prosecuting a subtle kind of child abuse...I know it's unwitting, of course,...but now that you know...STOP IT!


Oh yeah... have a nice day... and well BE.



Alan D. Graham

Phone (334) 774-0395(NEW!)

E-mail --


LivingTree Root #017


Osteoporosis or, "Sally Field! ...Say It Ain't So!"

 By Alan Graham (with Alfred Lehmberg)


Osteoporosis is a disease of  bone disintegration occurring when the components for bone maintenance don't occur in the diet or are not used by the body.  It's what happened to grandma, that pathetic old woman bent over double in a wheelchair with the Quasimodoian hump in her ruined back.  It is what Sally Field, new front-woman for Boniva, is trying to avoid, herself, presumably...


Why do so many older persons, especially women like my own mother, wind-up with Osteoporosis (OP)?  Is it avoidable?  How avoidable is it?


Do they "catch" it ... is it genetic ... Is it a Fosamax or Boniva deficiency somehow (Nature retches, reader...)... or maybe it's just bad luck like getting hit by lightening.  Well, good news folks! It's likely none of those things.  Of course, here's the worrisome bad news, just to get it out of the way up front:  


OP is generally the result of doing, pretty much, what *darling doctors* & *dutiful dieticians* prescribe you to do... in other words, most OP is the result of a LIFE-LONG nutritional deficiency caused & perpetuated by the very nutritional "experts" providing conflicted advise.  This nutritional deficiency OP is called Type II or Age-related OP because... well... everyone will eventually develop it in varying degrees, if they live long enough...


Dying at 100; however, with a little normal "wear & tear" Osteoporosis is a huge difference from being bent over double at age 60 the way my mother was.  You think?


OK, I hear the internal dialog, you're wrong -- let's move on...


You're thinking, "My doctor explained half a dozen genetic markers influencing bone density AND, Mr. Wise-guy, web-loon... ...both my mother & grandmother had OP and like me, consumed dairy every day...SO THERE! It has to be genetic"! 


This is bad thinking based on bogus information and is a tacit result of corporate pecuniary irresponsibility... forgetting that the preceding illustration is largely a fantasy example... Seriously, it is the *ODD* MD who is going to sit around explaining genetic markers to a patient.  So, let's do the "odd thing" ourselves...


...Let's talk a little about GENETICS:


Because there are dozens of inherited genetic characteristics effecting & affecting bone density?  Yes, some folks will be more genetically pre-disposed to develop OP than others... but that certainly doesn't mean it is a forgone conclusion that you will develop the "crippling" variety of OP... or that you need one of these evil 'Phosphonates' like Boniva or Fosamax.


Ms. Field!  I weep! 


Below are some of the pit-falls involved with labeling everything Medical Doctors can't explain or fix, as a "likely *Genetic* problem." 


Take heart! Because I'm also confident that regardless (with some rare exceptions) of how the genetic deck "might" be stacked against you?  If you do a few "simple" things, Osteoporosis can very likely be avoided, altogether! 


I don't want to make light of people's addictions... because I'm sure some would think giving up sugar & refined carbs, is not "simple".  But Folks!  It's STILL something you should do anyway even if there were no such thing as Osteoporosis, because "Anti-nutrients" like sugar, "Cheezy Poofs & "Snacky Cakes" can cause or exacerbate virtually every disease regardless.  Anyway, moving on...


1)... For maximum Pharmaceutical sales Doctors want to be able TO BLAME the disease on you... OR... be able TO NOT BLAME the disease on you.  Huh?  What?  They want to do BOTH? 


Sure, as long as NONE of the blame can be directed where it belongs... with the Doctors & Dieticians. Here's how Genetics is a useful tool in the "deflect the blame" game: 


(a)...If you are a little over weight or have other problems that might possible be nutritionally marginal Lipid Profile Numbers?  Doctors will tell you OP is your fault because you don't eat "right" or exercise enough!  Consequently, you NEED Fosamax  or Boniva (...Sally, please!) to compensate for your lack of will power. 


You are easily convinced of this because you've never liked to exercise, anyway, and even though you try to follow the New Food Pyramid (NFP), you just can't seem to lose weight, improve your Lipid Profile or stop your bone loss... you accept the blame & take the Fosamax...and the Lipitor. Of course, what you don't know is that the deck is stacked against you by the very Food Pyramid you feel guilty about not following more closely!  This is "The Law of the Perversity of Nature" because had she followed it more closely she might be WORSE off.  That's right!


Believing the Old & New FP's recommendations on milk & dairy as the primary source of Calcium & Vitamin D is the reason my mother... just like my grandmother... is/was bent over double with OP after a concerted lifetime effort to consume dairy every day.


However, with my great-grandmother and further back, they rarely encountered OP, because they did things completely different, nutritionally, back then. Ironically, being POOR, helped...this is because if you were a "dirt" poor, Georgia, "subsistence farmer" you ate a much more healthful, mineral/nutrient-packed diet than your rich Wall Street stock broker of today. Out of necessity, they grew their own Organic plants & Grass-fed, Free-range animals, long before all us old "tree-huggers", glommed onto those terms.  Sorry, I digress.


See, it's a lie that milk is a good source of Calcium because of the skewed Calcium/Magnesium Ratio of 10 to 1!  Magnesium should be at a 1 to 1 ratio (or greater) with calcium, or a minimum of a 2 to 1 ratio.  Also, the absolutely critical Vit. D, in milk is the inferior, much less active form of calcium, D-2.  The superior Vit. D-3 form, in Cod Liver Oil, quality supplements & made by the Sun... is relatively non-toxic (unlike D-2) & efficiently helps with absorption of calcium (unlike D-2).  Milk, decidedly, does NOT do a body good!  A "milk mustache" is a cutesy badge of ignorance, reader!


Moreover, the NFP's corporate driven reliance on Grains is also troubling (though Soaked or Sprouted grains are great the NFP never mentions "Soaked or Sprouted").  The NFP recommends twice as many servings of grains as any other category... half of which can be refined!  This is a major health hazard, reader, and a recipe for health disaster resulting in a "moderate" sugar consumption, coupled with a "moderate" refined carb consumption ... leading to a "Not-so Moderate" rise... glucose.  ...In insulin secretion.  ...In FAT storage.  ...In increased joint & arterial inflammation.  ...In weaker, more brittle bones.  ...In Depression... ...the list goes on & on...


See?  No matter how hard the lady that's "a little overweight" tries, she can't seem to lose that 20 pounds that she's gained since menopause. Consequently, she feels terrible and provoked to thinking, "I better do as the doctor says and take my Boniva...because I'm a weak, bad person."  Oh, Sally!  We're blaming the victim and the victim blames herself!


(b)...But what if you can't blame the victim!  What if the victim is a slim marathon runner who follows the food pyramid, never-ever touches junk food, and believes (the abject lie!) that you can get all the nutrients required in a balanced NFP diet without supplementation! Then, because you're doing everything "right", the doctors can't possibly blame you, so this means, you NEED Boniva because your OP must obviously be genetic.


You're also easily convinced of this insanity, because that way... there's NO guilt!  ...And because your OP is *genetic*, there's really nothing you can do about it, so you shift the blame & you take the Boniva. 


Of course, what you don't know is your OP was actually triggered & exacerbated, ironically, by being a marathon runner and following the food pyramid! ...WHAT THE...??   ALAN, STOP !! ... You're Making My Hair Hurt!'s pretty simple: Because of the NFP's corporate driven philosophy that Supplementation is not necessary ... coupled with their corporate driven reliance on "Mineral Leaching", high Phytate & Oxalate foods like Grains & Soy... the result is that many Folks are Mineral & Trace Mineral deficient, even if they follow "The Rules" as outlined by the conflicted and uncaring medical *corpocracy*. 


See, Mother-Nature demands that your blood pH stay within a very narrow, if necessary, she will sacrifice the strength of your bones by leaching out the necessary Alkaline Minerals required to keep your blood pH from becoming too acidic and instantly killing you.


...Then the conjectured Marathoner further exacerbates the Mineral Deficiency because her long-distance running sweats out Potassium & a "soup" of electrolytes & Trace Minerals she, very poorly advised, does not replace.  And just like NPR's Dr. Zorba Pasture, she believes all you have to do to replace Trace Minerals is eat a piece of lettuce.  Lord, that Zorbie is some piece of work.


I feel this is just wrong -- Soulless Corporate farming only replaces a handful (sometimes just 3, N-P-K) of the 70 plus Minerals & Trace Minerals the body requires. With just some cursory research you will see that the United States leads the world in being able to most efficiently suck critical Minerals & Trace Minerals right out of the soil... and then, very suspiciously, reader, NOT replace them. 


2)...It's easy to float the "genetic theory" because I hear many women say, "My mother & several other family females have OP..."  Well, what if it is because all of you eat the same things & poison yourselves the same way? 


I mentioned last time how the whole country of New Zealand had a high heart disease & cancer rate because of selenium depleted soil that was corrected by importing selenium-rich wheat from Australia.  Remember?


Well, because MD's don't think & are not taught regarding a trace element deficiency --WHAT IF, some handsome, Greying-at-the-temples, silver-tongued "Head of New Zealand Medicine" said the high rate of heart disease was because of a genetic problem inherent to people of an island nation... and that everyone should take Lipitor & Beta Blockers...


Would they buy it ?? You bet your "Kiwi" Shoe Polish they would!


Getting Hit By Lightening OP:


I guess there is one situation that might fall loosely under bad luck...that is doctor induced Osteoporosis, or Type III, due to long term use of immune suppressing drugs like prednisone.  They don't tell you about that, do they!


Virtually every medical discipline's reliance on steroids is tantamount to playing Medical Russian Roulette, due to the myriad of possible unintended consequences of steroid use... and don't be fooled by the NEW "Steroid-like", "Steroid-lite" immune suppressing drugs that are "safe" to take continuously.


I am living proof that there is a natural and nutritional approach to dramatically improve Auto-immune Diseases.  I almost died — actually the Bastards almost killed me not to put too fine a point on it!  I had the "incurable" bowel disease, Crohn's.  After 7 years of increasing misery their next step was "Let's cut-out most of your gut, Mr. Graham". So in desperation I went looking for another way.


Well Folks, I walked into a health-food store and in pretty short order I had my Crohn's beat-back 75% ... now 11 years later, I have no symptoms.  This took educating myself, some 'trial & error' and sacrificing things that I don't miss AT ALL today...things like refined carbohydrates.  You know them as "Snacky Cakes & Cheezy Poofs", and how good can they be if a fat psychopath like Eric Cartman is raking them in by the bagful...


Consider now, is Osteoporosis a Fosamax or Boniva deficiency? 


Is it, Sally?


No...quite the opposite, actually. This class of poisons, called Bisphosphonates, are an abomination... just ask the women suing Merck because of "Phossy-jaw" or  Jawbone Necrosis -- the rotting away of the jaw bone.  WOW, that doesn't sound Good!  Sally eventually sacrifices her sweet smile?


Mother-Nature (or your God of choice) developed a wonderful DUAL system, reader.  As your OsteoBlasts build new bone, your OsteoClasts remove the old weak bone.  Phosphonates are a metabolic POISON that actually kills the osteoClasts so the old bone is not removed...this provides more bone, but it is weak brittle bone leading only to an increase in hip fractures 5 or 6 years down the road.  Also, a reason that bisphosphonates may sometimes do the opposite of their intended effect is that osteoclasts prompt osteoblasts to form.


If you want more straight info on OP & bisphosphonates go to one of my favorite Holistic Practitioners, "The Leaf Lady" at  and sign-up for her News-Letter.   Here's her comment:  "While Fosamax is a fluoride based drug I advise against... on the basis that is makes bones hard and brittle, not strong and flexible, while suppressing your thyroid.  It just so happens that drugs like Actonel - from Proctor & Gamble pharmaceuticals- are made from by-products of TIDE, otherwise known as bisphosphonates."

Menopause Induced OP:


I have a little problem with "Type I", Menopause (lack of Estrogen) induced OP for the following reason: It is compartmentalized into this separate area by calling it Type I OP, making it sound like something completely different from Type II (nutritional) ... so *obviously*, it can't be helped by nutrition... which leaves BONIVA as the only apparent recourse.  Ms. Field... the devil has you by the coat-tails!


The flaw, as I see it, is that doctors will admit most of the OP in these women started many years before menopause and that the loss of estrogen did pretty much the same thing as a nutritional problem, which is cause a mineral loss, only accelerated ... menopause didn't actually cause the OP,  it just exacerbated it.  BUT it remains still: even if it did cause it, that doesn't mean that it can't be helped dramatically with nutrition & life-style changes.


Dr. Mercola , et sig al, feels that taking natural Progesterone will do a positive thing, which is promote the growth of OsteoBlasts (which build bone) as opposed to Boniva's negative approach, which is to KILL the innocent, hard-working "little" OsteoClasts which remove old, brittle bone. Actually, the osteoclast is a giant multinucleated cell - not that you care.   You might benefit from a little natural "phyto-estrogen" but because we live in an Estrogen-rich environment, it is very likely you need Progesterone... but with minimal or no "Estrogen".  However, get checked for progesterone.


Here are some things to do in descending order of importance...this may seem like a long list of things to give up - but once you do, you will feel so much better that it will seem like a miniscule sacrifice...well, everything except coffee, which to my mind... is anything but, miniscule.  Heavy sigh!


1)... NO Sugar, Refined Carbs, "Snacky Cakes" or "Cheezy Poofs"!  Doing this one thing can certainly ameliorate Osteoporosis and almost every chronic disease...especially Arthritis, MS, Bowel & Heart Disease, among others.  Sugar causes a glucose rise... which causes a secretion of insulin... which causes you to dump more Calcium in your urine.  It's the SUGAR, Sally!


Another Dr. Zorba Pasture anecdote (...his insentient aural antics give my life "Worth & Meaning") -- A caller to his NPR radio show said that every time he ate sugar it caused joint pain. Of course, Dr. Z , in his slightly condescending manner, replied that it was a fluke, and there was NO scientific reason why that should happen... 


Folks, there is not just ONE good reason for why that should happen... there are a HALF DOZEN good reasons why that should happen!


Let me just give you one (it's a long one):  Sugar inhibits the production of the D6D Enzyme necessary for the first step in the Omega 3 Cascading Pathway (PW) which converts Simple Omega 3 (ALA) to the "work-horse", Complex Omega 3 (EPA) which activates the Prostaglandin III... ...which is your body's most powerful inflammation fighter. I'm not making this stuff up reader!


By shutting down the Omega 3 PW, the Omega 6 PW will likely NOT activate the desirable Prostaglandin I, but instead will activate the prostaglandin II causing an increase in INFLAMMATION, Platlet Stickiness, Blood Pressure & Allergic Reactions.    Read my paper "Fat Facts" at   Become an expert!


2)... NO Caffeine -- If God would give me special dispensation so I could drink just one large pot of Mexican Coffee daily, without it leaching minerals from my bones...I would praise Her name. praise doesn't work, eh?


3)... NO Carbonated drinks, Tums or any other forms of Calcium Carbonate like Caltrate, Oscal & all forms of Coral Calcium (which is Calcium Carbonate from the sea instead of dug out of the ground) -- These things destroy valuable stomach acid which causes poor digestion AND impaired mineral/trace mineral absorption.


Don't confuse a healthful acidic stomach pH with an unhealthful acidic blood and/or body pH!  If you don't remember anything else I tell you, please remember this... ...the only way to have a healthful alkaline Body pH, which will then help maintain your slightly alkaline Blood pH of 7.4, without leaching alkaline minerals from your bones - is to start with a very acidic stomach pH (less than pH 3)!  If you have a more alkaline stomach pH (4 or greater) due to Tums, sodas & old age, you will have an unhealthy Acidic body pH.  All, and I mean ALL MD's lie about reflux, heartburn & the "usefulness" of Antacids.  Read "The Antacid Myth" at            


Most people over 50 need to take "Stomach Acid-in-a-Capsule"...Betaine HCL w. Pepsin and NOT antacids.  Have that instead of your Boniva Pill, Sally!


4)... Fine-tune your digestion -- TRY HCL w. Pepsin...TAKE a broad-spectrum of Digestive Enzymes & a broad-spectrum of Probiotics like L. Acidophilus. If you are young and have plenty of stomach acid or if you have Gastritis or a Peptic Ulcer... then you want to avoid HCL w. Pepsin until you get it fixed.  Your MD giving you antacids for Ulcers, does NOTHING to fix the problem and exacerbates same! 


If you don't have a Gall Bladder... take an Enzyme Formula with Ox-bile or take a separate Bile Salts Formula.  If you are over 50 and still have your Gall Bladder, take 1000mg of Taurine daily on an empty stomach.  This cheap, Multi-purposeful Amino Acid is great for your heart & brain but also helps the flow of bile if you develop a "sluggish" Gall Bladder with age.  Ask your MD about a "Sluggish" Gall Bladder and he will ask what hallucinogens you've ingested.  Which really means, he doesn't have an expensive, toxic pharmaceutical for this purpose, so it's better to imply you're "trippin", reader!


5)... Sodium Fluoride (SF) -- Please do not get talked into taking SF for your OP...the peripheral, unintended consequences of taking a poison like SF are many & profound.  If you are a parent who continues to let your child swallow Sodium Fluoride tooth-paste, after you've been warned... ...I suspect there's a special place in "Hell" just for YOU.


6)... Consume mass quantities of green leafy veggies (the dark kind - NEVER Iceberg lettuce), sea veggies (like Iodine-rich Kelp) and Sulfur-containing foods like garlic, onions, leeks, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage & asparagus


7)... NO Tap Water -- Buy a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filter for about $120.  Re-mineralize RO water with liquid Trace Mineral drops (RO removes 95% of the Trace Mins.).  Store in glass mason jars...never plastic.  The chlorine in tap water kills the good bacteria in your gut leading to poor absorption of Minerals & Trace Minerals.


8)... Supplements in descending order of importance:  


Hummm...why isn't Calcium listed first? Calcium won't do you any good unless all these other players are in place.  Your bones actually contain more Protein than Calcium!  Protein provides the matrix for the calcium to build upon! 


In fact, if you were to magically or accidentally get EVERY vitamin, mineral, trace mineral, EFA (Essential Fatty Acid), non-denatured protein, non-oxidized fat & whole-food carbs in EXACTLY the right amounts... while getting lots of exercise in a Toxic-Free environment?  You would only need a portion of the recommended daily Calcium dose!


(a) -- Vitamin K - is necessary for synthesis of bone protein & bone repair.  Many Multi-Vitamins don't even contain Vit. K  and you may not get much in your diet if you don't eat many green leafy vegetables.  Some of the full spectrum Vit. K complexes that contain K1, and the 2 forms of the superior K2, with maybe some co-factors thrown in, are the best... but can get a little pricey. 


If you want something cheap, but effective,  Concentrated Alfalfa juice in powder / capsule form only has the less active K1 but you get a lot for your buck - plus Concentrated Alfalfa has EVERY mineral needed for joint maintenance, in a readily digestible form!


(b) -- Vitamin D-3 - The best D-3 comes from the sun (please try to get as much sun as possible w/o burning)... ...but if that is not an option then get 800iu to 1000iu of D-3 from supplementation.  Do not exceed 2000iu daily unless you get tested for Vit. D.  Avoid the inferior, less active form, Vit. D-2, like the kind found in milk.


(c) -- Multi-Vitamin/Mineral - Please get a Multi that is 1 or 2 notches above Centrum (bleh!) ...if you think you'll just go ahead and take Centrum or Theragram anyway...please stop reading right now and just forget everything you've read so far & have a happy life.  Read "The Ballad of Cheap Vitamins and Motor Oil"  at    to understand my disgust with "stuff" like Centrum & Flintstones.


(d) -- Trace Minerals - for those of you still here...use liquid Trace Mineral Drops in your filtered water and consume Unrefined, Sun-dried Sea Salt with all 70 plus Elements.  The salt Must be pink, grey or off-white...never pure white (indicates NO trace mins).


(e) -- Magnesium - Use Amino Acid Chelated, Kreb's Cycle or Citrate forms...never use the inferior Oxide form (like in Centrum).  Take from 800mg to 1000mg at a 1to1 ratio with Calcium - if it gives you diarrhea (the Citrate more-so than the Amino Acid form) then reduce the magnesium and later try to slowly build back up or stay at the lower dose. Always take Calcium & Mag. in small divided doses. In an effort to prevent OP...those MDs who load you up with Milk & Caltrate Calcium, without ever mentioning Magnesium...should be put in jail !  Most people need MORE MAGNESIUM in their lives.


(f) -- Calcium - Use Amino Acid Chelated, Kreb's Cycle or Citrate forms...never use Carbonate (like in Centrum), Coral Calcium, oyster shell or dolomite. Take 800 to 1000mg in divided doses. Taking in small, divided doses is Extremely Important...If you take 1000mg Calcium all at once, as the intrepid Dr. Zorba recommends? You are wasting a lion's share of it.


(g) -- Boron - Take 3mg total...check your Multi so you don't exceed the about 4 or 5mg.  Many Multi's don't contain Boron, which I don't understand, because it is critical for Calcium absorption.


(h) -- Zinc & Copper - If you have one of the rare conditions where you retain Copper... hopefully you already know about it.  Anyway...If you consume lots of high Phytate refined grains and you do not supplement with Zinc & Copper (they should be together at about a 10 or 15 to 1 ratio) -- AND if you have brittle greying hair, brittle cracked nails & dry "old people" parchment skin... then it is likely that you have either Hypo (low) Thyroid or you have a Zinc and/or Copper deficiency, in either case, you can reasonably expect to develop one or more of the following : Ostoporosis, a negative Lipid Profile, Diabetes, respiratory problems, Anemia, Heart Disease...Oh gee, it might be easier to list the nasty things to which it DOESN'T contribute...


WARNING : do not take excessive Copper (over about 4 mg daily) & do not take Copper w/o the correct compliment of Zinc.


Copper & Zinc must go together but they are constantly at odds...if you take too much Zinc it will inhibit the Copper or too much Copper will inhibit Zinc.  Most Multi's usually have 15mg Zinc & 1 or 2mg Copper. I recommend you take from 30mg to 50mg of extra Zinc (for a total of about 45mg to 65mg) thus requiring an additional 2mg or 3mg of Copper.  ALSO never take over 100mg Zinc daily.  Make sure you add the Zinc & Copper in your multi, into the total.


Myself & the other old geezer that writes with me, Alfred Lehmberg, are actually getting color back in our's magic, Folks !


If you have copper plumping & use copper not take supplemental copper until you get tested for copper.  I would not drink water coming from copper pipes.


(i) -- Glucosamine & MSM - A Very powerful "one - two" punch for bones & joints... and your heart... well, actually every place you have muscle & connective tissue...which is virtually EVERYWHERE!


(j) -- Chromium Amino Acid Chelated or Polinicotinate  - Increases Insulin sensitivity which increases bone strength.  Your Multi will have from 100 to 200mcg but you should take extra - for a total of 500 to 600mcg, including what's in the Multi.  This will also dramatically help with Diabetes & weight control.


(k) -- Silica -  Critical for Calcium absorption & bone strength.  The herb Horsetail is a good source.


(l) -- Take a long walk everyday between 10am & 2pm to kill two birds with one stone ...Weight-bearing exercise & Vitamin D-3 from the sun. Of course the sun's Vit. D production will probably only work in the summer unless you live in southern Florida.  In winter and/or living up north, the sun is likely at too low an angle to activate the Vit. D process in your skin.  If you're black...please don't rely on the sun for your Vit. D.  Actually, most people should not rely on the sun for Vit. D.


OK...that's all for now.  There are actually MANY more things one can do, but I'm sure most of you are thinking "Does he really believe I'm going to do all that?  Shoot... taking a Boniva pill once a month is so much easier."  That's's hard to do the right thing...until you do it for a while...then you realize that doing the right thing is ALWAYS easier in the long run.


Sally... Sally... Sally...  I've loved you since I was a young man (we're the same age).  Boy, did you look good in that stupid Burt Reynolds movie with the car chase.  I cannot bear the thought of losing your sweet smile to bone rot.  Please put the Boniva Devil behind you, ...AND refrain from fronting that insanity before it's too late...


The Boniva people?  "They don't like you... ...they really don't like you."   Sorry Sally, I couldn't resist.





LivingTree Root #018


Arthritis, Misery, and the "Dog-Test"

 By Alan Graham (with Alfred Lehmberg)



Many ill-informed MDs, much like NPR's Dr. Zorba Pasture for instance, claim that glucosamine (for Arthritis) has not been proven to work in the first place and that the success stories are largely anecdotal, in the second; successful resolutions of arthritic health issues due to the use of glucosamine are only the result of the "Placebo Effect."  You know, like a headache going away as a result of a sugar pill. The rest of the Zorba tale in a moment.


Contrary to Dr. Zorbie and the evil Vioxx, Celebrex, Bear Aspirin cabal -- glucosamine has had over 300 studies and 20+ clinical trials! All of these trials report that glucosamine works great for most folks... works marginally well for a few, and doesn't seem to work at all, for a very small percentage.


I suspect those not experiencing any relief just didn't stick with it long enough, thus falling victim to the one characteristic that makes people impatiently abandon glucosamine for aspirin or something more dangerous. It's that damnable lack of immediate gratification. 


Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS), like aspirin, work almost immediately (complementing our "immediate gratification society," remember) but they do NOTHING to actually fix the problem and in fact block that "Cox 2 Pathway"  helping to repair the cartilage deformation causing the pain... that's why they call aspirin a 'Cox 2 Inhibitor'... folks!



So, to recap, aspirin relieves the pain, marginally, now...  ...but while facilitating worse pain, later on, in the long run.  Fact!  On the other hand, glucosamine, usually takes at least 2 weeks to relieve the pain... and with some folks as long as a month!  Dust now or diamonds later, folks?


You see, glucosamine is not an anti-inflammatory or a pain reliever, it is the raw material (...made less with age!) to REPAIR the damage... in 2 or 3 weeks the pain goes away like *magic*, but without the toxic pain relievers


Of course, due to that bothersome principle of relativity, 2 weeks is a long time with your joints in a carpenter's vise.  But, come on... honored reader... ...wouldn't you rather... repair the damage!  Then, painlessly and inexpensively, continue the joint maintenance with the same stuff that Mother-Nature uses?   The preceding is of course preferable compared to just temporarily masking the pain now... for greater illness later... requiring more expensive pain relievers and drugs?  Reader, it's in your hands. 


The 100% accurate "Dog-Test":


OK,  forget about the 300 studies & 20 trials alluded to earlier... the "Dog Test" is fool-proof. 


Several years ago I started back lifting weights after a long lay-off due to an injury. That's when I realized that my occasional, if burgeoning elbow twinge was arthritis. My joints became very swollen & inflamed every time I tried to work out.  I took Aspirin for a while, but being a Holistic kind of guy, I started taking 1500mg of Glucosamine Sulfate (GS).  Sure enough, within 2 weeks the pain just faded away...  Hello!


This worked so well, as advertised, that I started giving 1000mg of GS daily to my 16 year old dog, so arthritic that it would take her about 90 seconds just to stand up & take her first step.  Well you guessed it... in about 2 weeks she was able to get right up and take-off at a pretty good clip, for an old gal. She seemed grateful, too...


Well, being a self-styled scientist of some conscience, I felt I was obligated to conduct an experiment to insure it was the GS and not some sort of doggie remission.  After a couple of months, with very little apparent stiffness, I quit giving her the GS.  Sure enough, within 10 days she started showing the first signs of slowing down and was right back to her old "Stove-up" self in 3 weeks. 


Yes, I started giving her the GS again, and just like before, she sprang back in about 2 weeks...and for the next 3 years, until she "laid down" for the last time, she could get up & down with youthful ease.  Cut.  Print!  That's a wrap.


Your Doctor should be treating you as well, reader, as I treat my dog.  You think?


Consider, because of the way we have "screwed around" with Mother-Nature by creating all of these drastically different doggie body-shapes, joint problems are more common in dogs than in humans... so it's easy to find an old arthritic dog if you want to do the "Dog-Test" yourself. If you adopted an elderly arthritic dog from the pound, say, before being euthanized, and then relieved her joint pain...I'm sure she would really appreciate it, love you until the end of her days, and protect you with her life.


Here is the 'coup de grace' to the Zorba anecdote alluded to earlier:


Dr. Z's radio show is live and because he has to respond to questions from callers, it is unrehearsed.  Well, after he made the bogus "placebo" comment to a caller's query reference GS alluded earlier,  Zorba's "side-kick", Tom, reported that he took GS for his arthritis and that it worked great!


Zorba then pontificated it was likely that "placebo effect" we've talked about...Then, out of the blue, Tom (inadvertently I'm sure), cut Zorba's legs right out from under him!  Tom reported that his old dog could no longer climb the stairs and that after taking Glucosamine... the dog could run up the stairs!


I'm sure I don't have to point out the obvious... but, I will.   Dogs really don't appreciate the subtleties of the "Placebo Effect," reader.   With dogs it's "pure vanilla"... they are, what they are. They don't do psychosomatic, eh?


Good Vet - Bad Vet...on second thought, they're probably all bad. (I'm talking mainstream Veterinarian medicine, not Holistic Vets).  Sorry in advance to all the Vet lovers, folks, I'm just judging a tree by its fruit.


Did you know that in Mainstream (Non-holistic) Veterinary Medicine there are two completely opposing philosophical views toward animal care?  Both approaches are designed for maximum profit  (sound familiar?) ...pretty much at the exclusion of everything else. 


Vets who look after large commercial livestock will use nutrition & supplements to prevent disease because that's how the industry makes the most money, by having big, healthy livestock complete with all the nutritional building blocks. As a result, many diseases in farm animals are prevented, out of hand, by taking vitamins, minerals, trace minerals & EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids).  Those very same diseases in humans, unfortunately are "managed" by toxic pharmaceuticals treating symptoms only, and doing nothing to fix or prevent the disease...


WHY?  You already know the answer.  That is where the most money can be made.


Now to the other philosophy.  In contrast, Vets who look after your pets... have a different attitude... the same attitude, not so astonishingly, as MD's who look after humans, actually!  Maximum profit drives that train remember.  Mainstream medicine makes us sick ... keeps us sick ... while giving only the appearance that something positive is being done!  Treating symptoms, merely, yet preventing or curing NOTHING. 


Unlike big farm animals that have to be sold for profit... if you & *Fluffy* get sick and waste away, who cares? In fact, the soullessly psychopathic multinationals are counting on it.  Humans & pets don't generate revenue if you prevent their disease, reader... can you see?  They generate revenue by being sick & staying sick, while the medical community manages their disease.


Don't misunderstand me.  Large animal Vets will not hesitate to feed animals unhealthful stuff as long as it makes them fatter for increased profit... for example, cattle feed high in meat protein (cows don't eat meat!) or polyunsat vegetable oils (all that Corn, in "Corn-Fed" Beef)  suppressing the thyroid, causing weight gain... just like in humans!  It sickens me, and should you... ...and in fact, DOES!


Ironically, the use of Poly-food oil in both livestock & humans, to gain weight, is the desired effect in both cases -- FAT livestock generate more profit when sold for meat and FAT humans generate more profit when kept sick & on expensive, toxic drugs for the rest of their increasingly miserable lives...


The following conversation with my dog's Vet illustrates how "Pet Vets" & Human MDs operate the same way.


