Diabetes -- The CASH Cow 

by Alan Graham

(with Alfred Lehmberg)

(UpDated Aug 2008)




Type I diabetes and the near-epidemic levels of Type II diabetes are a cash cow for the doctors and drug companies, and they will do and say almost anything to keep that cow alive. 

For example: I asked a relative who had Type II diabetes if her doctor recommended that she take a good multivitamin/multimineral with at least 200 mcg of chromium, along with her diabetes medication.  She said that she had specifically asked him that question, but he told her not to take a multivitamin/multimineral, and especially not to take chromium because it would interfere with her medication.   

You'd feel pretty safe thinking her doctor meant it would either reduce the effects of the medication or cause an adverse interaction with it — right?  WRONG! What he meant was, "Diabetes and its prescription medication are a cash cow for the medical industry; so don't take an inexpensive supplement like chromium and expose the hoax of diabetes treatment! I make lots of money from this, and so do the pharmaceutical companies!"  You see, chromium  wouldn't interfere with her diabetes medication; it would improve the effectiveness of the medication. It helps regulate blood sugar levels so she could take LESS medication. But taking chromium would hurt the cash cow, so he told my relative not to take it. As someone once said, if you want to understand why some things happen the way they do, "Follow the money." I sometimes paraphrase it as "Follow that cash cow": It describes this situation perfectly.  

I have Crohn's disease and arthritis that I control with nutrition and natural supplementation — this after finding out that for 8 years EVERY pharmaceutical drug they gave me marginally addressed the symptoms while actually making the disease worse.  For example, sulfasalizine, for Crohn's inflammation, also needlessly kills the good flora and fauna in the gut, exacerbating the disease.  Taking aspirin for arthritis and its joint inflammation is another example because it inhibits the growth of new cartilage. This makes the pain worse in the long run, requiring stronger, more expensive painkillers.  Just more evidence of milking the cow at the consumer's expense. 

I don't have diabetes but I do take everything I have listed here because the beauty of a single herb or supplement is that it can safely have a positive effect on a multitude of ailments.  So, even though I take flax seed because the Omega-3 & the Cadillac of FIBER is good for my Crohn's and Arthritis, it is also extremely effective for Diabetes. It doesn't matter if you are sick or healthy; the following things are a blueprint for getting healthy and then staying that way. 

Be sure that you check with your doctor or pharmacist for any contraindication, and insure that you check your blood sugar regularly.  If the doctor dismisses any of these suggestions don't stop there.  Investigate to see if it is true because remember… he has the ax to grind. I don't. 

So instead of asking your doctor — try telling your doctor.  If he can't help you, try a new approach then ask him to do your lab work and then get out of your way.  I'm lucky to have an HMO doctor from a very poor country with a long tradition of herbal remedies.  He understands and appreciates where I'm coming from even though he officially must toe the medical party line.  He does any lab work that I want and will even make recommendations that he feels won't make me mad.  For example, he would never recommend prednisone to me for ANY reason. 

The first eight items are for ANY and EVERYTHING to include, of course, diabetes.  So if you're young and healthy, and do these eight things, you might even live to see the next century. 

1.    COLOSTRUM — Magic stuff that maintains your first line of defense against disease and toxins, your gut!  However, I no longer recommend it for any disease other than Crohn's because of the slim (slim!) possibility that you might contract Johnes' disease (read Colostrum section in "How I Beat Crohn's Disease" paper for a full explanation of the warning concerning Johnes.

2.   FRESHLY GROUND FLAX SEED & FISH OIL — This seed, ground fresh in a coffee grinder, is a very cheap way to get some of the required amount (almost nonexistent in the US diet) of "Omega-3" fatty acids.  Especially if you also consume 2 to 8 grams of the superior forms of Omega-3 found in fish oil.  With regard to Flax Seed, always eat it immediately in something cold because air and heat degrade Omega-3.  The research that I've done indicates that if healthy people ate 2 or 3 tablespoons of freshly ground flax seed every day, with some fish or Krill Oil, they would probably NEVER develop ANY kind of bowel disease, cancer, or MS.   This is because the Omega-3 (and the superior form of fiber found in ground flax) promotes good flora and fauna for a healthy gut.  One of these "good" bugs converts Omega-3 into two of the strongest cancer inhibitors known to science (particularly good for breast cancer)!  Additionally, Omega-3 supports the structure and the function of the myelin sheath to combat MS, and protects us from heavy metals and other toxins (MS sufferers average 7 times the mercury content as others!).  Remember, eating the actual cold-water fish is not a safe way to get Omega-3 because of too many toxins, lead, and mercury, and cooking the fish destroys much of the heat-sensitive Omega-3.  The improvement in the gut not only inhibits cancer and MS, it also protects us from virtually every other ailment to include diabetes.  (Remember: almost every disease comes through the gut or is because of a sick gut).

