...updated June, 2008

Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Fat

by Alan Graham (with Alfred Lehmberg)




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We are being lied to (perhaps explicably!) by doctors and dieticians concerning FAT.  This is unfortunate because in this country we have an essential fatty acid deficiency which is epidemic in proportion.  Because essential fatty acid (EFAs) deficiencies can result in virtually every disease afflicting a person, it is easy to hide the true root of a disease's problem... and doctors can continue to sell the hapless individual expensive, dangerous, and ineffective pharmaceuticals a person doesnít want or shouldn't need!

 -You- must become semi-knowledgeable about fats because what you don't know can provoke illness, even kill you... or, at best (!) make you stupid.  Here are just a few of the lies about FAT addressed in this paper: 

  1. Saturated fat is bad.
  2. Unsaturated vegetable oil is good.
  3. Margarine is more healthful than butter.
  4. Coconut oil is bad.
  5. Canola oil is better than olive oil.
  6. One can meet EFA requirements through diet alone.
  7. (Recent lie) Trans-fatty acids are now considered as bad as saturated fat.
  8. (Another recent lie) The American Heart Association is concerned about your heart!

 The following will answer the above misstatements of fact and provide the reasons why we're being lied too...  

Fats in General

We -are- fat.  But I mean that in a good way... it is an absolutely essential component in the make-up and construction of every cell in our body. It -is- the cell actually!  For the optimum performance of each and every cell, the right kinds of the different kinds of fat are REQUIRED (in ratio or a relationship to one another), as food.  Presently this country endures a pandemic of deficiency with regard to the "right kinds" of essential fatty acids in the everyday diet.  Allowed to continue, this pandemic contributes the lion's share of responsibility to the descending spiral of impaired bodily cells... or, obesity, miserable illness, impaired cognition, and early death... presently enjoyed by rank and file Americans!  Knowledge regarding essential fatty acids in (or not in!) our foods is key to realizing optimal health, maximized intelligence, increased energy, and an expanded quality of life!

Necessary Background!

[Read through it once so you'll know what to come back to!]


 Fatty acids (FAs) are a long chain of carbon atoms, with or without two hydrogen atoms attached to each one.  The chain might have six to twelve carbon atoms (-medium- chain fatty acids) or eighteen to twenty-two (-long- chain fatty acids). 

Concerning saturated fat, every carbon atom is saturated with two hydrogen atoms, causing a straight chain that packs together easily, compelling it to be solid at room temperature.  With -un- saturated fat, the chain is missing one or more sets of hydrogen atoms, allowing it to bend, resulting in a liquid at room temperature.  Unsaturated fats are either MONO unsaturated (one set of hydrogen atoms missing) or POLY unsaturated (more than one set missing).

<OK... from here things get a little tense, for awhile, but you don't have to get it on the first read, and it's the unassailable support for contentions revealed in this paper with direct impact on ~you~! 

  1. Mono Unsaturated Fat (olive oil, macadamia nut oil) is called omega-9, which means the first double bond (resulting from the removal of two hydrogen atoms) is at the ninth carbon atom from the omega "end" of the fatty acid chain (FA).  This single "double bond" (DB) configuration is very stable, which means mono oils don't go rancid or turn toxic (turn into lipid peroxide) very easily.  Consequently, I consider monounsaturated fat the only healthful food oil. Well except for Coconut Oil covered further below.  
  2. Poly Unsaturated Fat  is called either omega-6 (corn, soy, cottonseed, etc) or Omega-3 (flax seed oil, Krill or fish oil) because at the sixth or the third carbon atom is the first double bond.  However, unlike the stable mono oils, the poly configuration, with two DBs (omega-6) and three DBs (Omega-3), creates instability due to unpaired electrons.  These more reactive oils go rancid and turn toxic easily.  Easily!

Prostaglandins (bear with me, you will be a better person if you slog through this stuff!) -- These magical hormone-like compounds are the catalyst for many, if not most, of the critical bodily processes (everything from blood platelet sticky-ness to sperm production to brain cell function) and are found in every cell. Prostaglandins are tantamount to super hormones that control the hormones.  There are two separate cascading pathways (Omega-6 and Omega-3) that lead to numerous reactions that can be good, bad, or both.  There are loops, feedbacks, cancellations, synergies, and roadblocks in these processes, making this an evolving and convoluted  fat -science-!  Moreover, it is important to understand these basics to appreciate how we are being lied to!

 Prostaglandins are produced in every cell through different enzymes acting on EFAs!  The most important consideration is the number of DOUBLE BONDS (DBs) in the carbon chain because that determines each step, and which fork, in the path for it to take.  This will determine, ultimately, which protaglandin (good or maybe bad) will be activated. The series 1 and 3 prostaglandins reduce inflammation and are more stable and slow moving -- these are kept in balance by series 2, which increases inflammation etc, and is more reactive and high speed.

