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...send "AlienViewGroup"  some of your money!  Seriously, not as unreasonable, ridiculous, or impossible as it sounds!  Ha!

...And were you to send in 20 dollars or more (for pain and suffering), I'll send you a nicely appointed DVD of inspired recitations, Art, and original music programmed to suggest a different place for your head... nes't ce pas?  See, "...the truth, told to be understood, will be believed."

and consider:

"E v e r y  d i m e  s e n t  s p e n t  i n  t h e  s e n d e r ' s  s e r v i c e "

<...ok, resume normal programming...>




...Still here and asking why...?  Ok...


Because... AlienViews has something useful, exciting, and "next level" to build, and...


We want to construct something "new" in a "new" place ( unexplored cyber infinity), in a "new" way (...well out of the box...), and with "new" materials ( and hardware evolving as we speak...) ...that is facilitating, communicating, educating, and fascinating... even inspiring (!) in the way we could if we were getting paid, frankly!


We want to hook-up, jack in, and switch-on in a new enterprise that could be ~Your~ alternate eyes and ears all over the planet!  We want to build something everyone can share in to extend an individual's perception all over known space!  LOL!


We have a *plan*!  

We're saying "cut OUT the freakin' middle man" and... if you like what you're seeing and you see a potential (?) ... if we're remotely doing something for you?  Push our -donate- button, for cryin' out loud!  ...Some will be gratified, and a few will be (however gainfully!) irritated, but -all- will be amazed with regard to what they turn on!

We plan on being eyes and ears... and if we are eyes and ears (?)  The contributor will have eyes and ears.


"Besides ...20 dollars or more (?) ...I'll send you a DVD of inspired [if not mechanically perfect...] original music, Art, and AlienViews presentations..."

Now -- on with the commerciatainment!





(Sung to the tune of anything you can make fit...  use an English drinking song!!! [g].)

I mean, you'd help us build it -- right? ...That place where you could go... Where answers ask the questions, and the questions don't blow smoke. Where everybody's interested, and has no ax to grind... just folks concerned with clarity, if  tired flying blind? Where art is done for art's sake, just commercials for the soul -- where classics don't sell lunch meat, but will serve the truth up cold. 

Exposing some unusual lies, admitting what we should despise, copping to the starry skies -- a satisfaction in reprise!

I mean, you'd help us build it -- right? . . .the stone work architecture, the streams and ponds -- the shady spots... a site for our conjecture. A place to sit with back support. A spot to put your feet. Hot water from a tap that's free with air that's cool and sweet. And grass in leaves of different greens, an interwoven tapestry -- splashed with reds that never fade... a painting of a rhapsody. 

A place to go -- see different things, study stuff that "leaps and sings", watching close what "spreads its wings" -- imagination's wanton fling!

I mean, you'd help us build it -- right? . . . the stars would paint the skies, and their focus be *explicit* as they glimmer in disguise. Words take on new meaning -- definitions are profound, what's heard is CD quality -- somber bursts of ultra sound. And the humor is full bodied, and the laughter's not at you... Everyone's respectful -- even Christians, Moslems, Jews. 

No sacred cows, or inhibitions -- no phony, harmful prohibitions, examining our inquisitions -- changing ~all~ the cold conditions!

I mean, you'd help us build it -- right? . . . the screens to show full motion, all the hardware that contains them, and the software smooth as lotion. Cameras have strange angles, and unusual fields of view to capture crystal empathy that could leave you unconfused. And a library for enjoyment with Teddy Sturgeon there on hand. Andrew Vachss will clean your clock, and then he'll help you understand. 

...Know truest love, without collusion, respect up front (it's no intrusion), examine every institution; improve, at length, your constitution!

I mean, you'd help us build it -- right? ... the places by the falls in the mists of acquisition where we hear a lectern call. Where sunlight's dappled softly into shadows well perceived. Where we can talk, and eulogize the ignorance we cleave. Where space spins out unending, and the speculations call. We shan't be cheated from it; we shall laugh, and have it all! 

We'll sally forth for our detection , our senses sharpened for connections; we'll make (at once) those course corrections, choosing paths of BEST direction!



"...And send in 20 dollars or more, I'll send you a nicely appointed DVD programmed to put your head in a different place..."


I mean, you'd help us build it -- right? <g>.

We'll do it regardless, just more slowly, but... with your help... 

