by Alan Graham (with Alfred Lehmberg)

(UpDated 10 Apr 2007)





 1.  It's cheap -- only two dollars a pound will last about 3 weeks at two tablespoons per day.  The news just gets better...

2.  Characteristics:

  1. Highest percentage of plant derived Omega-3 at 58%! This is in contrast to Canola oil at a measly 7%! 
  2. No lead or mercury in flax seed.
  3. No worries about being made rancid due to heat during processing (cold pressed means only that no heat is added, but it still gets hot!).
  4. No lipid peroxide toxins due to the reactive nature of Omega-3 -- as long as the Omega Three stays in its seed, it is protected.  However, Omega 3 Oils are much more expensive because they have to be protected from heat and air during processing.  With that in mind, I do recommend a name brand and moderately priced fish oil capsule.  When these superior forms of Omega-3 (EPA and DHA) are taken with the less complex form of Omega-3 from flax seed (ALA)... the positive result is greater than the sum of its parts -- synergy.
  5. However don't take large amounts of ALA ( especially in Oil form) without other Fatty acids - there needs to be a balance between Omega-3 ALA & Omega-6's & the other Omega-3's EPA & DHA.  see warning below

3.  Benefits of Omega-3 essential fatty acids

  1. Supports the structure and function of the myelin sheath and normalizes the cerebrospinal fluid in MS patients.
  2. Protects us from toxins in the gut (MS sufferers have seven times the mercury in their bodies as others.
  3. Combats any kind of inflammation, like arthritis, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disease, and chronic fatigue.  This is because Omega-3 is a precursor to the prostaglandins that combat these and other ailments.
  4. It Fights diabetes by increasing membrane fluidity which causes increased insulin binding to receptor sites and prevents the development to insulin resistance.
  5. It helps prevent fat-sensitive types of Cancer, like breast, Colon, prostate, and pancreatic.  One of the many ways it does this is by neutralizing the bad effects of other fats like polyunsaturated vegetable oil. 
  6. WARNING : strange as it may seem - if you already have prostate Cancer Flaxseed oil (ALA) can make it worse...ground flaxseed (must be freshly ground) does not seem to be much of a problem.  This likely indicates it is the oxidation found in many Flaxseed Oils that is not found in the freshly ground seed.  The other very strong candidate is using too much ALA especially if you don't use any EPA/DHA & if the ALA is not balanced by non-oxidized "Simple" Omega-6 and/or "Complex" Omega-6 like GLA (I like Black Currant Oil) - The safer way to get Simple Omega-6 is in foods (Veggies, seeds & nuts) without using refined Omega-6 Food Oils like Soy & corn because then you will probably consume too much Omega-6 which will then crowd-out the Omega-3 ALA.  You see it is a balancing act ...too much Om-6 with too little Om-3 is usually the case but normal Om-6 consumption with too much Om-3 ALA can be just as bad.
  7. Helps with child behavior problems like ADD, depression, hyperactivity, aggressive behavior, and learning disabilities.  An Omega-3 deficiency can cause the following:
  •         The cells inability to hold water, vital nutrients, and electrolytes. 
  •         The cell loses its ability to communicate with other cells. 
  •         Cells lose the ability to be regulated by hormones.
  •         It causes higher glucose levels
  •         It causes higher insulin levels
  •         It causes general loss of homeostasis (one gets sick, and then one gets mean...).
  1. Omega-3 deficiency can cause every known kind of bowel problem.
  2. It will ~dramatically~ help prevent atherosclerosis, heart attack, and strokes.
  3. It lowers blood pressure.

4.  Benefits of flax seed lignans:

  1. Gut flora changes lignans into two of the most powerful cancer combating substances known to man.  They are called entrolactone and enterodiol.
  2. Lignans can bind to estrogen-receptors, thus interfering with estrogen's breast cancer causing effects.
  3. Lignans are anti-cancer, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial!
  4. There are 100 times the lignans in flax as compared to other plants.

5.  Benefits of flax fiber and mucilage

  1. The ground flax seed coat is the Cadillac of soluble and insoluble fiber, which maintains a healthy gut and reduces cholesterol.
  2. Flax mucilage absorbs starch, resulting in lower blood glucose and insulin.  If you reduce Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil which is incorporated into the phospholipid membrane of every cell in your body, and replace it with Omega-3, the cell wall will be permeable, pliable, and proficient.  If it is not, one will die before their time.

Misery is precluded and quality of life is improved consuming ground FLAX SEED, which has a rich history of demonstrated use over many years.  Moreover, FLAX SEED's beneficent properties are more efficient and efficacious than the pharmaceuticals prescribed in its stead, and this is even born out on the razor's edge of hard science.  Where does mainstream medical science, which purports to "do no harm," profit in the prescription of the one... over the other?

The dampness on the reader's leg is ~not~ rain...

Well be...







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