  1. Omega 6 pathway --
This pathway (PW) starts with a two DB, eighteen carbon FA, like corn oil.  In the first step it is changed to a three DB fat called gama-linolenic acid (GLA) by the enzyme Delta 6 Desaturase (D6D).  You can bypass the first step and enter the pathway here by eating foods or supplements with GLA (seeds, nuts, borage oil, etc)
Next, the GLA is elongated with an enzyme to a twenty carbon FA called dihomogama linolenic acid (DGLA).  You can enter the pathway here by eating foods rich in DGLA like liver and organ meats.  Now we are at a fork in the road.  If the DGLA does not encounter any further enzymes it will enter the beneficial series 1 prostaglandin, which decreases inflammation and platelet sticky-ness (just to name two out of dozens of positive effects). 
However, if the DGLA encounters the D5D enzyme, it will change from a 3 DB to a 4 DB called Arachidonic Acid (AA) commonly associated with saturated animal fat.  AA is the precursor to the series 2 prostaglandin which is generally considered bad because it increases inflammation, platelet sticky-ness, blood pressure, etc.  However, this is a simplistic view, Series 2 is not bad, it is just necessary. 
For example, you would probably consider series 1 and 3 reducing platelet stickiness a good thing, but if you didn't have series 2 you would bleed out in a few minutes if scratched.  So, it's all about BALANCE.  However, due to our diet of sugar and hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) and a lack of omega-3, we don't activate the series 1 and 3 enough, and over-stimulate the series 2 resulting in too much inflammation, platelet stickiness, etc.  Series 2 is also used for rapid response and stressful situations like childbirth, unlike the slower plodding effects of series 3. 
Because the PW can be entered here by eating AA rich foods like butter, animal fat, organ meats, and egg yolks, dieticians tell you to avoid these foods because of their supposed negative prostaglandin reaction.  This is only true; however, if your saturated fat/AA consumption is excessive in relation to your Omega 3 consumption (which is a completely different PW, but still very much connected because they use the same desaturase/elongase enzymes!). 
In fact, if your AA intake is remotely close to being in balance with the other fatty acids, eating eggs, butter, and animal fat is actually very beneficial.  It makes the other fatty acids work even better (synergy).  But if your satfat/AA consumption is excessive you can still get away with it if you make a couple of dietary changes that dieticians don't tell you about.... like eliminating sugar and HVO and adding omega-3 to your diet.  AA, just like Omega 3, is an important constituent of the cell membrane.  That's why mother's milk is rich in AA...
  1. Omega 3 Pathway --
This PW starts with a 3 DB, eighteen carbon chain FA, called alpha linolenic acid (ALA) and is found in flaxseed, Hempseed and green leafy vegetables.  Then it is changed to a 4 DB FA by the same D6D enzyme of the -other- pathway.  Eventually it is elongated and changed again to a 5 DB FA called, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).  The pathway can be entered here by eating EPA rich foods like cold water fish and fish oil. 
The D5D enzyme that produces EPA  was also used by the other pathway (Omega-6) to create AA, the precursor to a series 2 but here it's used by the omega-3 pathway to do the opposite thing (series 3)!  Interestingly, when the the D5D enzyme is in the presence of the 3 DB Omega-6 FA and the 4 DB Omega-3 FA, it will always choose the Omega 3, thus activating the series 3 prostaglandin!  But, if there is no Omega-3 (which the D5D prefers) then it has no choice but to change the beneficial Omega-6, 3 DB to the -not- so beneficial 4 DB (AA), the precursor to the series 2 prostaglandin, or that which increases inflammation and platelet sticky-ness. 
Because we get most of our AA through diet, we generally don't need our bodies to manufacture more by converting Omega-6 DGLA to AA, we would rather have the DGLA activate the series 1 prostaglandin.  So it's ironic that to maintain an efficient Omega-6 pathway, requires less Omega-6 and more Omega-3.  A portion of the EPA might continue down the pathway and not take the series 3 exit, but instead be changed by the D4D enzyme into the 6 DB docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).  The pathway can be entered here by consuming foods or supplements with DHA... human milk, egg yolks, fish liver oil and organ meats.  DHA is absolutely essential for a fetus/baby's brain development.  Oddly enough, this is why Mia Farrow (in Rosemary's Baby) felt compelled to eat raw liver while carrying her baby.

Discussion Regarding Different FATS 

(...and well through the numbing stuff...)