Me -- "What is the first thing you recommend for arthritis, Doc"?

Vet -- "That would be our Doggie Aspirin, Mr. Graham."

Me --  "What's the second thing you recommend"?

Vet --  "Our finest Doggie Celebrex , Sir!"

Me --  "What's next?"

Vet --  " Well, Mr. Graham, that usually does the trick."

Me --  "Doc, instead of just masking the pain, why don't you try to repair the damage with Glucosamine?"

Vet --  "...Ah, well Mr.Graham, as it happens, we actually have Doggie glucosamine available."

Me --  "Oh really?  Well Doc, why didn't you recommend Glucosamine... FIRST?"

Vet --  " ...Ah, well...hum-muna, hum-muna... Ah, yeah, I guess from now on I could do that... and will that be cash or charge"?  ...Of course I was giving him the old "Maybe I'll twist your nose off your sweating face" glare!


So there you have it's all about profit and has virtually nothing to do with prevention & cure...well, unless you're an expensive commercial milk-cow...then you will be covetously fed every nutrient, vitamin, mineral, trace mineral & EFA for optimum health & disease prevention, as is profitably available.  See how that works?


Lastly, there are numerous supplements helping to alleviate joint pain, but in deference to the late "Great" James Coburn, (he was the tall, quiet knife-thrower in "The Magnificent Seven"), I would like to recommend a natural form of Sulfur...


MSM  ( Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane ). You may be allergic to Sulfa - but it is impossible to be allergic to Sulfur.


Mr. Coburn had arthritis in his fingers so cripplingly bad that his ruined hands had that terrible "bird-claw" look to them.  Because MSM actually relieved his terrific pain, he gave permission to use his likeness & testimony for promotion of MSM... ...even after his death!  I'd say that's a solid for MSM, eh?


Here is an excerpt from his CNN Obit -- "...He told The Associated Press in a 1999 interview he "healed himself" of the arthritis with pills having a sulfur base. His knuckles remained gnarled, but he said that the pain was gone." There it is.  Be smarter than your doctor.  Be treated as well as a cow.


And thank you, Mr. Coburn... until next time, Sir, and I see you on the other side...


...Those of us still this side?  Well be!


Alan D. Graham

800 Robin Parker Rd.

Ozark, AL 36360


Phone (334) 774-0395

E-mail --


LivingTree Root #019


"Centrum Follies" presents... "Cheap Vitamin Crap-tastics"

 By Alan Graham (with Alfred Lehmberg)


I've written extensively explaining how Centrum, Theragram, et al, are nearly worthless, so the latest Centrum TV commercials belching forth from the tube I find particularly insulting.  Insulting, and, in my opinion, dangerous to the vitamin consumer if it entices them to purchase this junk instead of something that might actually work. 


...Just to refresh your memory?  Virtually all grocery-store Multi-Vitamins like Centrum (by way of ready example), are, absolutely, the cheapest, the least absorbable, and the most non-absorbable.  They are artificial, chock full of chemical binders & fillers, and are harmful (as I see it), hard-pressed "Nuggets of Crap"!


...Gee,  I hope that wasn't too harsh. 


Read my paper  "The Ballad of Cheap Vitamins and Motor Oil" at  ...for a complete scientific explanation of the lies & obfuscation associated with Centrum, Flintstones, etc.


Anyway, reader, if you watch TV at all, I'm sure you've seen the new Centrum commercial. The word "inundated" comes to mind.  


Lets take a closer look at their "dazzling Scientific sounding Crap" ...that is a hypocritical, insulting JOKE... oh yeah, and by the way... ...I'm not laughing. 


Scene Opens -- Hundreds of different brands of Vitamin bottles come spilling out of this giant, clear-plastic, silo-looking thing and go rolling across the floor.  The narrator steps forward and says something to the effect "There are lots of Multi-Vitamins out there... that are only about the NUMBER OF INGREDIENTS..."


Wait a minute there, "Devil Spawn"!  Hasn't that been the "Advertising Theme" of Centrum propounded and patronized for decades... "Complete From A to Zinc", thus emphasizing the number of ingredients? 


Wow,  and speaking of "number of Ingredients" - look at the panoply of chemical crap in Centrum Silver currently:

INGREDIENTS: Calcium Carbonate, Dibasic Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide, Potassium Chloride, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Ascorbic Acid, Dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate, Gelatin, Pre Gelatinized Starch, Crospovidone, Acacia Senegal Gum Contains 2% or less of the Following: (, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Beta Carotene, Biotin, Boron, Butylated Hydroxytoluene BHT, Calcium Pantothenate, Chromic Chloride, Citric Acid, Collodial Silicon Dioxide, Cupric Oxide, Cyanocobalamin, Ergocalciferol, Blue 2 Aluminum Lake, Red 40 Aluminum Lake, Yellow 6 Aluminum Lake, Folic Acid, Hypromellose, Lutein, Lycopene, Magnesium Stearate, Manganese Sulfate, Niacinamide, Nickelous Sulfate, Phytonadione, Polysorbate 80, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (HCL), Riboflavin, Silicon Dioxide, Sodium Ascorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Metavanadate, Sodium Molybdate, Sodium Selenate, Sodium Silico Aluminate, Sorbic Acid, Starch, Sucrose, Thiamine Mononitrate, Titanium Dioxide, Tocopherols, Tribasic Calcium Phosphate, Triethyl Citrate, Vitamin A Acetate, Zinc Oxide, May contain : Calcium Stearate, Glucose, Lactose Monohydrate

Yikes... Please, NONE of the preceding for me, especially:  Butylated Hydroxytoluene (Vit. E works better & is safe, unlike BHT), Polysorbate 80 (...Cleanser in hair stuff like the Helsinki Formula...), Yellow 6 Aluminum Lake (...Banned in Norway...), Sodium Benzoate (...Known to cause rashes, headaches & Asthma...)... ...but thanks anyway.


The preceding four iterated are the really "bad" ones, but believe me, I could write a small book explaining how most of the remaining items above, are unnecessary, unhealthful & are the cheapest, most inferior form, when there's more than one form available...


C'mon kiddies... finish up your "Snackie Cakes" or "Cheezy Poofs" so you can have your "Flintstones Vitamin"...and Kids,  don't worry about that Red 40 Lake, Yellow 6 Lake & Blue 2 Lake -- All banned in Norway. 


Also, while on the subject of kid's vitamins... ...why in the Hell would they need to put TOXIC TransFat from Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO) in Flintstones?  This one simple act confirms that Flintstone's Executives will "bend-over" for Satan...I digress.


Continuing on :


 "...LIKE 'C' RECHARGING  'E'..."?


This is the provenance of the Crap-tastics alluded to in the title, reader.


The aforementioned narrator tells us how Centrum has 8 *combinations* of ingredients  " 'C' recharging 'E'..."


Uh, OK... ...this sounds great that Centrum's Vitamin 'C' recharges their Vit. 'E' I guess that means that Centrum is "special" and that most other multi's don't do that neat 'C' recharging 'E' thing...  Well, No! 


Actually Folks, in EVERY Multi-Vitamin in the whole Freaking World, the 'C' recharges the 'E'!  As long as the Multi has C & E, this recharging will happen.  Moreover, I've never seen a Multi that didn't have C & E , have you? 


Truth in advertising is lost under a cowl of Centrum doing nothing special at all to fraudulently indicate that they do!  All "C's" recharge the "E's"!  That's what 'C's do to 'E's without regard to brand name, trademark, or quality!  See?


They LIE!  Surprised?


Reader, in all those higher quality Multi's much superior to Centrum (like virtually EVERY brand you would find in a health food store),  the 'C' will even do a BETTER job of recharging the 'E' because the artificial "DL" form of Vit.E in Centrum is only about 60% usable (unlike the natural "D" form of Vit.E that is 100% usable).  This is because the "L" portion of the "DL" is a "backwards molecule" that is unusable to humans.  


Moreover, that 60% is further eroded because, even though it's unusable to us, the "L" molecule fits nicely, still, into the Vit.E receptor site, blocking it so the usable "D" can't get in to turn the chemical key!  This means you are likely using much less than 50% of the "DL" Vit. E listed on the label.


See how that works?  Centrum is bubble gum in the coin slot of your body chemistry at many of these aforementioned receptor sites!


Consider:  These soulless corporatists spend millions of dollars to make a commercial fraudulently implying that their brand of Vitamin is singular with regard to something  that ALL Multi-Vitamins do automatically anyway... obscuring the fact that other brands actually perform this function better than they do!  That's not only deceptive, it's a mis-utilization of Mother-Nature's limited resources... resources like your TIME and your quality of life.


Why don't they spend their money to tell you truthfully about something that makes their product superior to the others?  Well...they would, you see... ...if they could... ...but they (um... ah...) CAN'T! 


They can't because, as I've said, "Centrum and cheap grocery store vitamins like them are inferior, duplicitous, and mendacious CRAP."  Be not fooled.


Well be!


Alan D. Graham

800 Robin Parker Rd.

Ozark, AL 36360


Phone (334) 774-0395

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LivingTree Root #020


One-a-Day Prostate Care or

"My Woody's Outside, Covered With Snow..."

by Alan Graham (with Alfred Lehmberg)



After showing the inferiority of Centrum Multi-Vitamins the last time, I felt I could stay away from the subject of cheaply produced "Grocery-store" vitamins for a while... but no.  Duplicitously insane TV & radio adds keep assaulting (insulting?) me with their disingenuousness, their lies & their obfuscation.  I'm provoked, reader, compelled to vent!


This time it's "One-a-Day Men's with Lycopene & *Specially-formulated* Selenium for prostate health," dragged up for righteous assessment.  We'll forget for a moment that it is the aggregate diet itself aggravating the persecuted prostate; the fact you'd be further sold an inferior product to address same is outrage on top of insult and injury.


Just like the "Centrum" described previously, all the other ingredients in "One-a-Day" are the cheapest and most artificial crap available...a few examples to remind you:


(a).  The Vitamin E is the synthetic "Double-molecule" (dl-alpha) which is very poorly opposed to the natural "Single-molecule" (d-alpha) which is very well absorbed.


(b).  The Minerals are all harsh Inorganic Salts like Carbonate & Oxide!  These are poorly absorbed when they are absorbed at all.  They are in abject opposition to the far superior Organic Chelated Minerals... like Krebs Cycle, Amino Acid (Albion process), Citrate & others -- just to remind.


(c).  The Vitamin D is the inferior form D-2, found in milk... unlike the superior form D-3 found in Cod-Liver Oil, Quality supplements & that which is made by the Sun.  One of the more important Vit. D jobs is to facilitate the absorption of Calcium; however, D-2 is poorly suited for this task (Got Milk?)... D-3, on the other hand, works great!


That's just review.  Here's the problem with their Lycopene & Selenium specifically:


1...  Lycopene - A Powerful antioxidant found it tomatoes that's good for your heart & prostate...


(a). FORM - One-a-Day (OaD) uses an artificial form made from petroleum!  Natural lycopene, under a patented process called "Lyco-Mato" is the kind used in most of the superior brands.  It's not expensive.


(b). DOSAGE - If you get a separate Lycopene supplement (not in a Multi) it will generally be a 10mg (10,000mcg) dose.  If you get a quality Multi with Lycopene (not a grocery-store brand) it will usually have from 2mg (2,000mcg) to about 5mg (5,000mcg) of Lyco-Mato. I would consider 2000mcg of Lycopene just about the minimum therapeutic dose. 


I'm sure the reader will be something less than surprised to discover that OaD only has 600mcg of artificial Lycopene... reminiscent of  "This food is terrible...Yeah, and there's not much of it"! 


Seriously, this is only having enough in it so they can say it's in there, reader!  It's not DOING much, if anything.  There's not enough in the first place and it's the inferior form to begin with, in the second.


I did find one Multi-Vitamin, prostate formula that was even lower than One-a Day, at only 300mcg of Lycopene...go ahead and guess the brand...Very Good, you're right... Centrum... Prostate Formula.  They exceed the low standard they set for themselves.


In fact, I went back to the OaD web-site and chuckled when I noticed that they were bragging about having twice as much Lycopene as Centrum... yeah, but if you take a teeny-tiny tic-dropping and multiply it by have 2 teeny-tiny tic-droppings.  Twice almost nothing, is still almost nothing. Corporate America spits in your face, reader!


2...  Selenium - VERY powerful antioxidant & essential trace mineral... good for your heart, prostate & protects you from cancer.  I consider Selenium one of the top 3 antioxidants found in nature.


(a). FORM - The OaD ads claim their Men's Multi uses a "Specially-formulated" Selenium for your prostate. This is fatuous Crapola, Folks.


There is nothing special about putting selenium in a Multi, they all have it... and there is certainly nothing special about the form in OaD. In fact, OaD uses Sodium Selenate, which is not normally present in foods, as opposed to the Amino Acid Chelated form, Selenomethionine -- which is!  How special is that?   Moreover, a study at Iowa State University found that selenate was less effective than selenomethionine to correct a deficiency.


As I wrote, Selenomethionine is the principal form of selenium found in foods. Selenomethionine is virtually 100% absorbed and is well retained as compared to the inferior inorganic selenium form, which, like any other garbage, is rapidly excreted.


(b). DOSAGE - Maybe the "Special-formulation" was the amount of selenium... considering OaD uses 105mcg, which is 35mcg more than the minimun recommended dose of 70mcg!  The only problem with that, is there are many Multi's that have 150mcg up to about 300mcg and they are just "regular" Multi's ...not "Special" Prostate formulas!  This is not truth in advertising!  This is meaningless bupkis of same.


Most Holistic Practitioners realize that a good therapeutic dose of Selenium should be a minimum of 200mcg & that 400mcg is even OaD's, at 105mcg of inferior Selenium, is singularly UN-impressive.  Decidedly non-special!  


CAUTION :  I wouldn't take over 400mcg of Selenium because just 3 or 4 hundred more can have some fairly negative effects if this extra high dose is taken for a while.  On the other hand, if I had cancer, I wouldn't hesitate to take about 600mcg daily, at 200mcg x 3...


As far as "prostate" formulas go?  One-a-Day Men's, with its 105mcg of Selenate & 600mcg of Lycopene... does not even rise to the level of Mediocre, much less being considered "Special".


I'm sure there are those who think this is not such a big deal... but imagine the following scenario: 


What if you take One-a-Day Men's for 25 years thinking that you are protected from any untoward Prostate difficulties.  At 50 you marry your obligatory second (or 3rd) wife who is only 29 and still very much a "Hottie". 


Surprise!  Six months in you have to have prostate surgery... leaving you something less than heroic "Woody-wise" and requiring that you to "chain-pound" Viagra as if they were Tic-Tac's just to get the old woody into the freaking garage!  Well, shortly after you go blind abusing the little blue helpers?  You have a massive stroke mid-coitus. 


That little episode leaves you a drooling mass suitable only to being pushed around in a wheelchair by your, soon-to-be-ex, wife...


I suspect inadequate and inferior Lycopene & Selenium become a very big deal at that point, eh?  For want of a nail the shoe was lost?  Exactly.  Use a quality nail now, reader, or wind up with bare feet out in the snow... with your derelict woody.


Well be.



LivingTree Root #021


Avoiding Infanticide or Eating Your Way To A Healthy Baby 

by Alan Graham (with Alfred Lehmberg)



 To insure MDs & Pharmaceutical executives have a steady source of income to cover the boat payment & the trophy-wife... these high or low voltage sociopaths make us sick and keep us sick so they can "Manage" our diseases like cash cows for the whole of our miserable lives... thus extracting  maximum revenue.  This, when the ailments alluded to could likely be easily prevented with a few lousy dollars worth of Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Minerals & EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids), Probiotics, and Digestive Enzymes. Oh Yeah, and while avoiding just about everything our "doctors" recommend.  Spots in hell are warmed for such.


The aforementioned medicos start making us sick, in a hundred different ways, even before we are conceived, reader... and then through every stage of development after conception. They do this through shilling lap-dog organizations like the FDA and the best government regulations money can buy!


I'm going to hit just a few of the most significant lies perpetuated by the very people who are supposed to be looking out for us; however, believe me, this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to "dragging-down" mother & child for the purpose of the crassest of profits.


What immediately follows are only some of these abominations to which I allude:


1... Omega 6 PolyUnsat. Food Oils, like Corn & Soy, causing...

      (a).  Toxic Oil consumption.

      (b).  Omega 3 EFA deficiency.

      (c).  Omega 6 to Omega 3 EFA Ratio (4 to1 is good, 1to1 is best) is an out of whack "Death-Ratio" (maybe as high as 50 to 1).


2... Mineral & Trace Mineral deficiencies.


3... Inferior Pre-natal / Children Vitamins & Baby Formulas.


4... Overuse of Soy, refined Grains & Sugar.


5... All of the above leading to PPD (postpartum depression) & fat, listless, and Diabetic children and adults.


  If you read my paper -- New Food Pyramid: The Big "FAT"Lie!  (, it shows how the "New & Improved Food Pyramid" is absolutely in the tank for several big "Bidnesses" (sic) in order for them to more easily profit at the expense of a degraded general health.  In the 'Big "FAT" Lie!' find several examples of this kind of evil duplicity... but let me just briefly remind you of the real "Biggie" - the one that probably causes more Cancer, Bowel Disease, MS, Low Thyroid, Heart Disease, etc, etc, than any other single thing we ingest ...oh yea, it makes for sick, weak, and tortured babies too.


 I'm referring to "REFINED, Omega 6, Polyunsaturated Food Oils," reader, like Corn, Soy, Cottonseed, Grapeseed, Safflower, Sunflower, Peanut, etc... and yes, Virginia, even the so-called "Mono-unsat" Canola Oil... all of which are encouraged by Doctors, Dieticians & the New Food Pyramid.


Don't confuse these evil, highly-reactive poly-unsat oils (even Canola at 38% Poly) with healthful, non-reactive Omega 9, Mono-unsat Oils like Olive Oil, or the marvelously magical MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride), Coconut Oil.  The New Food Pyramid (NFP) tells you these Om.6, Poly-unsat Oils are heart healthy because, being a liquid at room temp, they lower "bad" Cholesterol... and they have the *research data* to prove this.


Unfortunately,  what they don't tell you is that the oils used to compile their bogus data were expensive and UNREFINED Oils the reader will never use.  Special oils!  "Ringer" oils.  Cherry picking oils!


This particular kind of oil they've used has NOT turned rancid & toxic because it is an oil pressed under refrigerated and so more expensive conditions. If you ever found this kind of oil in a typical grocery store (and of course you never will!) it would cost 4 or 5 times as much as the RE-fined crap you use now... plus it would have to be refrigerated after opening.  When have you ever brought home a bottle of Corn or Canola food oil that required refrigeration?  I'll tell you when... NEVER !!


The cheaper 'Refined', Omega 6, Poly-unsat. Oil that you bring home from "WallyWorld" has already oxidized during processing and turned toxic & rancid... believe it or not!  So, to hide the rancid smell they RBD the oil (Refine, Bleach & Deodorize)!  These processes strip away any nutritional value and leave the oil "Dead"... and teaming with Lipid Peroxide toxins! This is the "Oil" you bring home (RE-fined) from the store... ...but that is NOT the oil used for conducting their entirely duplicitous published research data and bogus audit trail!


No reader, this is the Refined CRAP alluded to having the most potential to cause any disease... and in fact, in 1994, the prestigious Medical Journal, Lancet, published clear data showing that 75% of the stuff clogging your arteries was Oxidized Poly-unsat Vegetable Oil... not the absolutely essential, healthfully multi-purposeful and unjustly maligned Cholesterol. 


Moreover, don't be fooled by the misleading term "Cold-Pressed" on the Poly Food Oil label!  This just means no heat was added in manufacture but it gets very hot due to pressure, turning the Poly portion of the oil rancid & toxic.  On the other hand, if it's Cold-Pressed Mono oil, like Olive Oil, the Mono won't turn rancid... just the Poly portion.


That is why every time a Dietician tells you that Canola is a heart healthful Mono-unsat oil, just like Olive Oil, they are lying. They are NOT healthfully analogous!  Canola is 54% Mono... BUT it is also 38% poly which will turn rancid & toxic, requiring 100% of the oil be RBDed... which destroys anything of value in the oil.


To prove the whole of the Medical Community is purposely making you sick, I could, but I don't really need to, compile a book of the thousands of lies they tell... ( me I can't!)... because when you boil *actuality* right down?  Dieticians, doctors, the FDA, and the "New" Food Pyramid... all of these philosophical edifices knowingly perpetuate this one tremendous LIE (crime actually) regarding oil. The aforementioned edifices obfuscate the vector actually making us sick... ... Sincerely, the preceding, alone, is more than adequate confirmation of my worried contention!


You see folks, now that we've demonstrated with this single example (of many such examples!)... that virtually every "Tentacle" of the medical industry conspires to make you (you, reader!) sick?  Then the 4 major points to follow should be a lot more easily believable.


OK...Moving On.    


1... Before Egg meets Sperm:


If a women is considering pregnancy, her MD would probably advise her to eat "right", eh?  ..."Take a *Centrum* (tm) Multi," he might say... ...and if he's real conscientious he would tell her to take extra folic acid to rule out Spina Bifida.  The preceding is not only woefully inadequate (except for the Folic Acid part), it is actually bad advice. It is bad advice for the following reasons:


  (a).  The most important stored Nutrients a women needs, anticipating pregnancy, are EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids), Omega 3's (ALA) from Flax & Hemp, and EPA & DHA from eggs & Fish Oil -- or even better, Cod Liver Oil with its higher DHA levels.  DHA is the required "BRAIN-FOOD for Babies". 


Unfortunately, if eating "right" means following the New Food Pyramid (NFP) then she's in trouble because she will most likely be EFA deficient.  The NFP's overemphasis on Omega 6 poly-unsat food oils means the Omega 6's overpower the Omega 3's egregiously... so she has an unhealthy Om6 to Om3 Ratio of 20 or 30 to 1... instead of a healthful Ratio of 4 to 1, or less (1 to 1 is best!).


High content Poly-unsat Omega 6 food oils like Soy & Safflower not only drive up the extremely critical Om6 to Om3 EFA Ratio (a very Bad thing), you get a double-whammy because the *Refining* has created lipid peroxide, a corrosive Free-radical that attacks every system in your body to include your reproductive system... ...and the systems of your unborn baby!


A reminder, Folks!  Don't confuse the Om6 to Om3 Ratio with the Om6 Toxicity...the negative increase in the EFA Ratio has nothing to do with it being the toxic REfined oil... see?  Consequently, even the expensive non-toxic, UNrefined poly oil (used in the duplicitous *research* alluded to above) will drive up a healthful EFA Ratio (4 to 1or less remember) to an unhealthful (20 or 30 to 1) "DEATH" Ratio. 


This is no hyperbole!  For every numerical increase above 4 to 1 the death rate goes up.   So you see... even if you did use the expensive, non-toxic, UNrefined Oil they used - it will still slowly kill you, because it is a ratio-busting Poly Om6... not just because it is toxic. 


Also consider, Om 6 Oil is already found in every form of food to include fruit, so encouraging even more Om 6 consumption with Om 6 Food Oil (corn, soy, etc.) is a real crime against Humanity when you consider Om 9 Oils like Olive & Macadamia nut could be an easy substitution.  Moreover, a high EFA Ratio (greater than 4 to 1) causes a dramatic increase in Inflammation, Blood Pressure,& Allergic Reactions... because too much Om 6 causes the Om 6 to convert to "Inflammation causing" PG-2 instead of taking the "other fork in the road" that would convert it to "Inflammation REDUCING" PG-1 & PG-3 (see the graphic at the bottom of


A simple way to lower your EFA ratio is to try to avoid Poly-Omega 6 oil as much as possible by using Mono-Omega 9 oils like Olive & Macadamia Nut Oils.  Of course it would also help dramatically to consume more Omega 3... like Hemp & Flax (from Plants) or Krill, Cod-liver & Fish Oil (from Animals).  I bet 95% of you have never even heard of this "EFA RATIO"...ask your MD about it and its relationship to the recommendation and over-use of Om 6 oils... then watch him do a great Ralph Kramden impersonation.   "Hummana, hummana... my head hurts"!


  (b).  Trace Minerals: There are 70 or so Trace Minerals found in the Oceans & in the soil... that is until vast areas of land have been "Raped" through decades of farming... leaching these key minerals from the soil and then NOT replacing them... 


And, if that wasn't bad enough, the artificial fertilizer and plethora of poison "...cides", (insecta, herba, and funga etc...) kill the helpful little soil microbes naturally there, thus inhibiting further nutrient utilization.  Consequently, many of the more exotic if necessary Trace Minerals are just not found in our food.  This is why supplementation is necessary... required, even.


Of course, "officious MD's" will only acknowledge that we need a handful (7) of big (>100mg daily dose) Macro minerals (like Calcium & Magnesium), and maybe 10 or 12 of the smaller (<100mg) Trace minerals (like Copper & Zinc) while they ignore, 40 or so, trace minerals most of us have never heard of!  Tragically, many of these ephemeral minerals are used as necessary co-factors for the thousands of actions & reactions going on continuously in every cell of your body... ...required elements programming good health. 


For example?  Germanium carries oxygen to cells which helps fight viral invasions...

Arsenic has been found to be essential for survivability of newborn babies and also neonatal growth ...Tin is a co-factor in enzymatic actions.  However, the real problem is that medical science does know or understand the role of many of the more exotic trace elements... ...but chooses to ignore them.  Ignore the science...  ...Why?


Folks, think about this...we evolved over millions of years continually saturated with all those strange sounding elements... then found in everything we consumed.  Mother-Nature or God is very adept at making use of everything appearing ubiquitous & permanent in the environment (that's why She uses the Sun to make Vit.D-3).  Little did Mother-nature know that a million years later we would be leaching those things out of the earth on thousands of acres of corporate, artificially fertilized Mega-Farms to feed a population too large, finally, to be sustained by them!


...Mother-Nature must eventually get tired of homo Sapien Sapien "Bitch-Slapping" her around, eh?  Additionally, are we so "wise" that we are even authorized to say it twice... Sapien Sapien... Wise Wise... ? I digress...


2... After you are Pregnant: Following your MD's advise is fraught with peril for both the mother & developing baby, if I may be so bold.


(a).  Eating "right" by following the "New Food Pyramid" is a joke.  Please read my Three Part series on the Food Pyramid in "LTR# 12, 13, & 15" at  to fully understand just how Bogus & Unhealthful the *Pyramid* truly is.


Find there a full explanation of some of the more harmful recommendations: like RE-fined Poly. Unsat. Food Oils,  RE-fined Carbohydrates (Bread, Cereal, Pasta & Sugar),  TransFat from partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (Margarine, Veg.Shortening, all Commercial baked products),  Soy Isolate (Found in manufactured foods of every description), Sweet fruit juices, and Toxins of every description (Tap-water, cosmetics, food-additives, etc.)... Oh well, hopefully you begin to get the idea.


(b).  EVERY (OK, almost every) Prenatal Multi-Vitamin/Mineral that is recommended by MD's is CRAP !!  Please send me the list of ingredients or a link to a web-site that shows the ingredients of a "doctor" recommended "Pre" or "neonatal" Multi-Vitamin... that is not CRAP to prove me wrong... I'll send you a no-prize...


Let me warn you ahead of time ... don't send me a list of ingredients without including a list of the mineral or vitamin FORMS.  For example, if it lists "Calcium" but doesn't list the form Carbonate, Citrate, etc. then it does me no good... ...and in fact means or gives clear indication that the product is Crap, reader... because the "Law of Perversity of Nature" dictates that if these corporate boys are proud of the form... then they list the formIf the form is Crap... they don't list the form!


Here are just a few of things wrong with MD recommended prenatal Vit/Min's as opposed to ND (Naturopathic) recommended Multi's:


(1)-- The vitamins will be  made from petroleum... like the low absorption, artificial form of Vit. E (dl alpha tocopherol) as opposed to the made from soy beans, the highly absorbable and natural form of Vit. E (d alpha tocopherol). 


(2)-- The minerals will be harsh, difficult to absorb, INorganic Salts like Carbonate & Oxide as opposed to Organic Chelated minerals like Albion Chelation (Amino Acid Chelated), Kreb's Cycle, Citrate, etc. These are much better absorbed and much easier on the gut... unlike the "Diarrhea-causing" Oxide


(3)-- The CRITICAL Vit. D will be the ineffective form D-2, like that found in milk, as opposed to the highly effective form D-3 found in Eggs, Cod Liver Oil, made by the Sun & in quality Vitamins.


In all fairness I did find one Prenatal-Multi (PnM) advertised through a link off WebMD that looked pretty good...I just wonder how many MD's understand enough about the different Supplemental Forms to even recognize a quality Multi, like this one, when they see it!  I know the following is purely anecdotal, but every PnM women tell me was recommended by their MD, it is always the inferior garbage I've described above.


Additionally, even though the Vitamin & Mineral Forms, in the Pn-Multi linked off WebMD, were all very good forms... it also had the same drawback as virtually every other Pre & Neo-Multi:  it used DHA only (no EPA) and the DHA came from algae and not from Fish/Cod-liver/Krill Oils... thus the "DHA/EPA Controversy" briefly discussed below.  Actually I found one, prescription-only, that had the superior DHA from fish but managed to extract it w/o including any EPA... I think this is wrong.


DHA (Omega 3 "Brain-Food for Babies") -- The following applies to BOTH Prenatal & Neonatal supplements & Baby Formulas:


The Omega 3 fatty acid DHA is, without a doubt, the MOST critical nutrient for Fetus & Baby brain & eye development.  It is key!


In Mother's Milk the DHA is found with & works in synergy with the other powerful, animal-derived Om 3, EPA, at a ratio of about 4 to 1.  The DHA to EPA ratio of Cod-Liver Oil is about 4 to 3.   Every form of DHA consumed naturally by humans is always found along with EPA.  Even the plant-derived "simple" Omega 3 (ALA) from Hemp & Flax which converts (only a very small percentage) to "complex" animal Om 3, after cascading down the PG Pathway of every cell in your body, will convert to both EPA & DHA... NEVER just DHA by itself. In fact, it will first convert the most to EPA and much less, very sluggishly, to DHA.  You see, Mother-Nature or God never intended us to consume DHA w/o EPA....and, there-in lies the Essential Fatty Acid imbalance.


Virtually every Pre/Neo-natal & baby formula listed or linked to WebMD, et al. contains DHA from algae called Neuromins...but without any EPA.  The Neuromins proponents believe that algae-derived DHA is superior because its DHA to EPA ratio at 4 to ZERO is closer to Mother's Milk ratio of 4 to 1- where as, Cod-Liver Oil's ratio of about 4 to 3, is not as close.  Yes, this is true... but many others and myself feel that even if the EPA in Cod Oil is much higher than breast-milk, that's perfectly OK...but what is not OK... is having NO EPA at all - like in the Neuromins.


Believe me, Dear Reader, I have no dog in this hunt... in fact, I hope I'm wrong about Neuromins (w/o EPA) because it sounds like a good way to get DHA into babies without a lot of the inherent hassles associated with cold-water fish & their oils. For example, DHA is very sensitive to spoilage caused by heat & air.  Supposedly, the Neuromin's have overcome earlier oxidation problems with a product that resists oxidation through the processing and utilization.  I'll keep you informed...