Look -- if you like taking an occasional "AlienView" -- going along with us on a cutting edge exploration of inner and outer space -- throw us a damned BONE! We'll give it back to you with metaphoric meat on it. Now, that's the best deal you can get -- anywhere, and notice, fellow mote, how it all comes down to you ! Ignoring the gate-keeping and officiating, unctuous, and officious middle man, you communicate with us directly. Sweet -- and for you more than us.  Yea and Verily.  Individual persons make the difference, always.  That's why we should be treating the individual with more respect... always!

~What~ meat? 

For your contribution (whatever it is!), enough of you, banded together in the most minimal support of this type would create, for yourselves (Verily! Yes, verily!), a detailed VRML place to go in this cyberspace in the fashion of Spider Robinson's "Callahan's Crosstime Saloon". A place of magic and learning. You'd do it yourself because, with your help, we'd have the resources necessary to build it for you. There are clear examples of what we're talking about all over our web site (content!) but specifically here.

Additionally, there would be a streaming video feed to subscribers with hookups to cameras and microphones (eyes and ears) all over the planet.  These "eyes and ears" are ~yourselves~ reader... interested but everyday persons willing to use their broad-band internet connections to upload video and audio files to the AlienViewGroup server from all over the known universe... with a camera that we would send and which they would just carry around all the time -- TELEVISION REPORTERS of ACTUALITY  .  These persons could be paid a small stipend for their effort, which could likely be a lot of fun anyway.  The explication of all that unfiltered data of raw reportage would end-run the official *news* ... The sky is no limit, folk.  ...Just takes passion, interest & dustage...

...Build ~what~ exactly? 

...An *anomalous* place to go and look at *the anomalous* and investigate *that anomalous* in real time, but a place built also as a memory aid...  A real place in cyberspace, as divergent as you need to be... A place to WONDER, along with others, and with as many research mechanisms as we can employ -- just what the hell is going on in this hard to read world of ours (forgetting that this covers a limitless horizon)!

We'll know no suspicious bounds! Everything from basic math through UFOs... education, ...but from a limitless horizon.  Limitless ...Limitless...


It's a place to *be* with others... sharing your ufological or constructively out-of-the-box interests!  A Park, a website, radio and television hub -- your eyes and ears on the universe ...

Hey!  we're not asking for a thing except an expression of your individual will, something made real yourself, something brought about by an action YOU took. We'd prefer NOT to spend the principle of your gift, but turn it around and give it back to you with many folds hammered out... in the blade of a fine Japanese sword -- besides, you might blow your NOSE with what we'd want from you. 

Give us a seed (?), and, collectively, we'll use it to produce a tree!

"...And iff'n you send in 20 dollars or more, I'll send you a nicely appointed DVD..."



"E v e r y  d i m e  s e n t  s p e n t  i n  t h e  s e n d e r ' s  s e r v i c e "



...Push to create a great new place to go in this grand new cyberspace 

that is going to get as *large* as THEY let it get!

Send us your dollars and nickels and dimes, and make for yourself, in its way, in its time,

A fabulous place where you go to have fun -- where visuals are free, and the words are like guns.

You'll just pay respect for the things that you find, or the people you meet; we’re to be ...unconfined!


It's new toleration in light of the manner of wicked conditions -- in writing that matters;

It's wisdom and info you'd like to get back for the sweat of your brow and the bow in your back...

We'll view all the essence that falls in the light. We'll stream all the video, and fight righteous fights!

We'll create a huge clearing house for new information, we'll search for the answers that beg arbitration!

We'll level the field and make our connections not hindered by science or faith's proclamation!

We'll search with our minds, and our hands plus our art -- and damned well respect what we want to call heart!

The sleeper ...can... awake!



"E v e r y  d i m e  s e n t  s p e n t  i n  t h e  s e n d e r ' s  s e r v i c e "


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Try this maze and go to a different place...


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"What a beautiful mind you have"!


"Thank you for the journey. It was more than I hoped it would
be and touched my spirit."

You're insightful, thoughtful.....and
sometimes so far round the bend, I can't even see the curve.


...Finally was able to listen to your wonderful DVD, which I'm very proud to own. Total enjoyment. Great art, great music ...


Take a chance, folks... You'll be making a contribution to our aggregate "knowing" and getting something *completely different* back, up-front, besides!  Take a chance...

...not to put too fine a point on it...

"...G I V E    M E    T H E    P O W E R..."


...Now more than ever!

Support AlienViewGroup! 


"E v e r y  d i m e  s e n t  s p e n t  i n  t h e  s e n d e r ' s  a g g r e g a t e   s e r v i c e "




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