  1. Saturated fats -- There are ten (nine natural, one man-made {ALERT!}) types of saturated fats (SATFATS) that are unfortunately all lumped together as being unhealthy, when in reality... ONLY MANMADE HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE  OIL is, truly, bad 100% of the time.  We will only discuss the three major Satfat players, as that's where the problem lies!
    1. Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (pHVO) ...or Transfatty Acid (TFA) <...heavy sigh!
    Over 100 years ago pHVO/TFA was invented as a cheap way to feed the masses.  Everywhere and in everything (to this day!), this toxic non-food is cheap poly unsaturated oil (like corn oil) that is partially saturated with hydrogen gas, turning it into a dark, smelly, toxic sludge... that is then refined, bleached, and deodorized (RBDed) into a form... remotely... possible for use.
    They sell it to you as "margarine" or vegetable lard.  The various food industries love this crap because it extends shelf life and has a high smoke point -- making it good for baked goods and fast-food deep-fat frying.  And, rather predictably, it's cheap.  Unfortunately this poison is killing us -- it has the potential to cause, and certainly exacerbate, virtually every disease affliction we endure, certainly heart disease and cancer!  Additionally, it suppresses our immune system and also adversely effects the Omega-6 and 3 prostaglandin pathways that can either cause inflammation or reduce it.  HVO is actually incorporated into the phospholipid membrane (the cell WALL) of every cell in your body, causing the membrane to be less pliable, flexible and permeable.  The cell, consequently, does not adequately hold fluid or electrolytes, loses its ability to communicate with other cells, and loses its ability to communicate hormonally.  Slow cell-death!  Additionally, it does not bind with insulin efficiently and causes a general lack of homeostasis, all resulting in a sick/mean/depressed and FAT individual.
    1. Steric Acid Animal fat and butter --
Unburnt animal Satfat is essential for development and good health as long as it is in balance with the other EFAs!  If you never ate SATFAT your body would produce it anyway because it is the superior form for energy storage... and a plethora of other purposes! 
SATFAT is stable with a fairly long shelf life, thus in our body it protects other EFAs from becoming rancid.  SATFAT also improves the body's utilization of the other EFAs.  There is a real positive synergy here as long as everything is, reasonably, close to being in balance.  Interestingly, because we evolved occasionally consuming excessive amounts of animal Satfat (...gorging at a carcass before a saber tooth tiger came strolling by...) mother nature takes these episodes of conspicuous consumption into consideration by converting some of the Satfat 18 carbon chain (steric acid) into the unsaturated fat eighteen carbon chain (oleic acid) which is the health promoting mono-unsat fat (Omega-9) found in olive oil. 
When satfat consumption is excessive as much as half of it can be converted to Omega-9 by the Delta 9 desaturase (D9D) enzyme which removes two hydrogen atoms at the ninth carbon atom.  This is why people that abuse the Atkins diet by consuming excessive Satfat (moderate Satfat consumption is better) can still show a lipid profile improvement (HDL up, LDL down).  Unfortunately, this neat little desaturase trick won't work if you consume pHVO and sugar, which blocks the D9D enzyme! 
b.  Coconut oil (Lauric Acid or MCT's) --
This medium chain triglycerides (12 carbon atoms) is found in coconut and mother's milk.  This misunderstood and magical stuff should be in a class all its own because even though it is a saturated fat, it doesn't act like one.  This is because being only 12 atoms long it can be easily broken down by saliva and stomach acid without needing your, sometimes scarce, enzymes.  That is why it is in mother's milk because an infants desaturase enzyme system doesn't work very well, making long chain FAs hard to digest. 
Medium chain fatty acids (MCFA or MCT) do not need to be bundled into lipoproteins and deposited into the blood stream for further processing!  Consequently, it can't make you fat or stick to your arteries because it never enters the bloodstream!  Instead it goes straight to the liver and is able to zip quickly through the mitochoandria membrane, to provide INSTANT energy!  The long chain FAs take a long time to break down because they require enzymes that may have already been used up, so the fat becomes FAT... and not ENERGY. 
Medium chain FAs or medium chain triglycerides (MCT) can help you lose weight through thermo-genesis. An analogy can be made with a wood fire. Long chain FAs are like throwing wet logs on the fire, but medium chain FAs are more like throwing on gas soaked newspapers.  Consequently, you not only get a big burst of energy, but the aforementioned wet-logs (long chain FAs) are also consumed by the fire and heat.  So, all things being equal -- you lose weight.   Medium chain FAs also improve the Omega 6 prostaglandin pathway, causing Omega 6 to accumulate in the tissue where it belongs even when levels of EFA are low.
  1. Unsaturated Fats -- There are two major categories of UNSAT Fats.  Monounsaturated  and poly unsaturated.  Dieticians will incorrectly tell that they are both healthy because both are liquid at room temperature.  However, only mono is always good.  Only some kinds of "poly" are good some of the time.  Unsaturated Fats can also be divided into two other major categories.  Food Oils (olive, corn, canola, safflower, etc.) and medicinal oils (flax seed, primrose, borage, black currant, Fish/Krill).  Food oils are never all one kind of oil.  They are always a combination of mono and poly oils at different ratios with a little SATFAT thrown in.  Some of these ratios are fairly dramatic, for example, olive oil is 76% mono and only 8% poly, where safflower oil is only 10% mono and 80% poly.  Most of the other poly food oils are about 20% mono and 65% poly.  Medicinal oils are also various combinations of the 3 FAs. (mono, poly & satfat)
    1. Monounsaturated oils (Omega-9) Olive oil (76% mono) Macadamia nut oil (80% mono - the best but very expensive) Canola Oil (at a low 54% mono it is slightly misleading to call it a "true" mono unsaturated oil...it has too much Poly)   Omega-9 is heart healthful for several reasons, the most significant being the reduction in low density lipoproteins (LDL), and due to the stable mono DB characteristic, it does not go rancid easily, requiring further RBDing to cover the rancid smell, and it doesn't readily turn toxic when heated.  So use olive oil for everything especially frying and baking.
    2. Polyunsaturated oils (Omega-6 and Omega-3)

                                                               i.      Omega 6 polyunsaturated oil, both food and medicinal

1.        FOOD OIL (2 DB Linoleic acid [LA]) Corn, soy, safflower, peanut, grapeseed, cottonseed oils, sunflower, etc..  Commercially processed polyunsaturated food oils get hot even when cold pressed.  So before they are sold to you they are deodorized to cover the rancid smell!  And because they have already started turning into the toxin lipid peroxide, there is no situation where these oils are considered healthful!  ...Even though dieticians will tell you otherwise...  ...Do you remember 15 or 20 years ago, the safflower oil campaign... where it was touted to be more healthful than other oils because it was very light in color and taste and had the lowest percent of SATFAT at only 7% as opposed to corn oil, for example at 17%.  Now we know that safflower is by far the worst of all because it has the highest percent of poly (80%), which means that  80% of that bottle of oil is already rancid and toxic when brought home!  In all fairness there is one beneficial product derived from safflower oil called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).  Data is fairly new, so the jury is still out concerning its beneficial effects, but it appears to have significant cancer fighting properties and might help a little with weight loss.  If you want to try CLA buy a top quality, higher priced capsule.  The cheapy no name brand might not be carefully refined -- which is critical for all polyunsat oils.