3.   TRACE MINERALS — Many of the 70-plus trace elements like chromium and selenium have been leached from the soil we grow our food in.  90% of the population is deficient in chromium, which is by far the most beneficial supplement for diabetes.  I recommend a liquid Plant-derived Colloidial minerals or a second choice is an ionic trace mineral supplement.  I would avoid those brands that contain lead and mercury.

4.   OLIVE OIL — Use it for everything.  Stay away from hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) — It is a toxic non food.  Homo erectus evolved eating animal fat but never saw poison like hydrogenated vegetable oil.

5.    DIGESTIVE ENZYME FORMULA — This is essential for a healthy gut and good digestion. 

6.    A GOOD MULTIVITAMIN/MINERAL (without iron) — You need to spend just a little bit more at a health food store or on the web and get a good multi-vit/mineral your body can use instead of wasting money on a cheaper brand with some ingredients that are difficult or impossible to absorb. Almost all the popular brands of multi-vits/mins at your local grocery store have major problems. Here are just a couple:  

Grocery store multi's often contain the synthetic form of vitamin E, "DL" Alpha tocopherol. The "L" in the "DL" cannot be used by the human body and appears to inhibit the absorption of the natural "D" portion of Vitamin E. Always use the natural form, "D" Alpha tocopherol. ("D" means "dextro" or right-handed molecules; "L" means "levo" or left-handed molecules. In the case of Vitamin E, the body recognizes only dextro Vitamin E, or the right-handed kind, "D". You can't fool Mother Nature, although the drug companies try.) For Vitamin E, use the "D" kind, or just look for the phrase "Natural Vitamin E" on the bottle. Natural Vitamin E is the "D" kind. Use "D" or natural mixed, which is even better!

Grocery store multi's often contain minerals in the wrong forms - namely, as inorganic salts such as carbonates, phosphates, and oxides.  They have the wrong electrical charge so are extremely difficult to absorb.  In particular, watch for the inferior, however ubiquitous, calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide.  Instead, always use organic chelates like citrate, malate, amino acid, Krebs cycle, etc. In other words, use calcium citrate, calcium malate, magnesium citrate, magnesium malate, etc.

7.    CALCIUM/MAGNESIUM — I recommend 800mg to 1000mg mg CAL and 800mg to 1000 mg MAG daily.  Always take at this one-to-one ratio (1:1 calcium to magnesium).  Additionally, take a multi-vitamin with vitamin D and vitamin B6: both are necessary for CAL/MAG absorption.  The multi-vitamin will have a small amount of CAL/MAG; however, you need the additional amount mentioned here.  This is why the top of the line multiple vitamins have either no CAL/MAG or a tiny amount because they know you are going to want to personally choose a larger dose of a particular form.  Citrate & Amino-Acid are the preferred form of chelate, but there are many other good forms, as long as you avoid the following inferior (even dangerous) sources.  Avoid the following forms of calcium and magnesium: Carbonate, phosphate, oxide, dolomite, bone, coral or clamshell. These forms are not good for you and are poorly absorbed.

       Note on Vitamin D: The natural form, D3 (cholecalciferol), is the preferred kind which is obtained from sun exposure, fish oils (such as cod liver oil), eggs, and supplements.  D2 (ergocalciferol) is the plant-derived kind converted from the ergosterol found in plants. Vitamin D2 does not work NEARLY as well as D3, and is not as good for you. D3 is VERY good for you!! Articles and news items sometimes refer to "Vitamin D" without mentioning which kind they're talking about. If you read an article about the dangers of overdosing on Vitamin D,  they're talking about massive doses of Vitamin D2. A short exposure to the sun can easily produce 10,000 to 25,000 iu of Vitamin D3, so there's no danger of overdosing on Vitamin D3 from the sun but it is probably safer to limit your Vit.D3 to about 1000iu.  D2 in the quantities present in plants and vitamin pills, is perfectly safe, and is certainly better than getting no Vitamin D at all. Your bones and your nerves will thank you for it.