3... The 3 Hidden Evils: The majority of the population has no idea how much Unfermented Soy, Refined Grains & Sugar are found in virtually every processed food on the market.  These "Anti-nutrients" are hidden in Cereals, Baby Formula's, "Health-Foods", Protein powder Mixes  (in fact, some so-called "Whey Protein" powders have a large percentage of Soy Isolate).


(a)... Soy, Unfermented... not to be confused with healthful Fermented Soy like Soy Sauce or Miso ... One could write a fairly long paper out-lining Soy's negative characteristics; however, I'm only going to mention two that are applicable to this whole reproduction process.


   1) - Soy Phytates & Oxalates bind with critical minerals & trace minerals which can cause or exacerbate a mineral deficiency!  This has the potential to cause or exacerbate virtually EVERY disease and/or birth defect.


   2) - Soy Phytoestrogen - Modern humans have created a very Estrogen-rich environment where we are bombarded, from conception, by estrogenic compounds & estrogen-mimics which have the potential to feminize our population.  I'm not female bashing... I'm talking about a nutritional approach which likely precludes female bashing.


(b)... Refined Grains --- THEY'RE EVERYWHERE...but the biggest offender is "Organic", "100% Whole-Grain" Cereals.  By the time this "Stuff" has been "slurried,  extruded under heat & pressure and processed" is worse than eating Table-sugar.


(c)... Sugar --- IT'S EVERYWHERE...hi-fructose corn syurp, 100% Concentrated Grape Juice, Sucrose, Dextrose, Brown Rice Syrup, Crystalline fructose, etc., etc. There is no trick too dirty, reader, to hide sweeteners & other "Anti-Nutrients"


4... Lastly, Postpartum Depression: Let's, albeit very unscientifically, connect a few dots... using the "Rings-true Logically" approach.  The reader can draw her own conclusion.


We pretty well know the following "facts":


1). Being EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) and/or Mineral/Trace Mineral deficient can cause dramatic changes in mood, cognition & ones ability to think clearly.


2). The brain is mostly fat...the most abundant brain-fat being the EFA Omega 3, DHA.


3). The developing fetus will leach EFA's (like DHA) & Minerals from the mother... even if it depletes her own life critical stores of EFA's & minerals. Mother-Nature doggedly insists the baby come first.


4). The incidence of PICA (eating clay, chalk, dirt, etc.) increases in pregnant women. Pica seems to increase with women lower on the socioeconomic scale indicating poorer nutrition (less minerals) equates to more Pica...


But what do we get from modern medicine?  It's a "mental disorder" requiring expensive pharmaceuticals!  When cows get Pica - are they crazy?  Nutritional Science will admit that Pica in cows can usually be helped with Mineral/Trace Mineral Supplementation but there is not substantial research to show that to be true in humans... how Freaking convenient!


5). Pregnant women are always craving ice cream, pickles, and onion rings... or whatever... because the baby takes the needed nutrients... ...which leaves the mother craving... something? They don't know what they crave... but they crave something!


Conclusion: Doesn't this mean that "We Intuitively Know" (or at least highly suspect) that Postpartum Depression is caused by an EFA &/or Mineral deficiency?  Yet every time a new mother kills her baby all the Freaking "Experts" stand around pontificating about mental illness & stress... yet fail to even consider a nutritional deficiency.


Why is that?  Yeah, we already know the answer...


If we prevent disease & depression by taking a handful of Vitamins, Minerals & Cod Liver Oil softgells, how do we expect MD's to be able to up-grade to gold-plated bathroom fixtures for their summer homes? 


The question is begged!  Is your Doctor your friend?  It does not appear so to me.


Until next time then... ...the tools are at hand!  Well be!





LivingTree Root #022


Courting CODEX: "Whole-Food" Deceptions...

By Alan Graham (with Alfred Lehmberg)



Everywhere we turn these days we're threatened by the glittering teeth of sociopathic predators and smarmy confidence men.  I'm sure it's no surprise to the reader that this mendacious practice extends to necessary consumables and required foodstuffs.  These include the gleeful sale of that which is demonstrably bad for us on the one hand... and the fraud and misrepresentation employed in the sale of that which is supposed to be good, on the other.


I've written extensively and at some length regarding the former.  This time we'll investigate the latter.


There is an evil little trick several so-called "Whole-Food Supplement" makers use to cheat people. This flavor of sociopathy puts the consumer at risk because they are betrayed into thinking they are covering all the nutritional bases - when in fact, they don't even come close.


It's fairly easy to spot these "crooks and charlatans" by an informed reading of the Ingredient Info or Supplemental Facts on the label of these products.  On these "X" products the reader will see listed a long and "impressive" array of Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids), Amino Acids, Digestive Enzymes, on & on... but there is a problem the practiced eye readily detects.


The informed reader of this label notices that there are NO MEASURED AMOUNTS listed... or maybe only a few (4 or 5) of the nutrients are listed at all.   There is no way of knowing, then, if there are sufficient amounts of the essential Vitamins & Minerals to be therapeutic... or if they even come close to meeting minimum daily requirements... because Folks,  they rarely, if ever, do!


The reason they so easily "pull this off" is because they have a perfectly reasonable sounding rationalization for not listing the amounts ... which is: 


"...Because "Product X" is a "whole food," the amounts are always changing slightly... for example, you wouldn't expect grocery stores to list the amount of Vitamin C in every Orange - because they are all a little different." 


This is "logical-sounding," yet it is specious *Crapola*, reader...  There are many, many, credible Whole-Food Supplement Makers who manage to manipulate the different batches of "stuff" in their products... facilitating a list of minimum amount of each Vit./Min./etc. which can then be verified by product testing.  We have the technology.


Moreover, these substandard "X" products also suggest that other (read: more credible) Supplement Makers "have" to use "artificial" ingredients to be able to add just the right amounts... to end up the same, correct gram, mg or mcg amount... every time.  Even if & when this is true... it doesn't matter people!  The addition of a natural, quality supplemental does not mean "artificial manipulation of a product," at all.


Example: what about the natural whole-food Fish Oil?  The EFA, Omega 3's, EPA & DHA in fish oil are not "artificial" ingredients which they manufacture in a lab and then pour in until they reach 500mg of EPA/DHA per gram of Fish Oil.  No!  All fish have varying concentrations of EPA/DHA, yet they still manage to get 500mg in each gram (1000mg) of oil.  This is a GOOD thing, folks, not the BAD thing implied!


Don't be mislead!  The core nutritional theories behind many of these "X" products could have efficacy (because they are usually centered around some very healthful, multi-purposeful nutrients like Sea Algae, Sea Veggies, Marine Plankton, Sea Minerals & other whole-food, Fruits & Veggies...) IF they did one of two things :


1).  IF they sold their *stuff* for about $10.00 as a "Green-Food, Sea-Veggie" Supplement one might take in addition to a "Real" Whole-Food Multi-Vit/Min... But NOT for FORTY DOLLARS while stealthily trying to pass this "crap" off as a "Complete" nutritional source making other supplementation unnecessary!  This is an outrageous lie!


2).  IF they were able to concentrate these different nutrients down to where they could actually get a therapeutic dose of all the necessary items into 2 or 3 capfuls of liquid!  Or sell it, as is, but "dirt cheap"... telling people they should drink a pint or two daily instead of just one 1/2 ounce capful!  That way the amounts of essential Vit's & Min's might make it up to a level to where it can legitimately call itself a "Complete Multi-Vit/Min", reader, without having to lie.


Listen to this recent sequence of events & you tell me if this product is bogus!  


What follows is an email I received from the "good doctor" Ismail about the product he touts called "FrequenSea" ... I'm leaving in his email address in case anyone wants to try to get him to explain how such tiny amounts of nutrients can qualify as a "complete multi"...


...Complete is my word. The FrequenSea people are careful to avoid using words like "Complete Multi-Vit/Min" because that is a lie that can get them in trouble.  However, it is not a lie if they say something like..."...has every nutrient humans need for good health"  Do you see the little trick?  Yes,  it may have every needed nutrient,  but it does not have them in large enough amounts to actually do any good.  Does a drop of lemon juice in a gallon of water make lemon-aide?  Maybe... real weak lemon-aide. 


----- Original Message -----

From: "MS Ismail" <>

To: <>

Sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2006 12:02 PM

Subject: Saw your article on Rense


> Hi Alan
> Greetings from Australia.  I am impressed with your analysis and want 
> to congratulate you.  We need to debunk the crap we are fed.  In my 
> opinion the furtue (sic) is FOOD.
> Thought this may interest you, this is proof that Mother nature has 
> everything and is intricate and complex so that we dont (sic) have to be.
> Kind regards
> Dr. Sam Ismail MD
> Integrative Medicine Physician
> Australia


----------My Response: 




If a lay person sent me this info to get my opinion I would tell them that there is a 90% chance that this product is a sham... reminiscent of the bogus product "Sea Silver".


 Any product which fails to list the amounts of the different vitamin or mineral, etc. while using the bulls**t excuse that because every orange has different amounts of vitamin C & because their product is a "Whole-Food" you can't list the amounts.


When "SeaSilver" was tested independently -- it turned out to be mostly grape juice with just enough of every item listed so they couldn't be sued for lying... but many of the items barely registered a trace amount.

If you sell this as a green food for about $15.00 it might be OK, but to make people think this is a "Complete Multi Vit/Min/EFA" when it probably doesn't come close to having beneficial amounts...that is just pure EVIL.

Send me independent testing that shows the average batch of this stuff has even HALF of a recommended dose & I will apologize.




OK... as one might have predicted, I never heard a peep back from the "good doctor." This certainly signals that the product is a sham to this writer!  Consider, if it really was a legit product, wouldn't he have fired right back with a list of reasons why I was wrong?  Of course he would... but he just crawled back under his rock.


Paying $40.00 for a couple of Bucks worth of minimally fortified juices is despicable, as it is, but the real tragedy is that the CODEX engulfing Europe presently is coming to America... and we'll have these "Spawns of Satan" to thank!


The CODEX alluded to is where you will have to get a freaking prescription from an MD to buy Vitamins, Minerals & other Supplements, reader!  This is tantamount to needing a prescription for FOOD, folks! The demonstrably malevolent Pharmaceutical Industry will likely take over the manufacture of Supplements and yes, rest assured, the price will go way up and quality will likely go way down.  


Health-Food stores & On-line Supplement Dealers, as we know them, will be a thing of the past and the excuse predatory politicians will use as justification to impose this tyranny?  "Just look at all these *non-regulated* scam supplements cheating & hurting consumers," they'll whine and moan as they squawk their crocodile tears!  These greedy sham companies like the aforementioned "FrequenSea" will be all the excuse big-brother government needs to take away our supplements... supplements keeping me alive.  My outrage is off the scale!


Forget the irony that supplement-scams are just the excuse government will use to impose CODEX ... the actual reason is so the already rich Doctors & Drug Executives can get a little richer as they slowly poison you with dangerous pharmaceuticals that only treat symptoms and don't do one darn thing to fix or prevent disease... oh yeah, the politicians receive large contributions to their re-election campaigns by CODEX supporting psychopaths who certainly have an ax to grind... can you spell Merck?


Getting back to SeaSilver... I am so irritated that the only justification available for pulling the SeaSilver ads was that they made medical claims which couldn't be documented... Folks, I could care less about the disease curing claims made by SS, because, ironically, I firmly believe that if you took every item in SS (from a legitimate Whole-food source) at MUCH larger therapeutic doses, they would very likely ameliorate or prevent pretty much every disease as is indicated.


It remains!  Even though the consumer doesn't come close to getting enough of each item in these bogus products, SS is still out there today being sold for big bucks!  As far as I can tell, here's all they did differently to be able to resume cheating people...  they don't make claims of curing specific diseases!  Now, they might just make general and generic statements like "Obtain good health naturally" or from FrequenSea - "Marine Phytoplankton is an ideal food for mankind"...


Folks, I also think Marine Phytoplankton is an ideal food! But ideal only if you get a bigger amount than is in one or two capfuls of this "stuff" - especially when you consider the very long list of other herbs, fruits, etc. that are also supposed to additionally be in that small capful.


Here's a SeaSilver anecdote:  many years ago I had just received my first order of SS, to try it out, when I happen to see a 30 minute TV infomercial for SS being narrated by its founder, some genius, nutritional "scientist."  He was telling the SS story when he made this bothersome statement ... "I got the idea for SeaSilver while looking out the window of an airliner at thirty thousand SQUARE feet..."


Oh my!  The "low RPM Warning Audio" started going off in my head... Golly,  how smart or innovative could any "Scientist" be that would use a measurement for AREA (square feet) in the place of a measurement for linear distance (feet)... the next thing that popped into my head was that this guy is an idiot... so it stands to reason, his product might be something less than Stellar. 


His error was not just a slip of the tongue, reader, like in an interview where the mistake can't be, this was a slickly produced infomercial with a small enthusiastic (PAID) audience, that ran day & night for months.


Instead of making an effort, or taking the few minutes, to edit the mistake (assuming someone knew it was a mistake) - I envision this disingenuous "genius" saying "don't bother to correct it because the people that are stupid enough to buy SeaSilver are too stupid to know the difference between "feet" & "Square Feet".  Or maybe this "genius" actually thought he was at 30,000 "Square Feet" in which case wouldn't one of his staff, the high school dropout stage-hand, or anyone else standing around that successfully completed GRADE SCHOOL science... casually put him straight?


I quit taking SS based upon that "Square Foot" remark and later my suspicions were realized when independent testing exposed that many of the critical nutrients were in such small trace amounts that their therapeutic value would, most certainly, be negligible.


This may sound like "pole-vaulting over tic droppings"...BUT, don't you get tired of "The Man" peeing on your leg & telling you it's raining?  Or, don't you get tired of the daily bombardment of half-truths, spin, semantics, obfuscation, rip-offs and just outright freaking LIES ?  I know I do.


By the way, on 8 Nov. 06, I sent a courtesy copy of this paper to Dr. Ismail so he would have a second chance to defend this product... Hummm, should I try to hold my breath until he responds?


Seriously, before you commit to any expensive, long-term supplemental program, reader, make sure the product or brand is credible.  Here are some proactive things you can do:


1)..  -  it may not tell you "products that failed" unless you join for $25.00 annually, but it will give a long list of brands passing Potency & Purity (P&P).  Remember, P&P does not address the quality of the different Forms used, unless the Form itself is toxic, like the lead in calcium forms of 'dolomite' & 'clamshell'.  For example - a Centrum Multi will pass Potency & Purity just like a more expensive, quality, Whole-Food Multi. but the Vit./Mineral Forms in Centrum are artificial garbage, whereas the Forms in the other will be highly digestible organic forms... but they both get the same "passing" grade.


2)..  -  will give lots of info for free but you get more if you join.


3)..  Check the product web-site to see if they have passed credible independent Potency & Purity testing.


There is a link to show independent "test results" for SeaSilver... not for "Potency" but just to show which nutrients SS won't tell how much of each item, just that it has at least these items in "Trace" amounts - down to PPB (parts per Billion) - that's a tiny, tiny (negligible) amount.  Here is the testing assessment off the SS web-site: 


[[[ "The above elements and nutrients are present in whole food ingredients contained in Seasilver in trace amounts (parts per million or parts per billion). Testing was performed by an independent accredited laboratory using nationally approved testing methods.

__________ end________________..." ]]]


Well Folks,  all I can say is - "BIG FREAKING DEAL"!  Of the 79 nutrients showing up in SS testing - only guaranteeing SeaSilver nutrients in trace amounts (parts per million or parts per billion) would be OK for some of the more obscure Trace Minerals they list, like Palladium or Tellurium; however, if all the listed Vitamins, including the Macro Minerals (macro means a dose greater than 100mg daily) & at least 10 of the Trace Minerals are only found in Parts Per Million?  Then you are not even coming close to getting a usable, therapeutic amount!


It might be loosely analogous to a crook selling you "Tap-Water" by telling you, truthfully I might add, that tap water has all the minerals & trace elements in TRACE amounts - and telling you that this "Natural Mineral Tonic" has been "Tested" and contains EVERY Mineral & Trace Mineral needed by Humans, like Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium & many more. 


This claim is actually true about "Tap-Water"... but Folks, do you think you could meet your Calcium requirement by drinking "Tap-Water" with its very, very small trace amount of Calcium??  Of course not!  It remains, this is essentially what SS would expect you to believe with the test data they "offered."


4)..  Check search engines to see if you can find any negative articles about the product or any other products by that brand. For example, I quit taking a digestive enzyme formula when the same brand name shipped spoiled cod-liver oil & got caught.  I wasn't taking their Cod-oil but from then on I felt I couldn't trust any of their products.  Sadly, you have to do your own homework in this society abusing us with the full protections of law and statute. 


5)..  Patents & Trade-Marks - If some items in the Multi are a well known patented process, this acts as a form of "checks & balances" since Sham products will almost never use these items because the maker of the Patented Process would not want its Name, Seal or Logo associated with a product that is even a little bit sleazy.  And, as an example, the scientists at the very well known patented Mineral Chelation Process...Albion, could spot a sham company in a heart beat, where as the average citizen might never be able to tell.


SO!  It's a good thing if you see: (a). The name "Albion" or the round Gold Seal for their "Amino Acid Chelated Minerals".-- (b).  OptiZinc - a patented form of binding Zinc to Methionine. -- (c). d-Alpha Vit.E -  look for "d-Alpha" surrounded by the green triangle seal. -- (d).  ChromeMate - a patented form of Chromium Polynicotinate.-- (e). Ester-E or Ester-C -  look for the tiny R surrounded by a circle (Registered patent), et al. 


There are many other good examples, but be careful because some sham products will have some official looking (TM) or registered item that might fool you.  The way to check it's validity is to froogle search the process name and if a bunch of different Supplement Makers use the process in question in their products then the process, hence the product is likely OK.  For example, if you did a froogle search on *Albion Supplements* you would see the process is used in dozens of well-known brands... but none are in "Whole-Food" products not listing measured amounts.  These are suspiciously excluded.


6)..  Or, if all the preceding fails, as a last desperate attempt you could ask me my opinion... it's free and I have no ax to grind but for your interest, reader.  I have absolutely no affiliation with any product or organization, not even The LivingTree Health Food Store (local only, no web-sales) - even though I write a NewsLetter under the LivingTree banner. Sincerely, if I ever heard the LivingTree owner tell a lie to sell a product (believe me, she couldn't),  I would turn on her in a heartbeat and change the name of MY NewsLetter.


Remember Folks, because many of these companies are Multi Level Sales (MLS) companies, which means it will be your friends & family trying to sell you these products... many MLS companies have quality products, so, even though by their very nature, they are slightly more expensive... that doesn't mean they are all crooks - in fact I'm sure most are not.  It's just the crooks, that are...uh...crooks!


Look, reader.  Society as it stands now is a codification of how far outside the envelope of ethics and legality a minority of sociopaths can operate (...unmolested themselves!) as they prey on persons at all intelligence levels pursuant to their ill-gotten gains.  The very few profiting illegally and unethically at the expense of the many. 


This is an egregious situation remaining unimproved by any aisle of government (Oh yea, they will shove CODEX down our throat - which is like cutting off a guys head to cure Dandruff)... any aspect of business, department, or agency.  The Church is silent or an ally of the corporatism responsible for this dire state of affairs.  Every month I have so-called good Christians,  while invoking God,  they try to get me to indorse some bogus product (if not bogus, at least inferior).  The aforementioned bastards wear crosses at least as well as the beatific.


The truth about all this, reader, if told by a sincere person to be understood, can be believed!  You see?  A trip down the nutritional path I describe is its own proof of concept and citation of SAME!  You don't have to take my word for it.  The evidence is under the rocks I kick over and that you learn to kick over yourself!  You can become your own control.  You can captain your own nutritional ship


I've written many papers now exploring the science, the mechanics, and the rationality of an American approach to health and nutrition only because that approach departs so much and so far from the real health and proper nutrition it suspiciously counterfeits. Ten years ago, I was a dead man walking.  I was angry.  I was corrosive and intimidating to dwindling friends and associates.  I knew extreme depression and ABJECT misery at the hands of mainstream medicine... until I stumbled into a health-food store one day.  The rest is efficacious history. (I beat back my own "incurable" disease, Crohn's, by about 98% - the "doctors" wanted to cut out my Guts)


Today I live and live well, reader.  I propose that you can achieve these things as well.  I submit that your health and vitality can be re-achieved, your quality of life improved in perceptible ways, and a measure of youthful aspect can be recaptured.  You can do this yourself, dependant on no one BUT yourself.


That's a truth told to be understood... which can be believed.


Well be.



LivingTree Root #023


Does SatFat Cause Cancer?

By Alan Graham (with Alfred Lehmberg)



If you cruise the popular, you will see that the "latest research" *confirms* a long-held (if erroneous) belief that Saturated Fat (solid at room temp) can dramatically increase your risk of having Breast Cancer... and all cancer for that matter. 


Too reflexively, in-the-tank medicos blame the *obvious* villains like red meat, butter, tropical oils SatFat and to a lesser degree the small percentages of SatFat found in food oils.


The only problem?  The data used to demonize the aforementioned SatFat is pretty much a "Big Fat Freaking LIE"!  Saturated Fat and the much maligned Cholesterol, usually going hand & glove with that Saturated Fat, are in actuality two of the most healthful, multi-purposeful, and necessary substances one can consume... as long as they are not damaged by the oxidation caused by high heat & over-processing!  


Besides, both SatFat & Cholesterol are also made in the human body, regardless!  Moreover, both are critical to good health.  Ten million plus years of evolution or intelligent design dictates a nutritional path predicated on SatFat & Cholesterol, friends and others...  There's your science if you were looking for it.  There's your reality.


In a moment I will show you just a few of the ways SatFat protects you.  First, you're probably wondering how it is possible to have so much "data" from studies showing SatFat increases Cancer & Heart Disease while I can remain so contrary to same? 


A FAIR question!  After all, a *worshiped* medical community has so proclaimed and ordained it to be so!  Who am I (with some small talent to do a research only) to stand in opposition to this alleged edifice of science?  The short answer, reader, is that their science is suspect... ...and, I don't have their ax to grind.


Here are just of few of the ways these egregious "Weasels" can grind a self-serving ax to "muddy-the-water," folks, making SatFat, Meat & Eggs look bad, when they are anything but, bottom line... while cleverly hiding the true causes... even encouraging the uses of these Disease-Causing false "Foods," foods like: refined, Poly-Unsaturated, Omega 6, Food-Oil... read, Corn, Soy, Cottonseed, Safflower, Sunflower, Peanut & others to include the so-called "MonoUnsat" Crapola (Canola) Oil! 


Caution!  Don't confuse the previous toxic "stuff" with healthful "True MonoUnsat" Oil, like Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.


The following 7 items regard the betrayals of the aforementioned bogus Studies, and the first 6 start with, "Do not Distinguish Between..."


1) ...fresh meat as opposed to highly Oxidized processed meats.  Why not do a study comparing the health of a person who daily eats a predetermined amount of SatFat... but ONLY "liquid-cooked" (low-temp), Soups & Stews, using only fresh meat... as opposed to a person who also eats the exact, same amount of SatFat, but only highly denatured, oxidized, processed meats like bologna, pepperoni, salami, etc. 


These "man-manipulated Neo-Meats" are not only full of toxic chemicals, folks, they are so "Denatured" that they are "highly" non-digestible !   Of likely un-guessed significance is meat after processing!  Not only is the SatFat damaged but the associated cholesterol is damaged also, making both a health hazard!  This is unlike the beneficial effects of UNdamaged SatFat & Cholesterol found in real butter & raw (or very lightly cooked) Eggs.


2) ...between Organic meat as opposed to Commercial meat... which may or may not have hormones & antibiotics.  WebMD admits that the aforementioned hormones, added to an already estrogen-rich environment is, very likely, a major player in developing Cancer... so they bone-headedly admonish people not to eat meat ...instead of telling people not to eat meat *with hormones*.


Organic, free-range meat, respectfully consumed in moderation, is NOT cancer-causing.  Consider, we evolved for a couple of million years eating toxic-free, grass-fed meat & the associated undamaged SatFat & Cholesterol.  This was an upgrade from carrion, reader... be not proud, just to remind you we all have reason for humility.


Moreover, some of you will hate me for this ... but Humans, Lambs & Tigers NEVER frolicked playfully together in sunlit fields of clover.  This world has never seen a vegetarian "Big Cat"... only its tooth and claw. I digress.


3) ... between Grass-fed, free-range meat, high in the magical "Fat-Metabolizing" Fatty Acid, CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) & the equally magical, Omega 3 (ALA) - as compared to Corn or Grain-fed over-commercialized-and-disrespected meats with almost NO CLA & ALA - BUT it does have plenty of Cancer-causing, Thyroid-lowering, and Artery-clogging Omega 6 (LA)!  Does the reader perceive a trend?


So again, the problem is not the meat or the SatFat, the problem is the crap intruded  into the meat.   For millions of years on the Serengeti, the grass-eating herds never encountered anything like the 2 most unhealthful veggies fostered on humankind by mendacious corporate sociopaths... imagined: Corn & Soy... Corn Oil or Corn-fed beef - it's all the same... BAD!


"Hey, Alan, I don't eat Corn & Soy"!  ...Uh, yes you do ... IF you eat food processed by Man, you eat Corn, Soy &... Sugar.


4) ... between Raw or low-temp "liquid-cooked" meats (pot roast, stews, crock-pot, etc.) as opposed to unhealthful, Crisp-Fried or extra well-done, Char-broiled meat just teaming with cancer causing free-radicals like HCA (Hetero Cyclic Amines). HCAs attack every cell in your body, eventually causing disease & premature aging.  Conversely, meat that is "liquid-cooked" never gets above100 degrees Celsius (Boiling-pt) so virtually no free-radicals form.  Meat charred or browned from high heat is very carcinogenic. 


Sorry to rain on the barbeque... but let's go for the parade, too:  The same free-radical causing characteristic of charred-meat applies to carbohydrates (like bread) browned or toasted crisp due to high heat, except in this case the free-radical is called Acrylamids... faux-foods like french-fries, cereal, bread crust & Eric's "Cheezy-Poofs".


5) ... between healthful, undamaged SatFat like in Butter as opposed to the very dangerous, oxidized, and processed SatFat found in Powdered Eggs & Powdered Milk, a substance intruded ubiquitously into many processed a few labels, you'll be surprised and dismayed if you're not shocked and revolted.

6) ... between healthful, undamaged SatFat like in butter & raw meat compared with the toxic, manmade "SatFat" called TRANSFAT from pHVO (partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil).  Examples:  Margarine, Vegetable shortening, non-natural peanut butter, roasted Nuts, Bread, Cereal, Flintstone's Children Vitamins, every-freaking-deep-fried-fast-food sold in America... like French Fries & Dough-Nuts...and about a thousand different other food products helping to line a doctor's pockets as it rots you from within... 


...The "Creamy, Sweet, Fluffy, White Crap" inside many "snack-foods" pHVO TransFat whipped with sugar (...Man-made and "Plastic-like" Fat plus *Refined* Sugar) -- Hummm...the "Wholesome", Sweet-Fluffy-Goodness of Twinkie's. 


My TV favorite is the heart-warming (Heart-Stopping, actually) bonding experience portrayed when a doting father teaches his 3 year old son how to eat a "Double-Stuff" Oreo cookie with its DOUBLE compliment of "Creamy-White-Toxic-Sugary-Make-believe FAT".  You've all seen it Mmmm-mmm!  ...Gotta love dim family values!


So, let me get this straight... a manmade, toxic, non-food, like TransFat (vegetable shortening), a substance shown by the FDA & every Medical Journal on the planet to cause or exacerbate virtually all major diseases... ...this garbage is counted, "gram for gram," exactly the same, reader... as pure, made by Mother-Nature, undamaged, raw Satfat from a big fat Walrus some Eskimo is efficaciously chewing on as you read these words!  Folks, Wake up...The preceding are worlds apart!


If you tell an Inuit that he should stop eating saturated fat (blubber) because it causes heart disease, he would think you were dropped on your head as a child ... considering that all Inuit children grow up eating raw SatFat as a snack, as if it were "Cheezy-Poofs...," only good for you!


Oh yeah, traditional Eskimo's don't have Heart Disease, Cancer, MS, Diabetes, Joint Disease, on & on. Well,  at least until they got "civilized" and start eating the  "Forked-tongued White Devil's" processed poisons like Sugar, refined flour, Corn oil & "Cheezy-Poofs"!  Then they contract virtually all the "White-Man's disease's" ... especially Type II Diabetes.  The Sugar & TransFat might as well be "Pox-infected" blankets.


FYI: Did you know that after many thousands of years the traditional Eskimo has lost the ability to synthesize the D6D Desaturase Enzyme which is required for conversion of the "Simple" Fatty Acids, Om6 LA (corn oil) & Om3 ALA (flax oil) to the more "Complex" Om 6's & Omega 3's - like EPA/DHA found in Fish Oil... ...through lack of use


So, if an Eskimo moves to the big city and stops eating Fish Oil Omega 3... he could daily eat mass quantities of Omega 3 from Plants like Flax, Hemp & green-veggies but he would still be Omega 3 DEFICIENT.  This can lead to chronic depression & suicide... while some "doctor" admonishes us how "...Nanook just couldn't adjust to the big, mean, and impersonal city, so he killed himself."  The rest of the story... eh?


Alan's Fat rule # 1 (to the respected chagrin of Vegetarians who don't believe this rule) --If you consume only the "Simple" Omega 3, EFA ("Essential" Fatty Acid) ALA, from Plants, you might easily be Omega 3, EFA Deficient...HOWEVER, if you consume the "Complex" Omega 3, FA's ( Fatty Acid's, but not Essential) EPA & DHA from Fish Oil & Eggs it is virtually impossible to be Omega 3, EFA Deficient! 


So, much like the Inuit who becomes Om 3 deficient if only consuming Plant-derived Om 3...the Vegetarian (especially the "Carbo-tarians") can wind-up in the same boat because of the "Carbo-tarian's" high intake of refined Sugar, Flour & pHVO (bread, cereal, pasta, baked-goods) also inhibits the production of the D6D Enzyme.


Additionally, the "Grain-tarian" form of "Carbo-tarian", has a diet very high in Phytates & Oxalates binding with and so eliminating two crucial minerals critical to the production of D6D...Magnesium & Zinc.  These Grain phytates & oxalates are particularly brutal on Zinc...a visual indication might be spotty, thin, peeling finger nails.


We've millions of years of experience, remember, using these required nutriments in the form of healthful animal fats and eggs.  These are nutritional imperatives not too casually thrown off in a few thousand years of conflicted nutritional sensibilities, even respected ones. 


The above, by the way, is in contrast to the "True" Vegetarian know, the ones who eat ...ah, Vegetables.   A "Fruit-tarian," by the way, is NOT a Vegetarian... in other words, a Vegetarian (in my opinion) should eat mostly Veggies with a SMALL amount of fruit.


7)...Corporate medicine does not track meat-eaters who develop cancer to see how many of them consumed mass-quantities of the 3 foods actually causing most of the cancer in the U.S. -- Sugar (refined carbs, flour) , Poly Unsat Food Oil (Corn, Soy, etc.) & pHVO (margarine, Veg. Shortening).


These immediately preceding 3 faux-food categories have something in common (other than Cancer): they are either recommended by the New Food Pyramid (like corn oil & margarine) or we are told they are "OK" in moderation (like sugar & refined flour).  The Gov's Food Pyramid allows 50% of your carbs to be refined... which is just plain stupid where it is not criminal.