2.        MEDICINAL OIL (gamalinolenic acid [GLA])  This Omega-6 FA is found naturally in seeds, nuts and legumes or in processed medicinal oils, like black currant, borage, primrose & a small amount in hemp seeds & hemp oil.  Because of their highly reactive nature (3 DBs - the more double bonds the more unstable), they must be kept cold through refrigeration while pressing. Cold pressing alone won't do because even though no heat is added, it still gets too hot under pressure.  Medicinal oils must also be refrigerated after opening.  GLA is healthy only within a fairly narrow window.  If you consume even moderate amounts of omega 6 (corn oil, etc) and don't consume any (or very little, if any) Omega 3, then the medicinal oils rich in GLA could actually be harming you.  First, this is because in order to reap the beneficial effects of Omega-3, the ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 should be about 4 to 1 or less.  However, most Americans are closer to an out of whack 20 to 1 ratio!  Now if, on top of that, you take primrose oil for the GLA you are actually making the ratio worse because you are not only adding 9% GLA, but the 72% Omega 6 (LA) that is also in primrose oil.  Second, after the GLA is converted to DGLA it will not take the desired prostaglandin  "fork in the road," but will likely take the undesired prostaglandin series 2 "fork."  It would not take this undesired path if you had consumed enough Omega-3 to use -up- all the D5D!  However, if you did not consume any additional Omega-6, and did consume adequate Omega-3 (resulting in a ratio of two or three to one), then you could take medicinal Omega-6 and still wind up about 4 to 1.  At the proper ratio, prostaglandins of the Omega-3 and Omega-6 reduce inflammation, platelet stickiness, blood pressure & allergies.  But when OUT OF BALANCE, the beneficial Omega-3 pathway never gets going and now the GLA, in the Omega-6 pathway, will probably take the WRONG fork in the road (series 2) that causes inflammation, etc..

                                                              ii.      Omega 3 Polyunsaturated medicinal Oils --

1.        Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA, 3 double bonds)  Ground Flax seed/Flaxseed oil, Hemp seeds/Hemp oil and green leafy vegetables. Flax seed is mother natures richest source of plant derived Omega-3 (3 DBs)  Also called the Parent  Omega-3 because it can give birth to the pair of superior EFAs found in fish/krill oil -- EPA (5 DBs) and DHA (6 DBs).  Unfortunately, less than 15% of the ALA is converted to EPA and DHA.  If a person were opposed to eating animals it might be difficult for them to get adequate EPA and DHA from plant Omega-3 only (ALA).   If they want to achieve super-healthiness, they would also consume supplemental EPA and DHA.  I can't recommend dietary EPA because cold water fish has too much lead and mercury, but according to Consumer Reports there are numerous brands of fish oil capsules that meet the potency requirements and are pretty much toxin free.  I would not only pick a moderately priced well known name brand, but it should say specifically that any toxins have been filtered out.  You could probably meet all your omega 3 requirements with fish oil; however a combination of Krill or fish oil  and 1 or 2 tablespoons of freshly ground flax seed ( about 3000 mg ALA) is superior to fish oil only... This is because: one, flax seed is a very cheap way to consume large amounts of ALA that can eventually be incorporated into the phospholipid membrane (cell wall) of every cell in your body, to keep it pliable and healthy. Two, in order for DGLA (along the Omega-6 pathway) to take the beneficial series one prostaglandin, and not the undesirable series two, it must not contact any D5D enzyme.  Consequently, you need ALA cascading down the other PW (Omega-3) to use up all the D5D in the conversion of ALA to EPA. Three, you are assured that the small percentage of EPA and DHA that comes from ALA is toxin free and is mother nature's highest quality EPA. Four, flax seed has lignans that are converted by the gut into a pair of powerful cancer fighters.  Flax seed has 100 times the amount of lignans found in other plants.  Flax has mucilage that protects us from toxins and absorbs starch resulting in lower blood glucose and insulin.  Five, the ground flax seed coat is the Cadillac of soluble and insoluble fibers.  Six, some ailments like bowel disease actually respond better to ALA than EPA.  However, EPA is better for most of the biggies like stroke and heart disease.  In all fairness, ALA does have a couple of shortcomings other than the aforementioned ALA to EPA conversion rate:  One, people with diabetes, likely, will not be able to convert ALA, so they would definitely need supplemental EPA/ DHA. Two, just like most babies, some adults have an inefficient desaturase enzyme system, so they don't readily convert ALA to EPA. Three, with the advent of refined polyUNSAT oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil, and refined sugar,  Omega-3 ALA and Omega-6 GLA cascading pathways can be blocked.  The polyunsat oil (Omega-6 LA) overpowers the Omega-3 by changing the desired 4 to 1 ratio to an undesirable 15 or 20 to 1 ratio.   Also pHVO and sugar inhibit the D6D enzyme which is the first step down the pathway for both Omega-6 AND Omega-3.  So even with adequate amounts of EFAs , they won't do you much good if you load up on Twinkies (the fluffy white crap is hydrogenated vegetable lard, whipped with sugar.)