8.   PROBIOTIC like ACIDOPHILUS — I recommend A 'heat-stabilzed" broad spectrum Probiotic that is sill good at room temp.

The following foods, drinks, and supplements can be taken for just about ANY illness; however, these things work especially well for diabetes. 

1.    CHROMIUM  Polynicotinate or Amino-acid Chelated —  Your "multi" will have anywhere from Zero to 200 mcg of chromium, so you shold take an additional dose to total 400 mcg to 600mcg, daily.  Some doctor might try to tell you that studies show that taking chromium supplements has harmful side effects.  This is true if you are a mouse and take 5000 times the recommended daily dose!  

2.   STEVIA — Non-caloric, non-carbohydrate natural sweetener from the South American rain forest.  It's the sweetener answer to a diabetic's prayer. However, the people who have axes to grind are doing everything possible to prevent stevia from becoming popular.  It's a little bit expensive but the price will start coming down when we hog-tie a few of the devils running amuck.  The other sweetener I like is Xylitol.

3.   VITAMIN B-12 — This vitamin helps to prevent diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage). A good multivitamin will have a small amount (10 to 25 mcg) of Vitamin B-12 in the most popular form (cyanocobolamine) which is fine; however, in addition, you should take a large dose (1000mcg to 5000mcg) of Vitamin B-12 in the preferred form, methylcobolamine.  It will aid digestion and repair nerves, and it comes in a very cheap sublingual form.  It is synergistic to take with 400mcg of folic acid.  So, if taken with your multivitamin, it probably has the 400 mcg of Folic acid — but check. (Only use the "SUBLINGUAL" form - under the tongue)

4.    L-GLUTAMINE —You can find the inexpensive jumbo size of pure pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine for about $55 which is less than $5 a month for a nice large 2 to 8 gram daily dose.  Be careful for moisture contamination for the year it will take to use it up.  For this reason I spend a dollar or two more and purchace a 4 to 6 month supply.  L-Glutamine promotes the growth of intestinal mucosal cells, and reduces the craving for sugar.

5.   L-CARNITINE — This mobilizes fat, is good for your heart, and is considered essential for diabetes.

6.   COENZYME Q10 — This stabilizes blood sugar while protecting your heart.  It can be a little bit expensive, but try to take at  least 50mg daily if you can afford it.

7.   GARLIC —  This stabilizes blood sugar and boosts the immune system.  Many herbalists recommend aged garlic; however,  the latest research indicates, the closer to fresh the better as it causes a much higher rise in a person's HDL (the good cholesterol).

8.   SPIRULINA — This micro algae is truly an extraordinary, multi-purpose nutrient.  It stabilizes blood sugar, boosts the immune system, reduces cholesterol, and fights cancer. For two or three days every month when I go on a detox fast, I consume extra large amounts of spirulina. Everyone would be healthier if they went on an intelligent 1 to 3-day fast every month.  It's not as difficult as you might think. 

9.   FILTERED TAP WATER — Get a good water filter, preferably reverse osmosis (RO), to trap the bad stuff in your tap water.    The chlorine adversely effects digestion by killing the good bugs in your gut, and the fluoride accelerates the onset of osteoporosis.  If you want to hear a sad but scary story, read up on how and why we have fluoride in our drinking water.  It's not about teeth.  Never use distilled water because it leaches minerals right out of your bones.  If you use RO or distilled you must remineralize the water with trace mineral drops.

10.  TEA —  Avoid Green and Black tea because even though it is actually beneficial for diabetes, it has many times the safe limit of fluoride.  Only drink herbal tea. OR a tea that says on the label..."No Fluoride or Fluorine".

If you have any questions be sure to send me an E-mail, ESPECIALLY if your Doctor dismisses any of these suggestions. "Doctors" indeed.  I don't think that historians of the future will treat kindly the non-holistic doctors of the present time for their obvious duplicity and will find their performance in direct conflict with the Hippocratic Oath. 


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