So, What or who causes cancer?  Why of course, reader, the people who profit from your cancer ...  doctors, drug companies, politicians, cancer-researchers, etc., etc... a harsh statement, yes, but consider this:


I think you know I'm right - The preceding is the only rational explanation describing how "medical-science" could possibly see the following 2 people the SAME WAY :  #1.. the guy who eats a predetermined amount of SatFat ( includes TransFat) every night in the form of a Corn-fed (Hi-Omega 6), burnt on the outside Char-broiled steak (Hi-HCA), with lots of hormones (Cancer-causing) & antibiotics (Kills good gut flora) ... with a big fat pat of TransFat (Liver-Toxin, non-food) Margarine on top... 


And guy #2.. the fellow who eats the exact, same amount of SatFat in the form of raw or dried meat & blubber from seals, fish & whales... and then thrives!  Guy #2 could even tie one hand behind his back and consume TWICE as much SatFat as the #1 guy and the answer to the question below would still be the same.


Ok, so what's the question?   Simply, why does #1 guy die of a coronary at 45 but the #2 guy never has a heart attack (or Cancer, MS, Arthritis, Diabetes, et al...) and is still rubbing noses at 75 with his frisky little Inuit women, while the #1 guy has only shown a dearth of substantive *wood* for the last 10 years of his miserable life because he was taking cholesterol lowering Lipitor & BP meds.

The obvious answer to the above question is that undamaged SatFat does not cause disease; however, it's easy to make it look like SatFat is the cause with bogus studies, so you will continue to unwittingly consume those things which are the actual cause...Omega 6, poly food oil... TransFat from pHVO... Sugar...Processed Foods... "Stuff" in meat... Toxins in our food & water, and the list goes on even as the band stops playing...


BUT!  Not undamaged SatFat & fresh (grass-fed) Meat.  These are required for good health...with one caveat - you could substitute the meat with Whey Protein Isolate and/or Raw or poached cage-free Eggs.


Folks!  You are a being of Fat and cholesterol ... NO kidding!   Every cell in your body has a Bi-layered wall of Fat surrounding it (two layers of fat molecules, tail to tail, called a Phospholipid Membrane) that is the most important part of the cell because even though fairly "simple" in design when compared to the many arcane, complex Organelles within the cell... this wall controls what goes in & out!  So, if you have a "sick" cell-wall, the critical, complex little engines inside, follow suite and break-down...Cell-Death, by any name or a result of mechanism, is as sweet.


If you looked at the cell-wall of an Inuit who ate nothing but meat, undamaged SatFat & Omega 3 Fatty Acids, you would see these same Fats being incorporated into the cell-wall of every cell in his body.  Consequently, his cells will be flexible (but they won't sag), are permeable, so things can easily go in (without the wrong things going in)... and allow for the efficient removal of waste.  Simply, healthful components equal healthy cells equals aggregate health, life, and quality of same!


Conversely, if you consume TransFat, Poly-Food Oil & damaged SatFat, then these fats are used to the detriment of the cell-wall.  The cell will sag & droop, thus not adequately holding fluid or electrolytes... detracting from its ability to communicate hormonally.  The decrease in efficient Insulin-binding and a general lack of homeostasis at the cellular level, then, makes for a sick/mean/depressed & fat individual.


For the last 40 years virtually everything that we have been told by mainstream doctors & dieticians concerning "Fats & Oils" has been a lie.  In fact, I can prove to you, right now, that the whole medical system conspired for decades to make you sick and keep you sick for profit by the "Captains of Industry" and their government "lackey"...the FDA.


Consider: The "Hidden Fat" Disgrace!


For years we were warned by the FDA of the "dangers of SatFat" with Guide-lines to limit SatFat.  The amounts of the different "Fats" were listed on the "Labels."  Sadly, what most of you probably never noticed was that when you added up the amounts of the different Fats (SatFat, PolyFat, MonoFat)... ...they almost never added up to the Total Fat listed at the top of the Supplement Facts!




Yeah... you might have a Total Fat of 10grams, but when you add up the other 3 fats, you only get 6grams...Huh ?  It looks as if there are 4 "Hidden" grams of Fat in there, somewhere, that don't have a name?  "Dark matter" fat...or "Invisible" fat?


Lets see...could it be - "TRANS-FAT" - or as we in the Holistic Community called it for years..."The Hidden Fat"?


This is because the FDA knew the crap was toxic but pretended it didn't exist and even conspired to keep that info from us through evil little tricks like the preceding!  All of the industries who profit from you being made sick & kept sick by pHVO (TransFat) are more important than you, the individual... ...nothing else fits the facts, folks!


Most European countries Ban pHVO in food decades ago and amazingly even in those countries without the Ban...many of the industries voluntarily stopped or never started using pHVO because they heeded the warnings by their scientists.  On the other hand, in this country, we let those big industries who love pHVO...(and they do love it... it's a money maker) dictate to politicians, who dictate to the FDA...and we get screwed.


I'm most assuredly NOT a Europaphile (sic), but about 3 decades ago when an international, independent group of scientists declared that man-made "TransFat" was a killer...the Europeans hired Scientists (to confirm & research the results)... Us? We hired lawyers (to hide the results).


No surprises here, eh?  Be angry.  Be very angry.


Well be.




#24 Rapacious Rapeseeds / Canola-Crapolas

by Alan Graham (with Alfred Lehmberg)



Please keep reading. This is not the usual (often deserved) slam at Canola... first, I'm assuming all the Rapeseed Oil below is LEAR, (Low Erucic Acid Rapeseed)... second,  I could care less if Rapeseed Oil was or is used as an Industrial Lubricant!  Every Fat known to Humanity has been used as a lubricant at one time or another. 


No,  I'm talking about VERY legitimate & logical sounding "Claims" I think are complete "Bat-squeeze"...coupled with the added irritation that everybody seems to "Love" Canola Oil.  Some even get a little "misty" when describing its *Healthfulness*... 


This ubiquitous, short-sighted, and completely inaccurate attitude is the result of a full court press campaign to provide a "Mono-unSat" alternative to the TRUE Mono-unSat Oil... 'Extra-Virgin Olive Oil'.  This is so the revenue would stay in this Hemisphere, eh?  ...Said hemisphere dominated by the US & our closest trading partner, Canada, instead of an Olive Oil coming from Italy, Spain, Israel, etc.


There are; however, Rapeseed Food-Oil Makers, or more commonly & less offensively known as Canola Oil, (Oil of Canada) making claims regarding both refined & unrefined, that Rapeseed Oil (RO) is superior to Olive Oil.  Tilt!  TiltTilt


This claim is singularly silly by itself, but some make the further outrageous (and dangerous!) claim that you can safely do Hi-heat Stir-Frying, the implication being that the heat sensitive Omega 6 & 3, which make-up about 30 to 35% of RO, somehow survives the ordeal... How can I say this delicately?


...NO Freaking Way, Pilgrim!


Very Brief Fat lesson -- In simple terms, fatty acids are chains of carbon atoms with hydrogen atoms filling the available single bonds, creating a solid, "straight" Chain.  A Double-Bond (DB) is where 2 Hydrogen atoms are missing in the long Fatty-Acid (FA) Chain causing said chain to bend slightly - resulting in a liquid Oil at room temp... also, you might say these DB's are where the sun's energy is stored. 


The more Double-Bonds (DB's) these Fatty Acid chains have also means there are more locations available to be broken by heat, air & light...  turning the healthful oil into rancid lipid-peroxide, faster.


Saturated Fat (SatFat) - has no missing Hydrogen atoms, thus no Double-Bonds, so it is very stable (resists rancidity) and is a solid at room temp because the chain is "straight" and tightly packs together easily, like "real" Butter & every FOOD-Oil in the world - Yes, the SatFat is in there, you can't see it, is all. This resistance to rancidity is only one of many reasons why SatFat is your body's "Fat of Choice" for many of its more important long as it is undamaged SatFat... this is how we evolved.


Mono-unsaturated Oil - (Mono means 'One') So it has 'One' DB with 2 missing Hydrogen atoms... which is also very stable (does not need refining or refrigeration after opening) and is a liquid at room temp because the chain is slightly "bent," so it does not "pack together" easily... healthful oils like Olive & Macadamia Nut.


Poly-unsaturated Oil - (Poly means 'More than One') So it has 2 or more DB's that make it UN-stable, increasing its sensitivity to rancidity, so it must be refrigerated after being opened or (like MOST poly-oils) it must be refined, to be able to store it at room temp.  Refined means the oil is RBDed (Refined, Bleached, Deodorized) using very High-Heat.  In other words, the Oil is "Dead."  


The delicate Double-Bonds are broken & even though it is now rancid... it smells "fresh" to you after Hi-Heat Deodorizing.  This Toxic, RBDed Oil is the ONLY kind you get at the typical grocery... SO that bottle of beautiful, golden Mazolla Corn Oil you brought home from the store looking & smelling so fresh... is teeming with cell destroying Lipid-Peroxide molecules & has already turned rancid once.  Mmmmm-mmm! ...oh yeah, and don't worry - it won't turn rancid again for a very, very long time, even after it's opened & stored at room temp... Why?  ...Because it's more analogous to "Liquid-Plastic" than to "Food," friend.


"Poly-Oils" include Poly-Food Oils like Corn & Soy which can be RBDed or unrefined (both generally UN-healthful), BUT also includes Poly-Medicinal Oils, like Flax, Hemp, Black Currant, Fish, Krill, (all VERY healthful, but spoil very easily).


So please remember (when we discuss stir-frying & storing RO at room temp below) that light, heat & oxygen break the Double-Bonds (DB's) of these Poly-Omega 6 & 3 Fatty-Acids.  The more DB's, the more sensitive the oil is to rancidity...


Additionally, when you go from a 2 DB, (Omega 6, Corn/Soy) to a 3 DB, (Omega 3, Flax/Hemp) you might think the reactive-ness will increase by a nice, arithmetic factor of 1 (you know, 2 up to 3, etc.) but no, the reactive-ness goes up exponentially, reader, making the Omega 3 with 3DB's, about 5 or 6 times more sensitive to turning toxic than the 2DB, Omega 6... which is still pretty sensitive in its own right.  So, can you imagine the sensitivity of  "SIX" Double-Bonds, (6DBs) in the Fish-Omega 3, called DHA?  This is "Brain-Food for Babies" ...the most valuable and trickiest to acquire substance on the planet for Mother & Child... well, actually... EVERYONE!




Let's look at the Canola Oil hype in the article snippet above: (...and isn't it breath-taking how much obfuscation can be packed into 2 little sentences?)


1.  "Olive & Rapeseed (canola) oils are better than Sunflower/Corn as they are very low in SatFat"  - NO


...Rapeseed oil (RO) IS very low in SatFat at 7%, but Olive oil has over twice as much at 16%!  Actually, Olive Oil has more SatFat than corn (13%) or sunflower (12%) - so they start right out with incorrect info...


But wait Alan... you Dummy... doesn't your previous strange (albeit accurate) statement only strengthen the argument that Canola is better than Olive because it is so much lower in SatFat?  Yeah, loaded with zero facts and trusting someone else's convenient conventional wisdom... you might logically think that... if your fear of the periphery means you super-glue "horse-blinders" to your face every morning so you can see only what's put right in front of your nose.  Let me explain:


All oils HAVE to contain the 3 different kinds of FA's (Fatty-Acids).  It's the law (of Nature)!  SatFat (stable), MonoFat (stable, Omega 9), PolyFat (highly UN-stable, Omega 6 & 3).  These FA's have wildly different ratios.  For example Olive Oil is 76% Mono, (stable) - as opposed to Safflower Oil at only 13% Mono, (stable) but has a huge 78% Poly, (UNstable).  See how that works?  The Safflower Oil has to be killed or neutered or you couldn't even have it in the house...OK, just a little hyperbole.


Consider SatFat... In the case of RO vs. Olive... Undamaged SatFat in food oils which have NOT been RBDed (Refined, Bleached, Deodorized [bad as it sounds], using High-Heat) ...are, in fact, good for you! Look at how much undamaged blubber (SatFat) Eskimos eat - with the lowest Heart Disease on the planet


Your body needs (undamaged) SatFat for dozens of different, critical purposes & manufactures some of it, on it's own, ... so the 16% SatFat (UNDAMAGED by RDBing) in Olive Oil is very likely 'a positive' or at worst... 'a neutral'. 


"Yeah," you might wonder, "but then why is having LESS SatFat in Canola, Bad, if SatFat could be considered neutral"? Wouldn't having LESS of a "neutral" mean know, No harm - No Foul.....hummm, No, it means a lot in the case of some food oils.


Here's the reason why: The FATS in the sample have to total to 100%!


In some Food-Oils, like Canola, low SatFat is bad, you see, because a small percentage of SatFat (good or neutral) at 7% - coupled with a small percentage of Mono (good-stuff, but only 56%) - comes to a total of only about 63% - which means you have a lot of room left over that has to be filled with *Something* & the only *Something* that is left, is BAD, see?   Unstable, highly reactive Poly UnSat Omega 6 (from 20% to 29%) & Omega 3 (about 8% or 9%) have to make up the fat difference!   So you  have a Whopping, Poly Total of 30 to 36%! 


Compare the preceding to Olive Oil with its large percentage of non RDBed therefore undamaged Satfat (16% good or neutral) PLUS a large percentage of Mono (76% good)... ...this only leaves room for a very small, negligible percentage of the BAD Poly Unsat, at only 8%.  See how THAT works?


So, think about it... would you really want to make Olive Oil MORE like Canola Oil by lowering the 16% (SatFat) of something that won't hurt you (but will likely help you)... while raising the 8% (PolyFat) of something that has the potential to kill you?  Take a moment to think it over.  But consider!


In 1994, the Lancet Medical Journal confirmed what I have been saying for years - that 75% of the "stuff" that sticks to your arteries is Oxidized Poly-UnSat Vegetable Oil... not the unjustly maligned Cholesterol.  How come you don't hear that on the news!?




2.  "...both RO & Olive are high in Mono-unsat which lowers..."  -  NO...


Olive Oil is high in Mono-unsat at 76% compared to Rapeseed Oil at 56%... even though 56% may seem like a pretty good percentage... it's not really, because again, it leaves too much room left over for powerfully BAD stuff - 30 to 35% Poly-unSat!


3.  "...Mono oil which appears to lower LDL (bad) & raise HDL (good) cholesterol." -  NO, not the way THEY mean it!


Mono-unsat Oil will do this IF it is UN-refined, like Olive Oil & "some" Canola Oil... but if it is refined and RBDed, like MOST Canola, then it will likely do the opposite with your LDL & HDL Lipid profile numbers.  How's that for truth in advertising!


4.  "Nutritionally, RO has the edge over Olive, as it has more Vit.E & Omega 3 & 6" -- This is just plain Stupid!  Moreover, this is patent disrespect in the form of taking advantage of the reader's understandable ignorance of the issues regarding dietary fat... given of course the CRAVEN lies from officialdom inculcated from the duplicitous mainstream exampled in the "snippit" above.


Reader!  You don't choose a Bad Oil over a Good Oil just because it has a little more Vitamin E! That's ludicrous!  Moreover, if it is the refined, RBD'ed Oil... ...the volatile Vitamin E has already been destroyed, anyway!  You are taken for a credulous fool! 


...AND, because Omega 3 in RO is so highly reactive, it is the first thing to turn rancid & toxic due to heat & air!  So, normally, when extracted from, lets say, Flax or Hemp it is done under expensive refrigeration (if the RO is just cold-pressed, remember, this only means no heat was added but it still gets hot due to pressure if not kept cold) - also, after extraction, these sensitive Omega 3 oils are either sealed in a soft-gel to keep them away from Air (oxidation) or they must be refrigerated after opening because any exposure to room-temp air will immediately start oxidation. 


The Omega 3 from Rapeseed "might" survive the first extraction if done in the "old-method" of expeller-pressing in small batches that don't get real hot like "cold-pressing" in a Giant Press creating tremendous heat... but it remains that these UN-refined Oils must be refrigerated after opening...and, for sure , NO STIR-FRYING...


Olive Oil with almost NO poly oil is much safer for frying...but even it has limitations...a so-so Smoke-Pt. at about 320 F.


With regard to higher Omega 6 being, remotely, better?  Crapola!  Betraying, disrespecting, misinforming... crapola!


In the difficult attempt to get our Critical EFA Ratio (Omega 6 to Omega 3) down to below a healthful 4 to 1 (instead of the usual heart stopping 20 or 30 to 1),  we need to cut Omega 6 out of our lives as much as possible... every form of food to include fruit has Omega 6, so the best way to get it out of our lives is to avoid ALL Hi-Poly Food Oils... only use Lo-Poly Oils like Olive (8% poly) or Macadamia Nut (3% poly).


This brings me to what I think is the biggest lie of all -  many of these RO's (claiming to be UN-refined?) are supposed to be good for Stir-frying & they supposedly have a higher smoke point.  But because RO has highly reactive Poly-Om.3 & 6, these oils will turn toxic with just a little heat, UNLESS PROCESSED or KILLED... in fact the Omega 3 will start turning rancid at room temp within hours, if not minutes, so how are you supposed to cook with it?! 


Additionally, if these oils are UNREFINED, as they claim, the smoke point would be about 100 degrees lower (225 F) than UNREFINED Olive Oil (320 F) -- so how does it have a higher smoke point


...AND why don't you have to refrigerate after opening as many claim... only ONE ANSWER works:  These oils have likely been refined so it will reach the high temp of REfined canola oil, which is 400 degrees & if it is refined it doesn't have to be refrigerated because it is already "DEAD"!


By the way, alluded above, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is much better for frying than Canola because the 76% Mono is much more stable than the Canola's 56%. (that's why Olive oil does not need refrigeration after opening)    Plus Olive Oil does NOT have any Omega 3 & very little Omega 6 - both of which will turn toxic in seconds when you start to heat it for cooking, even if you don't get anywhere near the Smoke Point.


A better choice for frying is the other "True" Mono-unsat. Oil... Macadamia Nut Oil, at 80% Mono (even higher than Olive Oil's 76%, but more expensive) has an extraordinarily high smoke pt. at 398 F.


However, the safest oil to fry with is coconut oil because High SatFat, Tropical Oils are more stable & the very high concentration of antioxidants helps protect the coconut oil from oxidation as the temp goes up...just don't let it smoke.  Some things don't  work with coconut oil because of the slight coconut taste.


FYI: What caused Coconut Oil to be better for cooking than Olive Oil ?...and caused Olive Oil to be better for cooking than Rapeseed Oil ?... the answer : "The World Climate" for the last ump-teen million years...


VERY stable Coconut Oil from the Equatorial, tropical-band around the earth is solid in your A/C'ed, 75 degree house, so you call it "Saturated-Fat" as if it were a disgusting, dirty word... but turn the A/C up to just 78 F or move to the tropics, it flows nicely, and is protected against the high ambient temp with a massive array of arcane, magical Anti-oxidants!  Consequently, it will stay fresh at room temp for 4 or 5 years.  That's magic, folks.  Tinkerbell flits around scattering her pixie dust!


Magical it may seem!  The anti-oxidants are so powerful that for this 5 years the little (2%) Poly-Omega 6 in CCnut Oil is also protected...where normally UN-refined Poly-Food Oil would go rancid in days if exposed to the air & left sitting around at room temp.  Just imagine what that anti-oxidant power-protection could do in your body.  Delicate Poly Fatty-Acids need protection in your body after you swallow them, much the same way they do out-side your body.


NEXT: We go a little further north into the temperate band of Hawaii, Southern California & the Mediterranean (Italy, Spain) where we find (1 DB) Mono-unsat. Oils (Olive, Macadamia Nut) that are a little less stable than the Tropical Oils, but if Expeller-pressed, bottled in dark glass & protected from the air?  These oils will last for months (maybe years) at the ambient temp of  Italy... and they have some Vit.E and some anti-oxidant capability.  Olive Oil is a liquid at room temp because the carbon chain has a "bend" - but 'One' DB will cause only a small bend so it will solidify if refrigerated...(an interesting key point).


NEXT: We move up into the colder band of Canada & Russia where we find the Poly-unsat. FOOD Oils, like Rapeseed Oil & Soybean Oil.  These are moderately UN-stable because of the (2 DB) Poly, Om.6  and the even more UN-stable (3 DB) Poly, Om.3.  These unstable poly-oil chains are even more bent so they will remain a flowing liquid in much colder climates & remain a liquid in the fridge.  These cold-climate poly-oils pay a price to flow in cold Weather... they easily turn rancid when exposed to light, heat & air.  These Oils will start oxidizing at room temp in weeks unless well protected from air and light & will turn toxic if heated for cooking.


LASTLY: We move up into the frigid Arctic Waters where we find Fatty, Cold-water Fish & Krill that have "VERY" Poly-unsat. Oil that is extremely reactive & twisted because of the 5 & 6 DBed Omega 3's ...these VERY, VERY sensitive Oils can keep flowing at very low temps but cannot withstand air & room temps AT ALL.  You CAN NOT cook with Poly "Medicinal" Oils from (animal) Fish, Krill, Cod-liver...or from (plant) Flax & Hemp. 


The other slightly less reactive Poly "Food" Oils like Canola, Soy & Peanut are used by many, many people to cook with...the only problem is that they will eventually kill you.


Consequently, I hope you can appreciate the advantage of cooking with a Warm-climate Oil as opposed to a Cold-climate oil... and how a Temperate-climate Oil like Olive Oil is rather the best of both worlds.  This also demonstrates just how little we can screw with Mother-Nature's grand know, like planting an Olive tree in Canada or a fair-skinned Norwegian living down here in Lower Alabama... for instance.


No... ... mere economic proclivities are not sufficient to make healthful a vascularly unhealthful substance like canola or rapeseed oil.  There will be no silk purse made from this sow's ear. 


In closing, please don't write and point out that I keep incorrectly calling the Mono-unsat. Canola, a Poly-unsat. Oil...Yes, it does have about twice as much Mono (56%) as Poly (30%) -- so go ahead and call it "Mono" if you want... BUT it's the 30% Poly that will Kill You ... so it's all "POLY" to ME!  


Well be.


Alan Graham

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LivingTree Root #025

Et tu, Ms. Balch?

by Alan Graham (with Alfred Lehmberg)


That bottomless disappointment with my fellow humans seems never-ending... ...Still I love humanity... it's people I can't stand.  Who's steamed me this time?


I expect virtually all "mainstream" Dieticians to perpetuate the "Half-Truth" (the sneakiest kind of Lie) that grocery-store, Poly-Unsat food oils, like Soy, Corn, etc., are heart healthy!  Moreover, that the aforementioned oils contain all the wonderful Omega EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids) presently all the rage...


...But I never expected it from a top-tiered "Holistic Nutritionalist" like Phyllis Balch, CNC!  Who's she?  She's wife & co-author of likely the biggest selling, authoritative, and complete "Bible" on Herbs, Supplementation & Alternative Medicine... James Balch, M.D.'s  "Prescription for Nutritional Healing."


Their book is a nutritional info cache of magnificent proportion.  I'm on my third ragged and dog-eared edition.  It is THE definitive guide & most ubiquitous book of its type.


Yet... et tu, Ms. Balch?


I just finished reading "Prescription for Dietary Wellness," Phyllis Balch's new book about foods, the nutrients organic to them, and recipes, etc.  I can honestly say, over-all, it is an excellent endeavor I recommend everyone read...  Only... be aware that she did like most of the rest preceding her and left out key phrases regarding Soy Oil & other poly-unsat oils.  


This is bad, reader, because it encourages the lay person to think that the gallon of cheap vegetable oil (Soy Oil), procured from the grocery, has all these healthful nutrients ascribed to the oil... nutrients like the Omega-3 EFAs preventing heart disease?  Folks, nothing could be further from the truth.


...I have been warning people for years about how mainstream dieticians have been lying to or "half-truthing" us by touting the healthful benefits of Poly-unsat food oils like Soy...


Reader, the only way a Poly-unsat food oil can retain even a little bit of the healthful nutrition attributed is if it is UNrefined, simply (UNdamaged by heat or chemicals)!  The refined Poly-unsat food oil, invariably found at the grocery store, conversely, is highly damaged! 


You see, errant nutritional pundits describe the healthful Unrefined Oil while knowing you will only get the toxic refined oil... because that's the only kind available at the store!  Indeed... the aforementioned pundits MUST know this!


Additionally, these same errant pundits would have you believe that a Fat "liquid at room temperature" indicates that the considered Fat is a "heart healthy fat..." ...which is completely ludicrous!  This, while largely refraining from ever mentioning the single aspect actually determining the healthfulness of a liquid poly food oil, at all...


That thing?  Simply, has the oil been "Refined," reader, turning it to a toxic non-food, or is it "UNrefined" which means it still has some food value.  In a figurative sense: is the oil dead ...or alive?



Reader... you will never...and I mean NEVER, find >>UNrefined<< Poly food oil like Soy, Corn, Safflower, or Canola in any remotely typical grocery store... like Walmart or Winn Dixie!  Never!


...One way to tell?  Have you ever seen a bottle of Soy (almost always called "Vegetable Oil") from your store that said "refrigerate after opening" on the bottle? 


NO!  You never have and I suspect you never will!  See, the store does not want to make the investment in a "living" Unrefined oil when the "dead" Refined oil is wrongly considered just as good... better, these reason ironically, because it doesn't require refrigeration!  Insanity! 


See?  The kind you have to refrigerate is the only kind the informed person would ever want... the other is a toxic non-food (...this refrigeration business does not apply to Mono Oils, like Olive Oil, by the way).  Misleadingly, dieticians inform that these oils not requiring refrigeration are healthful.  Here's how that works. 


The pundits wistfully lecture on behalf of unrefined oil which does have a measure of healthfulness remaining to it, but it is a refined Oil which folks are buying at the store!  Is that sinking in? 


People confuse this relatively healthful ( spoils easily!) unrefined oil with the refined crap brought home from Walmart.  This store-bought oil does NOT need refrigeration & will smell "fresh" for months because it has been RBDed (as bad as it sounds... refined, bleached, deodorized) which means the oil is "DEAD" with high amounts of cell destroying toxin lipid peroxide thrown in!  So instead of helping your heart... it is just the stuff causing many, if not most, cases of arterial blockage!  Why aren't you hearing any of this?


That's right - 75% of the stuff clogging arteries is Oxidized Poly-Unsat Vegetable Oil... (Lancet,1994)... NOT the unjustly maligned Cholesterol.  You can really poke your doctor in the eye with that one.


This seemingly mendacious and inexcusable evil of extolling the virtues of relatively healthful UNrefined Poly Food-Oils... when only the toxic refined oil is available for purchase, is pervasive!   It is pervasive, of course, given thousands of "shiny-faced", if badly informed, Dietician-College Grads released upon the world to tell info starved people that a poly-unsaturated food oil like Soy or Corn is heart healthful... because these are liquid at room temperature.  More insanity!


These Grads are bound to believe this silliness when a world-renown Senior CNC like our Phyllis Balch describes "good fats" this way in her book on page 211:


"Polyunsaturated fats & monounsaturated fats are the "good fats". These fats are liquid and remain that way - ready for use at room or refrigerated temps. Both EFA's, Alpha Linolenic Acid and Linleic Acid are poly-unsaturates.  [here are a few Poly-Unsat Oils she lists]  - Cod liver oil & Flax seed oil ...Soy oil & Cottonseed oil." 


Granted, in the subsequent paragraph she does say, "If poly-unsat oils are over-processed, many benefits are lost. For that reason, use only cold or expeller-pressed oils."


Now, here's why this is very confusing & misleading advise:  She should not mix the 'pressing-process' for very sensitive 'Medicinal oils' like Cod liver oil with less sensitive 'Food oils' like Soy oil - telling you they should be "cold-pressed" ... which in either case, means nothing... because Cold-pressed only means no heat was added!


So, lets look at both "cold-pressing" possibilities, or the two procedures done entirely different ways for entirely different reasons!  See, if you only "cold-press", the very-sensitive-to-oxidation Cod liver oil, it will turn rancid anyway because of the heat due to the pressure extracting it! 


That's why these Poly 'Medicinal Oils'  (like cod liver et al) need expensive refrigeration added to the pressing-procedure.  Also, "cold-pressing" means next to nothing with regard to Poly 'Food Oils', like Soy, because most Soy oils cold/expeller-pressed are then refined & deodorized anyway... with very high heat...


Reader!  This destroys the heat-sensitive Omega 3 that Balch & all the "Newbies" duplicitously crow about!  See how that works? 


The description below of soy oil is indicative of this kind of obfuscation :


"Nutritional Value of Soy oil"

"Like all vegetable oils, soy oil is cholesterol-free. It is also low in saturated fat. Soy oil has a unique blend of two types of fatty acids called omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids. The omega-3 fatty acids in soy oil are similar to the type of fat found in fish oil, which has been shown to support better heart health. Soy oil is 100 percent fat.     

One teaspoon of soy oil contains about 5 grams of fat and 45 calories."


If you and 100 other Folks read the above description... how many of you would think you could motor on down to the Winn Dixie and pick up a jar of "heart-healthy" Soy Oil chocked with Omega-3 like the "Satan-Spawn" writing above is on about? 


...All of you, of course, and why not?  Nowhere does the web-site distinguish between refined oil & UNrefined oil.  The differences in these two oils are... polar, reader!


Unfortunately, Phyllis Balch essentially does the same thing by having a 7 or 8 page section on soy... without once bothering to mention that the paragraph on soy oil is describing an unrefined oil never encountered at the store by the consumer... unless maybe if it's a health-food store... but even then you are not likely to find it.  Why?


Here's why, Friend.  Unrefined Soy oil is all but non-existent!  


If you do a web search for "Cold/Expeller-Pressed Soy Oil" or "Unrefined Soy Oil" you will find thousands of hits signifying in the title blurb a hi-lighting of the words "Unrefined Soy Oil' or "Cold-pressed Soy Oil"...but when you look closely at the site?


It does not actually have UNrefined Soy Oil for!  It is just doing like Balch and a hundred other "experts..." do, sadly.  It is telling you all about how the great UNrefined soy oil is loaded with Omega-3 & heart-healthy nutrients... or, it is a site for Non-edible uses of UNrefined soy oil.


See?  You won't find (it least not very easily) an actual Unrefined Soy food Oil for sale that is truly UNrefined ... "Unrefined" generally characterized as needing refrigeration after opening it!


I searched for 4 or 5 hours & here (below) is the typical "slight of hand" I would find:   


"Product Description: DOES YOUR SALAD, COOKING AND BAKING OIL GIVE YOU 35% of your daily RDA of Natural Vitamin E? The richness of pure Omega 3 & 6 Essential Fatty Acids? With every tablespoon?  No oil does, except this "liquid gold" DDC oil. Seeing is believing!  Hard to find Natural Soy Oil is expelled without the use of solvents or other chemicals, unlike common supermarket refined oils. This natural "cold pressing" provides the maximum amounts of tocopherols (essential fatty acids) while maintaining high overall oil quality. Perfect for salad dressings, baking or cooking. 16 oz size requires no refrigeration, and has a three year shelf life."