2.        EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid , 5 double bonds) is found in cold water fish and krill/fish oil.  EPA (with DHA below) are the superior forms of Omega-3.  This is because the 5 DBs in EPA make it the precursor to the beneficial series 3  prostaglandins which reduces inflammation and platelet stickiness.  EPA does not always take the series 3 exit.  Sometimes it continues down the pathway, and after a slow laborious process it turns into the brain food for babies DHA.  Because this conversion process is not terribly efficient it's recommended that you take supplemental DHA (fish/krill oil), eat several raw egg yolks every day (soft scramble the egg whites to convert the glycoprotein that binds to Biotin) , or like Mia, eat raw organ meat (but I wouldn't recommend it).  

3.   DHA ( Docosahexaenoic Acid, 6 double bonds)  Not only can you make DHA out of EPA, but if you consume dietary DHA (human milk, egg yokes, caviar, or organ meats) the pathway can magically go in reverse and convert (or reconvert!) the 6 double bond DHA (from either source: dietary or manufactured from EPA) into (or back into!) the 5 double bond EPA!  All EFAs are important, but DHA is ESSENTIAL for development and function of the brain -- that is why pregnant women, nursing mothers, babies over four months old & old people (and everybody else for that matter) should daily consume several raw egg yolks or soft poached eggs.   Soft scrambled whites (in olive oil or butter... NEVER margarine). And to be completely safe, also take supplemental DHA.

4.   Which One - Krill or Fish Oil ?  Both have the magical Omega-3's (EPA & DHA) but fish oil gram per gram has much more of both & it is considerable cheaper than Krill Oil...so why use Krill Oil ?  Krill is rich in the natural antioxidant Astaxanthin, (not found in fish oil) that not only protects you but also protects the sensitive Fatty Acids (EPA & DHA) from oxidation.  Also, supposedly the EPA & DHA are better absorbed from Krill Oil.

>>>...End of Tedious (but necessary) Stuff...<<<




..Now that you are an -expert- on fats (no kidding!),

lets look briefly at the craven lies Doctors/dieticians perpetuate... 


    1. [Lie Number 1] -- Saturated Fat is Bad!  The only SATFAT that's unhealthful all the time is pHVO/Transfatty acids.  It is a man-made non-food (...invented to cheaply feed disrespected poor people) that homo Erectus never encountered, in a million or so years of tedious evolution.  He did; however, evolve consuming SATFAT from animals (steric acid) and coconuts (lauric acid), so his liver and digestive system knew exactly how to process it!  If animal fat is in balance with Omega-6 and Omega-3, then both the path ways are more efficient!  Ironically, pHVO has the OPPOSITE effect because it and refined sugar block the production of necessary enzymes.  If your diet covers Omega-3 by including freshly ground flax seed, the Omega-6 is always covered because it is found in every form of food (to include fruit), in fact you should try to get Simple Omega-6 (LA) out of your diet (but maybe keep the Complex Omega-6, GLA) to be as close to the desired 4 to 1 ratio as possible!  Then, you not only can, but you SHOULD... eat several eggs every day and a considerate amount of lean meat (avoiding processed/cured meat and burnt animal fat).  They tell you all SAT fat is bad because they want you to avoid potentially healthful fat (steric acid) so they can slip in their totally unhealthful, cheap kind of satfat, HVO!  Evil!  Habitually, when warned about SATFAT, their examples are butter, animal fat, and coconut oil -- but they rarely (if ever!) mention HVO!  Sometimes, they might even include a warning about "trans-fatty acids (TFAs)"; however, they don't bother to tell you  HVOs are -pure- TFAs!  This is because prior to mid 2003 TFAs were not listed on food labels, but HVO was!  For years, I thought that hydrogenated Vegetable Oil was healthful because it was ďvegetable oil,Ē when in reality HVO is never healthful  -- but SatFat can be healthful.  Real irony -there-!
    2. [Lie Number 2] -- Polyunsaturated Oils, much like monounsaturated oil are good for you because both are liquid at room temperature.  WRONG!  Even if poly-unsat oil was not rancid/toxic and deodorized when you brought it home, it would still be unhealthful because it doesn't take much to screw up the aforementioned 4 to 1 ratio!  Also polyunsaturated oil dramatically increases your chances of developing cancer (as much as 7 -times- as likely) -- mono-unsat oil has the opposite effect. And 75% of the "stuff" sticking to your arteries is oxidized Poly food oil like Soy & Corn.
    3. [Lie Number 3] -- Margarine, because it is 100% vegetable oil is more healthful than butter, which has cholesterol.  Wrong!  How many decades have we heard this lie.  Margarine is HVO (actually it is pHVO), and is a toxic and foreign substance to our liver.  Butter is real food that works in synergy with the other EFAs.
    4. [Lie Number 4] -- Coconut oil is bad.  Wrong!  We have been told for decades that Coconut oil is bad because it is 80 or 90 percent SATFAT, neglecting to tell you that it is not a long chain FA but a medium chain FA that is actually HEALTHFUL! To make popcorn in the 50s and 60s most theatres used coconut oil SATFAT (that came from the Philippines) even though HVO was cheaper!  It tastes better!  So, the (...none dare call them EVIL...) HVO *people* set out to destroy the coconut oils tenuous toehold in this country by convincing the public that it was heart unhealthful!  And even today you still see foods advertising "no tropical oils"!  Because the Philippines is a poor country, they could not afford to fight the onslaught of the powerful HVO industry.  Also, would you believe the research results that showed that coconut oil was bad for your heart, was surreptitiously conducted using ďhydrogenatedĒ coconut oil, not pure unrefined coconut oil -- there are truly some evil lying bastards in this world!!!
    5. [Lie Number 5]  Canola oil is even MORE healthful than olive oil because like olive oil it is a monounsaturated oil, but it is better because it has half the SATFAT (7% compared to 16%) and is 7% Omega 3 compared to 0% Omega 3 in olive oil.  Wrong! Wrong!Wrong!

                                                               i.      Canola is just -barely mono-unsat at 54% compared to olive oil at 76%!  However, more importantly this means that canola has 30 to 37% poly-unsat oil to go rancid/toxic during processing as opposed to olive oil at only 8% poly-unsat.

                                                              ii.      ďHalf the SATFATĒ means exactly NOTHING because, as you have now learned, moderate amounts of natural unburnt SATFAT is actually good for YOU!

                                                            iii.      The 7% Omega-3 is a blatant red herring because being commercially processed, the highly reactive Omega-3 has already turned toxic and rancid In all fairness, for more money on the web you can find unrefined canola oil that was kept cool during processing so the  Omega-6 and Omega-3 oils might not be rancid, but you still have to contend with too much Omega-6 screwing up the healthful 4 to 1 ratio.  Additionally, unrefined canola oil must also be kept refrigerated after opening.

    1. [Lie Number 6]  You can meet your EFA and nutritional requirement without supplementation through a diet that follows the "Food Guide Pyramid."  WRONG to the nth! Here are just a few things wrong with that fatuous proclamation!

                                                               i.      If you meet your EFA requirements by eating fish you are consuming too much lead and mercury.  So you must supplement with flax seed and or fish/krill oil.

                                                              ii.      Consuming poly-Unsat cooking oil (allowed by the pyramid) will negate most beneficial effects of the (raw by the way... heat destroys the good stuff!) cold water fish you ate in the preceding!

                                                            iii.       Consuming pHVO (smarmily allowed by the Pyramid) will inhibit the utilization of EFAs.  Oh yeah... additionally?  It will kill you!

                                                            iv.      Sugar -- (allowed by the pyramid) inhibits EFAs and suppresses your immune system.

                                                             v.      Trace minerals have been leeched from our soil so they are not in our food.

    1. [Lie Number 7] HVO/TFA is now (July 03) considered as heart unhealthful as SatFat... WAIT A MINUTE!  Donít put pHVO and SATFAT on equal footing!!!  They have ALWAYS known pHVO is infinitely more harmful than SatFat on its worst day -- in fact, un-burnt saturated fat (like pure butter) actually works in synergy with the other EFAs (like Omega 3).  So why, for all these decades, has the FDA set guidelines for SatFat but not HVO/TFA?  And WHY did it require tremendous pressure from the masses to start putting TransFat amounts on food labels?  Especially when you consider the following:

                                                               i.      SatFat raises HDL (good stuff) -- HVO lowers it.

                                                              ii.      SatFat does not inhibit insulin binding -- HVO does.

                                                            iii.      SatFat does not increase C-reactive proteins which causes arterial inflammation -- HVO does!

                                                            iv.      SatFat supports the immune system -- HVO interferes.

                                                             v.      SatFat when incorporated into the cell wall of every cell in your body makes it permeable, flexible, and healthy -- HVO makes it stiff and inefficient at removing waste and absorbing nutrients.

By putting TFA/HVO and Saturated Fat on equal footing, they hope to trick you into thinking that if you cut out either one... itís the same thing!   They hope you cut out meat and eggs so you can have your Twinkies! Mmmmmmm!  Fluffy sweet goodness! Not!

    1. [Lie Number 8]  The American Heart Association  is concerned about your HEART?  Pause for laughter!  Itís not just doctors and dieticians that lie, but why is it done by seemingly altruistic organizations like the AHA?  Simple -- they exist only because you get sick!  Letís look at a very recent AP/ Newspaper article (July 2003) for proposed FDA dietary guidelines by the American Heart Association.  Look at the not so subtle obfuscation in the following graphic from the newspaper article:




i.      Top right under trans fatty acid... it warns you about Hydrogenated Vegetable oil in food like beef pork and lamb -- next, under other foods it lists butter and milk.  Then in the -next- paragraph in explains that the hydrogenation process solidifies liquid oils.  The only problem is that beef, pork, lamb, butter, and milk contain NO hydrogenated vegetable oil (and only the most insignificant amount of natural trans fat, of course natural transfat is very good for you)!  The next thing on the list is vegetable shortening, which is the first legitimate source of trans-fat mentioned here; however, it elects to not mention the most evil and insidious source... MARGARINE!  Here is the way I would compile the list (this is in descending order of evilness):  Margarine (most evil, but it's ~all~ bad!), vegetable shortening, all deep fried fast foods (like French fries and donuts), any sweet fluffy white crap (like in Oreos and Twinkies), or any commercially baked or fried snack foods (...veritably everything else processed by Man that you used to think was healthful -- like 95% of commercial bread and 99% of commercial peanut butter!)!