...You see?  It starts out "sounding" like Unrefined by saying it is naturally "Cold-pressed" & "extracted without solvents," & "not like common supermarket refined oils" -but then it "kills" the oil by saying - "16 oz size requires NO REFRIGERATION, and has a three year shelf life."  


What?  Folks, folks-folks!  This is refined oil!  If it were truly Unrefined?  It would have to be refrigerated after it's opened! 


Anyway, after the 5 hour search - I finally found one soy oil saying it required refrigeration after opening... Finally, I thought!


...Then I clicked to enlarge the picture of the bottle & to my surprise - right under the words "Soy Oil" in a small box?  It said "Refined"!


...Now, I'm graciously assuming it is minimally refined, but how is a person supposed to figure it out with all the stuff these people (like Balch, et al) are NOT telling us?


"OK Uncle Al...," one might say, "You are probably a computer Bone-head without the requisite brain power to do a competent when I rapidly find several unrefined soy oils - I should buy one ... right"?


No!  Wrong, Mr. Snooky-nose!


Do not use Poly-unsat food oil even if you can find it "Unrefined" because we already have way too much poly-unsat food oil in our lives, comprised mostly of Omega-6.  This cruel imbalance throws off the critical-for-health EFA Ratio of 4 to 1... that's "4" Omega-6 to "1" Omega-3.  Most people are at a Heart-stopping "20" or "30" to 1 Ratio...way too much Omega-6, leading unerringly to early chronic disease.


The best way to lower your EFA ratio?   Eat more Omega-3 (Krill & Fish Oil) & cut out Polyunsat food Oil (Omega-6) like Soy, Corn, Safflower, and Canola!  By the way, I refuse to list RBDed Canola oil as a Mono-Unsat Oil as most "experts" do because Canola may be 54% "Mono"... but the toxic "Poly" is still too freaking high at 35% it goes on my "poly-oil" list - regardless of what the *experts* say! 


You see get way more than enough Omega-6 in ALL the other foods like fruit (believe it or not), meat, veggie's, or seeds & nuts... without ever having to touch Poly-food Oil... and please don't confuse the issue, like Balch, et al, by lumping rancid, refined Poly-unsat FOOD oil in with healthful, highly-UNrefined, Poly-unsat MEDICINAL oil.  These are apples and oranges, reader!  Balch should really be ashamed.


Putting them in the same list just because they are both Poly-Oils is so *they* can refer to Poly-unsat Oil as "Good Oils" and be "half right"...Poly 'Food' oil (soy, corn, etc.) are NOT "GOOD Oils", comprised mostly of the undesirable Omega-6... toxic after being refined (RBDed) --  whereas Poly 'Medicinal' oils (krill, fish, hemp, etc.) are VERY "GOOD Oils", being high in the VERY desirable Omega-3's which are processed differently to remain as close to their natural, undamaged state as possible.  Assuring this quality requires expensive procedures like molecular distillation, nitrogen-flushing & refrigerated-pressing to keep things cool. 


So, the only "healthful"  Poly-Oils are Poly MEDICINAL Oils.  For your FOOD Oils forget Soy, et al... always use MONO-unsat Oils like Olive, Macadamia nut and Avocado (Unrefined).  ...Or Unrefined Coconut Oil!  Mono-unsat oils, which are Omega-9...don't effect the (Omega-6 to Omega-3) Ratio.


FYI, I purposely emphasized "Unrefined" after Avocado & not after the other 2 Mono-oils because they (Olive, Macadamia nut) will almost always be unrefined, but you often find Avocado Oil 'refined' because it then has a very high smoke point!  After refinement it can reach temp's in excess of 500 F (the highest of any food oil!) before smoking.   So if you want to use Avocado Oil make sure it clearly says UNrefined... though, it's expensive.


For frying & everything else (baking, smoothies, EFA Ratio, inflammation & joint pain, skin-therapy, weight-loss, etc.) I recommend the magical MCT (medium chain triglyceride), Hexan-Free Unrefined Coconut Oil.  It does not have nearly as high a smoke point (about 350 F) as most refined oils & not even as high as UNrefined Macadamia nut oil (about 389 F, which is pretty good) but the advantage for frying is that because CCnut is a tropical oil Mother-Nature designed it with a powerful array of antioxidants which helps protect it in the heat of the tropics AND as the temperature goes up with cooking. 


These same antioxidants protect you & the sensitive EFA's inside you.  This also means Coconut Oil does NOT need refrigeration & will protect itself for 5 years at room temp. 


Oh yeah ! Phyllis also bad-mouths Coconut Oil because it is mostly saturated fat... of course one must consider that every freaking baby-formula on the freaking shelf has Coconut Oil in it... giving all indications that saturated fat of the right type is even necessary, eh reader?  You bet!


I suspect every year Ms. Balch gets a Christmas card from ADM,  (They want Soy hidden in everything processed & used by Man, so from 'zygote to death' you are flooded with phyto-estrogens, phytates & oxalates from Soy... as if we weren't in an estrogen-mimic rich environment already...).  Look at this portion of Balch's Soy Oil paragraph & then tell me ADM doesn't love her: 



"Milling the soybean into meal for animal food produces soy oil, an important but little known ingredient in our diet. Most likely when a product label says "vegetable oil", it really contains soy oil.  Most commercially sold baked, fried, froze, canned, imitation dairy, and processed meat foods contain soy oil.  Free of cholesterol & saturated fat, soy oil is a good source of healthful omega-3 fatty acids, which are believed to help prevent heart disease. Use soy oil in recipes as a substitute for other types of oil."





It's one thing to try to trick people regarding bottled Soy FOOD Oil as containing undamaged Omega-3, but to strongly imply (above) that heart-healthy Omega-3 can be found in all those highly-processed, commercially sold food stuffs to which she refers... well, it is nothing short of an abomination in the opinion of this writer...


Reader!  Do you really think that jar of non-dairy Creamer has any viable Omega-3 left in it, after it is processed "to death" ?  Also, does she really want us to use toxic refined soy oil as a substitute for healthful unrefined Olive Oil?  It would seem so, eh?


Closing, in my opinion the two most significant (most misunderstood) nutritional health hazards in ascending order are:

1. The overuse of processed Carbohydrates...even many of the ones that "look" healthful like "Whole-Grain" flaked, highly processed cereal. 

2. The overuse of Poly-unsat Food Oils... which is a triple-whammy because if it's refined it clogs your arteries & increases inflammation (at least 3 different ways) & even if it is unrefined it increases your EFA Ratio... which in a very convoluted way will block the production of DHA in pregnant women (all humans actually)...DHA being the Omega-3 most important for your babies brain development. 


Ms. Balch does pretty good with the first... but with a less than honest assessment of Soy Bean Oil she has gone over to the dark side...or maybe?  She never left. 


That's enough.  Well be.


LivingTree Root #026


"Have a Heart... No Thanks"

by Alan Graham (with Alfred Lehmberg)



Have you seen the television drama "Heartland"?  It's the latest example of the Goebbel-esque medical propaganda always festooning primetime. It features the eminently respectable, heroic, and square-jawed Doctor (Treat Williams) dedicating his stalwart life to saving humanity... one heart transplant at a time.  


What a crock!  


...No, when it is considered the doctors & dieticians themselves likely cause the vast majority of the Heart Disease in this country... with dodgy medical ethics, bogus food pyramids, and dangerous *pharmz*, it's further realized that it is the FDA, the AMA, & the Government, surprisingly, who must bear the responsibility for same.  How does this work you ask?


Well, far be it from me to whisper "conspiracy" but let's connect a few dots and see how "doctors and dieticians" have sanctioned this ... ...slaughter?  Yes, it can hardly be called anything else.


Here are just a few of the Medically sanctioned key players which are killing YOU !


1)... Omega-6, Poly-food Oil (Corn, Soy, Safflower, Cotton-seed, Canola, etc.) - Virtually EVERY mainstream doctor & dietician in the country is part of this lie!


Reader, as we have already pointed out, >>>ALL<<< grocery-store Poly food oil that does NOT require refrigeration after the bottle is opened... Rancid & Toxic when brought home from the store! This requires that it be RBDed (Refined, Bleached, Deodorized) to cover the rancid smell & make it look like "Liquid Gold"! 


In reality this damaging adipose swill is teeming with lipid peroxides responsible for a full scale attack on every cell in your body, especially your heart & your brain!  Consider, reader, it's the prestigious medical journal 'Lancet' in 1994 reporting that 75% of the substance clogging your arteries is oxidized Poly-Unsat Vegetable Oil (PUVO)... not the suspiciously maligned Undamaged Cholesterol.  Astoundingly, if it wasn't for the aforementioned cholesterol?  You'd be dead already!


Conversely, these medico-sociopaths have the perfect "out" if ever actually confronted about their insane policy: "All Poly-Unsat food oils liquid at room temp are heart healthy,"...In actuality Folks, this is the worst kind of Lie,  which is... A Half-Truth...


You see, Half (or less!) ...because these poly oils "could" have a tiny bit of "heart-healthiness," but only if the oil is the much more expensive "UNrefined" Oil (that has NOT been RBDed).  Still, the ONLY oil you will EVER find at the grocery store is the artery-clogging, heart-stopping, quality of life destroying "REfined" Oil that HAS been RBDed.  Clear?


This "Liquid-Plastic" does not require refrigeration after opening because it has been converted through high-heat, essentially, into a "Non-Food".   I have never seen UNrefined Poly food oil in a typical grocery store... in fact you might not even find it in a health food store!


Yes Folks, that beautiful, *fresh smelling* bottle of Vegetable Oil at the SAVE-U or just about everybody's favorite seed-oil from Canada, "Canola, eh..." ...all poly-food oils are rancid & toxic before the bottle is even opened!  You can't tell because the high heat of Deodorizing destroys not only the bad smell, but, also, anything of nutritional value!  Thus rendering the oil "Dead," essentially!


Solution?  Always use "Mono"-Unsat Oils like Olive or Macadamia Nut, which do NOT require RBDing or refrigeration.  If for some unexplained (OK, I gotta say it... Silly...) reason you would want to follow the "New Food Pyramid" and use a Poly-unsat food oil like the Sunflower oil they recommend... it must say on the bottle "Unrefined" & requires refrigeration after opening ... or you are getting a toxic RBDed Oil, always


See, if consuming supermarket oil , you are not consuming the UNrefined oil upon which the bogus commentary is based!  Is that clear?


...And please don't write to tell me that Canola is a "Mono"unsat oil just because it is 54% Mono...  


It has 36% Poly-Oil  requiring it be RBDed, eh?  So, in my mind, the 54% Mono-Oil portion is not the significant feature, consequently, "Rapeseed Oil of Canada" should not be allowed to call itself  "Mono" ... you see, it is the 36% Poly portion that is the dominate feature because it is the part slowly killing you!  So, common sense demands we call it POLY, damn it! 


It is misleading to do otherwise...yet continuously you hear "Media-Docs" like NPR's, Dr. Zorba say "Canola is a Mono-Oil, just like Olive Oil"...NO ! It is almost nothing like Olive Oil.


Let me reiterate to you reader.  Forget about easily locating a quasi-healthful UNrefined, Poly-Unsat Oil requiring refrigeration after opening... you won't find it unless you go to extraordinary measures.  BUT, you will certainly not find it in a Winn Dixie!


This is exactly what all the deceived or badly advised people think they can do when they hear EVERY (mainstream) Dietician in the country say "...Poly Unsat Oils which are liquid at room temp, like Corn & Soy, are heart-healthy..."  Sincerely, hearing a doctor or dietician proclaim the preceding, wouldn't you think you could run down to the local Piggly-Wiggly and get some of that-there heart-healthy Corn Oil?  Sure you would!  ...But it's not going to happen, reader!


2)... Trans-Fat from pHVO (partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) - for decades the FDA lied to us about Toxic Man-made TransFat such as that found in margarine, vegetable shortening & virtually every processed food containing Fat.  In order to "feed the Masses" the lies were particularly blatant for the 3 or 4 peak growth-decades for "Oleo-Margarine" & Crisco Vegetable Shortening right after WW-2.  They would tell people the Crap was actually good for their heart because it was from "Vegetables".   


Know this!  The "Trans-molecule" (essentially Twisted) is a Poly-oil molecule which has been made solid (and toxic!) by the unctuous process of "Hydrogenation" (forcing hydrogen where it doesn't need to go) to make a lard-like, solid "Designer SatFat" having a long shelf life.  Why?  It keeps the product on the shelf until the product is sold. Fluffy, plastic-like, Imitation SatFat will last a very long time.  It's why Cartman's Snacky-Cakes and Cheezy-Poofs never die, reader!


When I was a young boy my very Christian Grandmother used to tell me how Oleo-margarine was "a true blessing from God" because it was so cheap & so much healthier than butter!  Why, she could finally quit the labor intensive chore of Churning her own butter.  Folks, Butter is Real Food... margarine is an abomination & it is only blessed by "god-like" sociopaths we call MD's...for example, when Dr. Zorba was asked by Tom, his radio side-kick, if a listener could substitute butter for margarine in a recipe - Dr. Z actually yelled "NOooo!"  The revulsion and disgust dripped from his voice. 


Their bogus rational for why margarine is better than butter is such a vapid, stupid, and childish lie, that I'm not gonna waste time digressing to explain it.  But, if you think I can't ... you're welcome to try me.


Back to TransFat, in the 80's & 90's these propagandist had to start backing off their assertion that pHVO was actually good for you because there were increasing cries of "Foul" from more enlightened dietary "trouble-makers" -- so while most of the rest of the civilized world banned, limited, or voluntarily stopped using pHVO, the U.S. hired lawyers to HIDE the fact that pHVO even existed, while exponentially ramping-up its use EVERYWHERE... and I mean everywhere!  Even "FlintStones" Vit's for Kids has pHVO.  Virtually every loaf of bread at the store has pHVO - even if the label says "Zero TransFat".


So Gee,  how do you "Hide" pHVO if it is in almost everything?  Here's just Two of the ways...


(1)...The FDA sanctioned "Hidden-Fat".


From the 80's up to just recently if you did some "mental-math" with the 'Nutritional Facts' on the back label of some fat containing food... the Total fat might be 10 grams, lets say, with the "break-down" of the different fats, thusly:  the SatFat is 2 grams -- the MonoFat is 2 grams -- the PolyFat is 2 grams = for a total of 6 grams... but wait!


This is 4 grams short of the actual Total of 10 grams... What are the "invisible & missing" 4 grams of fat not listed on label?  That's right folks, it is the "Hidden-Fat"  - TransFat from partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (pHVO). 


Reader!  They just pretended a completely unhealthful TransFat didn't exist; while simultaneously listing grams of SatFat on the labels!  They set guidelines for restricting SatFat... but never told you there are healthful forms of SatFat like UNrefined Coconut Oil & the undamaged SatFat in Mono-Food Oils.  Finally they took every opportunity possible to tell you how "evil" Saturated Fat causes heart disease... yet never mention the real Heart-Stopper, the toxic TransFat Molecule... ahh, because it doesn't exist, yeah, that's it... that's the ticket!


Folks, we evolved over millions of years eating undamaged raw Saturated fat, but before 1910, homo Sapien Sapien had never encountered the twisted Man-made TransFat Molecule!   Even though it is not biocompatible with human cells, it is readily incorporated into the cell wall's double layer of fat... to that cell's detriment!


I used to think only God or Mother-Nature had the ability to make magical substances that could do either of two opposing things at the same time... like how freshly ground Flaxseed fiber can stop diarrhea or stop constipation... but look what Man's TransFat can do to the cell-wall!  It can make the wall stiff so it is not flexible & efficient at shuttling stuff in & out - while, simultaneously, it makes the cell wall sag & lose its shape as if the opposite of "stiff..." -- very multi-UNpurposeful!


(2)...The FDA sanctioned Lie..."Hidden-Fat" # 2.


Consider, even now when acknowledgement of truth recently forces "TransFat" to be listed on the label, the duplicitously uncaring establishment *Bastards*  have figured out a way to keep making you sick with the stuff... so their horrifically ironic dollar inflow may continue with minimum abatement.  To wit:


...If the (seldom actually eaten) *serving* has less than .5 grams of TransFat in it... ...they can put "Zero TransFat" on the label in Giant Letters... 


Understand now!  They can confirm an egregious untruth... on the label... in block letters!"  Follow?  There's not zero grams of TransFat in the product, there's right at .5 freaking minimum grams of TransFat in the product! 


Consider, if you make the serving real, real small ( a ridiculously small serving of margarine...) then .499999 grams of TransFat is just enough so the unhealthful Poly-Oil (like Canola, Soy, etc.) will remain solid enough not to separate, thus sorta resembling thin "butter."  However, it is also just enough to contribute to your future stroke! 


So when a label proclaims "Zero TransFat",  always check the "Other Ingredients:"  below the supplemental facts box!  If it contains "partially Hydrogenated Oil" then it is likely to have .49999 grams of TransFat per serving.  There is no safe amount of pHVO, in my opinion, but .5 grams TransFat in these especially small serving sizes is not insignificant, as you are led to believe.


Every doctor & dietician knowingly participating or signing-off on this evil deception to hide TransFat will likely occupy a special place in Hell, I suspect.   Sincerely, every innocent, fresh-faced newly graduated Dietician extant who was told to ignore TransFat and instead emphasize SatFat, must have a nagging little voice in their head saying over and over... "This can't be right," as they follow this horrible directive through the rest of their careers.  Small hyperbole, reader.


I have a "Brain-dead" relative who buys shoes like Imelda Marcos yet uses pHVO margarine by the Giant Tub instead of butter because margarine is cheaper... she said this, after I explained the hazards of pHVO... and how it would exacerbate her chronic inflammatory disease while real Organic butter has at least 3 different arcane Fatty-Acids (FA's) that can help heal her inflammation.


OK, in all fairness, there are a couple of these new "Heart-Healthy" spreads that contain no pHVO...they use instead "Modified Palm Oil", which is where the more saturated (solid) parts of the palm oil are separated to mix with the Poly-Oil (like the evil Soy Oil) to "thicken-it-up"...


 ...I'm just assuming this stuff would likely be more healthful than Margarine w. pHVO... but I still don't recommend it over Organic butter unless you are a Vegetarian.  This is because of the Primary ingredient in virtually all these spreads is the undesirable "Simple" Poly Omega-6 Oil (LA) like Soy & Corn.  It is critical that we reduce our intake of "Simple" Omega-6 (LA) & replace it with Omega-3 (ALA) like in Flaxseed & Hempseed!  If you do use Omega-6, it  must be a "Complex" Omega-6, like (GLA) in Black Currant & Borage Oils...NOT the "Simple" (LA) like in Corn & Soy.  This is because "Simple" LA will actually & easily "Over-power" your bodies ability to make the 2 most powerful & important "Complex" Omega-3's found in Nature, EPA & DHA...(the stuff in Krill & Fish Oil)


After reading this, if you knowingly consume margarine BECAUSE it says "Zero TransFat" on the front label, without checking for partially Hydrogenated Oil (pHVO) in the ingredients,... then please, stop reading right now because you are an idiot... Go down on your own recognizance to family planning and have yourself sterilized, I'm tired of you peeing in the gene pool...  and, oh yeah... "quit looking at my Stuff"! 


3)... Sugar & refined Flour - These are the primary things that cause arterial inflammation because of the numerous insulin spikes they provoke!  This facilitated inflammation causes "stuff" to stick to the arterial wall, and could likely induce a rise in cholesterol... so high cholesterol, plainly, is NOT the disease... high cholesterol can be a symptom of the Disease, but it is not the CAUSE of blocked's the sugar induced inflammation that is a primary cause, eh?  


OK, how is this the Doc. & Dietician's fault ?  The New Food Pyramid (NFP) crazily has twice as many servings from grains compared to veggies, which is bad enough, BUT then they say HALF those Grain servings can be REFINED carbs.  With sugar they say use "in moderation"...but people interpret that as ..."Sugar must not be very harmful if we can use it in moderation,  so I guess I'll just go ahead and pretty much use all I want...Thanks NFP for being so reasonable."


4)...Milk - the dieticians & food pyramid's reliance on milk & dairy for Calcium is damn near criminal, should be, and is certainly a tragedy in that regard... milk is not a "body good"...


Good source of calcium?  No.  Milk is a miserable source of Calcium for several reasons.


However, most significant... to absorb Calcium you must have a cal/mag ratio of at least 2to1 and a higher ratio of 1to1 would even be better (in my opinion)... so Milk at a cal/mag ratio of 10 to1 falls egregiously short.  In the opinion of my buddy the Leaflady at  - you should get even more Magnesium than the 1to1 ratio...she's only been a Holistic Practitioner for 50 years... so I don't know, with her lack of experience & all... I digress.


Virtually all milk has the potential to carry the microbe causing Johnnes Disease in cows/goats & is very likely the microbe that causes Crohn's & IBS in humans.   We did not evolve drinking any milk other than breast-milk.


5)... Lipitor / Co Q-10 - not only is high cholesterol not the disease... but giving people cholesterol-lowering drugs, like Lipitor is very likely to induce a heart attack because it blocks the production of cholesterol by blocking the Pathway used in the body to produce the most important heart & energy nutrient that we synthesize, or take supplementally, Coenzyme Q-10.   


Your heart & all tissue needs a steady supply of Co Q-10 so blocking this system is nothing short of insane!  Please read more about the "craziness" of Lipitor & Co Q-10 from the "Space-Doc"...


Duane Graveline MD MPH
Former USAF Flight Surgeon
Former NASA Astronaut
Retired Family Doctor




You get the Idea... I could go on for pages, but hey!  Why "pile-on", eh?  Just take a deep breath and accept the reality that the highest paid people on the planet are causing your heart disease... and ultimately the real money-maker... Heart transplants... with their suspect medical ethics and dicey mores. 


...And so, reader, as our story moves to the close, the deified doctor is allowed an opportunity to "manage" your disease for a couple of decades to extract maximum revenue.  He does this by treating only symptoms while actually making the disease worse, faster, through the use of expensive, toxic pharmaceuticals.  Say it ain't so Dr."Heartland"!  


Additionally?  He dispenses bad nutritional advice.  Just look at Zorba Pasteur on NPR or Dr. Gupta on CNN.


The end result of all this is making the disease worse, but giving the appearance that he is actually making the patient better because he relieves a symptom or two.  This medical shell game is part & parcel to the deception of being the charmed innocent passed along a series of Doctors to the final "heroic" surgeon for a "Quad By-pass", a heart transplant and/or early death.  Mere travails of a cash-cow, reader... so suck it up?


Finally, the really big joke... I mean other than the laugh-riot that this arrogant thug (the surgeon) gets the heart for free and if all else fails?  The taxpayer picks up the tab... Oh yeah, somebody also pays $25,000 a year after the procedure for follow-up outpatient monitoring & med's... MO' Money, MO' Money!


No, I mean the crueler joke is that if you survive this procedure... you'll still have to take Prednisone (a steroid) for the rest of your life to suppress your immune system... so the heart won't be rejected out of hand.   You cannot live a long, comfortable & aliment free life taking immune suppressants, reader.  To much works against the individual in this scenario and isn't it common sense that you can't live in a bubble?


The individual, yourself reader, is more prone to infections due to weakened immunity.    Plus, after a few years of your gut being under constant attack from steroids you are very susceptible to any number of joint-diseases, some with a "bearable" pain ... others, crippled with pain... wheelchair bound or bedridden. 


As well, you're wide open to contract virtually any disease because of a compromised gut & crippled immune system.  Good bet your quality of life will probably suck... and all though this journey you give them your money, treat them like little gods & heap abundant praise on them every damn step of the way...  Finally, upon arrival at your death bed, you give them a last, special thanks for heroically keeping you alive as long as they had, as a grateful, loving tear slips down your cheek. 


Reader, isn't it fairer to have cursed and reviled them because they slowly, purposely, and profitably killed you for the MONEY...??


In all fairness, I'm sure there are many young MD's who probably have not yet realized that they are part of a corrupt system... but after 10 or 15 years, Like Dr. Atkins, MD, (the low-carb guru) often said -- (I'm paraphrasing) "Doesn't it dawn on them that they're just treating symptoms with poisons which block & inhibit natural enzymatic processes, often with devastating effects"? 


Given these MDs are among the most intelligent people on the planet?  They must, eh?


Considering the fabric of facts strung over the dots in this essay I think it is difficult to come to any other conclusions.  The reader is certainly invited to try.


That's enough.  Well be.


Alan Graham

Phone (334) 774-0395

E-mail --



LivingTree Root #027

Bone-loss Deception, Denial and Betrayal

By Alan Graham

with Alfred Lehmberg 


Have you seen the latest "Actonel" TV commercial?  They show a simple cartoon depicting the human spine as being "protected" by a vigilant Actonel which stops these *bad* cells inexplicably attacking the spinal column like little "dive-bombers"!   The commercial says these are the cells that "Cause" Osteoporosis (OP).


WOW ! Talk about going around your back-side to get to your elbow... in order to "muddy the water" enough to make a half-truth sound like the "truth," too.  Ironically, this is because there ARE specialized cells to remove old bone and these can cause a reduction in bone-density (B-D)... so,  a dishonest sociopath could, with a contrived and canted cartoon, make it look like these cells are the "cause" of OP... but they're not... not anymore than a gun is the "cause" of a particular death - no, the guy pulling the trigger is the CAUSE of death, remember.


Consider the natural maintenance of bones.  For proper Bone Maintenance, Mother-Nature designed a Dual system for building bone where appropriate & then removing bone where that's appropriate too.  This is done with 2 different specialized cells: one called OsteoBlasts ('Blasts), cells building new bone... while other cells, OsteoClasts ('Clasts), remove.


Ideally this build-up/tear-down system of "Bone Remodeling" will be in perfect balance or as in growing children, the "build-up" activity will be greater to accommodate growth.


As we get older, though, this system can get out of balance.  For instance, where you might have decreased 'Blasts (building) or increased 'Clasts (dissolving & recycling).  Consider, by the way, that this "as we get older" is getting younger & younger all the time at the hands of duplicitous docs & their dutiful dieticians.


Now there are several things which can cause this out of balance condition between the 'Blasts & the 'Clasts.  We'll discuss each in turn briefly, but first lets look at "Big Pharmz" answer to the rapidly increasing problem... ...poisonous soap-scum removers called Bisphophonates.


Drugs classed as Bisphosphonates (Actonel) work in a very negative way -- reminiscent of cutting off a person's head to cure their dandruff.  Actonel, Fosamax, Boniva, et al, work to increase bone-density by poisoning, thus killing, the innocently natural OsteoClasts, those "attacking" cells in the aforementioned graphic.  These would normally remove Old bone... When these are poisoned and removed it results in an increase in bone-density (B-D) because the old, brittle, worn-out bone, the old bone is left behind.


Key point actually.  Unfortunately, an increase in B-D won't mean much if it is "denser" with brittle, fragile, worn-out bone -- bone past its useful service life.  Right?


Now this seemingly wacky approach is bad enough, but when you also consider that OsteoClasts (removers) naturally prompt OsteoBlasts (builders) to form, it is then even more bizarre taking a bisphosphonate like Actonel because by leaving old bone behind you discourage the growth of the new bone


Talk about a double-whammy...but Hey!  Maybe you don't need much new bone, because now you have plenty of old bone... yeah, that's the ticket!  Not!


Now, it is possible for the 'Clasts to eat away pockets or pits in the bone which are not rebuilt when there appears to be normal 'Blasts activity... so the obvious (and too conveniently reflexed) answer is to KILL (and very profitably too) the "guilty" 'Clasts... but WAIT!


Why don't we read to the period on this thing before we start poisoning ourselves, you know, to finance a boob-job on a fat man's trophy wife?  Why don't we, instead, ask what is causing the bone to be dissolved too quickly, and/or what is inhibiting the 'Blasts from "keeping up" in the first freakin' place?


There are many reasons for this 'Blasts/'Clasts imbalance...and even though they may seem unrelated, many of them neatly dove-tail back into what I think is the primary reason - an acidic body fluid pH leaching calcium & other key minerals & trace minerals from the Big Mineral Repository (your Bones!) to keep your blood pH at the slightly alkaline pH of 7.35 to 7.45. 


The whole convoluted Bone-Remodeling system is linked to your pH because your body will jump through hoops to keep your Blood pH inside stringent close-tolerance  parameters iterated in the last paragraph... because you will die, almost instantly, without that balance.


Now, this cuts both ways, reader, because if you take an extra big load of Calcium (anything over 500mg at once) your pH will rapidly become too alkaline!  Your kidneys have to start dumping minerals overboard to compensate.   Though, because of Soy, grains, sugar, coffee, antacid, carbonated drinks & other highly acidic crap, most busy Americans consume almost nothing but Acid-Forming foods processed by an insentient Man... so the "too Alkaline" condition is rarely even a consideration.


The following are some of the causes of those imbalances...virtually all of them can be helped without killing the 'Clasts with unhealthful poisons:


1).. Alcohol in excess (one small glass of dry dark red wine at supper is GREAT for your heart, gut, brain, joints & Bones) -- even though most of the literature points out excessive consumption leads to suppression of the 'Blasts (builders)...I think the bad nutrition, a stressed Gut & poor mineral & nutrient absorption, associated with excessive alcohol consumption, will lead to increased bone loss... due to an acidic pH.


2).. Coffee --  Many quote the data that even moderate Caffeine consumption can dramatically increase bone-loss because it is a diuretic & it appears to inhibit Vit. D absorption, which then inhibits Calcium utilization... but they might not add that another reason is because coffee is very acid-forming, which causes minerals to be leached from your bones.   FYI : never take diuretics that remove trace minerals, instead, when you retain water...drink LOTS of water...OK, if you are sure, Al ?


3).. Phytates & Oxalates -- These "anti-nutrients" contained in Soy & Grains bind to minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Iron & likely most critical, Zinc. So they not only contribute to a mineral deficiency but Oxalates can cause other problems like kidney stones & heel spurs.  And the ubiquitous SOY ('s everywhere, it's everywhere!!) is unique in that unlike a high oxalate food like spinach which binds with 95% of its own Calcium...the Soy binds with all its Calcium & then goes LOOKING FOR MORE.  We did not evolve eating Soy & Grains...for several million years of evolution homo Erectus never ground grains & baked bread or ate other High Gluten foods that also adversely effect digestion, which also contributes to bone-loss.


4).. Sugar/Refined Carbs -- Dieticians talk out of both sides of their mouths with regard to sugar.  I would tell people to totally avoid sugar except once annually on your birthday (you know, that damn cake)...instead Dieticians tell people to use sugar in moderation - which, as I've said before, translates to "use pretty much all you want."


5).. Pharmz -- many supposedly effect adversely the 'Blasts activity but in reality most actually also encourage increased 'Clast activity due to acidic pH or impaired digestion... here are just a few :


(a)...Steroids - Suppress the immune system by attacking the good gut flora & fauna, which reduces absorption of Alkaline minerals, which causes an acidic body pH, which leaches minerals from your bones.  


(b)...Antacids (along with carbonated drinks) -- Reduce valuable stomach acid that is needed to absorb Alkaline minerals...remember Al's Acid Rule # 1 : "You can have a healthful, Alkaline body (and blood) pH, if you have a normal, very acidic stomach pH (less than 3) - *But* if you have a more alkaline stomach pH (greater than 5 or 6) - you will NEVER have a "natural" alkaline body might do it unnaturally with a big dose sodium bicarbonate, which is not healthful.  Also, an Alkaline stomach from antacids does not kill dangerous microbs like it does when you have the correct stomach pH of "1", which is the same as battery-acid.