                                                              ii.      Top left under Omega 3 FAs... it lists fish first, but doesn't warn you about mercury levels or recommend a toxic free alternative like ground flax seed and quality fish oil.  Also, isn't it funny how they list canola oil with a measly 7% Omega 3 (thatís already probably rancid) ahead of Flax Seed oil at 58% Omega 3 (that wonít be rancid, if freshly ground).  Why is it listed LAST?!?

 ...Verily, it looks like the American Heart Association is only doing what it can to keep you confused and sick...

 The only conclusion I can draw is that through lies, half truths, and misguiding generalizations, Doctors and Dieticians prop up unhealthful industries (HVO/Sugar) while demonizing Healthful products (Coconut oil/Eggs)... but WHY?  Could it be they want to keep you sick, or that they tacitly endorse these dangerously evil products because of the funding contributed by powerful corporations to their schools and institutions?  ...You think?  But wait!  Isn't the egg industry powerful, too?

 Yes, but doctors have always felt it necessary to poo-poo eggs to keep the myth alive that there is a direct correlation between dietary cholesterol and serum cholesterol when, in fact, there is no such thing!  Why?  

...To keep you on expensive cholesterol lowering drugs for the rest of an increasingly miserable life!  What else fits?  But, more importantly, they can hide the real cause of your illness as a result of these products (HVO and sugar) by blaming something else like the demonized fat and cholesterol.  This way, not only do they sell you harmful cholesterol lowering drugs that you don't need, but by hiding the real cause... they can keep you sick (on the HVO precipitating your need for drugs!) for some long-term fleecing!  Isn't it ironic that HVO and sugar, neither of which contain cholesterol, WILL actually cause an adverse serum cholesterol reaction?  Butter and eggs, on the other hand, both of which DO contain cholesterol, generally, do NOT cause an adverse response!  In fact, if you make a couple of other dietary adjustments, you will show a positive change in your lipid profile!  This was verified in a recent study reported by the AMA showing the high fat and protein/low carbohydrates ATKIN's diet, actually provoked a substantial RISE in HDL with a reduction in LDL, Cholesterol and trans-fatty acids, compared to the "Food Pyramid" which is heavy into bread, cereal, and pasta, and is hugely duplicitous in its own right!  Further proof is the positive cholesterol numbers found with the Mediterranean diet, which is high in fat, or the lower incidence of heart disease in France where they put gobs of -real- butter in EVERYTHING! 

Who -are- we? 

I have explained the science behind the ďthe way it isĒ; however, to understand why it ~is~ that way you must understand who ~we~ are.  Genetically and physiologically we are not -anything- that modern homo Sapien Sapien was or is subjected to in history.  Nothing weíve done for tens of thousands of years has had any appreciable influence on our (...very peculiar!) genetic make-up.  Who we ~really~ (physically) are... is early homo Erectus and homo Habilis (the not so erect guy who preceded Erectus) millions of years ago.   

For the first million or so years of evolution you and I were hunter-gatherers on the African plains, initially concentrated around the Great Rift.  Whatever homo Erectus did to ~his~ body we should try to do the same.  I realize he had to walk long distances in search of food, whereas we can just drive to the market; however,  what this means is that we also should walk, jog, and exercise every day, even though we think we donít have to.  Also, Iím sure that every month, or so, Erectus had to go a few days without eating because hunting and scavenging can be a hit or miss endeavor.  Again, what -this- means is that -we- would be a lot healthier if -we- would fast one or two days every month, even though we donít have to.  Fasting detoxifies the body, gives our liver and digestive tract a rest, and if you periodically (like maybe every six months) fast four or five consecutive days, your body will actually switch into ďrepair-modeĒ and accelerate the  healing of damaged tissue and organs.   

You see, Erectus did not have a choice in these matters, but you do.  If you choose to take full advantage of all modern life has to offer by never exercising, eating man-made toxic garbage, and ignoring your toxic environment as you surround yourself with it, then donít sit there wondering why you are so sick and miserable all of the freaking time! It all comes down to ~you~.

Letís look at the evolution of homo Erectus.  If you don't believe in evolution, just stick in "Adam and Eve" instead of "homo Erectus" because most of my conclusions would still be applicable.  This is because, as far as I can tell, Adam and Eve started out on square one with no technology.  In other words, they were hunter/gatherers:

  1. Did he consume saturated fat?  Yes, he did.  He would risk his life to chase a big cat away from a carcass.  He would also eat coconuts with lots of good SatFat.
  2. Did he consume hydrogenated vegetable oil.  NO!  HVO or pHVO was invented by modern man, and being a non-food, our liver is revolted by it.  To be correct, we eat pHVO (partially hydrogenated) - HVO (completely hydrogenated) is like candle wax BUT *they* are figuring out how to use it in candy, etc.
  3. Did he consume massive quantities of rancid/toxic (RBDed) poly unsaturated cooking oil.  NO.  He got all of the "undamaged" omega-6 he needed in seeds, nuts, and legumes grown in soil rich in all the trace minerals.  Also his omega-6 was high in the more "Complex" Omega-6, GLA, not the "Simple" cheap, toxic, crap Omega-6, LA.
  4. Did he consume Omega-3 fatty acids.  Yes he did.  Early man first appeared on the shores of the Great African Rift, which at the time was a huge inlet sea.  So, for most of his early development, he existed by scavenging the shallows and tide pools where he had a fairly steady diet of quality protein from sea food containing Omega 3.  These brain foods like EPA, DHA, and AA contributed to early manís big brain development.
  5. Did his water and food contain all 70+  trace-elements.  Yes, it did.  Today; however, because of over- farming, the land has been leached of many trace-minerals.  Dieticians/doctors will tell you we are not trace-mineral deficient.  However, pick any one of several web sites that show mineral composition of the soil in various parts of the country, and see for yourself. Remember, artificial fertilizer generally only replaces 3 elements!   It only takes 3 to look beautiful...it only takes about 9 for the plant to be very healthy BUT it takes 70 or 80 for us humans.
  6. Did he consume eggs?  Yes, he did.  He ate every egg that he could get his hairy hands on.  The egg is one of mother natureís most bio-available, highly digestible, nutrient rich, prepackaged little food nuggets imaginable.  Additionally!  Egg protein is even superior to fish protein!  There is one caveat - we now know it is better to separate the white & yolk so you can consume the yolk raw to protect the sensitive Omega-3's from heat but then soft scramble the whites to convert a glycoprotein they contain, that binds to biotin or take a big dose of biotin with raw egg whites.
  7. Did he consume carbonated soda?  NO!  Sodas are an evil scourge -- they leach minerals from bones and destroy valuable stomach acid, causing undigested food to play havoc with your gut which can result in a plethora of diseases!
  8. Did he consume Tums, Prevacid, Tagamint, or Nexium.  NO!  Contrary to what doctors tell you and what pop culture reflects, we do not have an epidemic of too much stomach acid!  In fact, quite the opposite is true, especially the older we get (75% of the people over 50 have too little stomach acid). I want to scream every time I hear a doctor advise that TUMS is a good source of calcium!  Antacids are generally calcium carbonate.  This is a form that is difficult to assimilate because the carbonate destroys stomach acid which is required to absorb the calcium.  Also, inorganic salts like carbonate, oxide, and phosphate are the wrong electrical charge for good absorption.
  9. Did he consume burnt animal fat -- NO!  Cooking food did not appear until much later.  the first couple of million years or so early humans ate everything raw (that is why Mia was eating the liver raw!).  Today it would generally not be practical or safe to eat raw meat; however, you should not overcook -any- form of food -- in particular extra well done fried or charbroiled meat creates one of the most dangerous of the free radicals HCA (hetero cyclic amines). 
  10. Did he grind wheat and bake bread?  NO!  Bread making did not appear until the Sumerians.  Our modern diet, heavy in refined carbos, is a major cause of our health problems.  Again, the vindication of the Atkinís diet indicates this.  Additionally, at the very start of the 21st Century a new free radical was discovered called Acrylamides.  This ubiquitous toxin is created when the surface area of carbohydrate foods are heated enough to turn them toasty brown.  Things like bread crust, crackers, potato-chips, french-fries and cereals (imagine how much toasted surface area is in a bowel of cornflakes or the "Breakfast of Champions."  Eat toast and you ARE toast!
  11. Did he consume milk and dairy?  NO to the nth!  Almost every variety of human on Earth, except Caucasians, has an intolerance to dairy.  And even among us Anglo Saxons there is a high percentage of lactose intolerance.  Milk is an unhealthy and ineffective way to try and get calcium.  We would be amazed at how many health problems in children (like allergies, rashes, ear infections, coughs/colds and other respiratory problems) would just disappear if we took away the milk, sugar, and cereal and replaced it with eggs, meat, and vegetables. 
  12. Did he consume refined sugar.  NO!  And neither should you. Use stevia, the zero glycemic, all natural sweetener from South America.  If you are a parent, and you let a doctor put your child on Ritalin without first exploring a sugar free diet, then, after they are put on Ritalin you continue to let them have cokes, pop tarts, and sugar smacks...  there is likely a special place in hell just for you! Kids don't need drugs!  They need good non-processed food!
  13. Did he consume caffeine and alcohol.  No, Iím afraid not.  Though, a glass of dry, dark red wine, every night, is very healthful.  Itís high in anti-oxidants, raises HDL, and aids digestion. Moreover, if you do all of the healthful things we have discussed, things like avoiding all sugar and foods processed by insentient man, then I think you deserve a cup of coffee or a glass of wine!

In conclusion, you are now, officially, an expert on FATS, OILS, and EVOLUTION [g]. -- use this knowledge in good health.  Remember these famous words: ďThat thing that you love so much, likely does not love you back...Ē  Which means that it does not take much of a reason for virtually -any- organization, group, cause, or institution to smoke you like a cheap cigar while they urinate on your leg and tell you it's raining.

I am one exception.  I not only do NOT have an axe to grind, but I spend my own money to help people I donít even know.  And my reasons are not entirely altruistic.  I just want to stick it back to the scurrilous multinationals and soulless corporations that erode our health and the quality of our lives for a momentary gain.  ...So maybe I do have an axe to grind, but itís not about me making MONEY.  Be that as it may, the reader makes the gain.

Well, be!    

Alan Graham can be contacted at (334) 774-0395 [E-Mail -- alan068@centurytel.net] And will debate the medical community anytime... anywhere on the internet...<snap>!



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