(c)...Thyroid - MD's misuse of Synthetic thyroid meds causes bone loss.  This is partly due to misdiagnosing the cause & kind of thyroid problem, because the "Gold-Standard" TSH thyroid test is bogus, resulting in people taking Synthroid that they don't need ... & partly because we are told that Fluoride, chlorine & aluminum in tap-water, toothpaste, antiperspirant & a thousand other things, won't hurt us. 


In reality those things attack the thyroid in several different ways ... not the least of which is Aluminum-Fluoride Complex (AlFx) poisoning which causes Hyper-(high)thyroid, (and terrible insomnia) but the TSH test reads it as Hypo-(low)thyroid so again the MD prescribes Synthroid, which is exactly the wrong thing to do.  When you put Fluoride & Aluminum (both in tap-water) together you create a monster, AlFx, that is killing you... and NO ONE is looking.


(d)...Antibiotics - They kill the good gut bacteria, so you know - yada, yada...boom, Osteoporosis.  Most of this stuff is simple "Connect the Dots 101"


6).. Weight loss over 40 -- In 1969 on my way to Viet Nam, my brand new Minny-Pearl-looking Mother in Law from Lizella, Ga., with her 3rd grade education (remember Deliverance?), said, "To be healthy, Da Lord 'spects us to gain 10 or 15 lbs after the Change" (menopause)...


Well, I thought that was the stupidest thing I had ever heard.  But guess what Folks, she was right, well, maybe not that the Lord expects it... Anyway, the constant dieting with the 10 pounds yo-yoing up & down means you are periodically depriving yourself of critical minerals, etc... next, the extra 10 lbs of fat cells around your middle produce more natural estrogen which stimulates OsteoBlasts activity...lastly, crazy as it may sound, you hauling that extra 10 lbs around, makes your bones stronger... like lifting weights.


I'm all for being thin... but not if you have to starve & practically kill yourself to be TOO thin & not if you have to starve to keep off that last 10 or 15 lbs... especially if you eat the right natural raw food in moderate amount with moderate weight-bearing, low-impact exercise and you level off 10 lbs heavier than when you were in High School - then that is right were you should be... Consider yourself lucky & tell your Husband to shut his pie hole because your dainty, nicely distributed 10 lbs is for a Women's good health, unlike his 30 pound "beer-gut."


Regarding dieting to remain too thin... trust me, the main-babe on "Grey's Anatomy," Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan & any of these self-destructive women using starvation diets and/or "nose-candy" to stay ungodly thin... all will all develop Osteoporosis at a young age & likely have heart failure before 50.  Don't confuse "starvation diets" (Bad) with "fasting" (Good)...a 1 to 3 day fast every month or so (if done correctly) is one of the most positive things you can do for your toxically compromised body.


7)... Bowel Disease -- Anything from IBS to Crohn's (I almost died of Crohn's but cured myself...yeah, I know MD's say it is incurable) has the potential to cause or exacerbate OP.  One that is particularly insidious is Celiac Disease, where you can't take Wheat Gluten (Grains)... yet many, unknowingly, just keep on consuming gluten in bread, cereal & pasta - real irony, you know? ..."Killed by the Staff-of-Life." 


With all bowel-disease, you are likely not only deficient in the required nutrients for Bone-Remodeling, but your compromised digestion means you are not absorbing the alkaline minerals that keep you from having an acidic pH... so more bone is dissolved.


8)... Lastly, Acid/Alkaline-Forming foods --  Virtually every food processed by man is Acid-Forming.   Virtually all raw fruits & Veggies are Alkaline-forming.  Al's Acid Rule # 2...lemons & limes test acidic if touched with a pH strip - but after digestion they are among the MOST Alkaline-Forming foods found in nature!  On the other hand, meat would test alkaline if touched with a pH strip, but after it is burned through digestion it leaves an Acidic Ash!  This is especially true for processed meats like bacon, sausage, etc.


Don't avoid Acid-Forming foods that are natural or have other efficacious Olive Oil & some berries are slightly Acid-Forming but they are cool - it is the really unhealthful  processed, Acid-Forming foods that you should avoid like Coffee, sugar, refined flour, Soy Isolate, processed meats and two of the most evil foods conceived by man...a cream filled donut & pancakes w. syrup ...I could care less if you hate me - but if you regularly make a hot "wholesome" breakfast of pancakes w. syrup for your are a BAD parent. Sorry.  I digress.


Back at the ranch: Actonel wants to concentrate on the 'Clasts bone-removal end, but maybe... ...the lower Bone-Density is almost ALWAYS a problem with the other end, the raw material & building end! 


Not only because they are needed to build new bone, but their very presence means the removal end is brought back into line due to their alkalinity.  But you see, Big-Pharmz does not have a stable of controlled Drugs for "building" new bone & they can't patent the raw material for same... to achieve an increase in B-D they decided the only way they can "solve" the problem, and still make money, is to kill the 'Clasts on the bone removal "end" because that's the only place a patented, proprietary, and expensive pharmaceutical poison could possibly be applied!


...You see, on the raw material & building front-end, Big Pharmz can't patent raw veggie's & fruit, chlorophyll, alkaline water, Deep Breathing Exercises, 72 trace minerals, Alkaline-Forming Foods, etc. naturally raise your body pH so Calcium & other minerals are not leached from your bones!  Moreover, they can't patent HIGHLY Absorbable ORGANIC Calcium (they give you INorganic, CARBONATE crap), Organic Chelated Magnesium (they give you INorganic, OXIDE crap), Vitamin D-3 (they give you inferior, D-2 crap), Vit.K, Silica, Boron (they give you...ahh, nothing), Glucosamine & MSM (...ahh, what's that ?)


No Folks, the best they can do on the front-end is to insure YOU DO develop bone loss, which keeps the money flowing, while it only "appears" that they are trying to help. 


So Doc's & Dieticians do the following: encourage Milk, DON'T discourage carbonated drinks, allow Sugar "in moderation", employ LOTS of Fluoride, Chlorine & Aluminum (tap-water, tooth-paste, antiperspirants), discourage Supplementation (except crap like Centrum & Caltrate)!  They heavily push high Oxalate & Phytate foods like Soy & Grains that bind & remove minerals, and they promote excessively processed foods with lots of bread, cereal & pasta.  All these things will contribute to the development of OP for a variety of reasons, but probably most significant is all these things are "Acid-Forming" and most MD's will laugh & finger point, if you try to connect body pH with bone loss.  But it is so.


Moving on, even "mainstream" medicine honestly points out something that I find very disturbing & potentially very dangerous... those Bisphosphonates stay in the bone for DECADES & the Dive-bomber, 'Clasts can remain suppressed for 5 years after you stop taking the stuff!  This is horrible!


From  The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism Vol. 90, No. 3 1897-1899
Copyright © 2005 by The Endocrine Society:


"Unlike most medications, bisphosphonates remain in the body for decades. These drugs are not metabolized, but are either excreted renally or deposited within the bones. The amount of drug within the bone will accumulate with use. There is no known method of removing the medication from the bones. The duration of physiological effect is still unknown. After taking alendronate for 5 yr, the bone resorption and formation markers remain suppressed for at least 5 yr after discontinuation."


And this from the same Journal : 


"If bone resorption is strongly inhibited, the damage can’t be repaired because the osteoclasts won’t dissolve the bone. In animals given high doses of bisphosphonates, microdamage accumulation is observed. The biological purpose of bone remodeling is probably to remove microdamage and replace it with new bone. If this process stops, the damage accumulates and could eventually weaken the bone."


OK Folks, stop here if you can't handle bad news  -- but for the rest of you... go to a search-engine and punch-in *lawsuits Phossy Jaw* & discover the horror-show that is Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (ONJ)!  This is where your jaw bone dies & rots away leaving you disfigured for life...oh yeah - from taking Actonel, Fosamax, Boniva, etc.  Weep for sufferers, Sally Fields.


Here's a little blurb from my buddy the Leaflady's BLOG... the whole article is at!  Go sign up for her newsletter & read her fine work:  (She does not suffer fools!)


"Bisphosphonate is pretty much left overs from making Tide and P&G has a great amount of $$$ bound up in Actonel, their osteoporosis drug. Yes P&G is in the drug business for profit and in a lot of other things too - FOR PROFIT.

Profit is good, but not at the expense of maiming and killing. The downside of bisphosphonate is that it causes something called osteonecrosis of the jaw. There are other problems with the osteoporosis drugs that you can find out about by looking up the side effects and deciding for yourself.  In general osteonecrosis is 'dead bone', without a blood supply."


If you would like to know what you should do to avoid OP in a natural, health-promoting, proactive way, then read my paper about Sally Fields & Osteoporosis at will explain all the "Do's & Don'ts" concerning acid/alkaline-forming foods & the right supplement forms... If, for example, your MD recommended  Calcium CARBONATE & Magnesium OXIDE in crap like Oscal or Caltrate, then you know he or she is either ignorant or evil... or both. Instead of helping? These 2 "supplements" can actually exacerbate Osteoporosis.


Lastly, a while back I wrote about Sally Field's insulting Boniva commercial, where having to find time once a week to take Fosamax was a hassle... but Once-a-Month Boniva was acceptable with her busy lifestyle. 


In the latest installment, she gleefully explains how choosing an osteoporosis medicine is as easy as choosing which dress to wear because, unlike other weekly treatments, Boniva is only a Once-a-Month dosing.


Well, there you go...Sally & her strangely thoughtless ilk... what's up with that bunch?  Only because of a monthly dosing convenience, they will be re-active and take a negative poison, a poison exacerbating their disease... rather than be pro-active and take 60 doses a month (2 doses daily) of something natural & efficacious...  This is their definition of a "no-brainer"!


I concur! 


Once-a-month Boniva, wins Hands-down over 60 doses a month... but only if you ARE, a "No-brainer"! like our otherwise adored Ms. Fields... I really do love her, even if she has sold her soul to Mammon, the gloating false god of riches and avarice. 


Please feel free to contact me at if you disagree or have a question.


And Sally?  I'd really would like to hear from you, we can be friends... but only if you are contrite.


That's enough... Well be.




LivingTree Root #028

"Muscle-Spasms", Heart-Burn & Bed-Wetting

 By Alan Graham --

With Alfred Lehmberg --


Every man, women & child should see a good Chiropractor on a regular schedule.  Don't wait until your back goes out, you're in pain, or you develop a less mobile "military-neck" before going in.   It's about prevention, folks.  Moreover, I admonish that there is abundant science supported as regards a "spine in line."  Mind, don't be too quick to turn up your nose.


Besides, have I yet steered you wrong?


Sincerely, keep reading because I'm going to give you practical information, both positive & negative, that I bet you've NEVER heard concerning Chiropractic science... its adjustment philosophy & some of the more arcane things chiropractors can do other than just twist your neck & spine.  There's a lot more going on than you'd think.


These are things with credibility, remember... not some of the "woo-woo" stuff I will address at the end of this piece.  Everything below has happened to me ... except the child bed-wetting. 




First, the primary thing is to find a good Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)!   Ask around to see who has a good reputation... but as far as philosophystyle, the 2 biggest complaints that I have had with DCs extant are: 


1).  Does the DC do a "complete" adjustment every time, or do they only adjust where the problem is located... for example, if you have a stiff-neck or a headache they only adjust your neck... or if you have lower back pain they only adjust your lower back.   You don't want that.


You want a total neck/upper-spine/lower-back/pelvis/hips, adjustment every time!  Seriously, I can't respect a DC who's too worried about cranking patient volume to do the job right. Besides only takes a few extra minutes to do everything


I'm not an expert but I will go toe to toe with any Chiropractor who thinks you only need to adjust the area where the pain is. For my money, this is laziness & wrong.  Every vertebra all the way up to your head & back down, to include your pelvis & hips can effect your lower back, etc.  It's all connected in an anatomical synergy... your neck can be out of adjustment & it will bend the whole spine causing one leg to "appear" shorter than the other, even! 


FYI : There is a little known branch of Chiropractic Medicine called Spineology that pretty much only adjusts the neck... but a neck-adjustment by a Spineologist is nothing like a "regular" DC's adjustment - he does not twist the neck but concentrates on making small adjustments to the very top vertebra in the neck.  I have never been to a Spineologist but as far as I can tell they have credibility & are very well respected.


On the first visit to a new DC in our small town I chastised him because his info-form only had blocks & questions about your complaint - so I ask him where was the block for a person like me with no complaints, that just wanted a complete regular maintenance adjustment so I'd likely never have a complaint?


He said I was absolutely right but unfortunately 95% of the folks came because of pain and that most people were "not so thorough" (which I interpreted as "not so anal"); still I suspected right then that he was very perceptive & would turn out to be a great Chiropractor & good friend...which he did.  If your Chiropractor does not believe in adjusting everything... find a different DC.  A lot on that, but it's important.


Before you make an appointment?  Just call first and ask about the preceding...or the following, for that matter. 


2).  Some "money-hungry" Chiropractors dealing mostly in insurance & Medicare claims jack up the bill by charging $10 or $15 for the use of each of a series of  manipulation "machines."  These are mechanical or electrical devices that roll up & down your spine or cause muscles to contract & relax by electrical stimulation... or any number of other different machines you're charged for individually.  Their *use* results in a $70 or $80 visit instead of a $25 or $30 visit... but who cares, eh?  As long as someone else picks up the bill... which really means "we all pay," actually, right?  If the money comes out of your own pocket you are more discerning?  I digress.


If the Chiropractor wants to do one short machine session to relax the muscles before the adjustment & will still only charge $25 or $30, then no problem, but multiple machines at multiple dollars is a smoke and mirrors rip-off.  Incidentally, the $25 quoted is the price in lower Alabama.  One needs to adjust for big city cost of living... like maybe the standard starting price is $35 a visit instead of $25.  Be prepared to pay about $100 or more for the first visit because they will insist on X-rays.  That's rational.


3). Once when my DC was on vacation I went temporarily to another guy, when my lower back gave out... he required X-rays for which I paid about $100.  But when my regular Chiropractor got back, this temp-guy would not give me my X-rays, X-rays that I paid for!  He is also one of those guys who only adjusted my lower back (I'll admit he was very skilled).


On the third visit that week (my back was much better) I finally ask him to also adjust my neck, that was also feeling a little stiff ... he said..."Oh, (long pause)... you want me to adjust your neck?... ah, OK"  - he really acted like that was an unusual request... adjusting the whole spine in one visit... what a revolutionary concept! 


Here is my small sampling... I have been to 8 DCs... 4 automatically did a "Complete" Adjustment while 3 only adjusted where the pain was... and one I'm not sure because I told him before he opened his mouth that I wanted a complete adjustment.  A complete adjustment is important!


Onward, the spine is not the only thing a skilled DC can manipulate to better functionality.  More unusual things that DCs can adjust are (This is physics, remember, not "Crystal-Squeezing"):


1).  Shoulder-Pain from sleeping on your side - This is simple physics!  The arm is gradually pulled out of the shoulder over the months & years just a tiny amount from sleeping on your side w/o the proper support... especially if you favor one side & if you are a big person like me at 6' 3" & 230.


I had this problem for years, WHILE going to the DC every month... and I never thought to mention it for 2 reasons; It never dawned on me that they could fix this, one, because I didn't know what "this" was (I thought it was just weight-lifting aches & pains).  Secondly, the shoulder pain rarely bothered me except when I did bench-presses or tried to reach across my chest & back over my shoulder trying to itch a spot humankind must be unintelligently designed not to be able to scratch... which is to say an unusual movement... so I never even thought about it while at the DC.


Fortuitously, I mentioned the pain one day and he confirmed that I sleep on that side most often.  Then he said astonishingly "no problem, we'll just pop that thing right back in there"...which he did!  While I'm laying on my back he gives a sharp downward push with the arm & I could feel the little "pop" as the bone moved that little 1/16 of an inch or so back into the socket... INSTANT Relief.  Of course, if you keep sleeping the same way, it will work its way back out again in a few weeks or months... so in between my regular visits for a total adjustment (and both shoulders), I have showed my adopted son how to push it back in.   Of course he doesn't quit have the "touch" of the professional, but it does work pretty well.


2).  Knee-Pain - My knee would "go out" at times when I made a sudden lateral or backward movement resulting in a sharp little pain & then I had a slight limp for the rest of the day.  The next morning it would be OK after staying off it overnight.  Again, I never mentioned it until one day it was actually bothering me while at the DC, so boom... he fixed it in about 2 seconds & showed me how to fix it myself in the future by putting a rolled up dish-towel behind my knee and pulling my leg together...again a tiny pop & pain/limp are gone instantly. 


Then later I got to where I could just pop it back in w/o a dish-towel... so after about 8 months of keeping it popped in every time it even remotely felt like it might pop out, now it almost never goes out!  You see, this is a basic tenet of Chiro-Med' - "keeping *it* in the proper place, long enough, eventually fixes it"...or pretty much fixes it, anyway.  Better than pharmz and knives, assuredly.


FYI: Some things can be fixed with one adjustment (like the proverbial "threw out my back or whatever") but if some particular vertebra has been "out of adjustment" for a long time it will take several, if not multiple visits because the muscles have re-grown to this new "out of Whack" position, trying to compensate.  This means the DC has to put the vertebra back in the correct position (the pain gets better), BUT the old musculature keeps trying to pull it back out of position... subsequently, the next day or next week, the pain starts coming back, so the DC is there putting it back!  Each time it stays fixed a little longer & the time between visits gets longer until eventually it stays in place, pretty much, forever... hopefully.


Bone-Head Anecdote:  I carefully explained the preceding physics to a fellow Helicopter Instructor Pilot (he had to have an IQ of at least 115 to even attempt Army Flight-School) who was permanently "grounded" for low-back pain.  After going to my DC for one visit, he told me that his back felt better for about 2 days but then the pain gradually returned so he decided there was no point in going back because obviously the Chiropractors couldn't fix it.  


I said - "Uh-huh... but it did feel better for 2 days?" and he said "Yes"...I told him he was right and that it would be better if he never returned to the Chiropractor and I even reminded him how those Codeine pain pills & muscle relaxants that the Flight-Surgeons pass out like Tic-Tacs, were breathtakingly "mellow-yellow"...Dude!  Besides, there was always surgery! 


I gave him the old "Keep 'em Flying Thumbs-up", then turned & walked away.  I did my best to never inter-act with that oxygen-stealing idiot, ever again... I'm afraid if you associate with bone-heads, some of that stupid might rub off on you.  Down with the dogs, up with their fleas, eh?


One more anecdote:  Another grounded Instructor Pilot, who was an "Older than Dirt" grouchy aged bastard, was certain Chiropractors were Quacks & Thieves... especially after reading the Soulless Prostitute for big Pharmz and predatory medicos, "Quack-Watch" who reports all Chiropractors are fakes. 


My "friend" had a whip-lash.  This meant that he could not move his head to either side more than about 30 degrees. To get him to go to the Quack (my DC), I told him I would pay for the adjustments if after about a month or two he wasn't any better, that's how confident I felt.


Besides I had disliked the guy for years, so I wanted him to eat his stupid, bone-headed words referencing the vile "Quack-Watch"... presuming my Chiropractor fixed his neck.  So I was risking a few hundred dollars to be able to "eviscerate" him later... his neck getting fixed was not my major concern, proving him wrong, was... I know that's very small of me, but you had to know this guy.  


Anyway, not having to pay if later he felt he was ripped-off, convinced him, so he started going twice weekly.   All I ever hear, initially, is moaning & groaning about how he didn't think it was helping much... so after about 3 weeks, I was sick of it. I tell him to stop going & that I would reimburse him the $250 or whatever, for his costs so far, but he said No, wait... that he thought he would stick with it a couple of more weeks - like he was doing all this... for me.


A couple of days later I left for 2 months on an assignment. Upon returning, I walked onto the flight-line and was met by this old fool, who jauntily showed me how he could turn his head both ways almost 80 degrees!  So he was back on flight status, I didn't have to pay a dime & he was able to keep his instructor pilot's job.  He was one of our civilian Instructors so he didn't have the protection of being in the Army if grounded for very long... they would have put him out to pasture in pretty short order.  Chiropractic, sans pills and knives, saved this man's professional life. 


To be honest, even though I never particularly liked the old Guy & he never apologized for Quoting "Quack-Watch"... he did tell me (slightly misty-eyed) that the thing he would have really missed the most (if permanently grounded), was not coming to the Flight-Line every day and hanging out with all the "Kids," the fresh-faced cream of the American Crop boys & girls who are the Army's student helicopter pilots. 


On reflection they really can make you feel like we are not all doomed... you know?  Chiropractic returned all this to him.  Seriously, if he had to go home and sit by the pool & talk to his wife all day, everyday, he'd be dead in a year.


3).  Bed-wetting child - Before you completely screw-up a kid by subjecting them to expensive "Psyco-Babble-Crapola" or toxic drugs, just let a DC give them a few adjustments to see if that helps. It very likely might...what the hell do you have to lose? 


If it helps, then you would want to keep getting adjusted until the problem is corrected.  Most kids like to go to the DC because he doesn't hurt them & there are NO needles.


4).  Hiatal-Hernia (w. bad heart-burn) - OK, this the strangest maneuver of all - I wrote about this procedure in my 2nd NewsLetter "The Antacid Myth". 


While on your back (again, simple physics) the DC sharply pushes his fist right below the sternum...this pulls the stomach-lining down out of the LES (lower esophogeal spinctor), allowing it to close so the acid won't splash up onto the unprotected Esophagus.


I had terrible Heartburn for years resulting from an HH...the first time my new DC did this to me, "I saw God"...the relief was that extraordinary.  Not just the heartburn but I could take a really deep breath & breath easily... not having realized how the HH interfered with other organs like your heart & lungs. I almost did a Mike Meyer's "I'm not Worthy," for the guy.


Unfortunately, this is usually just a temporary relief... my HH worked its way back up through the LES in about 2 weeks.   So the idea is to take drastic dietary measures while the thing is temporarily fixed so hopefully it will stay fixed without too many returns to the DC to get it pulled back down. If you go to the paper mentioned above  it will tell you those things to help correct the HH.


My Chiropractor told me about a way to do the "HH maneuver" at home - WARNING - if you break your neck doing this... don't blame me...also, pregnant women should not do this home procedure:


On an empty stomach drink about 1/2 quart of water, then stand on something about 6 inches or so off the ground (OK, this is where weight, age, balance, condition of knees & probably 2 or 3 other things I'm missing, come into play) then jump off with your knees locked so you come to a sudden stop but the inertia of the water pulls the stomach lining down out of the LES.  If you are young & slim, you might want to jump off something a little maybe a chair - if you weight 300lbs and do this from a chair... forget my name.  It's best to go to a professional who understands the procedure.  Sometimes you might need to do this several times.


There is even a safer HH mini-version where you just rise up on your toes & drop down on your heels 10 or 15 times, after drinking the water.


Also this home procedure works better after the DC has pulled it down & then later you catch it with the home procedure at the first sign it is creeping back up.  And then hopefully the "Chiropractic Tenet" will kick in & the thing will eventually stay fixed if you keep it in place long enough. 


Now this is especially true if you help it along by losing 10 lbs,  strengthen your "Core" with exercise, eat 6 or 8 small meals daily,  NEVER consume Tums, carbonated drinks, calcium CARBONATE, milk, sugar and a few other things that you will find in my "Antacid Myth" paper. 


5).. Ribs - Did you know your ribs can be out of place & pinch a nerve under your shoulder blade, or other places, that usually only hurts when you move a certain way or can be an excruciatingly constant pain... this is a difficult thing to adjust at times... my mother's high-priced, big-city DC in Ft Worth failed to fix it, so I drove in periodic jabbing pain all the way back to LA (lower AL) where my regular DC finally did...


That was about 1999 & it has not bothered me since. 


1st things 1st:  In problem solving, there are qualifying steps & it is widely accepted that the second step is the most important ... To wit: "Understanding the nature of the problem" 


Briefly, the 1st step of course is:..."To realize you have a problem."  In the Uncle Al's "1st things 1st" Health Problem-Solving Steps, the 1st step is the same but the 2nd is different because it is hard to understand the nature of the problem with all the crap that doctors & dieticians are feeding you.


So here are the Steps:


# 1 .. Realize you have a problem -- Chronic malaise, the blues or feeling tired is most certainly a problem, pilgrims!  Don't ignore it!


# 2 .. Go get a complete adjustment & evaluation by a DC.  There is no point in moving to something more involved or invasive without checking to make sure all the bones are in alignment precluding any pinched nerves!


# 3 .. Get your gut & digestion working at peak efficiency with Betaine HCL w. Pepsin, digestive enzymes, Probiotics; no Tums or Carbonated drinks, no sugar, no Gluten from wheat, barley or rye, no Tap-water, Soy, Milk... on & on.  There is no point trying to get your body to repair itself if it can't absorb the building materials, right?   Moreover, how is the gut expected to rebuild itself if it must endure assaults from toxins that keep dragging it down, anyway, by suppressing the immune system?  Diet counts big folks.


# 4 .. Take all the necessary nutrients so your body can repair itself... every Vitamin (especially 2 or 3 times the %dv Vit.D-3)...every "big" Mineral, indicating over 100mg daily dose (especially AVOID calcium CARBONATE & magnesium OXIDE)... every "bigger" Trace Mineral (especially Selenium)... every "tiny" Trace Mineral (about 72 or so)... and most important, reader, are EFA's like Krill or Fish Oil...or if Vegetarian, Flaxseed Oil, Hempseed Oil & Black Currant Oil.


#5 .. Avoid Toxins that attack your Gut , brain & immune tap-water, Fluoride in toothpaste, sugar, Trans-Fat, high Phytate/Oxalate Foods like Soy & Grains...and more.


#6 .. Try to eat more Alkaline-Forming Foods - all raw fruits & veggies, especially lemons & limes that you might think are acid but after digestion they are about the most Alkaline of all.  More raw food is not only Alkaline-forming it generally means less processed foods... which are all Acid-forming. Don't avoid slightly Acid-forming Foods that are natural like Olive Oil & some berries.


Physical Therapy (PT) vs. DCM - 


Ordinarily, I do not believe in "name-calling" & personal attacks... (ordinarily the scabrous SOB's regarded don't rate the energy expenditure!) so you can imagine how it pains me to make comments about the parentage of the evil, lying, otherwise misrepresenting little psychopath over at "Quack-Watch"... I can only assume he was badly abused as a child to hate humanity so much... that he would drop to his knees before Satan, reader... a euphemism for your typical Pharmz Executive... and one not used lightly... that's right, Satan IS the "euphemism", not the other way around, because...


... I would rather live-down being called a Spawn Of Satan than endure same as a Pharmaceutical Exec! 


Anyway, this "Quack-Watch" weasel said that if he had a "Muscle-Spasm" in his back he would go to a "Physical-Therapist" not to a chiropractic charlatan!  I'm paraphrasing because I can't even stand to go over to his site for an exact quote... I feel so dirty after... OK, that was just a modicum of hyperbole.  On reflection though, decidedly small.


BBC NEWS | Health | Physio 'does not cure back pain' 


Researchers at the University of Warwick and Oxford University analysed the treatment of 286 people who had had low back pain for more than six weeks.


Some 144 people had physiotherapy sessions while 142 were given advice about how to remain active.


After 12 months, the British Medical Journal study found no difference in how the two groups felt.


PT is great for recovering from trauma as a result of an accident, sure.  But these are essentially exercises to strengthen & regain flexibility ...this will likely not encourage your misaligned vertebra, causing that nerve pinched and wracking pain, to move back to its proper position. 


After a while the PT exercise will give the false impression that it is helping by strengthening the muscles around the still errant bone, which will try to compensate for the misalignment by reforming to the new position.  So after a few weeks the sharp intense pain might recede to a dull you think you are getting better...but you haven't really fixed anything.


Also in reference to "Muscle-Spasms"...when a person complains to me about some pain in their back or neck -- I recommend they go to the DC to get adjusted ...then I think "here it comes"...because they invariably say "No, it's just a Muscle-spasm,  it's over on the side... it's not at the backbone"  


I hate to break this to you but most Muscle-Spasms are caused by a nerve being pinched, or periodically being pinched, at the vertebra because something is out of alignment!  It doesn't matter one twit that the pain is not at the spine! 


In fact, I may be going out on limb, but thinking back I don't believe I've ever heard a DC say... "your problem is a "Muscle-Spasm" ...because your problem is NOT a Muscle-spasm... likely, your problem is a pinched nerve due to a misaligned vertebra, Rib, pelvis, etc., etc. that is causing the so-called "Muscle-Spasm".


OK, I hate to do this but it's necessary...


Mumbo Jumbo Chiropractic "medicine" -- Applied kinesiology & Surrogate testing: A method of diagnosing problems by testing the muscle strength of the person or of a third person who is touching the patient.   I have only run across one DC that used this very questionable method of testing... and he used it for any & everything and I mean everything


I went to this sweet old man for years because no one could do a better job of adjusting the spine (he was also the "Hiatal Hernia" guy), but along with it you had to put up with his mumbo jumbo about kinesiology... even though a dozen times I proved to myself, and I thought to him, ...that it was 99% crap.


This "procedure" is usually done by holding your arm out very stiff & then he would try pushing it down after saying the area or organ or "thing" he wanted to test... if the arm stays strong then that is good but if he appears to easily push the arm down then that is the "bad area" or whatever. 


Please understand that I believe on some distant planet there might be some valid science involved here, but I am also sure that most people who use this diagnostic method either don't have a clue if it is actually working or they use the technique to arrive at the conclusion they want to come to.


Let me give you an extreme example that I think illustrates the total CRAPNESS of it... My crazy old DC (remember, I almost loved him like a Father) in order to determine how many Calcium tablets I needed, would lay one on my chest, test my arm strength, then continue to lay tablets on my chest until he hit the right # by the arm test.


Is it conceivable that this MIGHT work...yes, this old fool doing it & arriving at a correct answer ? Not in this lifetime.


After a few years I finally told him I thought the whole thing was crap but he kept it up till he died... in fact every time he would do the arm-test I would say "Doc, you do remember that I think this is Crap?"...he would say Yeah, but continue on regardless.


Anyway, don't be put off by these irrelevant negatives!  Like every profession, reader, there are weak, half-stepping individuals who get by on fluff, jive, or a Kirk Douglas Chin-Dimple... for instance, you could always tell a weak Army Helicopter pilot, who feared for his job, because he would take every opportunity to intone with his square-jaw something bigoted to undermine the growing ranks of female aviators.  So anyway, check around - there are good DC's out there.


And consider, reader.  Major insurance companies pay off on a chiropractic claim.  That's a transfer of funds that is not going to happen unless it works.  Savvy? Let the obvious psychopath over at "Quack-Watch" roll that and smoke it.


Alan Graham E-mail --


That's enough.  Well be!




LivingTree Root #029

"To Itch Or Not To Itch"

 By Alan Graham --

With Alfred Lehmberg --



Psoriasis is derived from the Greek word psora. It means to itch.


Psoriasis (PS) is a very real curse, my co-writer Lehmberg confirms, as his Father was a sufferer.  Sore, stinging, and itchy, PS causes weepy lesions that catch on clothing further stained by same.  It's so bad sometimes that it was once confused with leprosy.


Alleged cures are arguably as bad as the disease.  Some of these "cures" are distilled from vile petrolatum, so, when not actually exacerbating the condition -- are known carcinogens just begging cancer.  On top of that they were evil smelling, clothing staining, quality of life destroying medicaments every bit as bad as the disease they are used to treat!  It seemed so to Lehmberg's dad, at any rate.     


OK, PS is likely incurable, though you will never fix PS by lathering dicey crap on your skin... but it remains, no one yet knows the actual cause.


I suspect that, like most skin disease, it is likely because of a sick gut facilitating a weakened immune system, even though PS, Dermetitis, etc., can be triggered by a 100 different things that might touch your skin on the outside.  Remember that your skin, much of the time, reflects the condition of your gut.  Wisteria & concrete-dust can spark Dermatitis with me.  One begins to see that a sick gut & a weakened immune system can actually, essentially... be the same thing.


Many MD's, when they don't know what else to do, resort to the All-Purpose Poison Prednisone (TM) for a back-stepping quick "fix."  ...And poison it is reader. 


Immune suppressing drugs, like Prednisone, may be arguably necessary in an emergency to calm the inflammation/itch, but it is not the answer long term because it does nothing to actually correct the problem and much to prolong it!   Though it can sure help you hit BIG Home-Runs to compensate for your shrinking testicles and tendency to road rage... Hmmmm... but I digress.


See, steroids write a "Check", your body cannot continue to cash.  So, if you alternatively want to take a natural approach which only helps you and won't hurt you... even if it fails to do anything for your Skin-Disease -- you will be healthier & you will not think it was a waste of time.  My bet is success over failure, though.  I suspect the proceeding discussion will ameliorate just about anything -- no apologies.  I've too much consistent evidence collected over a period of many years, reader.


I want to further caution the reader!  This is not about taking a bunch of supplements!  There are many things just as important, if not more important (like things to avoid, for example).  No.  A whole body *improvement* requires a whole body approach!


See, virtually every holistic doc will tell you that what is going on with the skin is just a reflection of your sick & distressed gut -- so everything you do & consume (in one way or another) does some or all the following: (i) effects or goes through the gut (ii) assaults (anti-biotics) or sooths (Cheyenne-pepper) the gut (iii) acts as your body's first line of defense against toxins, and (iiii) makes up 70 or 80% of your immune-system!  Your gut, first to evolve with regard to all life's ongoing evolution, is your most important organ!  It is the factory providing every article, substance, and nutriment your body uses to sustain itself.  It is the organ of primacy.  All other organs, systems and synergies depend on it.


Anyway, there are about 7 supplements which are fairly cheap that everyone with skin diseases should take.  Actually, everyone should take them, sick or well!  See, strange as it may sound, everything that is good for your skin is good for your heart & everything that is good for heart is good for joints &... well, you get the idea.  The Supp's iterated here promote a healthful synergy unlike harmful pharmz which are contraindicated, reader, for almost everything.


The following steps discussed presently are a natural, pro-active, and inexpensive way to relieve virtually any skin problem, eh?  Moreover, this is problem-solving at its finest by virtue of cleaning out the toxins in your gut & then getting your gut operating at peak efficiency again.  First things first, eh?


Additionally, this can be done very cheaply, forgetting you might not have to get all the supplements listed in the six points below.  BUT, you would be foolish not to... even if you are young & healthy.  These simple, traditional nutrients can keep you that way. 


For example: One of the most deficient nutrients in the U.S., are EFA's like Omega-3's in Flax, Hemp & Fish Oils.  This is due to the crazy "Low-Fat...No-Fat" Doc & Dietician perpetuated LIE of the 90's, among other reasons.  You need lots of different, undamaged Fats... damn it! 


Reader?  You are fat and cholesterol!  It is the denial of that which makes you sick!


Do the following for better skin & good health:

1).. You must clean out the toxins in your gut:  You don't need to buy anything except grey or pink sea salt (pure white means no trace minerals).  Then do the salt-water colon cleanse.  You can find dozens of different instructions on the web for the "Salt-Water Cleanse" but let me tell you the simplest version that works great:

(a).. Do1st thing in AM on an empty stomach (you do not have to skip the previous night's meal like some instruct).

(b).. Put one Tablespoon of Grey or Pink sea salt in one quart of warm or room temp filtered water. (Warm is better)

(c).. Drink over the next 5 or 10 minutes (you don't have to chug it like some instruct). Then stay close to the toilet. You can eat after about 10 minutes unless you are going to continue with the steps below...then you need to wait at least an hour or so.


Do this "Salt-water Cleanse" every morning for about a week - then for the rest of your life do it at least 2 or 3 days weekly.  The first couple of times you do this be prepared to get dizzy, & feel a little sick, headache, etc., (this is a good thing) - it is because of the flood of released toxins & the little toxic dead bodies of all the candida yeast & other bad bugs. ALWAYS do 1st thing in AM on empty stomach.

2).. 45 minutes later or longer...take a fiber formula that is half homemade & half bought.  Freshly Grind 2 Tbls of organic flaxseed in coffee grinder
(it is dirt cheap) - put in about 1/3 quart water.  Also put in about one Tbls of a "Soluble Fiber Formula"...that does not have Pre-Ground flaxseed (most pre-ground is oxidized)... most fiber formulas, have pre-ground get the right one with some combination of some or all of the following...Psyllium seed husk, Acacia gum, Oat bran, Apple pectin, Apple fiber, Rice bran, Citrus Pulp & Peel.


WARNING : You must drink plenty of water with large doses of powdered fiber... if not it could kill you, especially if you have a sick, damaged gut that might be easily blocked... OR... you are very old & bent over double with Osteoporosis (like my mother). This can cause difficulty swallowing & could cause a problem if you took a big dose (over a Tbls) without enough water.


Don't get a Fiber Formula with a bunch of Herbs that act as laxatives... you are already covering that with the "Salt-Water."  Now if for some reason you don't want to use the "Salt-Water" then you might want to use a fiber formula with herbal laxatives... but I think the Salt-water followed by the "Plain" Fibers (no herbs) is the best.  Another poor-man's natural & safe colon-cleanse is to take extra big doses of Vit.C & Magnesium Citrate.  Everyone's bowel-tolerance is different so you just have to experiment with ever increasing doses... even if you do too much, it won't hurt you... it will just "blow you out" that much faster.


Now the "Fiber-Experts" will tell you the 50/50 or 60/40 ratio of Soluble to Insoluble Fiber found in just plain freshly ground Flaxseed is the best ratio (I've said it myself)... so please, by all means, go ahead & just do the Flaxseed (but only fresh-ground)...but, for my money, the half Flaxseed & half mostly Soluble-fiber (like pectin, etc.) seems to work the best for me. 


Either one by itself or both together will work... fresh-ground Flaxseed and/or Soluble-Fiber Formula without pre-ground Flaxseed.  Freshly ground flaxseed will provide some valuable "simple" Omega-3 (ALA) & cancer fighting Lignans... the "good-bugs" in your gut, love non-oxidized fresh ground Flaxseed... in moderation (don't do over 3 Tbls daily... I do 1 Tbls & I weigh 230 lbs) 

3).. 30 minutes later or longer... take a broad spectrum "Heat-stabilized" or "Freeze-dried" Probiotics (good bacteria).  If you buy the live Cultures requiring refrigeration, they are the best; however, you don't know how many are still alive. Consequently, I only use Heat-stabilized.  But, if you are confident of the RCOC (refrigeration chain of custody)... then get the live ones, because in theory, they are the best.  Though, be aware of  "The Coor's Beer Phenomenon"... (there is really no such thing as RCOC)


Note -- Coor's Beer (priding itself on staying refrigerated every step) AND Live Probiotics have to maintain the RCOC:  1).. a refrigerated truck brings the Coor's to "Mom & Pop" store where Mom stacks the beer in the 90 degree store-room for a few days before having room in the fridge... see how this breaks the RCOC?   2)..a non-refrigerator truck or a refrig. truck w. a broken frig. (Aug. in lower Ala) brings the "live" Probiotics to the health food store where they are promptly put in the Frig...but the RCOC has already been broken before arrival at the store.  These things should STAY refrigerated as much as possible; however, the manufactory say they can withstand room temps for a few days... but what about 100 degrees, eh?

4).. 30 minutes later, Eat... but with the first bite take a broad spectrum digestive enzyme formula...if you don't have a gall bladder, take a formula with ox bile.  The Formula must have the main 3 enzymes (Amylase, Protease, Lipase) but the broad-spectrum with 8 or 10 different enzymes is the best... I especially like Cellulase for digesting cellulose.


If you are over 40, do not have an Ulcer, Gastritis or a Hiatal Hernia...then you should try a formula with Betaine HCL w. Pepsin or buy HCL/pepsin in a separate Complex to take with every protein containing meal.  HCL w. Pepsin is "stomach-acid" in a capsule...75% of the people over 50 have TOO LITTLE stomach acid, that is the major cause of heart burn... not TOO MUCH acid... MD's lie to most older heartburn patients.  Just try demanding an apology from me for that, medico!


For all kinds of inflammation, a great therapy is taking Digestive Enzymes on an empty stomach between meals.  Though don't use a formula with Ox-bile or HCL... these 2 additives to enzyme formulas are to be used with food.  On an empty stomach a great anti-inflammatory enzyme from fresh pineapple is Bromelain in capsules... or even better is "Bromelain & Quercetin" in capsule form... this is a Bioflavonoid that works in synergy w. bromelain & Vit.C... all 3 are great for your skin... & your heart, & joints... you know... ...everything!

5).. After you eat, take your supplements: this is in order of importance reflected below... this also assumes you are taking a good multi-vit/min that is superior to Centrum... ...if you insist on taking Centrum, Theragram, One a day, etc., or if you give your kids Flintstones (TM)... then just stop reading & forget you know of me.  Please.  I don't want any "stupid" rubbing off....  Others may want to read my paper about Centrum Vitamins (TM) .  No digression there!  Also no apology.  Presuming you understand the difference and continue regardless?  Then shame on you for helping to keep the big lie alive.  I digress.

(a) - Take 2 to 5 grams Krill Oil or Fish Oil  (you can divide half with this meal, half w. later fat-containing meal). If a Vegetarian then Flaxseed, Hempseed & Black Currant Oils are some good EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids).  These are Mother-Natures most powerful tools for Skin inflammation & allergic reactions. (and platelet-stickyness & Blood-Pressure...see, there's that heart connection again)

(b) - Take 2 or 3 grams of Black Currant Oil (Divided doses w. other FA's like krill oil or fish oil). Plant-derived, Seed EFA's (like Flax & Black Currant) work in synergy with fish/krill Fatty-Acids.  Don't think about the following to hard, if it makes your hair hurt...alright, Seed-EFA's & Fish/Krill-FA's work in synergy,  but Fish/Krill work Great by themselves (witness Eskimos)... so the synergy is more about the Seed-EFA's getting help from the Fish-FA's, than the other way around.


In other words the "Complex" Omega-3 Fatty-Acids, (EPA & DHA) from Krill/Fish Oil can easily stand alone < BUT > the "Simple" Omega-3 & 6 Essential Fatty-Acids (ALA & LA) from Flax/Soy/Corn have difficulty standing alone because everything we do in our modern lifestyle (like Cheezy-Poofs & Snacky-Cakes) inhibits or destroys the critical D6D Enzyme that is necessary to convert "Simple" Flax to "Complex" EPA / DHA or "Simple" Soy/Corn to "Complex" GLA & PG-1.


Note -- And at the bottom of this paper, the 11 items to avoid that attack your gut & suppress your immune system are many of the same things that inhibit the D6D Enzyme!

(c) - Take 25,000iu of's very cheap.  You cannot OD on beta-carotene but you can on real Vit.A (don't take over about 7500iu of real Vit.A).

(d) - Take 800iu of Vit.D-3 oil-filled soft-gels from fish.  This is in addition to the 400iu in your multi.  WARNING: you must take an Organic Chelated or Whole-food Calcium & Magnesium when you take large doses of Vit.D-3... if you don't the D-3 will cause minerals to be leached from your bones.  If your Cal/Mag is Carbonate or Oxide, it is NOT ORGANIC... you need Cal & Mag in Albion, Amino-Acid Chelated, Kreb's Cycle Chelated, Citrate, Citrate/Malate, Lactate & others, as long as it is Organic Chelation & NOT Carbonate or Oxide.    


(e) - Zinc & Copper... take about 30 to 50mg of Zinc (Albion, Citrate, etc.- not OXIDE) in addition to the 15mg of Zinc in your Multi.  WARNING: must take with Copper but just a little bit...Take 2 or 3mg of Copper (Albion, Citrate, etc.- not OXIDE) in addition to the 1 or 1.5mg in your multi).

(f) - Vit.C with Bioflavonoids (the bioflavonoids are the really important part for the skin)... take from 2000 to 4000mg in divided doses... on an empty stomach
unless it causes stomach distress?  Then take with food.

(g) - Vit.E...take 400iu of "Mixed" Tocopherol..."D" alpha is the second choice of Vit.E  < BUT > never take "DL" alpha or take a Multi w. "DL" alpha -- it is Petroleum based Crap.


(h) - Do your heart-brain-joints-gut & yes, your skin, a favor... take two or three powerful Anti-oxidants like R-Fraction Lipoic Acid, Grapeseed Extract with or w/o Resveratrol, Milk Thistle, Tumeric, etc.

The following are Optional, but wonderful stuff that everyone should take even if they are the picture of health:

(a) .. Amino-Acid improving your gut by increasing the growth of your Intestinal Villi which not only improves digestion but helps protect you from toxins... which is likely the cause of your problem. Like ALL amino-acids, take on an empty stomach.  I take capsules, but pure powder form is the best except for one little thing that can be avoided if careful.


The L-Glutamine is very sensitive to moisture contamination but if you buy the powder form in small containers (not the cheaper giant size) & don't leave lid off or use wet, dripping hands, then OK.


L-Glutamine is popular with weight-lifters for building muscle... most things that WL's use also helps rebuild your gut - WPI (Whey Protein Isolate) is another good example.

(b) .. Addition B's...the 10 or 11 B's or B-like "Vitamins" in combo are critical for good digestion & they are extremely cheap.  Even if a Multi has 100% or 200% of  %Daily Value...that is not enough (especially with Gut or Skin Disease) -  so take an additional "B Complex-25" or 50...sometimes called "Balance B-25" or 50. (Even your pee looks healthy! Go out in the sunlight and urinate... it will sparkle, fluorescent Yellow-Green, indicating every cell has reached saturation of B-2, Riboflavin... (maybe the girls can use a white porcelain chamber pot, eh?)  I always feel better knowing I'm "saturated."  The extra B's are another thing weight-lifters use.


And don't tell me the magically sparkling B-2 is wasteful overflow because I would rather be saturated & waste a little than not know if I'm even close to getting an optimum amount... it is DIRT cheap, anyway. 

(c) .. NAC (always take w.500mg of Vit.C on an empty stomach) ...this is the cheaper precursor to the King of ALL anti-oxidants...Glutathione.  But
Glutathion is not very well absorbed supplementally.  Can inhibit growth of Psoriasis cells... actually Glutathion, by extension NAC, has the potential to help any & everything because it removes mercury & other toxins from each cell.

(d) .. Milk Thistle Extract - this anti-oxidant can help with fat metabolism while protecting the Liver.  Many MD's think Psoriasis is a fat metabolism problem...ahh, I'm inclined to agree - see...could be lack of Lipase, bile, etc., in other words - resulting in "a sick gut".


(e) .. Shark Cartilage - this stuff protects you from PS in the same way it can help protect you from Cancer & Eye discourages the growth of new blood vessels...that's how all of these spread.  I only take it in capsule form because the powder form is way too fishy.

Lastly avoid stuff that attacks your gut & suppresses your immune system.  I've said all this stuff before but it bears repeating: 


(1) ..Sugar - Probably the #1 most harmful thing you put in your is an Acid-forming Food (that leaches minerals from your body),  it increases inflammation, it blocks the conversion of "simple" Omega-3 to "complex" Omega-3's,  it is an "anti-nutrient" (it brings no nutrients, so it must rob them from you to be metabolized). 


(2) ..Coffee - God can be cruel - one cup is OK, w/o sugar or Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO) Non-dairy creamer...& don't fall for the "Zero TransFat" on the creamer label. However, if like me and think there is no point unless you drink a pot of crankcase-oil coffee...well, then your immune system & Gut will be under constant attack & minerals will be leached from your bones because it is a very Acid-forming Food.


(3) ..Refined Carbs - They do everything BAD...cause excess insulin, that causes an increase in inflammation & allergic reactions by decreasing production of helpful enzymes & activating a "bad" enzyme.  Refined carbs even if they are Complex like "white-bread", they do the same thing as Simple refined carbs which is they act as "Anti-Nutrients"...they steal nutrients from you in order to be metabolized.  So a Complex-Carb from a Yam or Banana is "real" food but a "complex-carb" from white bread or pancake batter is decidedly NOT real food.


(4) ..Gluten in bread, cereal & pasta - It is the most troublesome form of Protein... many people with Celiac Disease can't tolerate Gluten at all & it can be a problem for many others as well, causing mild bowel distress all the way to full blown auto-immune diseases.  Wheat, Barley & Rye should be keep to a minimum because the Phytates & Oxalates leach minerals from your bones & can contribute to kidney stones & heel spurs (Calcium-Oxalate).


(5) ..Soy -- is the biggest lie foisted on the public... it is EVERYWHERE & it is slowly killing humanity... no hyperbole!


There are numerous reasons but let me just name two: (i).. Soy is so high in Oxalates that it binds with all the calcium in the soy & then goes looking for more. It leaches it from your bones!  (ii).. Modern Humans ( like mothers) are constantly bombarded with Xeno-estrogens in this estrogen-rich environment, then we flood every Zygote, fetus, baby & child with Phyto-estrogen from Soy from the moment of conception!  The theory is little girls start their periods younger (they are, btw) & little boys show more feminine body characteristics.  Check any Burger-stand kid park for little boys who should be wearing training bras.


(6) ..Tums & Carbonated drinks -- these destroy valuable stomach acid which adversely effects digestion by not allowing efficient absorption of minerals & allowing undigested protein (like Gluten) to cause an auto-immune response... this is when your immune system ironically perceives the undigested protein as a foreign invader & attacks YOU.


(7) ..Burnt or charred meat (highly denatured) --  Creates a dangerous Free-Radical called HCA.   Meat must be liquid-cooked... moreover, all cooked meat is denatured which makes it not so digestible -- so as much as possible?  Substitute with highly digestible forms of Protein like WPI (whey protein isolate) & raw or lightly poached eggs.  Some people are allergic to eggs so you may need to do some trial & error to insure you are not allergic. I recommend Organic eggs or Cage-Free as a second choice.


(8) ..Burnt or toasted brown Carbs (bread crust, toast, brown french-fries, toasted cereal, etc.) -- This creates another dangerous Free-Radical called Acrylamides.  Wheaties -- Breakfast Of Free Radicals.


(9) ..Antibiotics & steroids -- Attack the good bacteria in your gut.


(10) ..Tap-water to include most bottled water - attack the good bacteria &/or they are very Acid-Forming...most plasctic water bottles are the kind that leach toxins into the water.  I like reverse-osmosis (R-O) or if you are completely nuts (like ME I guess), you use a $1200 Alkaline-Restructuring Machine.


(11) ..No toxic Poly-Food Oils -- Only use Mono-Food Oils like Olive Oil & Macadamia Nut Oil... or the very excellent MCT, Coconut Oil.  All Poly-food Oils are rancid & toxic after pressing so they have to be RBDed (refined, bleached & deodorized) to hide the fact that it is rancid before you buy it, remember.  The poly oils are: CANOLA (it is called a mono-oil like olive oil...which is a huge half-truth), Soy, Corn, Cottonseed (really, really bad), Sunflower, Safflower, Peanut, Grapeseed & a few more.


Lastly... Stop putting stuff on your PS... except for the following natural things that ONLY sooth... they won't "Fix" it... though many do swear that quality Aloe gels have that capability!  


To sooth irritation?  A little raw coconut oil... but just every other day or so.  For dermatitis, etc. pure Calamine Lotion is a good natural thing (it's just Clay) to relieve inflammation.  Also, it is always good to grow an Aloe Vera plant for some natural skin conditioner... but stay away from those Cortisone creams & other over the counter crap!


FYI: Everyone needs to drinks LOTS of clean, alkaline water... BUT that will not fix your dry-flakey skin - neither will moisturizing creams that just give you the temporary illusion that you are doing something constructive.  Dry skin is fixed from the "Inside-out" with EFA's (essential fatty acids), reader!  Moreover, vitamins A, E & D-3, Anti-oxidants, all 72 Trace Minerals, Sunlight (Sunlight ? Alan, you're nuts!), and undamaged Fats & Cholesterol (Alan, now I know you're crazy!).  But true -- from the inside... out, friends and neighbors.


Mother-Nature's purest form of Vit.D-3 (that which protects your skin & eyes) is made from Undamaged Cholesterol & Sunlight... every credible holistic practitioner agrees that the 400iu of Vit.D-3 recommended % DV found in 90% of the Multi's, easily needs to be 2 or 3 times that amount...I like a nice round 1200iu of Vit.D-3 daily in 3 divided doses of 400 each (Note: you MUST take Calcium w. D-3... and vise-versa!).


The list goes on... but you are much improved this far.  Persevere!


Closing, I cannot emphasize enough how, even though this paper is about skin disease, specifically psoriasis... this discussion is really about the total person - because if you do all of the above it will protect you from pretty much everything to include doc's & dieticians who are completely "in the tank," eh?


You know the ones I mean.  Those who tell you Tums is a good source of Calcium & that Canola is a heart-healthful Mono Oil, just like Olive Oil ... they do this while going to church & praying to God... They'd risk God's wrath, I'd wager.


You see... if there is a God, She would have to be a Holistic Practitioner... not a "poison-peddling" shill for dodgy pharmz.  That's my take at any rate.


That's enough.  Well be.


Alan Graham

E-mail --



LivingTree Root #030

Incomplete Primrose Oil & The 3-6-9 Rip-Off...

By Alan Graham --

With Alfred Lehmberg --



Many people, women in particular for PMS, use Evening Primrose Oil (EPO).  It contains the multi-purposeful Omega-6, GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), as a powerful Anti-inflammatory ...BUT, in my humble opinion?  I don't think people should use EPO when there is a superior, GLA rich, oil available.  Black Currant Seed Oil (BCSO) is that far superior source of GLA! 


We'll carefully dissect the preceding a little later -- but first I want to remind the reader that EPO & BCSO, et al, are Omega-6 "Medicinal-Oils", as opposed to Omega-6 "Food-Oils", See?  Med-Oils, like EPO or BCSO, are refined delicately, if rather expensively and non-chemically from parent materials... while being refrigerated.  Most Food-Oils, on the other hand, like Soy or Corn, are brutalized from their parent materials, cheaply, under high heat, and/or extracted w. Hexane.  The reader may begin to appreciate a difference between these oils.


So, back to the subject at hand, even if you don't use EPO, the following will also illuminate the convoluted relationship between the two, necessary Med-Oils, Omega-6 & Omega-3 EFA's (essential fatty acids).  This is as it regards the "EFA Ratio" about which I've previously written: where "Four to One" (4 Omega-6 to 1 Omega-3) is the preferred ratio of the two.


It is a matter of "Life or Death" that you understand the science and wizardry of this very healthful dietary relationship and why it works the way it does to solve multiple problems that people -- kids through adults to the aged -- have with their quality of their lives, their digestion, plus their strength, dexterity, and mobility. Why, even their ability to think clearly!


This is the dietary condition, consider, of your garden variety American, reader!  Likely, even yourself!


See, most of us consume foodstuffs at an unhealthy 20 or 30 to1 "Death" Ratio because WAY too much "Simple" and cheap Omega-6 is intruded into our aggregate lives by the grinning corporate boys. 


This condition of too much Omega-6 is due primarily to Poly-Food Oil consumption, like Soy, Corn, Canola, etc.(Olive Oil does not figure in the Ratio).  Anyway, the ratio can then be further exacerbated by some Poly "Medicinal-Oils"...


OK... really only ONE medicinal-oil... Evening Primrose Oil -- although Borage Oil (w. GLA) might adversely skew the EFA Ratio too, but just slightly.  We'll briefly discuss... & mildly  discourage... Borage Oil use towards the end of this piece.


Also FYI :  The "Life or Death" (my term) Ratio is only between the 6's & 3's (Poly Omega-6 & Poly Omega-3)... it is not effected by Mono Omega-9 (Olive Oil), a key point in the Omega-3-6-9 controversy below Also, by convention, the (4to1) Ratio should always be displayed Omega 6, then Omega 3... some still insist on the errant inverse: doing it 3, then 6.  Enough housekeeping.


OK, lets get ready to rumble!  See, slamming Evening Primrose Oil is a good way to get a fight started!  There are "Long-Time" users who swear religiously by EPO... and even Borage Oil, for that matter!


Consider, reader!  Most folks have never even heard of Black Currant Seed Oil... it's no mystery why EPO would outsell BCSO by about 10 or 12 to1...


So please explain, Uncle Al, EPO's giant share of the market when BCSO is supposed to be so superior!  OK, I will.  But you're not gonna like the answer...


The reason Primrose Oil is ubiquitous & out-sells Black Currant Oil by a long shot is very simple... it is the "Law of Primacy."  According to my own loose definition of same, this means, "For some reason you started using it FIRST, locked in out of habit, and just never changed."  You know... hands on the ears, going  "La, La, La... life is good."  In other words EPO outsells BCSO only because of the complacent and ongoing ignorance of the consumer!


...AND... the sole reason these persons used it FIRST is because for decades nutritional science thought that Primrose Oil was the ONLY viable source of GLA found in nature!  This was unfortunate because EPO as a GLA source had but a modicum of the desired "Complex" Omega-6, GLA, at a meager 9%!  Unfortunately, too, it had a huge, 72%, of an undesirable fatty-acid:  the "Simple", Omega-6, LA (Linoleic Acid). 


Even though now there are 3 other legitimate sources for GLA,  you still hear some "nutritionalist" (always mainstream) say that Primrose Oil is the "only" source for GLA, the natural supplement for the treatment of PMS.  Really, he or she should expeditiously hit their *refresh* key.


GLA, briefly, is a powerful "Complex" Omega-6 having the potential to cascade down the EFA (Omega-6) Pathway leading to Prostaglandin-1 (PG-1) production.  Check the illustration on my "Fat Facts" paper for a model of how this works.


PG-1 & PG-3, remember, are hormone-like compounds, found in every cell, which relieve inflammation, platelet-stickiness, blood-pressure (BP), Allergic Reactions & PMS symptoms... and in that non-destructive way like you don't get with dangerously dodgy pharmz.


Again FYI : Coumadin (blood-thinner), Aspirin, et al cause thousands of needless deaths every year due to internal bleeding or externally bleeding-out.  However, when Mother-Nature thins your blood with Omega-6 derived PG-1 and Omega-3 derived PG-3, it is thinned, pretty much WITHOUT that pesky "Bleed-Out" characteristic. Wonders and Wizardry!


Also, believe me reader, there is NO other reason, other than that breathtakingly small amount of GLA, to ever take EPO... unlike most all the other "Medicinal-Oils" or "Med-Oil Blends" which have extra very healthful Fatty-Acids besides GLA.  For example: the 1 Plant Omega-3 (ALA) or the 2 Animal Omega-3's (EPA & DHA). 


Listed immediately below are the Medicinal-Oils & their healthful medicinal EFAs & FAs, so, I'm not listing Omega-9 (like in Olive oil) because technically it is not a "medicinal-oil", it is a "food-oil."  Additionally, I'm not listing the "Essential" Fatty Acid (LA) because I'm listing only the healthful FA's below, and LA is NOT healthful... even though it is "Essential,"


In other words I mean that you need only a small amount of LA, found naturally in all foods - NOT completely freaking inundating same with cheap & toxic LA found in Food-Oils like Soy & Corn... and  yes, the LA in all the following Med-Oils contributes to this LA overabundance, some a little - some a lot more... (the first four listed below are the GLA sources)


(a).. Black Currant (GLA, ALA),.......6/3 EFA Ratio (4to1), PERFECT...actually, any 6/3 ratio down to a (1to1) ratio is even better, but (4to1) is a more realistic, very healthful goal... considering you are likely at 15 to1, or higher, right now!

(b).. Borage (GLA-only),........can only hurt Ratio (a little), NO Omega-3

(c).. Primrose (GLA-only),......can only hurt Ratio (a lot), NO Omega-3

(d).. Hempseed (GLA, ALA),...... (4to1), PERFECT... the Ratio is perfect & I love Fresh-Hulled Hempseed...but the GLA is very light compared to other 3 GLA Oils.

(e).. Flaxseed (ALA-only),......(1to4), even though way "out-of-whack" with very high Omega-3 (ALA) at a Whopping 53% - it HELPS the Ratio because you get plenty (too much) of Omega-6 in everything else you consume... so the (1to4) ratio helps bring the over-all 6/3 EFA Ratio back towards the desired (4to1) Ratio.

(f).. Krill (EPA, DHA),.......(1to3),  high Omega-3 HELPS Ratio. 

(g).. Fish (EPA,DHA),.......(1to3),  high Omega-3 HELPS Ratio. 

(h).. Fish-Liver (DHA, EPA)......(1to2),  high Omega-3 HELPS Ratio.

(i).. & a few exotic "Med-Oils" like Chia (ALA-only) , you know, the Chia Pet...ALA HELPS Ratio.


NOTE: Please don't confuse the beneficial (Complex) Omega-6 (GLA) "Medicinal-Oils", like in Evening Primrose & Black Currant oils, with the "NOT" Beneficial (Simple) Omega-6 (LA) "Food-Oils" like in corn & soy.  Even though both are Omega-6, they are like completely different species... one good , the other bad! 


A point of order, reader.  I hate to keep calling LA "bad" because in small amounts, natural undamaged LA found in all foods is very beneficial... it's just large amounts of damaged LA introduced into deceptively evil Food-Oils & processed foods that are killing you.


The reason the Omega-6 (LA) is very bad for the EFA Ratio, but the Omega-6 (GLA) is good for the Ratio is because the GLA is "Complex" ... so it does NOT need the critical Delta 6 Desaturase Enzyme (D6D) required to move GLA on down the Omega-6 Pathway (PW) to the Prostaglandin-1... reducing Inflammation, PMS, blah blah... discussed earlier.


Consequently, this GLA complexity not requiring D6D leaves behind lots of D6D Enzyme that the other, completely separate, Omega-3 Pathway can use... meaning: the "Simple" Plant Omega-3 (ALA) will also have the Enzymes on hand to cascade down its own Pathway & turn into "Complex" Omega-3's (EPA & DHA). 


These are the real "work-horse" Omega-3's found in fish/krill... so this is how Vegetarians hopefully get a tiny bit of EPA & DHA... they make it out of ALA internally, starting with the scarce D6D Enzyme...  (it would take up too much space to discuss all the D6D deficiency diseases, like Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Crohn's... just keep going till you run out of breath).


But, because LA is a "Simple" Fatty-Acid, it ALSO needs the D6D Enzyme to take its own first step down the Omega-6 Pathway leading to the PG-1.  So, it greedily uses up all the D6D, leaving none for the other Pathway... the Omega-3 pathway that turns Simple (ALA) into Complex (EPA & DHA). 


See why the stuff is bad?  It sucks up resources that the other critical system needs... especially Vegetarians who have no other "good" source for EPA & DHA!


This is particularly true for those Vegetarians consuming lots of sugar, refined flour & TransFat because all 3 inhibit D6D production!  Plus, the sugar/flour induced extra INSULIN over-produced as a result of consuming same, activates the cousin D5D enzyme used by Omega-3's for GOOD, BUT you want ALL the D5D used up by the Omega-3 so none is left for the Omega-6 Pathway to use that  D5D for a BAD outcome - making the "bad", PG-2, not the "good", PG-1!  This is how the Insulin (provoked by Cartman's Cheezy-Poofs & Snacky-Cakes) increases inflammation.


GLA Omega-6 is great so long as you also have at least a small amount of Omega-3 (ALA) for balance - then the GLA & the ALA work in synergy, even though each is cascading down a completely different Pathway.  The "connection" between the two Pathways is that they both need (sometimes DON'T need) the same critical Enzymes...


So when the Omega-6 steals all the D6D from the Omega-3 PW, it is a Bad thing for both Pathways - but when the Omega-3 steals all the D5D from the Omega-6 PW it is a good thing for both Pathways!  Sadly,  because of advice from *doc's & dietician's*, we always wind up making too much of the bad enzymes & not enough of the good enzymes.  Also, both Pathways can relieve the same things: Inflammation, platelet-stickiness, high BP, allergic reactions & PMS.


This is the key, reader, to a (4to1) EFA Ratio... which is to say "Less Omega-6 & more Omega-3"!  That is: less "Simple" Omega-6 (LA) but more "Complex" Omega-6 (GLA) which is good.  Less is more once again.


"WARNING" :  You should not take GLA only!  In order for GLA to work properly it must have some Omega-3!   As Primrose & Borage have NO Omega-3 they should be taken with an Omega-3 like Flaxseed or in an "EFA Blend" with both ALA & GLA.  THOUGH IT REMAINS - Black Currant Oil does not have to be "rounded-out" with some other Med-Oil to provide Omega-3, because it brings its own Omega-3 (ALA) with it to the party naturally... and at the correct EFA Ratio.  Do you begin to see the superiority of BSCO, reader?


To summarize: "Simple" LA Omega-6 (Soy, Corn & EPO) is the one Fatty-Acid we need to avoid as much as possible because it increases Inflammation & PMS.  This happens when excessive Omega-6 (LA) "over-powers" the Omega-3 Pathway, causing it to, effectively, shutdown.  This is the diet, I remind the reader, of your garden variety American, remember!


Now before you start yelling that Omega-6 (LA) is an "Essential" Fatty-Acid (EFA), which means "You can't make IT internally... but, You have to have IT... so, You must consume IT" ... it remains... because cheap LA is EVERYWHERE, naturally, in every form of food -- UN-naturally in every form of processed food... (the Beef-People actually brag about their animals being "Corn-Fed", which is just MORE corn oil LA ironically)... the big trick is to get LA out of your life - not add more to the pile


No hyperbole!  You can't NOT eat it!  It's almost in the air you breath... it's in a banana, for God's sake!  But there's a solution!  Here are 2 very dramatic ways to get most of the LA (the bad kind) out of your life: 1)..Use Mono Olive Oil instead of Poly-LA (corn, soy, canola, etc.)   2).. Stop eating processed foods (these 2 sources are the most damaged, oxidized sources of LA... the LA in Med-Oils CAN'T be oxidized because that would mean the even more sensitive ALA & GLA would be completely rancid). 


Now bear with me.  In order to accurately contrast & compare EPO & BCSO you need to understand the different ratios of EFA's & FA's in these two Plant-Derived, Medicinal-Oils taken for the GLA they both contain:


Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) -  Omega-6's [GLA ( 9%),  LA (72%)],  Omega-3 ALA (Zero),  Omega-9 (11%),  SatFat (8%) = 100%


Black Currant Oil (BCSO) -     Omega-6's [GLA (17%), LA (30%)],  Omega-3 ALA (13%),  Omega-9 (40%),  SatFat (trace)= 100%


OK...lets start the comparisons --- (refer back to the data above)


1).. Black Currant has twice the "Complex" GLA  (17% to 9%)...So, BCSO is twice as good on this score... which is to say, the "main" score.


2).. Black Currant is only 30% LA...but EPO has 2 1/2 times as much, at 72% LA, which makes Primrose oil 2 1/2 times as BAD... helping to cause an adverse "Out-of-Whack" EFA Ratio.


Think of it this way - consuming 30% BAD (LA) in order to get 17% GOOD (GLA) is acceptable... [BUT] ...consuming 72% BAD (LA) in order to ONLY get 9% GOOD (GLA) is most decidedly, NOT acceptable...  in my opinion, anyway?


3).. Black Currant has 13% very beneficial Omega-3 (ALA) - while EPO has ZERO Omega-3.  "GLA & ALA have a unique symbiotic relationship, in fact GLA likely WON'T activate the desirable PG-1 without the help of with no ALA it will likely activate the UN-desirable PG-2 that increases inflammation." 


Consequently, the healthful GLA can turn on you if you do one or both of these two negative things: 1st - Consume very little or no Omega-3... 2nd - Consume too much Omega-6 (LA).


4).. Black currant maintains the critical EFA Ratio of 4 to1... Omega-6's (30+17= 47%) to Omega-3 (13%) =  4to1 Ratio --- BUT EPO is Omega-6's (72+9= 81%) to Zero Omega-3.  This really kills the Ratio... in fact, there is NO ratio....81 to nothing ??


5).. If I were a lying sociopath, to strengthen my BCSO side of the argument, I would do what every mainstream doc & dietician does: I would say Black Currant is more healthful because it has only a trace of SatFat, where Primrose has 8% SatFat.  But as I've said many times, the undamaged SatFat in Plant-Oils is not bad for you... in fact if EPO had 10% MORE SatFat, resulting in 10% less LA Oil, it would likely make EPO a better Oil, not a worse one.  Consider then this duplicity of the aforementioned "docs & dieticians," who should freaking understand that, reader!  ...Understand, and then report it to YOU!


Yes, reader, even if all fairness demands I provide testimony that these reports are beginning to get out to a degree, even if more & more "mainstream" research is indicating that the whole Anti-SatFat, "Low Fat - No Fat" craze of the 90's was a mistake... especially for the cognitive ability of old-folks... (who need lots of UNdamaged SatFat, Mono-Fats, EFA's & UNDAMAGED Cholesterol).  It remains, reader!  How is it you're hearing all this for the first time from me and NOT your medico or a mendaciously moneyed mainstream?


6).. Black Currant has a huge 40% portion of Omega-9 (the FA in Olive Oil), where EPO only has 11% Omega-9!   This is the main reason BCSO has a low 30% LA , while EPO has a high 72% LA. 


So... Black Currant wins by a qualified landslide!  Its superiority is clear!


OK, as promised, Borage Oil (BO).  It is used for many 3-6-9 Formulas & BO is also narrowing the gap in sales with Primrose Oil.  The reason... Borage Oil has the highest percentage of GLA found in nature at 22%, and if you are consuming only fairly small maintenance doses in a 3-6-9 formula?  Then that would be OK...


BUT...if you want to take large doses of a Borage Oil Supplement to get big therapeutic doses of GLA because of really bad PMS, heart disease or Arthritis, then I would switch to Black Currant Oil.  OK?


The reason?  Borage Oil has a particularly nasty FA called Erucic-Acid... in high doses it may cause Arterial lesions.  The erucic-acid was the reason Canola Oil used to take a lot of heat until Canada came out with LEAR Canola Oil... LEAR (Low Erucic Acid Rapeseed oil).   Now Canola oil is low in Erucic acid... but it is still Crap, for a variety of other reasons we've talked about before in previous papers.


There are many holistic doc's, etc. who recommend Borage Oil and I certainly like the looks of BO except for that Arterial lesions thing... so I sincerely hope it turns out I'm wrong, because that 22 to 25% GLA is impressive! The watch-dog organization  & others says it is safe... I'll keep you posted.


Now, for Oleic-Acid, the Omega-9 (mentioned above) found in Mono Unsaturated Oils like Olive Oil & Macadamia Nut Oil, are also heart-healthful Fatty-Acids; however, Omega-9 is not really a "medicinal-oil," even though it is found in most Medicinal-Oils in significant amounts... it is a "food-oil"!  And, it is certainly NOT "Essential." 


Though, because EVERY oil, medicinal or food-oil, has at least some Mono-Oil, many EFA Supp's have something like "Balanced Omega-3-6-9" or "Complete Omega-3-6-9" or "EFA Complete 3-6-9" on the label, as if to imply the "9" is "essential" & was put in there as part of some sort of nifty EFA "balancing"...not so! 


Omega-9 is not required for anything... well, except Olive-Oil Vinaigrette (then it's "The Law", as Bill Hicks would say)... also if you never consumed Omega-9 your body would make it, itself, out of SatFat with the help of another "Delta Desaturase Enzyme," the D9D... so again, it's not Essential, you can make it internally.  Does the reader see the slight misdirection?  3-6-9 implies the "9" has to be there, and it does not!


Now, I'm not saying the Omega-9 in medicinal oils does not have a beneficial, synergistic effect, because it does... I'm saying it is not essential & it is NOT the reason you buy a "3-6-9" type buy it for the "3-6".  See the difference?


...And I hate to pile-on, but the point is significant.  With regard to "Essential" Fatty Acid Formula's called "Omega-3-6-9":  this not only does not tell you what you need to know to determine if it will do as a viable EFA program, it may also hide a harmful nutritional deficit.  Reader, it is imperative to understand what you need & what to look for concerning 3-6-9 EFA formulas!  All this academic tediousness really has a healthful  point.  Persevere! 


OK, as said, Omega-9 is not an EFA, remember, it is just an FA... so the only reason it's in there is because it was a natural part of the Borage or Primrose Oil put in to supply the Omega-6, GLA (which is the "6" in the 3-6-9).  Omega-9 is in the Flaxseed Oil to supply the Omega-3 ALA (which is the "3" in the 3-6-9)! 


So, the Omega-9 (the "9" in the 3-6-9) can be good stuff, but it is not there for a reason... Consequently, the formula's should actually be called "Complete Omega-3-6 EFA's".  See?  If you actually added additional Omega-9, like Olive Oil to a 3-6-9 formula (to fill up a one gram soft-gel)... why, that would be silly & pointless...forgetting deceptive.  Be vigilant!


Let's look at the 2 big categories of Omega-3-6-9 Formulas... # 1 - Plant-Derived Formulas - Comprised of Omega-3 (ALA) & 6's (GLA & LA)... suitable for Vegetarians.  OR  # 2 -Animal-Derived Formulas - Comprised of Omega-3's (EPA & DHA) & Plant Omega-6's (GLA & LA), these may or may not also contain some Plant (ALA) from Flaxseed.


1)... The Animal-Derived 3-6-9 is not the problem so much, because the "3" can only be covered by EPA & DHA if it says it has Fish/Animal Omega-3, or sometimes the label says "Omega-3 From the Sea," then it must contain EPA & DHA! 


They can't slip in CHEAPER, Plant Omega-3 (ALA) and Ref. the "Sea, Ocean or Fish".  Now, they could, I suppose, cover the "6" with cheap LA  instead of the GLA from Borage, etc. by just putting in a little cheap Corn Oil, that has no GLA, only LA to fill the Omega-6 requirement.  But that would be "Low-Rent", dirty pool!  I have NEVER seen that in an Animal-derived Formula... BUT, I did see something similar in a Plant Formula...


2)... Legitimate Plant-Derived 3-6-9 formulas should have a big dose of Omega-3 (ALA) & a big dose of Omega-6 (GLA)! This is why you take a 3-6-9 - not because of the LA & Omega-9 that can't be avoided because they are only along for the ride with the ALA & GLA oils, which have to be there....


A legitimate 3-6-9, one where the Omega-6 is GLA & LA, normally requires a blend of at least 2 Oils [like Flax for the Omega-3 (ALA) & Borage for the Omega-6 (GLA)].   To just bottle Flaxseed Oil & call it a "Complete EFA Omega-3-6-9" because it actually has a 3, a 6 & a 9 in it... but it has no GLA because it is just one oil... Flaxseed Oil,  is very misleading.


So to refer to plain old Flaxseed Oil as a "Complete Essential Fatty Acid Omega-3-6-9" is a "half-truth" kind of lie... because, in fact, every word is TRUE... it does have Omega-9 (who cares, it's not Essential) is "Complete" by containing both Essential EFA's, (ALA & LA) - but the LA is the "Simple" cheap crap that is found everywhere...You want the "Complex" Omega-6 (GLA), that is not found everywhere... to include flaxseed oil...


Now a person could semi-legitimately call Black Currant Oil a complete 3-6-9!  It does have ALA, GLA & Omega-9 - but I think that would be slightly misleading.  I've never seen a BCSO called a "Complete 3-6-9 Formula,"  but you could & not really be lying.


Trust me, the kind of deception where Flaxseed Oil is called a Complete 3-6-9, is rarely exposed because, in fact, it is maybe, sometimes, sorta, kinda, true on alternate Thursdays if during a blue moon and on a grunion run...  verily! Devils run amuck & nobody cares...well, nobody except me if you'll pardon the hyperbole!  Now, you hopefully, reader, and there's no hyperbole there.


So until next time... read those Omega-3-6-9 labels carefully and get some Black Currant Seed Oil! 


That's enough... Well be.


Alan Graham

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LivingTree Root #031

Postpartum, Alzheimer's & Bad Food Blues

 By Alan Graham With Alfred Lehmberg



Every time a new mother kills her baby all the freaking "Experts" stand around pontificating about the mental illness, chemical-imbalance & stress they'd gleefully assuage with their harmful pharmz... yet fail to even consider a nutritional deficiency.


This is just wrong in my opinion.  There are 2 deficiencies that plague most women to varying degrees and this deficiency is caused or exacerbated by doctors, dieticians, the New Food Pyramid (NFP)... and, oh yeah, Pregnancy!  The two deficiencies referred to regard Minerals/Trace-Minerals & EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids), deficiencies already epidemic, anyway.


See?  With a little nutrient-thieving fetus on board... coupled with a doctor recommended "Piece-O'-Crap" pre-natal Multi-Vit/Min... additionally complicated with the upcoming Dietician/NFP recommended nutrient robbing foods --  you have the potential to cause or exacerbate any mental or physical defect in your baby while leaving yourself a cognitively affected and nutritionally deficient screwed-up mental mess!  Insult to injury, what does the poor mother get but psycho-babble bat-squeeze advising her she's crazy -- further enflamed by designer drugs and harmful pharmz able to push even relatively healthy women right over the edge into despair, murder, and suicide.


Before I get to the pregnancy-unfriendly foods that are encouraged by dieticians & the corporate apostasy called the "New Food Pyramid," let me just briefly suggest you go read your pre-natal Multi label & if it has any of the following items, then you are likely taking a product that is totally Crap: Vit.D-2 (instead of the superior D-3...unless a Vegetarian Multi, then the rest of the ingredients might be OK),  Vit.E is "DL" (instead of the superior "D"),  Calcium CARBONATE (instead of superior Organic Chelated Calcium like Albion, Citrate, Krebs Cycle, etc.),  Magnesium OXIDE (instead of Organic Chelated Mag. Citrate, etc.), Zinc OXIDE (instead of Organic Chelation)...on & on!  How did your product fare, reader?


OK, foods :


The majority of the population has no idea how much Unfermented Soy, Refined Grains, Sugar, chemicals & preservatives, toxic Poly-Food Oils & TransFat from pHVO (partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) are found in virtually every processed food on the market.  These "Anti-nutrients" are hidden in Cereals, Baby Formula's, "Health-Foods", Protein powder Mixes  (in fact, some so-called "Whey Protein" powders have a large percentage of Soy Isolate, like "Youngevity's Nature's Whey"), bread, cereal, pasta, sauces, ice cream, peanut butter... oh Hell, virtually everything touched by insentient Man. 


Here are the evil Big 5:


1)... Soy, Unfermented... not to be confused with healthful Fermented Soy like Soy Sauce or Miso ... One could write a fairly long paper out-lining Soy's negative characteristics; however, I'm only going to mention two that are applicable to this whole reproduction process.


   (a) - Soy Phytates & Oxalates compromise critical minerals & trace minerals which can cause a mineral deficiency!  This has the potential to cause or exacerbate virtually EVERY disease and/or birth defect.   As far as I know, Soy is the only High Oxalate food that has the distinction of not only binding with 100% of the calcium in the soy, but then goes looking for more calcium to make un-useable... well, still useable to make kidney-stones & heel-spurs now that you have created lots of Calcium-Oxalate. 


FYI : Take Hi-Oxalate spinach for example - it stops short of 100% total calcium about 95%.


   (b) - Soy Phytoestrogen - Modern humans have created a very Estrogen-rich environment where we are bombarded, from conception, by estrogenic compounds & estrogen-mimics which have the potential to feminize our population.  I'm not female bashing... I'm talking about a nutritional approach which likely precludes female bashing. Consider, little girls are starting their periods at a younger age & little boys are looking more soft & doughy.


2)... Refined Grains --- THEY'RE EVERYWHERE...   Refined grains are anti-nutrients in that they steal nutrients from you to metabolize the starchy endosperm, as opposed to the "Whole" grain.  Cartman's Cheezy-Poofs & Snacky-Cakes cause such a rise in blood glucose that insulin is secreted excessively rapidly turning carbs into fat and additionally providing for a desensitizing of your insulin, resulting in Type II Diabetes... not to mention, providing for Eric Cartman's "Man-Boobs."


Well, what about "Whole-grains" that still have the bran & germ ??  Well it depends, because most "Whole-Grains" have several of the following attendant problems: 


(a).. 1st & foremost - we did not evolve grinding grains & baking bread... for a million years on the Serengeti, hunter-gatherers never saw a loaf of bread, so our digestive tract did not evolve to process the harsh "stuff" in wheat, barley, rye. 

(b).. The digestibility of the protein in bread (gluten) is very problematic... it can actually cause an auto immune response like joint-pain, etc. especially as we get older and have less stomach-acid (Betaine HCL w. Pepsin).  It has even evolved it's own Disease, Celiac Disease, (sensitivity to Gluten). 

(c)..Most of these "Whole-Grain" Cereals are a sham because by the time this "Stuff" has been "slurried and extruded under heat & pressure to be processed into flakes & stars" is worse than eating Table-sugar with regard to insulin sensitivity.

(d).. Whole-grains are also high in phytates that bind to minerals.

(e)..Many whole-grain foods like bread contain pHVO (TransFat) - hoping the fake-fat will perk up the somewhat dry, bland, "card-boardy" taste of whole-grain breads.


FYI : Gluten in bread & hi-"gluten" rice are not the same thing...Hi-gluten rice just means glutinous (sticky, starchy)... Hi-gluten rice has virtually no "real" gluten.


FYI # 2 :  If you want something healthful, try bread made from Organic Hemp, Grass-Sprouts & Seeds...Wheat-sprouts & wheat grain are not remotely the same thing. There are several different brands that are truly great, especially when compared to a loaf of "White Bread"... As poorer people eat more cheap white bread so to do poorer people have more Type II Diabetes.


3)... Sugar --- IT'S EVERYWHERE... hi-fructose corn syrup, 100% Concentrated Grape Juice, Sucrose, Dextrose, Brown sugar, Crystalline fructose, etc., etc. There is no trick too dirty, reader, to hide sweeteners & other "Anti-Nutrients".  Use natural Stevia or Xylitol as a sweetener.


Sugar is without even ONE redeeming characteristic... but out of the dozens (if not 100's) of unhealthful things, one of the most heinous is the fact that sugar blocks the production of the D6D Enzyme!  This means it is difficult for mothers to convert Simple Plant-derived Omega-3 (ALA) to the Complex Animal-derived Omega-3 (EPA & DHA)!  Gram for gram, DHA (the baby brain-food) is the most valuable substance on earth for your baby's brain & eyes -- not to mention, your brain -- but is the hardest to make internally (many can't make it).  Moreover, it is the hardest to find & process because it is so sensitive to air, light and heat it turns toxic... if you look at it funny.


FYI : The "H" in DHA stands for "Hexa" (6)...which is the # of easily destroyed and degradable energy containing DB's (chemical double-bonds) in DHA.  The more DB's, you see, the more reactive the substance, so the Simple Omega-3 (ALA) from Flaxseed (with 3 DB's) will go rancid in pretty short order when exposed to light, air & room temp...maybe only a few hours.  But DHA, with 6 DB's, will go rancid in minutes & cannot withstand even a little heat.  So with every increase of a DB, the sensitivity goes up exponentially.


4)... Poly Food Oils (Soy, Corn, Canola, Cottonseed, Sunflower, Safflower, Peanut, etc.)... not to be confused with healthful Mono Food Oils like Olive & Macadamia Nut. Notwithstanding the toxic inflammatory effect of Poly food Oils attacking your heart & brain... the other really bad thing concerning Poly Omega-6 Food Oil is that it over-powers & shuts down the Omega-3 Prostaglandin Factory Pathway that would lead ultimately to the "Brain-Food for Babies" - DHA...  


Consider, under the best of conditions, 100mg of Simple Plant Omega-3 from flaxseed might convert 10mg to more Complex Animal Omega-3 (EPA) BUT maybe only 1 or 2mg, or even less, might turn into the most Complex form, DHA, & it really drags its feet to accomplish producing that amount.


Many ignorant evil people call Canola Oil a healthful Mono Oil like Olive oil... so to understand why this is an egregious lie please read my paper "Canola Crapola" at That said:


5)... TransFat or pHVO (partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) --- For decades the government (FDA) in cahoots with the powerfully evil pHVO industry did everything possible to put TransFat into every damn thing possible - while hiding it from you, reader!  This toxic man-made, fake-fat has been linked to virtually every Chronic Disease...but it also blocks the production of the aforementioned D6D Enzyme that, again, blocks the production of the most powerful of Omega-3's for babies, DHA.                            


So for all those doctors, dieticians & FDA officials who conspired to keep poisoning us with lies about how heart healthful Margarine & Crisco vegetable shortening were when compared to butter... I hope they enjoy butt-surfing on the "Lake of Fire" for eternity, because butter is Real food while margarine is a toxic abomination.


Lastly, Postpartum Depression: Let's, albeit very unscientifically, connect a few dots... using the "Rings-true Logically" approach.  The reader can draw his or her own conclusion.


We pretty well believe the following "things" to be true:


1). Being EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) and/or Mineral/Trace Mineral deficient can cause dramatic changes in mood, cognition & ones ability to think clearly.


2). The brain is mostly fat...the most abundant brain-fat being the EFA Omega 3, DHA.  OK...I have to play this stupid little word game,  EPA & DHA are technically NOT EFA's - they are FA's (Fatty-Acids), they are not essential because they can be made by you from the Essential Fatty Acid, Omega-3, from plants (ALA).   HOWEVER is EPA & DHA (FA's) that are the truely powerful Omega-3's when compared to the "Simple", weaker although "Essential" Omega-3 (ALA). 


3). The developing fetus will leach EFA's & FA's (like DHA) & Minerals from the mother... even if it depletes her own life critical stores of EFA's & minerals. Mother-Nature doggedly insists the baby come first.


4). The incidence of PICA (eating clay, chalk, dirt, rusty nails, etc.) increases in pregnant women. Pica seems to increase with women lower on the socioeconomic scale indicating poorer nutrition (less minerals) equates to more Pica.  Pica has been studied most in animals like cows, etc.& research shows that minerals/trace minerals will generally improve Pica.


But what do we get from modern medicine concerning Pica in humans?  A treatable physical problem becomes a "mental disorder" requiring pricey pharmaceuticals!  When cows get Pica - are they crazy?  Nutritional Science will admit that Pica in cows can usually be helped with Mineral/Trace Mineral Supplementation but there is not substantial research to show that to be true in humans... how freaking convenient! 


Folks, as the late great Bill Hicks would say "OK, open your mind real wide"...because is it too huge a leap to consider that if minerals help Pica (bionic cravings) in animals, that minerals may relief Pica & cravings in humans.


5). Pregnant women are always craving ice cream, pickles, and onion rings... or whatever... because the baby takes the needed nutrients... ...which leaves the mother craving... something? They don't know what they crave... but they crave something!


Conclusion: Doesn't this collectively mean that "We Intuitively Know" (or at least highly suspect) that Postpartum Depression is likely caused or at least exacerbated by an EFA &/or Mineral deficiency?  For once that alleged "Whack-Job" Tom Cruise was sorta right concerning a "chemical-Imbalance" (I especially love it when he plays a cocky, young guy with attitude...hummm?)  If there really is a "chemical imbalance", why not try giving all the Vitamins, Minerals, Trace minerals, EFA's & digestible Protein, to provide the raw materials for your body to repair itself, while avoiding those nutrient-stealing foods mentioned above... instead of designer drugs like the breathtakingly stupid SSRI's (selective seratonin re-uptake inhibitors). 


FYI :  The "I" in SSRI stands for Inhibitor...& that is what virtually all Pharmz do...they obstruct Pathways & they futz with critical systems, often with very negative results!  They Inhibit Systems (cox 2 inhibitors)...they Block (beta-blockers), they "anti-everything" (anti-biotics, anti-inflammatories), they interfere (interferon).


If you want to increase seratonin in your brain w/o reusing used seratonin (SSRI's)...then stop sugar & refined carbs, get sunlight in your eyes & on your skin as much as possible w/o burning & sip on a Whey or Egg smoothy all day to accelerate Tryptophan into your brain!  The aforementioned  stimulates Seratonin it will help with carb cravings.


OK, if you want a "One size fits All" to give yourself the best fighting chance to avoid PPD, Alzheimer's, Depression in other words "any & everything to do with your Brain" - do the following (let body weight & money determine how much you take):


(a).. EFA's -  take 2 to 5 grams of Krill Oil (NKO patented process) or Hi-Potency Fish Oil (Hi-Potency means 500mg of EPA & DHA per gram instead of 300mg per gram).  Also take 2 to 4 grams of Black Currant Oil for the Omega-6 Anti-inflammatory (GLA).  Option - you can do 1 or 2 tablespoons of freshly ground Flaxseed for some ALA but if you don't have time to grind your own or you're to cheap to buy a coffee-grinder...then just forget about the Flaxseed, because I don't recommend the ALA in flaxseed oil.   The Black Currant Oil is 13% ALA, so that is enough.


Don't get me wrong Ref. ALA in Flaxseed Oil... if you are a Vegetarian (so krill/fish oil is off the menu) & you won't grind flaxseed yourself ('re afraid of whirling, hi-speed blades or the loud vibrating buzz)... then by all means, take a plant-derived 3-6-9 Oil, but I would reluctantly take ONLY Omega-3 from  Flaxseed Oil.


(b)..Vitamin B12 -- Use the most active form, Methylcobalamin, in a sublingual tablet. You can't take too much so take from 1000mcg to 5000mcg daily.  Look closely to make sure it is not Cyanocobalamin & to insure it is "Sublingual" (under the tongue).  Even the big 5gram (5000mcg) is very cheap.


(c).. Take a health food store quality Natural, Food-based Multivitamin/mineral & all 72 trace minerals (might have to get separately). Take an additional Amino Acid Chelated Cal/mag supplement--most multimineral complexes don't have the required 1000 to 1200mg of Calcium or 1000mg of Magnesium. 


(d).. Take an additional 800iu of Vitamin D3 in addition to the 400iu that is already in your MultiVitamin & some Cal/Mag supplement have additional you want a total of about 1200iu of D-3 & does not go over 2000iu unless you test for Vitamin D. Avoid the potentially toxic Vit. D2 found in milk. Always take Calcium with large doses of Vit.D-3 or the D-3 will leach Calcium from your bones.


(e).. Protein -  4 to 8 raw or poached cage-free or organic Eggs daily...and/or 2 to 4 scoops of WPI (Whey Protein Isolate - crossflow or micro filtration).  Only "Liquid-Cooked" meat...but keep to a minimum as long as you get good digestible protein WPI or Eggs.   Charred, crisp-fried meat will "eat your brain" with a free-radical called HCA.


(F).. Sea Salt - Salt must be pink or grey - don't buy that white (processed) sea salt Crap from the grocery store.  Real sea salt is a good source of all 70+ trace minerals. Man-made, Table-Salt fortified with lots Iodine & Aluminum (anti-caking agent), w/o the balance of the other 70 - 80 trace minerals...will also "eat your brain" & the Iodine likely causes as much thyroid trouble as it helps.


(g).. Zinc & Copper - Extra Z & C in addition to the 15mg of Zinc & 1 or 2mg of Copper already in your Multi.  Add about 50mg of Zinc (NOT Oxide, must be Organic Chelation) & 1 or 2mg of Organic Chelated Copper.  A Zinc deficiency will cause amyloid plaque.  Z & C must be taken together.


(h).. Tap water - It has 2 very Alzheimer's friendly toxins...Aluminum (anti-clouding agent) & fluoride,  which form a very nasty complex AlFx (Aluminum-fluoride Complex) that I predict will be a major concern in the soon as doctors & the FDA get their heads out of their butts. 


That's it for the one size fits all...however for those who really want to squeeze the spice weasel and knock it up a knotch?  You can add the following terrific brain nutrients :


(a).. Acetylcholine - Expensive & difficult to find, so most take additional choline (precursor to acetylcholine) that comes in multi's in small amounts.  If you are not allergic to Royal Jelly, it is a good source Acetylcholine.


(b).. Selenium (chelated to methionine) - take an extra 200mcg in addition to however much is in your multi (it's never enough in the multi so Selenium should probably be in the list above).  Selenium is one of the most powerful "brain anti-oxidants" not to mention "Cancer-fighter".


(c).. Phosphatidyl serine - Improves memory...take twice what the label is a little pricey.


(d).. TMG - Elevates your mood while it protects you from inflammation/plaque-causing Homocysteine (along with the Big-3, B-6, B-12 & Folic-acid). Take 500 to's cheap.


(e).. Acetyl L-Carnitine - Powerful anti-oxidant that increases bloodflow to the brain.


(f).. Co Q-10 - Expensive but very powerful brain & heart anti-oxidant while increasing cell oxygenation & cellular energy...take as much as you can afford - 30mg to 600mg.   Lipitor blocks your bodies production of Co Q-10.


(h).. Melatonin - If you are over 40 & not sleeping well, then just before bed you might consider taking 1 to 3mg of Melatonin (see warning below)... melatonin is  a powerful antioxidant with unique properties unlike almost any other...which is, it can readily pass the "Blood-Brain-Barrier" while protecting you from dementia & Cancer, while helping you sleep.


"WARNING" - NEVER  take melatonin during the day - only at night, just before bed.  If you take it at the start of the day it will not only screw-up your circadian cycle (your 24 hour internal "clock") but it will actually become an "anti"-antioxidant.  Also, I don't think young people need to take Melatonin... wait till you are over 40 when your melatonin production starts slowing fact even if you are over 40, it would be wise to first try taking a large dose of Magnesium just before bed to help you relax (maybe 300 to 400mg of Amino-Acid Chelated Mag. or Mag. Citrate)...yes, you need both Calcium & Magnesium, but it is actually better to take them separately at different times of the day.  Also, try getting lots of bright-light & sunlight during the day